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Getting from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris by Train
http://www.distantlands.com From wheels down to downtown , the RER B train is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to go from Charles de Gaulle airport to Paris city center. Here is a step by step guide to show you how to do it. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to buy a Paris Metro Ticket
http://distantlands.com The Paris Metro is the preferred mode of transport in Paris. You can buy your tickets from the ticket office or from a green colored self service ticket machine. Metro tickets can also be used on the buses, tramways and on the funicular up to Montmartre. A single ticket is valid for 1½ hours, on the metro and buses, once it is validated. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
7 Tips for Driving in Ireland
http://www.distantlands.com Want to drive in Ireland? We get it: If you’re relying on Irish public transport, it can be tough to visit the off-the-beaten-path villages and rural areas that make Ireland so special. Driving in Ireland can be intimidating, especially given the legendary reputation of narrow Irish roads. But if you follow these 7 tips you’ll be cruising Irish roads like a local in no time – just be careful when passing sheep. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get from Munich's Airport to City Center by Train
http://Distantlands.com How to get from Munich's Airport to Munich's City Center. Follow the signs to the Munich Airport Train Station. Take the S Bahn 1 or the S Bahn 8 line from the Airport to Munich's City Center. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Hand Gestures around the World
Travelers are often concerned about language barriers in foreign countries, but often don't consider body language. Around the world, though, people use their bodies--especially their hands--to communicate as eloquently as with words. The Distant Lands Show demonstrates some hand gestures commonly used--and commonly misused--around the world. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
#distantlands #zurich #SwissTrains http://www.distantlands.com Zurich airport, , is a mere 10-minute train ride to the city center, with trains leaving about every 10 minutes. Depending on traffic, the fastest way to get to the center of Zurich is by train. Trains run daily from the Zurich Airport to Zurich main Staion every 5 -10 minutes between 5.00 am and 0.30 am. The train station at Zurich Airport can be found at the lowest level: of the airport "Level -2". Just follow the signs. There are some 13 trains per hour to Zürich Hauptbahnhof, Zürich's main city centre station. A single second class ticket from the Airport to Zurich is 6.80 CHF for Adults for children it is 3.40CHF. The Zurich card for 24 hours is now 27CHF.
How to Get from Incheon Airport to Seoul by Train
http://www.distantlands.com How to get from Incheon International Airport to Seoul’s city center by Train Most travelers enter South Korea via Incheon Airport, just an hour west of Seoul. Using the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) service is the fastest and the cheapest way to get from the airport to central Seoul. The AREX operates two types of trains: the Express train, which makes no stops along the way, and the All-Stop train, which makes 10 stops before it reaches Seoul Station. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to use the Metro in Lisbon, Portugal
http://www.distantlands.com Opened in 1959. the Lisbon Metro is a modern, reliable and the quickest way to travel around the capital, with 4 metro lines and 55 stations. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to Get from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam City Center by Train
http://www.distantlands.com Amsterdam Airport Schiphol known informally as Schiphol, is the main international airport of the Netherlands. With over 65 million travelers passing through annually it makes schiphol the 3rd busiest aurport in Europe. It offers excellent transport connections including a railway station directly under the airport making getting to central Amsterdam a breeze. For many passengers, the train is the cheapest and most convenient way of getting to Amsterdam's city centre. All arriving passenger are funneled towards Schiphol Plaza a short walk from their arrival gate. Just follow the signs for Trains it is at Schiphol Plaza where you will find Train ticket kiosk as well as a train ticket & servive office, where you can purchase your train tickets to Amsterdam. The train platforms are on the level right below Schipol Plaza. Dutch railways (NS) runs trains to Amsterdam Central station up to 10 times per hour, between 0600 and 0100. There are also night trains running once an hour on the hour between 0200 and 0500. There are 6 underground platforms at Schiphol with trains to Amsterdam normally departing from platforms 1-2 or 3. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get from Rome's Airport to city center by train
http://www.distantlands.com Taking the Train from Leonardo Da Vinci Roma airport to city center by train. From Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, the easiest and quickest way to central Rome is the train. The railway station at the airport can be found outside of Terminal 3. Directions to the Train station are well signposted within the passenger terminals. There are two types of train that can take you to Rome’s city center. The first and fastest option is the Leonardo Express, and the second option is the local FL1 train. Both trains leave from the same station at Fiumicino. Follow signs in the airport to the train station. The entire way is covered, and there are moving walkways to make the journey easier. At the station, you can buy tickets from the ticket agents or from a self-service machine. To find your platform, check the departure board. The Leonardo Express trains are shown as “DIR”, while the regional train (FL1) is shown as “REG.” You’ll want the train going in the direction of Orte , the final station on the FL1 line. The station has three platforms and other local trains also terminate here. So do check which platform your train will be at. Before getting on the train, be sure to validate your ticket at the yellow or green validating machines. These machines can be found on the platform. If you’re staying in the city center, the most direct option is the Leonardo Express. The Leonardo Express travels nonstop between Fiumicino Airport and Termini Station in 31 minutes. Leonardo Express is available daily from 6:38 am to 23:38 . Depending on the time of day, it departs every 15 – 30 minutes, and costs 14 euro each way. Children under 12 years old always ride free. From Termini Station, you can access central Rome’s two Metro lines, or take a bus or taxi to your destination. And of course, you can easily connect to trains to other parts of Italy. If you’re staying in the suburbs, or just want to save some money, you can take the regional FL1 train, which costs 8 euro. Trains run daily from 6:58 am until 23:38 . The journey will be longer, because this train makes many stops between the airport and the city. 47 minutes to Tiburtina station. Be aware that this train does NOT stop at Termini Station. There are four stops near central Rome: Trastevere, Ostiense, Tuscolana and Tiburtina. At Trastevere, you can transfer to another regional train going to Termini Station. From the other stations you can connect to the Rome’s Metro. And from Tiburtina, you can take high-speed Freccia or Italo trains to major cities throughout Italy. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get around Amsterdam: Transportation Tips
