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Philip Johnson: Diary of an Eccentric Architect
Philip Johnson, one of our most creative and significant architects, was always on the forefront of stylistic change. On his own property in New Canaan, Connecticut, he built the famous "Glass House" that he resided in for many years. The film depicts Johnson at work, the importance of the architectural act, and the buildings' interaction with their environment. To read more about our Philip Johnson documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/6 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/35260
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Ray Kappe: California Modern Master
Ray Kappe has long been a cult figure in the architectural scene in and around Los Angeles. In 1972, he founded the influential, avant-garde Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC). The film traces the trajectory of Kappe's career and examines why the architect, born in 1927, is at the forefront of prefabricated, sustainable design today. To read more about our Ray Kappe documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/7
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Kiki Smith: Squatting The Palace
This documentary uses a circular approach for an artist who works in overlapping spirals of creative energy. On the 2nd floor of her East Village townhouse, Kiki Smith goes from drawing to collaging to modeling clay to painting plaster casts and back, constantly moving from one discipline to another - dizzying rhythm to the outsider, but perfect intuition for Smith. To read more about our Kiki Smith documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/29
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Rick Joy: Interludes
Rick Joy, an architect based in Tucson, Arizona, owes his reputation to his innovative residential designs, which respond gracefully to their desert environment. Joy exploits natural and passive energy-saving techniques and unusual materials, such as rammed earth and rusting steel, to create striking architectural solutions for living in a hot, dry climate. To read more about our Rick Joy documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/8 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/rickjoy
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Eric Fischl: The Process of Painting
Dive deep into Fischl's complex process of painting in this 38 minute documentary with interviews in Eric's studios, visits to the Rodin Museum and PAFA, and the live creation of a watercolor. http://www.checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/n/eric-fischl https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ericfischl
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Speaking of Art: 
John Szarkowski on Eugène Atget
During his nearly three-decade tenure as Director of the Department of Photography (1962-1991) at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, John Szarkowski recast the world's thinking about the art of photography. In this lecture, Szarkowski clearly relishes the chance to praise the photographer he confesses is first among equals, Eugène Atget. To read more about our John Szarkowski documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/42 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/szarkowskiatget
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Barry Harris: The Spirit of Bebop
This intimate portrait of modern jazz pianist, Barry Harris, becomes a historic walk with some of the best-known jazz musicians of the 1950s and 60s. Dubbed the "key conservator" of bebop music by Gary Giddins, Jazz Critic for The Village Voice, Harris shares with us his heartfelt music, insights into his personal style of playing, and his far-reaching love of teaching. To read more about our Barry Harris documentary, please visit our page at: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/18
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Ellsworth Kelly: Fragments
Ellsworth Kelly is widely regarded as one of the most important abstract painters, sculptors and printmakers working today. Since the beginning of his career, Kelly's emphasis on pure form and color and his impulse to suppress gesture in favor of spatial unity have played a pivotal role in the development of abstract art in America. To read more about our Ellsworth Kelly documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/24 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ellsworthkellyfragments1
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Yoshio Taniguchi: The New Museum of Modern Art
Architect Yoshio Taniguchi, revered in his native country of Japan for the design of consummately minimal museums, won the much-coveted commission to expand and renovate the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in 1997. Opened in 2004, the serenely elegant complex of taut, smooth glass, aluminum, and granite planes plays off the International Style vocabulary of the original museum building. To read more on our Yoshio Taniguchi documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/15
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Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections
Pop Art draws upon the style and imagery of advertising and popular culture to challenge our preconceptions about the nature of art itself. This film features Roy Lichtenstein, one of the great pop artists of our time, discussing his work, his artistic process, and the sources of his inspiration. To read more about our Roy Lichtenstein documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/27 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/reflections
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Ralph Gibson: Photographer/Book Artist
