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Brig interview with R11
Brigitte is one of the newest controversies in Overwatch. Her ability to shut down skilled heroes such as Genji and Tracer has given her the label of overpowered. I believe she is not op, and maybe I will iterate on this in the future, but the key point is that my guest speaker R11 does, just like the rest of the community. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments section. If this video can hit 5+ likes I will host a roast of Blizzard with my fellow plat chatters, state my full point of view on the issue of Brig, and address Torb all in that order. Thank you for all of your support. If you want better quality on the videos I can definitely improve if we hit that 5 like mark.
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Junkrat drills with a gold junkrat main
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Recreation of Muselk's "get down Mr. President"
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Didnt even get an upvote card
The fact that a torb and sym got cards instead of me got me triggered
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Being retarded in console overwatch
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two plats discuss 3v3 lockout
me and Galaxylion discuss the pressing issue of absolute idiocy in the overwatch team chat in arcade
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how tho *look at the ammo*
Papa Kaplan fix this, and buff widow
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Widowmaker 3V3 fun
I main Widowmaker so this game mode was fun for me. Btw, THOSE SHOTS, THOSE POTGS, DAMN
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I wake up thinking to myself that i will fuck shit up in comp and THIS SHIT HAPPENED. Did Kaplan really just punish me for sneaking a peek at Widowmaker. Blizzard, console peasents are humans too, pls fix
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Team wipe and gold elims, AND ONLY 3 VOTES
When a healer cuck says healers get no respect, SHOW THEM THIS SHIT, ONLY 3 FUCKING VOTES FOR A WIPE
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Overwatch FFA with fags
pls liik nd sbubcrib I might go back to daily uploads, i just need a little encouragement. So please share these vids with your friends SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00
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Playing torblet v rein
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I hate genji, but we make a good team
The last video was a product of my depression and my resentment for some people in my life. I'll just post some of my favorite highlights in hopes my channel blows up lol
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How to destroy a tracer main's soul
Brig is a really powerful support and if you utilize her right, you will be the bane of a dps or tank player's existence, happy shield bashing my frens!
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