http://www.distantlands.com Travelling within Amsterdam by public transport is straightforward and convenient. The extensive network is operated by GVB and connects the city's neighbourhoods by train, tram, metro, bus and ferry. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to Ride the Paris Metro
http://distantlands.com With it's 303 stations , 16 Metro lines, the Paris Metro is one of the most complete subway systems in the world. The Paris Metro is easy to use if you come armed with the right information. With step by step instructions you will ride the Paris Metro like a local. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Norway in a Nutshell - Train, Ferry & Bus
Big scenery, small towns and a relaxing way to see it all, this is, “Norway in a nutshell”. An easy day excursion from Oslo, this is a best one-day look at fjords. Trains, buses and ferries are organized to maximize the travel experience. If you make it to Oslo and you do not experience Norway’ majestic fiords, then you might as well say you have not been to Norway. Norway in a nutshell is available as a day tour or with overnight stays en route. The round-trip tour can be started in Oslo, Bergen, Voss or Flam, no matter the season, in winter, spring, summer and fall. Pressed for time, travelers can experience the entire route in a day; with more time, consider an overnight along the fjord or in Bergen. Every morning, Norway’s most spectacular train leaves Oslo around 8a.m. As the train journeys along Norway’s mountain Spine; glaciers, ancient forest and countless lakes fill the windows of the passenger cars. The train journeys crosses 300 bridges and 200 tunnels, making this a true engineering marvel, and making you wished you had packed more memory cards. At the town of Myral, you change trains and board The Flåm Railway line. This spectacular rail journey where within a one hour period you travel from the mountains at Myrdal down to the the Sognefjord (Norways longest and deepest fjords) and the town of Flåm. This is a tourist train. The engineer will even stop the train for photographs at Jjosfossen waterfall. From Flåm, one boards a ferry for one of the most scenic cruises. As you glide passed waterfalls where mountains and sea come together, you can relax and take it all in. The ferry floats up one fjord and down the next until you reach your destination of Gudvangen, where waiting tour buses will shuttle you back to the main train line in Voss. At Voss you can continue on to Bergen or return back to the capital of Oslo, now with the confidence that you have seen the real Norway. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get from Stansted Airport to Central London
#distantlands #Traveltips #Stansted http://www.distantlands.com Stansted Airport (STN) is located 35 miles (56km) to the north-east of central London. London Stansted is London's third international gateway and one of the fastest growing airports in Europe. It is home to many of the UK's low-cost airlines, serving mostly European and Mediterranean destinations. Traveling by Train Stansted Express is the quickest way into central London. There are up to four trains an hour with a journey time of 45-50 minutes to Liverpool Street station. https://www.stanstedexpress.com Coach Services With all of the coach services, it is usually cheapest to buy your ticket online many weeks in advance. If you've not booked ahead ask the driver for the onboard fare. https://www.nationalexpress.com/en http://www.easybus.com/en/ https://www.terravision.eu/?tduid=cc07dca020ec2afe2dcb12483d44c10b By Taxi Expect to pay around £100+ to get to Central London. Uber Rates using Uber tend to be £50 to £80. Air Hockey Saloon by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/vendaface/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
http://www.distantlands.com Most visitors start their Scandinavian Vacation by arriving at Copenhagen Airport CPH. Compared to other major European hub airports, CPH has a similar number of connections, but is much smaller in both actual size and passenger volume, and can provide a calmer, more pleasant experience. For those heading to the Danish capital the transportation options are numerous and straightforward. The public transportation from Copenhagen Airport is very reliable, punctual and it takes you everywhere. In Copenhagen the train, Metro and Buses )including water buses) can be accessed with the same ticket. All you need to know is how many zones you will pass on your journey. This video will explain all the public transportation options form Copenhagen Airport, how to access them and pay for them. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get from Beijing Airport to City Center by Train
http://www.distantlands.com How to use the Beijing Airport Express The Airport Express Train (Beijing subway) offers the fastest way into downtown Beijing. The trip takes just half an hour, and there’s a train every 10 minutes (more often during peak hours). Carrying nearly 40,000 passengers each day, the Airport Express is also one of the world’s busiest trains! Taking the Airport Express is easy. Just follow the signs in your terminal to the Airport Express Station. If you’ve arrived at Terminal 1 from a domestic flight, you’ll need to walk or take the free Cross Terminal Shuttle to Terminal 2. At the station, you can buy your ticket from the manned ticket office (cash only), or the ticket vending machines. For the vending machines, you’ll need small notes or coins, so it’s easier to use the ticket office. The ticket is 25 yuan, which is about four to five US dollars. Pro Tip: Instead of buying a one-way ticket, buy your Beijing Transportation Smart Card (aka Yikatong) at the Airport Express ticket window. You will need to pay a 20 yuan deposit, and add about 50 to 100 yuan. Soon you will be able to use Yikatog on Apple pay. You can use this smart card throughout the city, for all Beijing public transit, taxis, public phones, and even to shop in some stores. To board the train, insert your one-way ticket or swipe your Yikatong, and enter the waiting platform. Be sure to keep your ticket, as you’ll need it to exit the station! For central Beijing, most visitors will get off the train at Dongzhimen station. If you bought a one-way Airport Express ticket, you’ll need to buy a new subway ticket if you transfer to another subway line. If you have funds on your Yikatong, you can use that to pay for your next subway ride.
