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80 Year Old Sir Chris Bonington Proves Age Is No Barrier
In August 2014, Sir Chris Bonington successfully repeated one of his most famous climbs, at the age of 80! Alongside Leo Houlding they raised funds and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease charities.
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What's it like to climb Aconcagua
Want to tick off an epic adventure? Why not summit one of the 7 highest peaks in the world? In this video Rolfe Oostra captures what it's like to climb Aconcagua from landing at the airport to sharing hugs at the top.
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The Seven Summits: A view from each continent's highest point
Few great challenges could be more diverse and inspirational than to climb the highest mountain on each of the world’s seven continents. Berghaus athlete Rolfe Oostra conquers the Seven Summits and shares his view from the top of each continent’s highest point.
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Man vs Bike
An elite Mountain Runner and a Mountain Bike Daredevil - it's a race against time to reach the finish line for Berghaus athletes Philippe Gatta and Rob Jarman but who will emerge as the victor?
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Mirror Wall - Trailer
The Mirror Wall film documents the latest expedition from world class climber Leo Houlding and his team as they take on the imposing Mirror Wall, a 1200m vertical tower in the polar mountains of Greenland. Proudly supported by Berghaus, Mirror Wall will make its global premiere headlining the opening night of Banff Mountain Film Festival on the 29th October 2016. The UK premiere is screening at Kendal Mountain Film Festival on the 18th November 2016, when it will also go live and free-to-view-online at mirrorwallfilm.com ‘Mirror Wall’, a new film from Coldhouse Collective
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Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall documents the latest expedition from world class climber Leo Houlding and his team as they take on the imposing Mirror Wall, a 1200m vertical tower in the polar mountains of Greenland. --------------------------------- The need for adventure resides deep in all of us. In the case of renowned adventurer Leo Houlding, this has manifested itself in the form of world class expeditions to unclimbed peaks the world over. ‘Mirror Wall’, the debut feature film from Coldhouse Collective, follows Leo approaching his latest expedition with a reconsidered mentality and attitude. Following the death of his close friend Sean ‘Stanley’ Leary and trying to balance potentially dangerous situations with the responsibilities of parenthood - Leo is left leading a team of determined, talented but ultimately inexperienced young guns up one of the tallest big walls in the world. www.mirrorwallfilm.com
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The Last Great Climb (Trailer)
The 2013 film from Alastair Lee is an epic to end all mountain epics set in the stunning mountains of Queen Maud Land, Antarctica. The film documents top adventure climber Leo Houlding with his tried and tested team of Jason Pickles and Sean 'Stanley' Leary as they attempt to make the first ascent of the NE ridge of the master piece of the range; the majestic Ulvetanna Peak. One of the most technically demanding climbs in one of the world's harshest environments. THE LAST GREAT CLIMB promises to be quite simply one of the most spectacular mountaineering films ever made. Out November 2013 see http://www.thelastgreatclimb.com
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Kishtwar Kailash - Road To Basecamp
In October 2013 Berghaus athlete Mick Fowler and his climbing partner, Paul Ramsden, succeeded in making the first ascent of Kishtwar Kailash in the Indian Himalaya. Located in the remote Kishtwar region, it took the team 8 days just to reach basecamp. This hazardous stretch of road was part of the approach.
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Bonington - Mountaineer Trailer
Out now: Stories of friendship, love, risk and devastating loss run deep through this intimate journey of one man’s dream. http://www.boningtonfilm.com/
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Bouldering Basics #2 | Body Movement | Molly Thompson-Smith
Less energy, more efficiency is the motto when it comes to movement. Learn how to work your arms, hips, knees and feet to make sure that you tackle the wall with strength and power. Want a sure fire way to avoid a strain? Keep straight arms, dropped knees and hips close to the wall.
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What's on your Adventure List?
A list is just day to day things that need to be ticked off right? Not if it's an adventure list! What are the adventures that you want to achieve next week, next year or in your lifetime? If you have captured an adventure on video then submit it to our competition to win great prizes. Visit www.facebook.com/berghaus to enter #adventurelist
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Dragons Back Race Day 1 Official video
The 2012 Dragon's Back Race competitors set off on the first day of the race, facing the toughest ascents of the whole race. Which of the competitors will come first on day 1?
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Leo Houlding Training Mission - Greenland Snowkite
Leo Houlding is about to embark on a month-long, unsupported, 1000 mile expedition snowkiting across the Greenland ice cap. Ahead of his first major expedition that doesn't involve climbing Leo ventured to Haugastol, Norway with expedition partner Bruce Corrie to put his snowkiting skills to the test. Find out more at www.community.berghaus.com
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Bouldering Basics #4 | Footwork Fundementals | Molly Thompson-Smith
Your legs are naturally much stronger than your arms are so when it comes to the wall, nifty footwork is a must. Placing your feet properly on holds requires proactive, precision and patience but get it right and you’ll reap the benefits.
