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Thai Life Insurance: Garbage Man
Thai Life Insurance surprises again with another real based story that show us the power of humanity. Once again the advertiser achieves and incredible success starring a singular character: "The Garbage Man". The video explains us the story of Pornchai, a little boy that when his teacher demands the class to draw a superhero he creates "The Garbage Man". This special character is a regular street cleaner with super powers that helps his mother at work, as she has been runned over and can't barely move. An inspirational commercial that has already 1.6 million visits on YouTube.
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Old Spice: Dad Song
Hilarious, this is how we can sum up the latest Old Spice spot called "Dad Song". If you remember, some months before the brand launched another commercial with the name "Mom Song" on which mothers were devastated by the independence of their sons. So here comes the opposite video, on which Dads are the main characters of this story that explains us how kids grow and own their lifes. But it seems that Dad is much happier than Mom about this fact. While mothers appear crying and missing their sons, fathers see it in a positive way and think about the things they can do from now on. With this kind of musical video, Old Spice aims to communicate that they can turn boys into real men prepared for the real life.
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Esta niña prefiere el brócoli a cualquier otro dulce
No todos los padres tienen la misma suerte: son muchos los que han de poner todo el empeño del mundo en que sus hijos coman un poco de fruta o verdura. Pero esta niña es una auténtica fan del brócoli y rechaza cualquier tipo de dulce que su madre le ofrece y solo se alegra cuando le da un bol de verdura.
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Molson Canadian: The Beer Fridge - O Canada
For the 1st of July, the "Canada Day", the Molson Canadian Beer Company released a very creative campaign to celebrate that special day by singing. The action consisted in placing different fridges all around the country and full of beer, so when someone aproached to one of those fridges and wanted to opened it he had to sing very loud, correctly and entirely the Canadian national anthem, "O Canada". Don't miss how the guys try their best to get some free beer and spend a nice time!
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Dove: Love Your Curls
Only 4 out of 10 girls with curly hair consider their hair is beautiful. That's why Dove has decided to dedicate its new campaign to them to remind us how important is self-acceptance. So in "Love Your Curls", Dove has interviewed 6 little girls just to see how they feel and act about their hair. The reactions were very similar: they wished to have their hair straight. But what these kids didn't know is that the Brand was preparing a big surprise for them with the help of their family and friends.
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John Lewis: A Man on the Moon
John Lewis, a british online shop, has launched a commercial on Youtube about a young girl called Lily who is looking at the moon through her family telescope one night, suddenly she is amazed at what she finds, a man on the moon. You can not see the end of the story on Youtube, you have to go to its Website to discover it. On that site you can see the video, to contribute with a charity for old people, check information of a mobile game based on this campaing and to see information where telescopes are located in local shops to see the moon in real time.
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Pizza Hut: The Dangers of Selfie Sticks
If you have taken a selfie picture lately, this video is aimed to you. Pizza Hut has decided to launch this parody campaign named "The Dangers of Selfie Sticks" to warn you about the problems these systems can cause you because of their lenght and the ego they carry to the human being. An hilarious documentary that has been entirely released on YouTube and whose purpose is to start conversation from viralization. Don't miss the video, as it has achieved more than 2 million views in less than a week.
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Samsung Gear VR x LeBron James   Let's Go To Work
Le Bron James ' shows us that working is something that absolutely everybody do. There are many different kind of jobs but all of them have something in common... And it is that we all give ourselves to it everyday. With this new announcement, Samsung is shown with energy and power, and motivates us to continue working accompanied by the incredible new Samsung Gear VR. So Let's Go To Work!
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Café Pelé: Epidemia de Bostezos
Está comprobado que cuando ves a alguien bostezar te entran unas enormes ganas de hacerlo tú también, aunque sea de manera totalmente involuntaria. Aprovechando este efecto, normalmente contagioso, la marca de cafés Café Pelé ha decidido lanzar una acción llamada "Epidemia de Bostezos" en el metro de São Paulo. Para ello la marca creó varios mupis interactivos en diversas estaciones con los que, mediante un sensor de movimiento, el protagonista del anuncio bostezaba cada vez que alguien se acercaba para así contagiarle. Una verdadera epidemia que recompensó a sus "víctimas" con un buen café para empezar el día con energía.