How to use Munich's U Bahn & S Bahn (Metro)
Munich's transit system is a sprawling network of regional trains , subway, tram and bus lines that reach every corner of a city . Most visitors will find the U bahn and S bahn to be the most useful. The U bahn travels mostly underground, with stations located near Munich’s most popular attractions, with stations at or near such attractions as the Schwabing district, the major parks, the BMW Museum, the Allianz Arena, and the Oktoberfest grounds. Its 8 lines travel to 96 stations in and around the city center. The S bahn travels mostly above ground, and connects Munich’s two main train stations, the international airport, and outlying suburbs with the city center. There are 8 lines with 150 stations. In Munich the U & S Bahn trains travel through 16 zones. The price of a single trip depends on how many zones you pass through. At best this is where things get cumbersome and at worst get confusing. The majority of sights for visitors are within the first four zones. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Paris to Versailles by Train
#distantlands #Parisdaytrip #Versailles http://www.distantlands.com Originally built as a royal hunting lodge, the Chateau de Versailles, was transformed by King Loise the 14th into one of the largest and most oppulant Palaces in Europe. A easy day trip from Paris, The Chateau de Versailles is a must for visitors. The cheapest and easiest way to get to Versailles is by Paris RER train. Here is a step-by-step guide for getting from Paris to Versailles
Eurail Pass - What is it & how does it work
http://www.distantlands.com A Eurail Pass is an all-in-one train ticket giving you flexible access to most trains across Europe. There are 3 type of passes: The Eurail Global Pass which allows a passenger to visit 28 countries throughout Europe in any order. The Eurail Select Pass. The Select pass allows travelers to choose from 2, 3 or 4 bordering countries. For example Italy & Switzerland, is an example of 2 neighboring countries. This pass provides the flexibility to plan a trip and comes with the most options; and finally The Eurail One Country Pass is for exploring a single country or area; these passes are valid for one month, but the exact number of travel days available varies per country. Unlike traditional train tickets, with Eurail you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Some trains do ask you to make a reservation, but most trains can be boarded as easily as flashing your Pass. Missed your train or changed your travel plans? No problem – just hop on board the next service and enjoy the ride. After deciding what type of pass you want the next decision is the amount of time you need the pass to be valid for. Most passes are Flexi Passes – they give you a certain number of travel days within a set time frame. For example, you might have 5 travel days within a 1-month period. One-Country and Select Passes are all Flexi Passes. The Global Pass also comes in Consecutive versions. These passes are valid for all the days within a certain time: 15 days, 22 days, or one, two or even three months. If you have a pretty good idea of your itinerary, or at least how many cities you’re going to visit, a Flexi Pass will probably be your best option. But if you’re planning to cover a lot of ground, or want to really keep all your options open, a Consecutive Pass lets spontaneity win. So who can buy a Eurail pass? Anyone who isn’t a European citizen, or who is a non-European resident. If you are European, you can travel with the very similar Interrail pass. Because it’s not for European residents, the Eurail pass can only be bought and delivered to an address outside of Europe. For the latest prices and deals, and to buy your Eurail pass, contact Distant Lands with the link below. http://distantlands.com/travel-agency/ #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
5 Tips to avoid Pickpockets
For many, vacation time is right around the corner and the thought of the perfect getaway does not include being a victim of crime. While most vacations will go as planned, some will fall victim to petty theft: mainly purse snatching and pickpockets. Thieves target tourists because they are the ones with the money. In Barcelona alone, it is estimated almost 6,000 incidents happen daily–that is 1 out of every 4 tourists. So how do you protect yourself from becoming part of the pick-pocketing statistics? Here are 5 sure-fire ways to better your odds. http://bit.ly/1zcnowu 5. Do not put anything in your back pocket 4. Carry a purse or bag with the flap against your body 3. Valuables need to stay in your hotel room 2. Get to know your new money before heading out 1. Wear a money belt #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