For more than forty years, Ralph Gibson has served as one of the few truly independent forces within the art of photography. His unique graphic style is as unmistakable as it is influential. In this film, Gibson is very much the star of his own life as he discusses his colorful childhood, his stints in the U.S. Navy, his time as an assistant to Dorothea Lange, as well as his lean, wayward years in New York. To read more about our Ralph Gibson documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/32
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Brice Marden
"I wouldn't trust a painter unless I thought he or she was crazy in some way. And it always shows in the work." -- Brice Marden Shot in 16mm, this powerful film provides an intimate look at the enigmatic abstract painter, Brice Marden. Interviews with Marden and numerous shots of his preparations and working process reveals the depth of intellectual creativity behind his works. To read more about our Brice Marden documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/22 https://vimeo.com/ondemand/34847
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Forrest Bess: Key to the Riddle
Painter, fisherman, visionary, eccentric: Forrest Bess lived his life in obscurity, at an isolated bait camp off the East Coast of Texas. Narrated by actors Willem Dafoe and Ruth Maleczech, the documentary combines the beauty of Bess' art with the drama and tragedy of his personal life. To read more about our Forrest Bess, please visit our page: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/44
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James Salter: A Sport and a Pastime - Trailer
The full 54 minute documentary, produced by Checkerboard Films, captures the great purity of Salter's prose and the essence of his power to evoke the erotic. To purchase the full film, please visit: http://www.checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/n/james-salter or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/jamessalter
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Diller Scofidio + Renfro: Reimagining Lincoln Center and the High Line
The 13th and Final Film in the Landmarks and Explorations in 21st Century American Architecture series. To purchase the full film, please visit: http://www.checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/n/DSR or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/dsr
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Vincent Scully: An Art Historian Among Architects
Vincent Scully is probably the best-known living art historian in the United States today. Until recently he was still teaching at his alma mater, Yale University. This film explores the phenomenon of Scully, tracing his connection to New Haven, his birthplace, and to the entirety of his time at Yale. To read more on our Vincent Scully documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/14 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/scully
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Ross Bleckner: Remember Me
Born in New York City in 1949, Ross Bleckner enrolled at CalArts in 1972. Despite the emphasis on experimental media there, Bleckner found his expression in oil painting. Often addressing themes of remembrance, loss, and transcendence, his work is exhibited in major museums and group and solo shows throughout the world. To read more about our Ross Bleckner documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/45
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Steven Holl: The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Bloch Building
Generally acknowledged as one of the most artistically-minded architects practicing today, Steven Holl completed a museum in 2007 considered the apex of his 33-year career: the Bloch Building for the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City. To purchase the full film, please visit: http://www.checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/n/steven-holl or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/stevenholl
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Studio Gang Architects: Aqua Tower
Jeanne Gang, founder of Studio Gang, completed Aqua, an 82-story apartment tower overlooking Chicago's Millennium Park in 2009. She has differentiated herself from the big-office architects who typically get apartment building commissions by designing an iconic, sinuously-curving concrete tower that is as wonderfully imaginative as it is elegant. To read more about our Studio Gang documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/12 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/studiogang
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Aaron Siskind
Aaron Siskind is most remembered for his imaginative photography of two-dimensional surfaces. This film surveys Siskind's work over half a century, from his social documentaries of the 1930s to the forms and abstract imagery of found objects, stone walls, and graffiti of ensuing decades. To read more about our Aaron Siskind documentary, please visit http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/37 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/aaronsiskind
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KieranTimberlake: Loblolly House (2007), Cellophane House (2008)
KieranTimberlake, an architectural firm based in Philadelphia, is a recognized leader of the "green" architecture movement in the United States. As this film illustrates, its founders, Stephen Kieran and James Timberlake, have been developing innovative means to combine sustainable design principles with off-site construction for the mass customization of houses. To read more about our KieranTimberlake documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/4
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Tina Barney: Speaking of Art
Tina Barney: Speaking of Art. Available on DVD at http://www.checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/n/Tina-Barney and download at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tinabarney Checkerboard Foundation, Inc., New York, NY presents numerous documentaries of acclaimed artists of the last 3 decades, including rare interviews with painters, sculptors, architects, writers, Pop-Art icons, modernists, and more.