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Coca Cola: Share a White Christmas
"Share a White Christmas" is the new Christmas campaign Coca Cola has launched to remember us that these special dates are for sharing. So, what better than creating new friendships by giving and receiving in the name and spirit of Christmas? The action starts in Finland, Santa Claus's home, when families are playing and celebrating with snow. Suddenly some kids discover a magic machine that allows them to connect with Singapore. The experience goes further and thanks to a camera, Singaporeans and Finns can see each others and share something very special: snow. In Singapore many children dream about a "white Christmas" so this was the opportunity to make them happy without leaving their country. Definitely a fun and gorgeous performance.
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General Electrics: Ideas are Scary
The new commercial from General Electrics is really stunning. Performed and starred by a strange but at the same time cute monster, GE shows us the power of ideas. Using the creature as a metaphor they explains us how can ideas turn from "scary or ugly" to something really beautiful that can make our world better. An emotional video that will make you think and believe in the strenght and power of your daily ideas.
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Cillit Bang: The Mechanic
What? Do I have to wash all this stuff? Please let me use Cilit Bang. This brand impress us again with its new campaign showing a young man who uses his talent in dancing to clean up a place that seemed to be impossible to wash. So, Cillit Bang maintains its promise : Nothing is impossible!
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IKEA: The Wonderful Everyday
IKEA UK has recently launch a new spot for the "The wonderful everyday" campaign appealing at the home space we use the most and where we begin and end the day, the bedroom. The ad explains us the story of the dream of a woman who goes through the sky jumping from one bed to another until she finds her perfect bed: the one she wakes up every morning.
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Tecate: La Carta
La marca de cervezas mejicana Tecate ha decidido continuar con su campaña para el mundial y nos presenta el spot "La Carta", con mucho humor y totalmente ideado para estos días de fútbol. En él vemos como un chico, con tal de poder ver un partido del mundial, le entrega a su novia una carta de amor que se lee en exactamente 90 minutos, justo el tiempo que él necesita para ir al bar con sus amigos, verlo y volver para reencontrarse con su chica; porque por el fútbol, todo. La pieza va más allá y también permite, desde el site de la marca, poder descargar la carta de amor preparada para que se la entregues a tu novia y poder disfrutar de los partidos.
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Gatorade: Sweat It to Get It
Sweat it to get it, this is what Gatorade wants from its consumers and its slogan on its latest commercial. Starred by the american footballers, Eli and Peyton Manning, the video starts showing us two guys trying to get a Gatorade from the vending machine. The problem is that althought they try to do it several times and even they kick the machine they cannot get the beverage. But, why does this happen? Because next to them sitting on two chairs Eli and Peyton Manning, dressed as coaches, are watching them. Watching the situation they have they make the guys do some ridiculous exercises in order to get their drinks. You have to work really hard to deserve a Gatorade!
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Samsung: #Underwater Selfie
The new of Samsung Switzerland is #Underwater Selfie, a guerrilla stunt that proves the water resistance of the Samsung Galaxy S5. The spot shows people chilling out along the Zurich Lake when suddenly a diver appears by their side and gives them the Galaxy S5 to attend a call. Then they jump into the ice-cold water in front of everybody and take a selfie underwater while some hidden cameras are filming the scene. A really viral video that stunts by its creativity.
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Budweiser: Friends Are Waiting
Budweiser has released a new commercial that reminds us the one they launched for the last Super Bowl Edition. Starred by a man and his dog it tries to encourage us not to drink while driving with a really emotional story. "Friends are waiting" is the name of the ad and with a series of images we can see an ideal relationship between a dog and his master in daily situations. Things change when suddenly one day the man goes out for the night and doesn't come home and the dog is loyally waiting. The claim of Budweiser is to enjoy responsably because all your friends will wait unconditionally for you.
