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Maple sugaring on the organic dairy farm
Jonathan Gates of Howmars Farm in northern Vermont shows us the process of boiling maple sap down into maple syrup, with his father manning the helm. Howmars Farm supplies Stonyfield Farm with organic milk for its yogurt.
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How to make a cow happy? Just add grass
A few weeks ago up on Howmars Farm, it was time to let all the heifers out onto the first grass of spring. Watch them frolic and run--it's kind of like Track & Field Day on the farm. They are so happy to have their grass back after a long winter.
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Grooming the cross-country ski trails up on the farm
Every occupation needs its diversions and up on Howmars Farm,near the Canadian border, cross country skiing is a popular one for the entire Gates family. Here the family prepares the trails for ideal skiing conditions.
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Composting on Howmars Organic Dairy Farm
Farmer Jonathan at Howmars Farm in Franklin, Vermont, gets to work turning his compost winrow.
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The Milk Truck Cometh
Jonathan Gates, of Howmars Farm in northern Vermont shows readers of The Bovine Bugle (http://stonyfield.typepad.com/bovine) at Stonyfield Farm just how his organic milk gets from cow to cup, when his milk is turned into Stonyfield Farm yogurt. This milk pick-up happens on Jonathan's small farm 180 times a year!
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"Moood-ish" Meg, the timid cow at Howmars Farm
Meg, the timid cow, needs a little coaxing to walk across the barn floor to the milking parlor. Farmer Jonathan puts her at ease, though, by dropping a little sawdust in her path. Howmars Farm is one of many organic dairy farms supplying Stonyfield Farm with organic milk for its yogurt.
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The Bigger the Boy...
Back in May, Jonathan was ready to have the logs he'd chopped and prepared hauled off to the local mill, in St. Alban's, Vermont. So, he called on his neighbor, who has a logging truck, and he came on over and loaded them up-sort of like tinker toys, only a lot heavier.
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Tapping the Maple Trees to Gather the Sap
Jonathan Gates of Howmars Farms began the "sugaring" season in early March with the help of his three sons. He hung buckets on 400 trees back when the weather was unseasonably warm for northern Vermont. Now, however, the nightime temperatures have cooled, so the sap is not yet running!
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Good manure makes good neighbors
Farmer Jonathan helps out his neighbor after the first hay cutting of the season. Before the next crop can grow, manure from Jonathan's farm is spread onto the neighbor's field--a great sharing of resources.
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The cows come home, to the barn. After all, it's milking time
The organic dairy cows at Howmars Farm in northern Vermont end a beautiful summer day out on the pasture by coming home to the barn. Nothing unusual there. They do that pretty much every day. These heifers supply Stonyfield Farm with the organic milk that goes into Stonyfield yogurt
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New pasture to graze makes for hapy cows at Howmars Farm
On a beautiful morning at the end of August, farmer Jonathan--whose cows supply some of the organic milk that goes into Stonyfield Farm yogurts--decided it was time to move the cows over to new grazing land, a process that is always ongoing at the farm. It seems the cows, kinda like us people, like checking out new digs and look forward to the change. The process involves moving a fence and after that, well, it's like Field Day at the elementary school! They're running every which way, with a few stragglers bring up the rear. New pastureland sure makes for happy cows!
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The Sweet Sound of Sap Tap, Tap, Tapping
The maple "sugaring" season has been a long time coming up in Franklin, Vermont this year. Conditions have not been great--you really need cold nights and warm days---but farmer Jonathan Gates finally decided he could tap a few trees. He's been rewarded with the tap, tap, tapping of the rising sap hitting his metal buckets.
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Milking time on an autumn afternoon
If you've ever wondered what it looks like when the cows come home, here's a short video of Jonathan's herd coming in from the pasture. It's milking time and these girls know just where to go. They do get fed while being milked, so there's added incentive for them. Jonathan reports that, despite unusually balmy days for October, colder weather is certainly coming. For the cows, that means there days of grazing on pasture will be done, and he'll begin feeding them hay from the round bales (the big things in white plastic) you'll see to the left in this video. The cows at Howmars Farm supply organic milk to Stonyfield Farm. See farmer Jonathan's blog here: http://stonyfield.typepad.com/bovine/
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Moo-vie news: You've heard of the "Running of the Bulls"? Th
Like a bunch of pent up fourth graders finally let out for recess, Jonathan's herd finally got to touch the real earth of their fields last week after a long, cold winter in their barn and feed pens. With so much snow on the ground in your average Vermont winter, Jonathan feeds these organic gals with his own hay bales and grain, and they don't get to venture far from the barn in the cold months. Then, like everyone else in northern New England, they just go hog wild when the warm weather finally comes and what is for them the Cat's Pajamas--real grass and dirt. Jonathan spends his late winter months repairing fences and making sure the pastures are ready for the herd. Then, when all is well, the weather warm and the snow gone, the herd is set free. This annual spring ritual is called "Turnout Day" and everyone at Howmars Farm likes to watch the spectacle. Since we here at Stonyfield Farm are all for natural and organic remedies whenever possible, we recommend that you watch this video any time you're feeling blue. You'll end up just as happy as this herd.