I Amsterdam City Card: can save you time & money
http://www.distantlands.com The I amsterdam City Card is the “official” city pass. It is a pre-paid pass and discount card allowing free access to over 40 museums, unlimited use of public transport and gives you discounts on attractions and activities. The I Amsterdam City Card is valid for 24 , 48 , 72 or 96 hours. The card is automatically activated the first time you visit a museum, attraction or use the city’s public transportation. So what is included? Admission to over 40 museums and attractions, so you can check out the sparkling exhibits at the Diamond Museum, admire Post-impressionist masterpieces at the Van Gogh Museum (with time slot booking option), and for the first time starting in 2018 the Rijeskmuseum. It’s smart to start the first museum after 10 am. That way, you can still go to a museum the next morning as the card is valid for 24 hours. To get between attractions, just hop on one of Amsterdam's easy-to-use buses, trams, or metros, and flash your City Card to enjoy included transportation throughout town. Take a day trip out of Amsterdam with your I Amsterdam City Card where it is good at several museums and attractions. With the I Amsterdam City Card if you plan it right you can see a lot of museums in one day and with this pass you a entitled to a canal cruise as a bonus, a great way to wind down a full day of sightseeing. Do note: the I Amsterdam City card is not valid for the train ride to or from Amsterdam Airport Schipol, the Anne Frank Museum nor will it put you to the front of the line. City Card attractions include: Van Gogh Museum (please book a time slot once you are in possession of your I amsterdam City Card) Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Rembrandt House Museum ARTIS Royal Zoo Amsterdam Museum Hermitage Amsterdam Foam Photography Museum EYE Filmmuseum Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age Our Lord in the Attic De Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam Het Scheepvaartmuseum (The National Maritime Museum) Amsterdam Diamond Museum Jewish Cultural Quarter NEMO Science Museum Tropenmuseum ARTIS-Micropia Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot Museum Het Schip Museum of Bags and Purses Allard Pierson Museum Dutch Resistance Museum Amsterdam Pipe Museum Cobra Museum of Modern Art Museum Van Loon Museum Willet-Holthuysen Hortus Botanicus Botanical Gardens Bijbelsmuseum Huis Marseille Photography Museum Oude Kerk Amsterdam ArenA Ajax Stadium Tours Amsterdam Tulip Museum Houseboat museum Grachtenhuis (Museum of the Canals) #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to Ride the Tokyo Metro
http://www.distantlands.com The Tokyo Metro is one of the largest subway systems in the world with over 13 lines and 290 stations. This video will give you step by step instructions on how to use the Tokyo Metro. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Eurail Pass: How to Activate and Use Your Pass
http://www.distantlands.com VALIDATING A EURAIL PASS & OTHER TIPS Before you use a rail pass, you have to activate it. In this video, we'll show you how and where to activate your Eurail pass, and share some important do's and don'ts of using your Eurail pass. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get to Disneyland Paris
#DISTANTLANDS #DISNEYLANDPARIS #DAYTRIPPARIS http://www.distantlands.com Paris, the City of Light - home of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Arc de Triomphe...and since 1992, Disneyland Paris. Did you know that Disneyland Paris attracts more people than the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre combined? So, what is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to get to the park that Mickey built from Paris? That’s easy--the RER Line A train. Located 20 miles outside of Central Paris, Disneyland Paris is an easy 40-minute train ride on Paris’s RER Line A. In this video, we'll walk you through each easy step, and have you on your way to Disneyland Paris before you can say "Bibbidy-bobbidy-boo!"