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John Szarkowski: A Life in Photography
From 1962 to 1991, John Szarkowski served as the Director of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. This documentary examines Szarkowski's rich life as guided by the lens — both curator and photographer. Ultimately he was a man who helped to establish photography as a true and different kind of art. To read more about John Szarkowski and his life in photography, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/38 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/johnszarkowski
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Alex Katz: Five Hours
When Alex Katz paints one of his large signature paintings, it is an act of the utmost concentration; a performance in which he draws on years of experience. In this case, he paints the six-by-fourteen foot "January III" in five hours. This silent film, accompanied only by the music of composer Meredith Monk, captures the essence of Katz in a dazzling and moving display of commitment to the experience of painting. To read more about our Alex Katz documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/23 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/alexkatz
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Robert A.M. Stern: 15 Central Park West and the History of the New York Apartment House
Even during the Great Recession of 2008, one new apartment house in New York City continued to set the bar for real-estate prices: 15 Central Park West, a lavish, limestone-clad structure designed by Robert A. M. Stern Architects. In this film shot in High-Definition, Stern explains why apartment buildings of past decades appealed to so many affluent city dwellers and the lessons learned by examining the houses' design and construction. To read more about our Robert A.M. Stern documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/9
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Inventing Cornell Tech: The Vision - Trailer
Ground has been broken on Roosevelt Island for New York City's newest academic campus - the sustainable, high tech home of Cornell Tech, a radical reconception of graduate level engineering study for the information age. Over the next three years, a stunning complex of architecture and landscape will emerge - a unique hub of high tech research and entrepreneurial activity. Before every great piece of architecture, there is a unique journey, and since 2013, Checkerboard has been documenting the journey of Cornell Tech as it rises on Roosevelt Island. This film tells the story of how political visionaries, educational innovators, architectural designers and philanthropic benefactors have come together to create something that will have an incredible impact on New York City for decades to come. For more information and to get your copy of the film, visit our website: www.CheckerboardFilms.org or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/inventingcornelltech
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Speaking of Art: 
John Szarkowski on John Szarkowski
During his tenure as Director at MoMA, John Szarkowski redefined the world's understanding of the art of photography and established himself as one of the giants of 20th Century art history. Over this 30-year posting he made no effort to exhibit or publish his own work. In this lecture, he applies his iconic intellectual rigor and razor wit to the work of the photographer he might know best -- himself. To read more about our John Szarkowski documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/43
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The Drawings of Roy Lichtenstein
"It's a way of describing my thoughts as quickly as possible." -- Roy Lichtenstein This film was produced on the occasion of an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. It provides a useful overview to the work of this seminal Pop artist, and it also gets behind the sometimes impenetrably slick surfaces of Lichtenstein's canvases and prints, to show how such works have their genesis. To read more about our Roy Lichtenstein documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/28
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Duane Michals (1939-1997)
This documentary is a haunting and evocative film by the photographic master of mystic innuendo, Duane Michals. It is divided into sections, some of which reproduce in Michals' well-known photographic stories, sequential images that add up to form a provocative narrative. To read more about our Duane Michals documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/35
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Sir John Soane: An English Architect, An American Legacy
Sir John Soane (1753-1837) was an English architect of rare genius whose influence on a generation of America's foremost architects is profound. This film investigates both the influence of antiquity on Soane, following in his Grand Tour footsteps through Rome and Sicily, as well as the ways in which his classical style helped guide numerous American architects out of the strictures of Modernism. To read more about our Sir John Soane documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/10 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/34240
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Rudy Burckhardt & Edwin Denby: The Climate of New York
In 1935 Rudy Burckhardt moved from Basel, Switzerland to New York with Edwin Denby, who went on to become one of the foremost American dance critics. This film is a collaboration between these two artists: Burckhardt's photos are displayed onscreen as Denby reads his sonnets. To read more about our Rudy Burckhardt documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/39
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Picasso and Braque: Pioneering Cubism
In 1989, William S. Rubin, then Director Emeritus of the Museum of Modern Art's Department of Painting and Sculpture, organized its groundbreaking exhibition Picasso and Braque: Pioneering Cubism. Rubin gathered over 400 paintings and sculptures by the artists for the exhibition and charted their artistic partnership from 1907 until Braque went off to the Great War in 1914. To read more about our Picasso and Braque documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/40
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Peter Eisenman: University of Phoenix Stadium for the Arizona Cardinals
Seminal theoretician and influential architect, Peter Eisenman is also an irrepressible sports fanatic. In this revealing look into his design for an iconic new home for the Arizona Cardinals football team, Eisenman takes us on a tour of the stadium that represents the culmination of nearly a decade of his work on this visionary sports facility. To read more about our Peter Eisenman documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/5 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/petereisenman
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Jan Groover: Tilting at Space
Jan Groover was widely recognized as one of the preeminent fine arts photographers. This film provides an intimate examination of her work and its progression from triptychs and still-lifes to her work in France. Guided by her credo, "Formalism is Everything," Groover uses her unique perspective of space, light, and form to imbue her photographs with a mystical quality. To read more about our Jan Groover documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/33 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/jangrooverdoc
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Harry Callahan: Eleanor and Barbara