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Tossing Hay
Tossing bales of hay at Howmar's Farm.
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Why did the snake cross the road
A milk snake visits Howmars Farm one fall day last week. Though tiny, the little thing wasn't afraid of Yukon, the Gates' family black lab.
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Wildlife, including turkey vultures, are part of farm life at Howmars Farm
Turkey vultures and a red-tailed hawk pay a visit to Howmars Farm in northern Vermont, one of many organic dairy farms that supply Stonyfield Farm with organic milk for its yogurt.
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Round Bale Feeding
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Thirsty Cows
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Turkey hutch gets replaced and relocated
New chicken hutch...or is it turkeys?
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Milking Parlor on a Frigid Morning
Jonathan Gates, an organic dairy farmer in northern Vermont, shows us how a typical winter morning starts for him--in temperatures at 15 degrees below zero!
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The beginning of the end of maple sugaring time in Vermont
Jonathan Gates of Howmars Farm shows us his sugaring operation, this year using a pipeline collection process for the first time. Howmars Farm supplies Stonyfield Farm with organic milk for its yogurt products.
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Willa's Calf
A brand new calf is born at Howmars Farm, one of the organic dairy farms that supplies Stonyfield Farm with organic milk. A thunderstorm turned this into an indoor birth, which was the first on the farm to be accomplished through sex-semen. Farmer Jonathan expalins in this video.
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"Girls Gone Wild, Part II"--the herd likes to play in the springtime dirt
Here the herd on Howmars Farm, an organic dairy farm in northern Vermont that supplies Stonyfield Farm with milk for its yogurt, goes wild in the dirt. On this day, they had been let out into the pastures for the first time this spring.
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A Cow's Eye View on a Beautiful Fall Day in Vermont
For more than two years, you've been seeing the herd at Howmars Farm from the point of view of Jonathan, the farm's owner. Howmars is an organic dairy farm that supplies Stonyfield Farm with organic milk for its yogurt. Well, now we'd like to show you the cows' point of view. Here's Jonathan setting up his camera to see if he can see things at cow level. They do say that cats are curious, but cats got nothin' on a herd of grazing cows. Meet Dawn, Kesha, Libby and their herdmates in these extreme close-ups! Then, go read the diary of their lives at The Bovine Bugle, http://stonyfield.typepad.com/bovine/
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Girls gone wild! The herd gets to the grass
At Howmars Farm in northern Vermont, there comes a day each spring when the herd is let out onto the pasture. It's come to be known as "Freedom Day" and here you'll see Jonathan Gates' herd-which supplies Stonyfield Farm with organic milk for its yogurt--enjoyed the fresh grass and the wide open fields.
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Mowing the really big lawn at Howmars Farm
Cutting the grass at Howmars Farm for the first time for the season, farmer Ben tries to keep up with the hay baler. Howmars Farm supplies Stonyfield farm with organic milk to make its yogurts. See http://stonyfield.typepad.com/bovine for the daily diary of the farmer.
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Lazy days of summer bring new grazing fields to Howmars Farm
Toward the end of summer 2009, Jonathan Gates up on Howmars Farm--which provides Stonyfield Farm with organic milk--opened up a new section of grazing land for his herd. They seem to enjoy the change.
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New bedding arrives for the cows
A load of sawdust arrives at Howmars Farm in Franklin, Vermont. The sawdust is used instead of baled shavings, for the cows' stalls, whenever possible.
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A new calf arrives overnight at Howmars Farm
Back in early September, Phoenix gave birth during the night, out in the fields of Howmars Farm. Phoenix is an unusual black-colored Jersey cow (most Jersey's are brown and white), and she gave birth to a girl who will stay on the farm a long time. Howmars Farm is one of many organic dairy farms supplying milk to Stonyfield Farm (http://www.stonyfield.com) for its yogurts.
