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Ksubaka Co-Founder and COO Giles Corbett interviewed live on BBC World News
Our Co-Founder and COO, Giles Corbett was interviewed live during the BBC Business Live program on BBC World News.
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Our 2016!
2016 has been a break-through year for Ksubaka! Here are some highlights: Surpassed 15 Million monthly users (starting from 1M in January!)  Expanded nation-wide in China and Singapore and, for the first time, outside Asia in Australia, reaching a total of 7000+ playSpots in 130 cities Successfully delivered record-breaking campaigns for some of the largest FCMG companies in the world including Mondelez China and Nestle Partnered with Didi Chuxing, delivering an unprecedented 30% O2O conversion rate Opened new offices in Singapore (HQ), London and Shanghai Had the first Ksubaka company retreat on a beautiful private island!
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Milka Campaign Video (Eng)
in November 2016 Ksubaka completed the world's largest experiential campaign for Milka (Mondēlez China). In one month Ksubaka's network of 7000+ interactive screens engaged a total of 12.4 Million shoppers in-store, building brand affinity at massive scale.
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Ksubaka Retail Week Live
Ksubaka COO, Giles Corbett, delivers a 3 minutes pitch about how Ksubaka is bringing innovative shopper engagements to retail environments at mass scale.
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The Topshop case - Ksubaka
We try to understand why 70% of Topshop visitors are not purchasing by providing interactive experiences to gain customer ingishts ------------------------------------ Follow us @Ksubaka on Social Media : ------------------------------------ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ksubaka Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ksubaka.mojos/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ksub...
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Your store needs a way to keep up with the digital juggernauts. And that’s exactly what we’ve developed with our three strands of products: Smiles, Gamified Experiences and Cloudshelf. Ksubaka screens create moments of joy for shoppers, while delivering a host of benefits for retailers. Our screens are deployed in thousands of stores around the world, from China to Chichester, where they help retailers get one more customer, one more sale and one more item in the basket. Smiles is our interactive touchscreen that invites customers to answer a single question, such as “How was your visit to our store today?” – simply by tapping a smiley face. Customers can instantly rate their experience as positive, neutral or negative with a single tap. Once we’ve got their attention, we can ask follow-up questions, and begin building a picture of the thoughts, feelings and needs. With Smiles, you can measure satisfaction in the moment, capturing the real-time impressions of the people who are in your stores.
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In-Store AR experience: Nestlé campaign video
Ksubaka launched an AR experience across China reaching millions of shoppers.
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Ksubaka - Barilla Campaign in Singapore
Looking to extend the brand to consumer experience Barilla, Italy’s #1 selling pasta, engaged Ksubaka to deliver an in-store campaign. Using Ksubaka’s network of 280 in-store playSpots (interactive kiosks) placed within Fairprice stores across Singapore shoppers were encouraged, through the power of a branded interactive experience, to learn about the different types of pasta and sauces. Using a revolving wheel they could design their own recipe based on their pasta/sauce preference and the amount of time available they had to prepare it. The recipe could then be automatically sent to the consumer’s mobile via SMS or they could simply take a photo. If the consumer purchased a Barilla product within the store they were entered into a draw to win spa vouchers.
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Milka Campaign Video (Chinese)
in November 2016 Ksubaka completed the world's largest experiential campaign for Milka (Mondēlez China). In one month Ksubaka's network of 7000+ interactive screens engaged a total of 12.4 Million shoppers in-store, building brand affinity at massive scale.
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Cloudshelf offline to online
Expand your offline store with online ordering. Cloudshelf from Ksubaka is a powerful offline-to-online commerce solution that gives your retail customers access to your complete product ranges and a convenient way to order products in-store. Using our digital kiosks, or your existing fleet of touchscreens, your customers can browse and order products that you don’t keep in stock
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Ksubaka Smiles
Harvest customer satisfaction insights in your stores, in real time. Smiles gives you a window into the customer experience so you can remedy issues and optimise customer journeys.
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Johnson & Johnson campaign
Ksubaka campaign for Johnson & Johnson for the baby and mommy category : -AR interactive informative experience for specific J&J products -Instant pay -1h Delivery for bigger lots of products No big bag to carry, buying diapers has never been so easy ! ------------------------------------ Follow us @Ksubaka on Social Media : ------------------------------------ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ksubaka Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ksubaka.mojos/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ksubaka/
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Ksubaka Gamified Experience
Gamified Experiences are a powerful way to connect with your customers, encourage exploration and promote brands – or your own products. Ksubaka offers a range of custom games that can be tailored to your brand – or we can develop custom content to entice your customers to play and explore.
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We have been working hard to bridge the gap and close the loop of online-to-offline (O2O) Shopping. We are delighted to announce that we have developed Ksubaka Cloudshelf, the solution that is now available and fully functional in fashion retailers flagship stores on the high streets of London and China! Cloudshelf takes in-store shopping to a whole new level and provides customers/shoppers, with a broader selection of products and an interactive (touch screen), intuitive and user-friendly interface.
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FUTR Europe Summit 2019 – Creating an environment for the future of physical shopping.
Optimise your retail environment with Ksubaka technology. We help you engage customers, harvest insights and facilitate offline-to-online ordering and product discovery with our proprietary applications and innovative screens. We transform the way brands and retailers research and monetise their shoppers, while enhancing their overall journey. We help brands engage with shoppers at point of sales thanks to delightful experiences provided on interactive screens. By combining the power of play and strong platform analytics, we are able to influence purchases while collecting valuable live shopper insights and linking offline behaviours with online profiles.
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Channel News Asia - Interview about corporate giving
Ksubaka was featured in Channel News Asia as part of a discussion about corporate giving.
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Enhance the in-store experience with the comprehensive ranges you offer online. Cloudshelf makes it easy for customers to browse your complete range and place orders in-store.
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Ksubaka - real-time map of Mojo's
During a campaign with Ksubaka media, advertisers have access to massive amounts of data. An interactive map shows them real-time information of where and when shoppers are interacting with the campaign screens and engaging with the brand.
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Ksubaka's upcoming events for 2019. Come meet us!
3-4 April IRX 2019 - The UK's largest multichannel retail event in NEC Birmingham.- Booth J19 24-25 April FUTR Europe Summit - our CEO and Co-Founder Giles Corbett will be on stage on the second day of the event (25 April) on the Start-Up Lab, Innovation Track at 15:10. - Booth D7 Ksubaka Team will be visiting SportsProLive 30 April - 1 May 2019. Meet Elliott Saville and Antoine Paul at the Tech London Advocates Investor Showcase on the 2 May.
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How can 'Struggling Retailers' buck the trend of declining market by using technology?
How Can Retailers Capitalise Despite Challenging High Street Conditions? Read More: http://bit.ly/2VWnpUg In this intro video, Giles Corbett - CEO & Co-Founder of Ksubaka starts the conversation which you can read about in the insightful and very relevant blog post below.
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RTMart Yangpu in China.
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Ksubaka Intro
Ksubaka delights millions of shoppers each month with interactive experiences in retail environments.
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#RethinkAdvertising - The Art of Neuroscience in Marketing and Product Development
The average human brain has 86 Billion neurons. All our actions, thoughts and recollections activate neural networks in specific areas of the brain. Dr. James Andrade, a world-class neuroscientist with over 25 experience in the FMCG industry shared with Ksubaka teams in Singapore, the UK and China his knowledge on the role that neuroscience has played in helping marketers engage consumers.
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