5 Tallest Buddha statues in the world
http://www.distantlands.com Five Tallest Buddha statues in the world. #5 The Grand Buddha at Ling Shan , China Height 88m (289 ft) Exactly 216 steps lead to the Grand Buddha, an impressive, 88 m bronze statue in Ling Shan, south of China’s Longshan Mountains. The statue weighs over 700 tons and was completed in 1996. #4 The Great Buddha of Thailand, Height 92 m (302ft) Construction started in 1990 and was finished 18 years later. #3 Ushiku Daibutsu, Japan. Height 110 m (360ft) The statue was completed in 1993 and stands on a 10 m high base and another 10 m high lotus platform. Just to get a vague idea of the dimensions: the Buddha’s hands are each 18 m long, each ear 10 m and the mouth 4 m. #2 Laykyun Setkyyar, Myanmar (Burma) Height 116m (381ft) Though it is often billed at 132 m (433 ft), the height of the statue is 116 m (380 ft). Since its opening in February 2008, the statue has become one of Myanmar’s main tourist attractions. #1 Spring Temple Buddha, China Height 128m (420ft) The Spring Temple Buddha, named after the nearby Tianrui hot spring, was built in response to the destruction of the Buddhas of Bamyan, an act the Chinese government condemned. The project was completed in 2002 and tops the Ushiku Daibutsu by 8 m, making it the tallest completed statue in the world. www.distantlands.com #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
http://www.distantlands.com WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO EXCHANGE MONEY IN EUROPE? How many people endlessly scour airfare comparison and hotel booking sites looking for the best deal, then waste all that effort by paying huge fees to exchange money abroad. Once you leave the country, how you pay for things can impact the cost of your trip. What is the best option? Keep watching and we will explore all your currency conversion options while traveling in Europe. But first, don't forget to like, subscribe and comment. EXCHANGING CASH Avoid or minimize cash exchange. Fees can range from about 8% at banks to up to 15% at airport currency exchange booths. If you need to exchange cash, look for places that don't charge a commission. Hold onto your cash for emergencies. If you want cash before leaving the U.S., you may be able to order currency through your bank, or through a website. Rates in the U.S. are usually less favorable than abroad, though, so only get what you need for a day or two. Cash is best for: Emergencies. PRO: You'll almost always find someone who will exchange cash. CON: You will not get a great conversion rate. DEBIT AND ATM CARDS Use these at cash machines (ATM's) to withdraw local cash. Use bank ATM machines. Your rate will be as good as or better than a bank teller. Minimize ATM usage fees by withdrawing as much as you can each time you visit the ATM (and keep the extra cash in your money belt!). AVOID generic ATMs or foreign exchange machines, often found at airport arrival halls, which charge high fees and offer really bad exchange rates. Debit & ATM cards are best for: Getting cash in local currency. PRO: You get the great interbank exchange rate, and ATMs are widely available in cities throughout Europe. CON: Each withdrawal you make will be subject to various fees, so withdraw larger amounts less frequently than you would at home. Debit cards are usually not accepted for car rentals without additional cost and paperwork. PRO TIP: AVOID DYNAMIC CURRENCY CONVERSION. If a merchant asks you if you would like to make your transaction in your home currency instead of local currency, say NO. ALWAYS get your transaction in the local currency or you will pay a huge fee. CREDIT CARDS Credit cards are best for large purchases such as airline or train tickets, hotel bills and car rentals. Generally, paying by credit card gives you a better rate than withdrawing or exchanging cash...as long as you clear your balance each month. The interest you pay on that balance will add to your trip costs. Read your credit card agreement carefully; a foreign currency conversion fee of about 1% is standard. If you can, consider applying for a credit card that doesn't charge foreign currency fees before you travel. However, avoid using your credit card to withdraw cash from ATMs. This is a cash advance, and you will be charged fees and interest immediately. PRO: By using a credit card for most expenses, you can carry less cash. You can also dispute erroneous transactions. And, many credit cards offer points or rewards. CON: Many, if not most credit cards have hidden surcharges for foreign exchange transactions. Look for cards that are travel-friendly. PRO TIP: The Chase Mileage Explorer Card (for United frequent fliers) and the Chase Sapphire card have no international transaction fees. TRAVELER'S CHECKS AND MONEY CARDS While mostly obsolete, traveler's checks provide more security than cash because they can be replaced if lost or stolen. These days, Visa and Travelex offer travel cards that are prepaid like traveler's checks, but work like debit cards for purchases and ATM withdrawals. CON: The exchange rate for traveler's checks is not as favorable as the interbank rate you get when using a credit or debit card, and very few merchants accept them for purchase these days. You'll incur commissions, shipping charges and/or conversion fees to purchase AND cash the checks. The prepaid cards have plenty of fees, too--activations fees, reloading fees, ATM charges, and even inactivity fees. In most cases you're better off using your own debit card. Thank you for watching and please...like, subscribe, comment and share. Long Note Four by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100467 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
http://www.distantlands.com The Moscow Metro (also known as the People’s Palace) was inaugurated in 1935. It is one of the biggest and densest in the world. It connects the city center with outlying areas and allows travelers to travel quickly and easily throughout the city. 14 lines (including the Moscow Monorail), 214 stations spider web their way across this capital city, making up the Moscow Metro. With over 7 million people using the metro daily, and trains on average passing every 90 seconds, the Moscow Metro is a great way to get around the city. If you do not speak or understand Russian, the Moscow Metro can seem complicated. However it is very simple to use and if you follow these 7 steps, you will be riding the metro like a local. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
#Distantlands #Norway #traveltips http://www.distantlands.com Nestled between pristine forest and a fjord, Oslo is a compact city that is an easy jumping off place to explore all of Scandinavia. So after flying into this gem of a city, how do you get from the airport to Oslo city center? That is easy. Oslo's main airport is located in the town of Gardermoen, located 45 kilometers north of Oslo’s city center. Traveling between Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen and the city center is easy. The cheapest and also one of the fastest ways to get to the city center is by hopping on the local train, but there other options including the Airport Express train, bus, and of course, taxi and ride share service.
