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Cardiologist Left her Job To Start a Tomatoes Farm
Paul Ndiho, VOA Correspondent shares the fascinating story of Maria Zelina Zaloumis. She is a trained nurse and cardiologist in Australia who quite her medical career and moved back to Zambia to launch Tuzini Farms, a commercial farming company that specializes in growing tomatoes.
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Music Group Journey's Lead Singer Discovered on YouTube
VOA's Carolyn Turner reports on a documentary film about a street kid, who was discovered on YouTube, is trying to make it as a singer.
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"Returnees" Are Leading to a Brain Gain in Africa
As many African countries enjoy a sharp growth rate, many Africans in the diaspora are looking to the continent for opportunity. VOA’s Hayde Adams Fitzpatrick reports.
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Swahili in America
Swahili is the fastest growing language in Africa and is the official language of the Africa Union. The language that originated in east Africa is also a university subject in America. VOA's Aaron Ochieng visited a Swahili class at Howard University, in Washington, D.C.
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Culture Shock for Africans in America
Emigrating from one’s country to another always comes with a certain degree of expectations, but few pay attention to the culture shock that awaits them in their newfound home. Africa 54 ‘s Esther Githui-Ewart talks to Africans right here at the Voice of America.
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African Americans React to Black Panther
The latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther, is causing a buzz as it breaks box-office records. The film, set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, follows a prince as he is crowned King and becomes a superhero and is being hailed as a milestone for the black community on the global stage. VOA’s Jesusemen Oni brings us the reactions of many African Americans viewers in the wake of the film’s stunning debut.
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Film 'Enjoy Poverty'
As relief organizations work to feed the needy, a new film "Enjoy Poverty" focuses on the role of aid workers in helping Africa's most desperate people. VOA's Carolyn Turner has more.
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Fears of Netherlands Leaving the EU
After Brexit, Brussels is worried that the Netherlands will follow Britain's lead and leave the European Union. Data shows half of Dutch voters want to have a referendum to vote on the issue, as many people have similar reasons for wanting to leave the EU as Britain did. Henry Ridgwell reports from Rotterdam.
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Culture Shock for Africans in America Part 2
Africa 54’s anchor, Esther Githui-Ewart talks to Africans at Voice of America, about their experiences in a different culture in part two of “Culture Shock for Africans in America”. Emigrating from one’s country to another always comes with a certain degree of expectation, but few pay attention to the culture shock that awaits them in their new found home.
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Straight Talk Africa Guest Portia Karegeya on Gender Equality
Wednesday, May 6, 2015 - This week on Straight Talk Africa with Host Shaka Ssali, Portia Karegeya, UCLA Sonke Health and Human Rights Fellow, remarks on the importance of education in empowering women and combating gender inequality.
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The Future of Bobi Wine
Shaka discusses the arrest, release, and future of Ugandan politician Bobi Wine. Shaka and Paul discuss the lasting effects of his arrest.
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One on One with Ugandan Businessman Sir Gordon Wavamunno
Straight Talk Africa on June 6, 2012 - "Straight Talk Africa" host Shaka Ssali was joined by Sir Gordon Wavaamunno of Spear Group of Companies. Hosni Mubarak shares his personal story of his humble beginnings in rural Mbarara, Uganda to becoming one of the African continent's wealthiest men.
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Museveni is Wasting His Time - Shaka: Extra Time
Welcome to Shaka: Extra Time, where Shaka answers questions posted by you! In light of recent developments in Uganda, Shaka shares his thoughts on President Museveni. Shaka believes that Ugandans have the right to exercise their rights and freedoms, drawing upon several examples of injustice and freedom. Every Tuesday VOA reporter Paul Ndiho brings your questions about politics in Africa to Shaka in "Shaka:Extra Time" live on the "Straight Talk Africa" Facebook page at 17:30 UTC.
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Little White Lie Documentary
Lacey Schwartz grew up in an upper middle-class Jewish family, in upstate New York where almost everyone she knew was white. She assumed that she was, as well. Her recent documentary, Little White Lie, tells the story of how she uncovered the secret of her true racial background. VOA’s Carolyn Weaver tells us more.
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"Rise of India's Influence on the African Continent"
Straight Talk Africa on August 8, 2012 -VOA's "Straight Talk Africa" host, Shaka Ssali and his guests discussed the rising engagement of India on the Africa continent as they compete with other East Asian nations to garnish more influence economically and politically.
