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AES256 Encryption - DMR Radio
This is a sample of how a DMR signal could be intercepted using software or another DMR radio and what an AES256 ciphered signal would sound like to an eavesdropper. I also show what it would sound like being decoded by another authorized radio with matching key parameters (KID and secret key value). Encryption used: AES256 Software used: DSD+ Radios used: 2- Hytera PD782's, 1- Connect Systems CS700 AES256 is certified to protect voice and data up to the level of Top Secret and there is no known way for someone to break this level of encryption now or in the foreseeable future without resorting to extremes. Other forms of voice security that come with some DMR radios: Basic Privacy: Usually 1-255 , or up to 4 hex characters (65,536 keys) Security: Minimal Basic Encrypt (Hytera)- 40,128,or 256 bit encryption, but the keystream is predictable. Security: Medium Full Encrypt (Hytera)- 40 bit ARC4, AES128, or AES256 ,user selectable, user defined keys. An IV is randomly generated every 360mS and is appended to the secret key which results in the keystream being unpredictable. Security (ARC4): Medium. Security (AES128/ AES256): High to Very High. Extra Hytera security feature: Multi-key Random key When these are selected and the encryption boxes for 64 digit keys are all defined and populated the radio will now change the AES256 key with each PTT of the radio. Thank you for visiting.
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MotoTRBO DMR vs M/A-Com AEGIS Digital Voice
Voice quality comparison between two digital vocoders. Test Radios: MRK-Scan 2 UHF DES encrypted AEGIS digital voice Motorola XPR 7550 UHF DMR radio AEGIS was released around 1992. DMR came out around 2007. Which one do you think sounds better?
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DSD+ Decoding NXDN 4800 Digital Voice
Using DSD+ to decode NXDN 4800 (6.25KHz) digital voice. Radio used: ICOM IC-F4161DS Test 1- Unencrypted digital voice Test 2- Encrypted digital voice using the included 15 bit digital voice scrambler. For applications requiring a higher level of voice security, DES and AES encryption boards are optional. DSD+ can decode many forms of digital signals, but it CANNOT decode any encrypted signals.
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MotoTRBO Capacity Plus- Basic Privacy
MotoTRBO Basic Privacy is a low security XOR scheme to help deter casual eavesdropping. This is what it sounds like if it were intercepted by a receiver/radio without the proper privacy key. Given there are only 255 possible basic privacy keys, it is possible (likely) someone will take the time to go through every possible key until they find it. I recommend enabling RAS to prevent the above attack. If RAS is used, someone with a DMR radio, even if they had the correct privacy key, wouldn't be able to receive any audio. RAS can provide strong protection against unauthorized repeater access. It also prevents unauthorized DMR radios from receiving any transmitted audio.
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Cat Life : Petting Meow Meow
My favorite cat likes to come lay on me for some loving.
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