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Duracell: The Teddy Bear
Duracell wanted to celebrate an emotive 4th of July, so they decided to launch this commercial based on real facts. It tells us the story of a soldier that despite the fact of being far from home finds a creative way to stay closely to his little daughter. Using a teddy bear he records his voice so when his daughter push him she can hear his voice. When the package is delivered, the teddy bear and the girl became inseparable and so she has a little piece of his father wherever she goes. A touchy ad that will make your day.
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Un bebé ve la foto de su padre y luego reacciona como si viese un fantasma
Un bebé está con su madre y ella le entra una fotografía de él con su padre. Al verla voltea y estira la mano como si estuviese alguien ahí. Pasa varías veces y el bebé interactúa como si se tratase de un fantasma.
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IKEA: Home for Hope
IKEA has recently partnered with the Animal Lovers League Shelter, and the Save Our Street Dogs Shelter to help street dogs to find a new home. So what have they done? IKEA has taken photographs of the dogs and has placed them on its stores, as if the pictures were part of its furniture. When shoppers come to buy they can scan the QR codes of the dogs in order to know their stories and help them to be adopted. Until now the proposal's been a great success and lots of dogs have found a new home.
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Oreo Mini: Mel's Mini Mini Mart
To introduce Oreo Mini cookies, Oreo explains us the story of Mel's Mini Mini Mart, a teeny tiny store that's "by far the most mini mini of any mini before" but nobody ventured into. So what happens? One day, a family discovered the shop and found what it sold: the cutest little treats ever. They filled up their car with boxes of cookies and the news of Mel's started to spread all around the world, so nowadays everybody knows how much good is it.
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El anuncio de Estrella Damm 2019 contra la contaminación de los mares
Cada año, en España, con la llegada del verano, también llega un anuncio de Estrella Damm. La casa se caracteriza por unos anuncios originales en formato de cortometraje, llegado un año a contar con la presencia de Peter Dinklage, el carismático actor de Juego de Tronos. En esta ocasión, la casa cervecera se ha lanzado en defensa de los océanos. ¿Ya has visto el anuncio?
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Coca Cola: Stop Phubbing Around
The latest from Coca Cola aims to pull us away from technology with the claim "Stop Phubbing Around". Nowadays we spent lot of time on our smartphones and we don't pay attention to our friends or relatives and so we miss incredible opportunities and memories. With this new campaign Coke invite us to forget about mobiles and enjoy life. Every moment we live is unique and unrepeatable and with this magical video we will realize about that. The ad show us different scenes where people enjoy about real moments like a family spending time together, a couple holding their hands or friends doing their favourite hobbies. You will definitely feel identified!
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First V1sion: Valientes
First V1sion nos acaba de dejar boquiabiertos con este intenso y emotivo spot. Pero ¿qué es First V1sion? es una startup española que comercializa un nuevo modelo de ropa deportiva con una minicámara integrada para poder grabar cualquier detalle mientras se practica deporte. Toda una revolución en el sector que ha conseguido premios y financiación de Intel y Telefónica. Es por ello, que la compañía aspira a hacerse un hueco en este mundillo con un anuncio que busca a personas valientes para unirse al equipo de Iniesta e Ibaka invirtiendo en su idea y proyecto. Una iniciativa muy potente que junto al hashtag #SeBuscanValientes pretende lanzar un mensaje motivador en las redes sociales que no os dejará indiferentes.
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KFC: Great American Bites
Here's the new commercial KFC has launched to promote its new Great American Bites menu and the "Real American Flavors" in order to get a better emotional approach and emphasize its American History. The video explains us the story of two real-life cowboys, a father and a son, in a very special moment: the first rodeo of the boy. During the spot we can appreaciate all the emotions, feelings and sensations of the dad. Finally we see how both share a nice moment eating together a bucket of KFC.