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Berghaus Adventure List
We've all heard of a bucket list, but what about an Adventure List? What are the adventures you dream of achieving either today, next month or in your lifetime? If you can dream them then you can achieve them - start your Adventure List today. For more inspiration visit community.berghaus.com
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Berghaus "We're there" - 2015
We’re there. Wherever you go outdoors. Whatever you do. Whenever you do it. Berghaus will be there, because just like you, we live for adventure.
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The Last Great Climb - Behind the scenes (Part One)
Celebrating the release of Alastair Lee's new adventure epic 'The Last Great Climb'; we're posting a few behind the scenes clips. The premiere is in London on the 4th of Nov and Kendal Mountain Film Festival 15th Nov as well as online with EpicTV. For further info and tickets - http://www.thelastgreatclimb.com/
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The Ultimate Trail - Motivation Parfait (Perfect Motivation)
This October Philippe Gatta will attempt one of the world's toughest challenges, to run the Great Himalayan Trail in record time. In the short movie Philippe talks about his motivations and what has driven him to embark on this historical adventure.
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Bouldering Basics #5 | Problem Solving | Molly Thompson-Smith
Bouldering is a brain and body workout and a problem – the colour-coded route a climber takes from the bottom of the wall to the top – is literal real-life brain teaser. Working your moves out from the ground helps you visualise the climb. What’s the best way to solve a problem? Share it with fellow climbers – they’re a sociable, switched-on bunch!
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My Gear Loft - Sir Chris Bonington Gear Loft Series
A Reflection Of My Life. In this video series Sir Chris Bonington shares the memories made from key pieces of kit that he finds as he rummages through his gear loft.
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The Ultimate Trail: Philippe & Anna Gatta
In 2013 Berghaus athlete Philippe Gatta ran 1,200km in just 34 days, along the high route of the Nepalese Great Himalaya Trail, with his wife Anna covering much of the route with him.
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Baffin Island (Skiing The Midnight Sun) with Ross Hewitt & Michelle Blaydon
Exploratory steep skiing in the remote Arctic fiords on Baffin Island in northern Canada, travelling using kites and skins. The team spent 30 days unsupported on the ice covering 240 km and skiing 26 couloirs along the way. Featuring: Michelle Blaydon, Ross Hewitt, Marcus Waring and Tom Grant.
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Ulvetanna - Greenland Testing
This season, for the first time, experts from our MtnHaus® team took part in an expedition shoulder to shoulder with members of the Berghaus Athlete Team. Travelling to Greenland, they joined Leo Houlding and his Ulvetanna team for a week of training and testing that gave them the best possible understanding of what these extreme adventurers need to achieve their goals. Each day, as the athletes threw themselves into various Arctic activities, the MtnHaus® team attached humidity and temperature data logging micro-sensors to the team's clothing and used a thermal imaging camera to pinpoint areas of heat loss, overheating and chilling. Using this data, the MtnHaus® team have developed an innovative approach to body-mapping the distribution of down within our clothing and equipment.
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Berghaus Men's Cornice III Gore-Tex Jacket
The Men's Cornice III Gore-Tex Jacket is a functional year round waterproof jacket.
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Bouldering Basics #1 | Preparing to Climb | Molly Thompson-Smith
Warming up is your best friend when it comes to bouldering. Not only does it get the blood flowing – a blessing when it comes to movement – it also helps to get you mentally prepped pre-climb. Warm up, stretch and start easy to engage the mind and body and fend off post-climb soreness.
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2011 Berghaus Live for Adventure TV Advert
At Berghaus we live for adventure and decided to show it in our latest TV advert, which features our athletes. We hope you enjoy it! Create your own version of our latest print advert by joining Berghaus on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/berghaus?sk=app_146758995420810 Visit the website: www.berghaus.com Shop the kit the athletes are wearing: http://bit.ly/ofo83p Find out more about adventure travel in the Dolomites at: www.dolomitemountains.com
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What does adventure mean to you?
We asked our team of athletes to ponder the definition of adventure and what it means to them personally. Let us know in the comments what adventure means to you!
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Julia Pickering - Kamchatka Trailer
In April 2013 Berghaus athlete Julia Pickering and her team headed out to the far Eastern Russian peninsula of Kamchatka. Their aim was to climb and snowboard the highest active volcano in Eurasia, Klyuchevskoy Sopka, 4750m. This enormous and nearly conical volcano is vigorously active, averaging an eruption every other year, making it one of the most active volcanoes in the world. In 2013 she has erupted twice so far. Here's a brief glimpse of their story.
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The Asgard Project training climb: Riglos, Span
This was the first training climb that Leo completed with fellow Berghaus athlete Carlos Suarez. Leo and Carlos climbed the formidable over hanging towers of Riglos in Spain, base jumping from each tower when they reached the top. See http://www.theasgardproject.com for more info...
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'The Ultimate Trail' with Philippe Gatta - High Route
In September 2013, Philippe and Anna Gatta left the small village of Simikot in the Western Nepal, aiming to run the high route of the Great Himalaya Trail in less than 40 days. Running the High Route in less than 40 days is the equivalent of 40 marathons in 40 days with 15 passes over 5,000 meters and two over 6,000m. This film tells their story.