7 tips for driving in Germany
#DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #GERMANY http://distantlands.com Driving a car in Germany is a great way to visit smaller towns and natural wonders which aren't served by public transportation. But many people from other countries are intimidated to drive in Germany because of the Autobahn. Here are seven tips for driving in Germany that will take the mystery out of driving there, and hopefully make driving on the Autobahn less intimidating. 1) What to know when renting a car: Reserve you car at least 14 days in advance for the best rate and availability. Base rates may not include VAT, location fees, or other surcharges, but they will include mandatory 3rd party liability insurance. 2) Automatic cars don't come...automatically Most Europeans drive standard shift cars, most rental cars are stick shift. If you need an automatic, reserve well ahead of time. And, you'll probably pay more for the rental. 3) Yes, there ARE speed limits on the Autobahn! There is an advisory limit of 130 kph, which is lowered to 80 kph where there are sharp curves, city driving, or interchanges. Some vehicles, like large trucks and cars towing trailers, have a maximum speed 80 kph all the time. 4) Turning left and right There is NO turning right on red in Germany! And sometimes, to make a left turn, you have to drive straight through the intersection and make a u-turn shortly after. 5) Know your German road signs We cover some of the most common signs -- no stopping, no parking, no passing, speed limits, right of way, and one-way streets. For a more comprehensive list of road signs, visit https://bit.ly/2L7MNAH 6) The Blitzers are watching you! Beware of photo speed traps, with cameras triggered by radar. They'll take a photo of you and your license plate, and a fine will be issued and sent to your rental car company. Your rental car company will pass the fine on to you, along with a charge for their trouble. 7) Driving on Sundays Sundays are a GREAT day to drive on the Autobahn, as trucks aren't allowed on that day. To sign up for the Distant Lands email newsletter, visit http://www.distantlands.com, and subscribe at the bottom of the home page!
How to plan a European train trip
http://www.distantlands.com To Purchase Eurail Passes http://distantlands.com/travel-agency/ How do you plan a European train trip? This video will help the 1st time European Train traveler understand the different passes of Eurail, when is it beneficial to buy point to point tickets and how to a workable travel itinerary. What is the difference between a global pass, a select pass and a one country pass. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
7 Tips for Driving in Italy
http://www.distantlands.com Driving on the sunny side of the Alps, can be one of the most memorable vacations of your life. The sights, sounds and smells can be intoxicating and seeing the country at your own pace can be a slice of heaven but not knowing what you are doing can lead down a very bumpy road. If you plan to rent a car and drive in Italy on your vacation, these driving tips may be helpful. These tips come from the good people at Walks of Italy. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
11 Tips for driving in France
http://www.distantlands.com 11 tips for How to Drive in France Driving in France can be intimidating, confusing and a bit baffling at times. But if you follow these 11 tips you’ll be cruising French roads like a local. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Otway Treetop Walk - A must do in Victoria Australia
http://www.distantlands.com The Treetop Walk is a 1 hour rainforest walk experience that is approx 2km in total and features a 600mt long and 30mt high steel structured treetop canopy walkway that takes you right into the treetops. It’s the longest and tallest walkway of its type in the world and includes a thrilling cantilever. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get from Reykjavik's Airport to City Center
http://www.distantlands.com How to Get from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik City Center, Iceland How to Get from Keflavik Airport to Reykjavik City Center Keflavik Airport is located an hour away from Reykjavik. It’s actually a small airport so don’t worry about getting lost or not finding your way around. To get to the city center, you have five options. #1 Renting a car, #2 Take the public bus, #3 Take the Flybus or Grayline bus, #4 Take a Mini-Bus or Shuttle, #5 Take a Taxi #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get to Pompeii by train from Rome
#DistantLands #Pompeii #Italytravel http://www.distantlands.com 3 easy steps to get to the Roman city of Pompeii The Roman city of Pompeii, destroyed by a volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, is one of the most popular sights in southern Italy. If you're short on time, it's an easy day trip from Rome. We'll show you step by simple step how you can get to Pompeii from Rome by train.
How to get to Neuschwanstein Castle
#distantlands #Munich #Neuschwanstein http://www.distantlands.com Follow this step by step video on how to visit Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle. In six easy steps, travel by train and bus from Munich to the castle--and back! We'll help you plan your time and buy the most cost effective ticket, so you'll make the most of this popular day trip from Munich. To make advance reservations for Neuschwanstein Castle and nearby sites, visit https://www.hohenschwangau.de/1390.0.html
How to get to Giverny from Paris by train
#DISTANTLANDS #daytripparis #Giverny http://www.distantlands.com One of the most iconic images of Impressionist art is Claude Monet’s Water Lilies series. You can see some of the famous paintings in the Orangerie Museum in Paris, but why not visit the actual gardens that inspired the paintings? Monet’s House and Gardens in Giverny are an easy and pleasant day trip from Paris. The village of Giverny is nestled in the Normandy countryside, about 50 miles northwest of Paris. The easiest way to get there is by train, and the journey takes a little over an hour – 45 minutes on the train to Vernon, and another 20 minutes for the shuttle to Giverny.