This film documents Harry Callahan, one of the great masters of twentieth century photography. Recognized for the quiet elegance of his pictures, Callahan's consistent formalism and perceivable love for his subjects has created numerous classic images that stand as hallmarks in the medium. To read more about our Harry Callahan documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/31
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Jean Nouvel: Guthrie Theater
French architect, Jean Nouvel, has long been known in Europe for his bold, shimmering glass museums, concert halls, and high-rise towers. Now the much-acclaimed new Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which opened in 2006, is displaying Nouvel's remarkable talents to an American public. To read more about our Jean Nouvel documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/3
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Billy Collins: On the Road with the Poet Laureate
Billy Collins is perhaps the first American poet since Robert Frost to garner the love of critics and the public alike. This film follows Collins to poetry readings, college classrooms, the office and the home, and presents his witty and candid account of his life, work, and the nature of poetry itself. Winner of the Best Documentary at 2004 Westchester Film Festival To read more about our Billy Collins documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/17
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Daniel Libeskind: Denver Art Museum, Frederic C. Hamilton Building
Architect Daniel Libeskind first gained worldwide attention when his haunting, zig-zag-shaped Jewish Museum opened in Berlin in 1999. Now, with his first work of architecture to be realized in the U.S. — an addition to the Denver Art Museum — the American public has a chance to examine his unconventional talents. To read more about our Daniel Libeskind documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/1 or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/libeskind
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Roy Lichtenstein: Tokyo Brushstrokes
This film offers comprehensive documentation on a major public sculpture by the Pop master, Roy Lichtenstein. Just as he drew inspiration from cartoons and advertising to produce some of the most indelible images in contemporary painting, Lichtenstein became intrigued by a brushstroke he saw in a cartoon as a "symbol" of painting. To read more about our Roy Lichtenstein documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/26
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The Paris Review ...Early Chapters
Shot by award-winning cinematographer Albert Maysles, and directed by Paula Heredia, "The Paris Review ...Early Chapters" revisits the founding of the international literary quarterly and a time of extraordinary creative energy and fun. To read more about our Paris Review documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/21
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Speaking of Art: John Szarkowski on Ansel Adams
During his nearly three-decade tenure as Director of the Department of Photography at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, John Szarkowski recast the world's thinking about the art of photography. In this lecture on Ansel Adams, Szarkowski tackles the deeper significance of Adams' work beyond his enduring popularity as an environmental pioneer and rhapsodist of the American West. To read more about our John Szarkowski documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/41
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Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawings
Born in 1928 in Hartford, Connecticut, LeWitt is considered one of the key pioneers of conceptual art. During the four decades of his career, Sol LeWitt produced more than 1,200 wall drawings using a deliberately limited repertoire of lines and geometric shapes to create works of remarkable complexity. To read more about our Sol LeWitt documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/25
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For the past eight decades, the photographs of Horst have been synonymous with elegance. Throughout his career, Horst incorporated imagery of classical sculpture, painting and architecture. These influences are evinced in the architectonic style of his photographs and have made him the legend he remains today. To read more about our Horst documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/n/horst or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/horstdoc
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Kindred Aesthetics: Mt. Lebanon Shaker Village, Ellsworth Kelly & Jack Shear
The Shaker movement in America was founded by Ann Lee, a member of a religious sect which prophesized the imminent second appearance of Christ on earth. In 1787, Ann Lee's followers established their first communal village at Mount Lebanon, New York. This 17-minute film beautifully documents artists Ellsworth Kelly and Jack Shear's exchanges and views on Shaker design and architecture.
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Barbara Morgan: Everything is Dancing
Barbara Morgan reveals, in her own delightful stories, how and why movement and dance became such important subjects in her photography. As a student, Morgan read from the Chinese Six Canons of painting about "rhythmic vitality" (or the essence of life force) as the artist's goal of expression -- an idea that firmly guided her life's work. To read more, please visit our Barbara Morgan page at http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/36
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Robert Venturi: In Memoriam
In memoriam, Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown in the Sainsbury Wing at the National Gallery in London.
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Yvonne Jacquette: Autumn Expansion
The American painter and printer Yvonne Jacquette is best known for her aerial landscapes of cities and towns that incorporate distinctive brushwork. This documentary, filmed in 1981, explores the artist's creative process as she creates a commissioned triptych that is approximately 26 feet wide for the Federal Building and Post Office in Bangor, Maine. To read more on our Yvonne Jacquette documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/30
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Rudy Burckhardt: Man In the Woods
"Man in the Woods" presents a detailed look at a remarkable artist who died in 1999 at age 85. Whether in the city or country, Rudy Burckhardt appreciated and transformed the chaos he discovered. Aspects of Burckhardt's work in photography, film, and painting are examined in various enlightening interviews. To read more about our Rudy Burckhardt documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/39
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Bart Cook: Choreographer
Bart Cook has been a "repetiteur" for the George Balanchine Trust and the Robbins Rights Trust for more than 20 years, teaching the choreographers' ballets to many companies in the U.S. and abroad. This 30-minute film documents Cook's preparation of the students from the School of American Ballet for their performance of La Italiana in Algeri at Lincoln Center and is a charming, rare glimpse into the creative choreographic process. To read more about our Bart Cook documentary, please visit: http://checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/id/19
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Carrie Mae Weems: Speaking of Art
In this 29 minute lecture, the viewer is transported into the world of Carrie Mae Weems, as she details what she is trying to uncover, illuminate, investigate and provoke through her lens. To purchase the full film, please visit: http://www.checkerboardfilms.org/films/show/n/Carrie-Mae-Weems or https://vimeo.com/ondemand/31705
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