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Thomas Mensah , An African Innovator
Thomas Mensah is one of four scientists who developed fiber optic technology. Mensah talks extensively to Vincent Makori about the multiple applications of fiber optic technology and how it has changed our daily life. Thomas Mensah is from Ghana. Originally published at - http://www.voanews.com/media/video/2972654.html
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Muslim US Army Chaplain
Trump kicked up a media storm as he found himself in a feud with the family of a Muslim soldier, fighting for his country.
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Ethiopian Tibeb Girls
Three young Ethiopian girls use their superpowers to stop harmful practices against girls in rural areas and to promote access to school. That is the story behind the Tibeb Girls, a new animated series developed in Ethiopia. Marthe van der Wolf reports.
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One on One with Ugandan Businessman Sir Gordon Wavamunno
Straight Talk Africa on June 6, 2012 - VOA's "Straight Talk Africa" host, Shaka Ssali sat down with Ugandan businessman and philanthropist, Sir Gordon Wavamunno of Spear Group Companies to discuss how to spark the entrepreneurial spirit on the African continent.
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Grand Inga Dams In DRC Will Cost 80 Billion U.S Dollars
At a price tag of 80-billion U.S.dollars, the grand Inga dam project in the democratic republic of Congo is arguably one of the largest infrastructure developments on the continent. Africa 54’s Paul Ndiho reports from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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South Africa Khayelitsha Restaurant
In one of South Africa's biggest slums, Khayelitsha a restaurateur is on a mission to change the township diet, by recreating traditional South African dishes with a twist. Carolyn Turner reports.
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"One on One with Ugandan Businessman Sir Gordon Wavamunno"
Straight Talk Africa on June 6, 2012 - Spear Group of Companies Chairman, Sir Gordon responds to host Shaka Ssali on his responsibility as one of Uganda's wealthiest businessmen to his fellow citizens to provide jobs and access to a better life.
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Juba University in South Sudan
South Sudan's Juba University remains closed due to the decay of its brown-stone buildings near the center of the city following years of war. VOA's Paul Ndiho reports.
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The State of the African Union
Esther Githui Ewart speaks with Amb. Arikana Chihombori -African Union Ambassador to the U.S. on spearheading Africa’s development, integration and cohesion.
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Somalia is Beginning To Attract Talent From Abroad
Somalia’s newly found stability is creating hope and it's beginning to attract foreign workers, including footballers who are joining Somalia football clubs. Africa 54's Hayde Adams-FitzPatrick has this story. Originally published at - https://www.voanews.com/a/3994765.html
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Ghanaian Student Gabriel Opare Develops Search Engine Mudclo
Nineteen-year-old Ghanaian student, Gabriel Opare built an online video search engine known as Mudclo and the innovation has caught the attention of some of the industry's biggest tech companies. VOA’s Vincent Makori reports.
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Innovation Hub in Mogadishu, Somali
A fully fledged innovation hub is coming to Mogadishu in Somali. Africa 54 Business Correspondent Jill Malandrino reports on the latest news.
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The significance of Uganda's Buganda Kingdom - Straight Talk Africa
In this episode of Straight Talk Africa, host Shaka Ssali interviews the Prime Minister of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga. Buganda is a subnational kingdom with 6 million citizens, in the central region of Uganda, including the capital, Kampala. Since 1993, Buganda is considered a kingdom monarchy with a large degree of autonomy from the Ugandan government. The head of Buganda's government is the Prime Minister or "Katikkiro" who was appointed by the current head of state or king in 2013. Originally published at - https://www.voanews.com/a/4937683.html
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Somali Success Story
Like many in Somalia, one young Somali Woman, Yasmin Yonus, is now living in the U.S. and has overcome many obstacles. VOA's Heather Hatzenbuhler has her inspiring story.
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Straight Talk Africa: Sarah Obama Visits the U.S.
November 26, 2014: Sarah Obama, grandmother of U.S. President Barack Obama and the founder of the Mama Sarah Obama Foundation, visits the United States.
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Kids of the diaspora compare Africa and the US
Africa 54’s Hayde Adams Fitzpatrick spoke to a group of American children of African descent, to find out how they think the Africa and America compare in a child's mind.
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Eric Chinje On Marginalization In Cameroon - Straight Talk Africa
Political Analyst Eric Chinje speaks about the historic reasons for division between the Francophone and Anglophone regions in Cameroon. He also describes how Cameroon must move forward from the marginalization of English speakers.