Japan Rail Pass explained
#JRPass #JapanRail #distantlands http://www.distantlands.com What is a JR pass? It is a rail pass developed for tourist visiting Japan. It comes in 7 days, 14 days and 21 day increments. There is an ordinary pass and a green pass or 1st class pass. The pass allows visitors to travel on Japans extensive rail network as well as use JR local buses as well as the Miyajima ferry and the Tokyo Monorail. Imagine jumping on almost any train in Japan.Tokyo to Kyoto, Nara to Kagohisma. Taking the ferry to Miajima to see the famous floating tori gates , or riding the Yamanote Loop line in Tokyo to explore Singuku or Ueno. You can do all of this with one pass. Thousands of miles of track for the visitor to Japan to explore. The Japan Rail Pass allows its holders to do this and more!
5 Tips For a Picture Perfect Passport Photo
http://www.distantlands.com The US State Department tells us that these are the five most common problems with passport photos…. #1 No Glasses The State Department tells us that they will no longer allow passport applicants to wear glasses in their passport photo. #2 Lighting Problems Your photo needs to be well-lit, with even lighting that doesn’t cause shadows that hide your features. When your photo is printed, make sure it’s not too dark or too light. Photos that are overexposed or washed out will be rejected. Your photo needs to have a white background and must show your true skin color. #3 Photos may not be more than 6 months old. Your passport photo must be recent and reflect your current appearance. If your photo was taken more than six months ago, toss it and go get a new one! #4 Proper size Your passport photo must be 2”x2” square. If it’s been printed on a larger piece of photo paper, it will need to be cut to size. In the photo, your face must also be the right size. Break out the ruler and check: your face must measure between 1 inch and 1-3/8 inches from the bottom of your chin to the top of your head. If the photo has been zoomed in too much, or taken from too far away, your photo will be rejected. #5 Poor Quality Image, Printing, or Photo Paper Your passport photo needs to be a crisp, clean image on good quality photo paper. Low-resolution, blurry, or pixilated photos will be rejected. You’ll also have your photo rejected if it’s printed on ordinary paper, or if there is any creasing or damage to the photo. It’s okay to staple the edge of the photo to the passport application, though. 5 Best Passport Photo Apps Passport ID Photo Maker Studio http://bit.ly/1S4VfO3 Passport Size Photo Maker http://bit.ly/2iKjicn ID Photo Free http://bit.ly/2yaZyE4 Passport Photo Booth http://bit.ly/2B4oN0t Passport Photo ID Studio http://bit.ly/2yaV1lm #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Travel Apps that are worthwhile: Mobile Passport
http://distantlands.com Introducing Mobile Passport, developed by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Think of Mobile Passport as a replacement for the paper declaration form required for anyone coming into the United States. Once the traveler downloads the app from the app store, the Mobile Passport App asks travelers to set up a profile with their passport data. If family members are traveling together, additional profiles can be set up. When a traveler is preparing to enter the U.S., they just select their flight info, take a selfie and answer customs questions directly in the app. Once the information has been verified, the app displays a QR coded receipt (good for 4 hours) to present to the customs officer. Unless further inspection is necessary, the passenger then exits the arrivals area. Mobile Passport is now accepted at 24 airports and one cruise port with more on the way. This service is currently available to U.S. & Canadian passport holders. With dedicated lines just for Mobile Passport users long lines are a thing of the pass and the best thing the app is free. AVALIBALE AT: http://apple.co/1G49hhl http://bit.ly/1BMOEzM #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to get from Narita Airport to Central Tokyo
#DistantLands #NaritaAirport #Tokyo http://www.distantlands.com Wheels down, you have landed at Narita Airport your next step is to grab your bags, clear customs and then make your way to Tokyo. Narita airport is located about 60 kilometers east of Tokyo and the options for getting to from Narita to Tokyo are many and varied from Train, bus, taxi and even helicopter. For the first time visitor, the variety can seem a bit overwhelming. Depending on where your final destination is in Tokyo, one way may be more convenient than an other. Let us sort out the confusion. Tokyo is a vast metropolitan area, with over 770 square miles to explore. Locals speak of Tokyo’s geography in terms of Train Lines. There’s a loop line around central Tokyo called the Yamanote Line. The neighborhoods on this line and the neighborhoods with in the loop are all considered downtown Tokyo. The Yamanote loop includes six stations the serve as Tokyo’s main connecting hubs: Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Shibuya, Shinagawa and Ueno stations. Anything outside the Yamanote loop is considered uptown or suburbia. This makes Tokyo’s downtown massive: the loop is 21.4 miles around. All of this is important when considering transportation options from Narita Airport. One express train may be better for you than the other depending where in Tokyo you need to go. JR East https://www.jreast.co.jp/e/ Narita Express https://www.jreast.co.jp/e/nex/tickets.html Keisei Skyliner https://www.jreast.co.jp/e/nex/tickets.html Keisei Access Express http://www.keisei.co.jp/keisei/tetudou/skyliner/us/nrt_access/index.php Tokyo Shuttle http://www.keiseibus.co.jp/inbound/tokyoshuttle/en/ Access Narita http://accessnarita.jp/en/home/ Airport Limousine Bus https://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/ Voyagin (helicopter) https://www.govoyagin.com/activities/japan-tokyo-helicopter-airport-transfer-between-narita-and-tokyo/9200
