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Social Experiment: South Koreans Are Afraid Of Boobs
Created by The Pongs & KMusic
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Nice: Woman Goes Around Making Out With Random Asian Guys
The title says it all.
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LOL: Dude Re-Creates Avatar The Last Airbender Intro
On point young blood.
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Back At It: Supa Hot Fire  Vs YOU Rap Battle
back at it. see more at fobspot.com
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JJ Barea Pushes Blake Griffin To The Floor | March 23, 2017
LA Clippers @ DAL Mavericks All content is owned by the NBA. Subscribe to Ximo Pierto Final: https://goo.gl/SSx0aT
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A Look Into Transgender Treatment In Malaysia
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Racist Dude Knocks Out Indian Liquorstore Owners
somewhere in the UK. see more at fobspot.com
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ceefan kim attacked
see more at fobspot.com email: [email protected]
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Minnesota Artist Rico Act Goes Off After Being Accused Of Stealing $100
Rico Act gets caught up on some online controversy about him stealing money from one of his gigs. See more at fobspot.com
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Cold: DeMarcus Cousins Tells Laker Fan "Suck My Dick B*tch"
DeMarcus doing DeMarcus things,
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Real OG: Dude Eats Live Raw Fish
man boolin' with his fish
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WTF: Robots Wear Clothes Now To Take Your Entry-Level Jobs
Hospitality industry is going to take another hit...get those resumes updated.
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GOAT: Dude Covers Keith Ape's "It G Ma" With Guitar
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Best Pass Of The Year? Russell Westbrook In Toronto | March 16, 2017
Official Video of the NBA. All content belongs to the NBA.
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Asians Who Voted For Trump: Ya'll Stupid
Trump's America is great if you're white, upper-middle class, and has a father who can buy you into a job over deserving hardworking people, but let's take a look at what it's like for other minority groups. See more at fobspot.com
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Reminds Me Of My Childhood: Asian Mom Doing Non-PC Child-Raising
Clip of asian mother tying her kid to a rail.
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Crazy: Human $$$ Counter
Woman does her job, and she does it well. see more at fobspot.com
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Nasty: Asian Dude Picks His Nose & Plays With His Boogers In Public
Dude named Joachim Loew doing nasty things in public.
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Lebron-Like Focus: Nothing Distracts This Kid From Gaming
The tough life of a gamer - spending too much time gaming even when the women flock.
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Jeremy Lin Full Highlights (3/1/2017):   17 Pts, 2 Reb, 5 Ast in 19 Minutes!
Jeremy Lin proves to be efficient in just his 15th game of the 2017 NBA season.
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If It Ain't Bout Da Money: Korean Pastor Using Church To Make Money
CA pastor, William Chung, is asking for someone to patent an idea for FREE for himsel..... I mean, his church. I assume he's all about the money because he could have done a simple Google Search. The next pastor gone tech mogul?
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Jeremy Lin With The Circus Shot Against OKC | March 14 2017
Jeremy Lin with an amazing shot against the Thunder. He finished with 24 pts. on 8/15 shooting. See more at www.fobspot.com
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Them Hands: Asian Dudes Putting Up A Good Fight
Kids putting them dukes up.
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Woah: Old Head Makes Animals Out Of Candy In His Mouth
check out more at fobspot.com
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More Asian Kids Fighting
Another fight clip for the day.
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Damn: Asian Women Unload Items They Tried To Steal
Just women getting caught trying to feed their many kids.
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Jeremy Lin With The Dagger Against Grizzlies
Jeremy Lin hits a late dagger against the Grizzlies (3/6/2017) Property of the NBA.
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Cringeworthy AF: Girl Tries To Rap
I can't watch this without cringing. See more at fobspot.com
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Uber Driver Gets Under Uber CEO's Skin
See more at fobspot.com
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LOL: Young Blood Aint Bout That BMX Life
kid falls on his bike
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White Boy Promotes His Music By Burning His House On Fire?
White boy burns his house down to promote his music career.
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Dope: Pyro Kid Plays With Fire Flames
Song Credit: Shaqisdope - King Push
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LMFAO: Kid Gets Too Lit To Celine Dion
This boy knows how to turn up. Got the OG Celine in the background getting this parking lot party lit.
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Random Dude Getting Hyped On The Train
Just a typical day for the people in NY.
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Back At It: Asian Dude Calling For Korean Peeps
Timstar is thirsty for some Korean girls. Instagram: @timstarofficial Check out more: Fobspot.com
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Chinese Restaurant Kicks Out Korean Grandparents Over THAAD Issue
Chinese restaurant owners do not agree with having South Koreans in their restaurant as a result of the missile policy that South Korea is adopting. See more at fobspot.com
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