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Berghaus Trailhead Rucksack
Berghaus Trailhead Rucksack Product Video
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Berghaus Women's Ramche Down Jacket
Berghaus Women's Ramche Down Jacket
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Berghaus Men's Ramche Down Jacket
Berghaus Men's Ramche Down Jacket
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Happy 80th Sir Chris Bonington!
We're celebrating Sir Chris Boningtons 80th birthday, check out this video we've put together full of best wishes and messages from the Berghaus Athlete team.
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Berghaus Vapourlight Hyper Smock 2.0
The Berghaus Hypersmock 2.0 is the worlds lightest waterproof jacket. Weighing in at only 100g, it provides complete waterproofing to the weight concious trail runner.
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The Last Great Climb - Behind The Scenes Part 2
Celebrating the release of Alastair Lee's new adventure epic 'The Last Great Climb'; we're posting a few behind the scenes clips. The premiere is in London on the 4th of Nov and Kendal Mountain Film Festival 15th Nov as well as online with EpicTV. For further info and tickets - http://www.thelastgreatclimb.com/
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Rolfe Oostra - Climbing Kilimanjaro (360 Expeditions)
Berghaus sponsored athlete Rolfe Oostra organises and guides trips for his own company, 360 Expeditions. This short clip shows one of their tours as they ascent Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa.
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Molly Thompson-Smith on CWIF 2016
Berghaus athlete and British Senior Lead Champion climber Molly Thompson-Smith has reached the heights of success in the competition climbing circuit. In the run up to CWIF 2016 Molly shares the secrets to her success as she prepares to compete in the 10th anniversary event that's set to be bigger and better than ever before.
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One of the most important pieces - Sir Chris Bonington Gear Loft Series
Sir Chris Bonington shares the memories made from a lifetime of adventure as he rummages through his gear loft. In this video - the Yeti Gaitor
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Something I'd never give away - Sir Chris Bonington Gear Loft Series
Sir Chris Bonington shares the memories made from a lifetime of adventure as he rummages through his gear loft. In this video - the AB Expedition Rucksack
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Angelika Rainer's Mixed & Iceclimbing in Canada (Trailer)
Angelika Rainer Ice climbing in Canada, amazing footage from "Helmcken Falls" and "Cineplex Cave" "Clash of the Titans" WI10+ and "Steel Koan" M13+
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Stories From The Ultimate Trail - Ep. 2
In Autumn 2013 Berghaus Athlete Philippe Gatta managed to run 1200km of the Great Himalaya Trail in just 30 days. Philippe had many stories to tell upon his return to civilization and this is one of them.
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1. Exploration - Sir Chris Bonington - My Life Story Interview Series
Exploration: It’s walking up a Himalayan valley and not being quite sure what’s going to be around the next bend. November 20th marks the release date of ‘Bonington | Mountaineer – My Life Story’, a highly anticipated film documenting the life and adventures of one of the world’s best-known mountaineers. The My Life Story Interview Series is a collection of exclusive interviews with Sir Chris himself, talking us through some of the key topics you’ll see covered in the film. They’re definitely an inspiration overload! http://Boningtonfilm.com
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Taming The Bear Trailer
In May 2012 Berghaus athlete Julia Pickering and her team of splitboarders and skiers successfully summited Mount Bear. At 14,831 ft (4,520 m) Mount Bear is one of the top 20 highest mountains in the US, nestled deep in the Wrangell-Saint Elias Mountains. Their successful summit marks the first snowboard ascent and descent of Mount Bear - this is the trailer to the film of their adventure.
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Berghaus Athlete and mountaineer Mick Fowler prepares himself to take on the North Face of Hagshu. Listen to what Mick has to say about this epic first ascent..
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Just in Time - Snowkite Unboxing - Greenland Snowkite
It was just a couple of days to go before Leo Houlding and Bruce Corrie's Greenland Snowkite expedition and the duo were missing quite an important bit of kit. Here we see Leo unboxing his customized snowkite for the first time.
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Tested In The Field - MtnHaus
You can't beat being out there first hand... The MtnHaus team are flown out to meet Leo Houlding on a test mission before his Spectre Expedition.
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My Berghaus Relationship – Leo Houlding Gear Loft Series
In this video series Leo Houlding shares the stories behind his favourite pieces of kit, reminiscing about expeditions where the equipment was used and why certain moments stay in his mind. in this video Leo talks about his relationship with Berghaus.
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A Love / Hate Relationship – Leo Houlding Gear Loft Series
In this video series Leo Houlding shares the stories behind his favourite pieces of kit, reminiscing about expeditions where the equipment was used and why certain moments stay in his mind. In this video the Expedition Light 80 Rucksack
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Bouldering Basics #3 | Grips and Holds | Molly Thompson-Smith
There are lots of different types of holds and Molly recommends three that’ll work your strength and perfect your technique when it comes to reaching, grabbing, pulling and holding. The Jug, Pinch and Crimp holds are the go-to for beginners and will work for fingers, forearms and resilience, no-end!
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