Packing a Carry-on
# Distantlands #traveltips #packing http://www.distantlands.com Learn how to pack a carry-on bag. Using a wardrobe plan that combines a simple color scheme with garments that are practical and versatile, you will learn how to pare down one’s wardrobe. Learn to layer clothing to work in various climates. Using packing cubes, folders and sacs, one will learn how to be organized while keeping garments wrinkle free and crisp. Pack approximately fifteen garments and mix and match for dozens of outfits in a carry-on bag good for a two-week trip or longer. Learn how to pack a suitcase, duffel or travel pack efficiently and without stress. Packing shoes, toiletries, makeup, medicine and electronics are all covered, with pro tips that will help out stressed packers. These packing tips and packing aids work in larger suitcases as well. A big thank you to Angel Castallanos. Angel Castellanos is an expert when it comes to travel and particularly when it comes to packing. Angel has been a featured speaker at the New York Times Travel Show as well as the Travel and Adventure shows that travel throughout the United States. http://www.angelstravellounge.com and please check out his youtube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnaad6BjEhtjLhv28V-BASg
How to set a 3-dial luggage lock
http://www.distantlands.com How to set luggage locks. Simple and easy instructions on setting luggage locks. #DistantLandsTravel #TravelTips #LuggageLock #TSALock #TravelAdvice #HowToTravel #instructions #ComboLock #CombinationLock
5 of the World's Scariest Airport Landings
Thankfully, most airplane takeoffs and landings are routine--boring, we hope. A few airports, however, turn any flight into a nail-biting thrill ride. From the islands of Saint Maarten and Saba in the Caribbean, to the beach runway of Barra and the traffic hazards of Gibraltar, these are all landings to give even seasoned fliers a turn. Which is the most dangerous, though? Watch and find out... #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
The Rose Bowl: "The Granddaddy of Them All"
Pasadena's venerable Rose Bowl is truly "The Granddaddy of Them All," the legendary stadium where the idea of a "bowl" game began! The Distant Lands Show takes you back in time, through the history of the Rose Bowl Game, held every year right in our own back yard. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Dublin Airport is conveniently located approximately 10km north of Dublin City Centre with access to a large number of buses, coaches and taxis all allowing you to get to and from the airport with ease. Dublin Bus: http://www.dublinbus.ie/en/Your-Journey1/Timetables/Airport-Services/ Airlink Express: https://airlinkexpress.ie AirCoach: https://www.aircoach.ie
Travel Apps that are Worthwhile: APP in the Air
http://distantlands.com App in the Air is a flight assistant that is ideal for the frequent traveler. App in the Air is a flight tracker and airport guide all in one app. It’s your personal assistant while you travel. https://www.appintheair.mobi #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
How to validate train tickets in France & Italy
http://www.distantlands.com In France & Italy you are required to validate your train ticket before boarding the train. Here are step by step instructions on how to do this. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
7 Exotic Destinations to run a Marathon!
More than 500 marathons are contested throughout the world each year. World Marathon Majors are New York, Boston, Chicago, London and Berlin. If you have tried them all, why not pack your backpack and try one in a more exotic location? #7 Ice Marathon in Antarctica, #6 the Big Five Marathon in South Africa, #5 Everest Marathon in Nepal, #4 Egyptian Marathon in Luxor, Egypt #3 Marathon du Medoc , Bordeaux, #2 The Great Wall of China Marathon and #1 Athens Classic in Greece the oldest marathon. #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL
Packing Tips for Carry-on
http://www.distantlands.com Ever wonder, What is the best way to pack a bag? Or secrets to packing a carry on? Well travel ambassador Angel Castellanos of Angels Travel Lounge will teach you all of the travel tips and packing hacks you need to know. Distant Lands has collaborated with Angel Castellanos, the Travel Ambassador, to share some of his sure fire ways to better packing. Learn how to pack a carry-on bag. Using a wardrobe plan that combines a simple color scheme with garments that are practical and versatile, you will learn how to pare down one’s wardrobe. Learn to layer clothing to work in various climates. Using packing cubes, folders and sacs, one will learn how to be organized while keeping garments wrinkle free and crisp. Pack approximately fifteen garments and mix and match for dozens of outfits in a carry-on bag good for a two-week trip or longer. Learn how to pack a suitcase, duffel or travel pack efficiently and without stress. Packing shoes, toiletries, makeup, medicine and electronics are all covered, with pro tips that will help out stressed packers. These packing tips and packing aids work in larger suitcases as well. A big thank you to Angel Castallanos and please check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnaad6BjEhtjLhv28V-BASg #DISTANTLANDS #TRAVELTIPS #TRAVEL