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Uganda Actress in New York City
The story of a young Ugandan woman, Lucy Bunyenyezi, who is making a name for herself on the big screens of NYC. VOA's Jeanette Mugisha gives the report.
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Uganda Agriculture
Agriculture is Uganda’s most important economic sector, employing over 80 % of the work force. Now, some of the nation's small scale farmers are rethinking agriculture, investing in modern farming method that improves productivity. VOA’s Paul Ndiho has more.
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Tensions Increase in Gambia Over Disputed Election
Tensions arise in Gambia as leaders' urge for longtime President Yahywa Jammeh to step down from power have failed. Tasmir Jasseh joins VOA's Vincent Makori to assess the situation.
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Energy & Development in Africa
As African leaders look for ways to grow their economies, they face many hurdles including a lack of energy production and poor infrastructure. VOA's Vincent Makori reports.
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Straight Talk Africa JAMES BUTTY on the LIBERIAN RUNOFF
On this week's Straight Talk Africa w host Shaka Ssali, James Butty, managing editor of Voice of America's Day Break Africa on the Liberian Election, and delayed runoff.
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Burundi Robotics Team Missing in Washington D.C.
The Robotics team from Burundi was reported missing by Washington D.C. police. Two teens have been reported to have crossed into Canada. VOA’s Auriane Itanguishaka weighs in on the situation.
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The Hadza Last of the First Documentary
Scientists are studying the last of the Hadza, an African population that lives off the land because their way of life is considered a base line for human evolution. Recently a documentary about them, premiered in Washington. VOA's Carolyn Turner has more.
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Senegal Opens New International Airport
VOA’s Correspondent, Sofia Christensen reports Senegal’s new, much-awaited international airport opens Thursday Dec 7, From Dakar, Sofia Christensen reports on the country’s efforts to position itself as a regional air hub of the 21st century.
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Ghanaian Food
If you appreciate authentic Ghanaian food, then you have something in common with Joseph Konney Mensah, founder and owner of Ultimate Bar and Restaurant, in Teshi, Accra, Ghana. He's a chef whose passion for making local and continental dishes has earned him the title of “Best Chef in Town.” VOA’s Paul Ndiho recently visited with him and has our report.
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Straight Talk Africa  African  Immigrant Thione Niang Tells His Coming to America Story
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - The population of African Immigrants to the United States doubled between 2000 and 2010. Thione Niang from Senegal is one. VOA'S Jim Teeple tells his story for Straight Talk Africa......
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Uganda Real Estate
In east Africa, Uganda’s property boom has led to a surge in real estate brokers capitalizing on a rush of people to buy new homes. But as Africa 54's Paul Ndiho reports, shadow players and amateur brokers are also trying to cash in, leaving buyers at the mercy of unscrupulous agents. Originally published at - http://www.voanews.com/media/video/3389459.html
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Solar Powered Bus in Uganda
After a successful launch of the Kiira EV and Kiira EV Smack, engineers at Uganda’s Kiira Motors Corporation have done it again. They recently unveiled the first solar powered bus, a 35-seater dubbed Kayoola. VOA’s Paul Ndiho visited Kiira Motors in Kampala and has our report. Originally published at - http://www.voanews.com/media/video/3194803.html
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Green Card Lottery Winner on VOA's In Focus
VOA's Lisa Vohra talks to a U.S. green card lottery winner.
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Shea Butter Business
VOA's Ndimyake Mwakalyelye talks to Rahama Wright, founder of Shea Yeleen International and Gladys Sala Petey, Vice President of the Christian Mothers' Association, on how the Shea butter business has become a means of sustenance for a lot of women in Africa.
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Ethiopian Artifacts in London
London's V & A Museum has put Ethiopian treasures plundered by British forces on display, and it's in talks with the African country to give them back. However, a loan is the most likely option, which may not be enough for campaigners -- VOA’s Lucy Fielder reports.
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why is Museveni still Uganda president?
Our host Shaka ask about presidency in Uganda.
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Straight Talk Africa Guest Former Ugandan PM, Amama Mbabazi on Presidential Term Limits
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 -This week on Straight Talk Africa with Host Shaka Ssali, Amama Mbabazi has announced he will challenge Ugandan President Museveni for the ruling party’s 2016 presidential nomination and discusses the hardships of limitless presidential terms.
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