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Maple's Tummy Trouble
The horse at Howmars Farm eats a little too much grass too quickly.
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Bovine Brunch on a Winter's Morning
The heifers at Howmars Farm in Franklin, Vermont, an organic dairy farm owned by Jonathan Gates, gather around the new hay, just as they do every day. Here you'll see them happily munching.
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Maple the horse scratches her...backside
When you've got an itch, well, it's just gotta get scratched, right? Noah's horse, Maple, figured out a way to reach those unreachable areas. For more news from Howmars Farm, visit http://stonyfield.typepad.com/bovine/
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Merideth performs a "miracle" birth at Howmars Farm
A new calf is born to a new mother at Howmars Farm in Franklin, Vermont, an organic dairy farm that supplies Stonyfield Farm with milk that goes into its yogurts. The new calf was a surprise to the farmers, who were pretty convinced the young mother has lost the calf early in her pregnancy.
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Cool Cows
The cows are inside eating on a frosty morning at Howmars Farm.
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Plenty of non-milking tasks need doing a dairy farm
In July, Howmars Farm owner Jonathan Gates had his son, Ben, up on the roof, completely a re-roofing project that had begun last summer. Heavey snows over the winter caused some problems with the roof, so it was really time to get to it! Meanwhile, the cows below offer a running commentary. Check out Jonathan's daily diary at The Bovine Bugle. http://stonyfield.typepad.com/bovine/
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Howmars Farm sells one calf down the road
calf is sold
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Clementine's Calf, part 2
Here's a 2-day-old calf born at Christmas time on Howmars Farm. Mother and calf are doing fine. The new baby is housed in the young calf barn and is eating well, has a good appetite and enjoying life. Howmars Farm supplies organic milk to Stonyfield Farm.
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The herd likes a sunny morning in Vermont
The herd at Howmars Farm is enjoying sun after a whole lot of rain, which seems to be the default weather setting for New England this summer. All the rain means the earth is a little soggy and the girls sink into it a little bit. Farmer Jonathan is dealing with it by opening up a little more pasture land.
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Some days, you just feel like eating a little dirt.
On the day a few weeks ago when Jonathan Gates let his cows out into the fields for the first time after a long winter, several of the cows take to the dirt instead of the grass. This often happens--there's something in the earth that they apparently crave. Theories about this differ, but for now we're happy to just watch the cows and heifers being happy. Howmars organic dairy farm supplies Stonyfield Farm with milk. For more about Jonathan's herd, visit stonyfield.com
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Chicks arrival mean another sign of spring
On Howmars Farm in northern Vermont, the new crop of chicks is in. Howmars Farm is an organic dairy farm that supplies Stonyfield Farm with the organic milk that goes into its yogurt--one of many family farms that do so.
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Loading the barnyard with roundbales of hay
Son Ben uses the tractor to load roundbales of hay--which the herd eats during winter--up at Howmars Farm in northern Vermont. Howmars is an organic dairy farm which supplies Stonyfield Farm with organic milk and is owned by Jonathan Gates, who gets a lot of help from his three sons, Ben, Noah and Justin.
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Time for cutting the hay at Howmars Farm
Farmer Jonathan Gates rides along as his son works the hay field--using machinery to do "tedding"--the spreading of the cut hay so that it dries. While the voice over is hard to hear here, listen carefully as Jonathan explains the process. Howmars Farm is one of many organic dairy farms that supply milk for Stonyfield Farm yogurt.
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Afternoon snack excites the herd at Howmars Farm
Ben feeds the herd its afternoon snack by bringing in the round bales of hay.
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Uma's walking pretty after natural remedy to a bad hoof
Up on Howmars Farm, where farmer Jonathan Gates tends to his herd of organic cows, one of them has just recovered from a common hoof ailment. See how here. Howmars Farm, along with many other farms, provides organic milk to Stonyfield Farm for its yogurt.
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Turnout Day
The cows come out
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Howmars Farm
New calf Hooter makes her video debut from this organic dairy farm in Franklin, Vermont
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Happy turkeys enjoy the green grass
Organically raised turkeys enjoy their fresh grass and clover on Howmars Farm in Franklin, Vermont.
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Bovine Brunch on an Early Spring Morning
Up at Howmars organic dairy farm in Franklin, Vermont, the cows are jostling for position as they feed in the sunshine. Visit stonyfield.typepad.com/bovine for more daily adventures of the herd
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