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Un monociclo a 50km por hora no podía terminar de otra manera
Para ser el más "guay" de las calles de las grandes ciudades solo has de tener un vehículo unipersonal como un patinete eléctrico, un hoverboard o un monociclo, como el del vídeo. Lo que no hay que hacer es ponerlo a estas velocidades, y menos sin casco ni protección, ni en dirección contraria.
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Sony: Fireworks
Sony is the latest company adding drones to create its new commercial. Using the Kygo's hit 'Firestone', this ad shows us the high picture quality of the BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD TVs. To achieve that Sony demonstrates us its power with a combination of different shooting methods and angles that capture the different moments fireworks are played round the city’s streets. A fantastic commercial that perfectly communicates the abilities of Sony 4K TVs. Simply magic and amazing.
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Dewar's: Esto es True Scotch
La marca de whiskey escocés Dewar's nos ha sorprendido con su nueva campaña titulada "Esto es True Scotch". Un vídeo en formato de corto que nos relata los orígenes de la marca y su larga trayectoria de más de 160 años recalcando valores como son vivir la vida sin prisas y disfrutando de cada momento como si fuera único e irrepetible. Un llamamiento que empieza con una voz en off que nos explica el esfuerzo de las generaciones y trabajadores de la compañía que mediante la tradición y la dedicación por el trabajo bien hecho han contribuido a conseguir un producto único y auténtico.Una pieza inspiradora que os emocionará por su estética y mensaje y,que por supuesto, no os dejará indiferentes.
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Alejandro Sanz y la voz de ángel de Malinda Kathleen en una iglesia de Granada
Alejandro Sanz ha visitado la iglesia de la Encarnación de Montefrío, en Granada, con una amiga, la cantante, actriz y youtuber Malinda Kathleen Reese. El vídeo que ha compartido en las redes sociales, en el que ha destacado la maravillosa acústica de la iglesia, ha emocionado a más de uno por la voz de ella cantando.
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Joe Jonas Spotify Playlist: Play this at my funeral
Acompañada de una campaña gráfica notable, Spotify da un giro hacia sus usuarios y los hace protagonistas del mensaje mediante los nombres más extraños con los que han creado playlist dentro de la plataforma. Haciendo uso del buen sentido del humor esta campaña esta volviéndose social rápidamente además de contar con la colaboración de DNCE, Alessia Carra y D.R.A.M. que aparecen en uno de los tres cortos desarrollados por la plataforma.
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Cancerfonden: Play in the Shade
The Swedish Cancer Society - Cancerfonden has recently developped a campaign to raise awarenesss about the cases of melanoma as they have doubled for the 14 latest years. So, what have they done? They have created "The world’s first soccer pitch made out of shade", a covered football pitch that allows sunbeams from 11am to 3 pm, when the sun is strongest. With this action Cancerfonden aims to aware society to take care between these hours.
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BMW says goodbye to Mercedes Benz CEO
BMW wanted to say goodbye to the CEO of Mercedes in an original way. 66-year-old Dieter Zetsche has been in charge for three years, and from this week on he will be replaced by Ola Källenius, who will have the mission to continue the legacy of Zetsche, which had brought the brand closer to the younger sector. The BMW video follows Zetsche during his last day of office, saying goodbye to his colleagues and arriving home driving a Mercedes. However, once in the garage you can read "finally free". A second later, Dieter Zetsche appears driving a BMW i8 Roadster.
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Got Milk: Brave
Got Milk has recently launched a new commercial called "Brave" that aims to show parents the importance of choosing healthy products for their children when they are growing. So to do that, the brand has created a spot that explains us the story of a fireman that remembers a talk he had with his mom some years ago when he has having a glass of milk. His mother encouraged him to believe in his dreams and to be brave in whatever he does so he believed in being a hero. With this example Got Milk wants to tells us that thanks to milk he fuel a better future. A really emotional video that you will truly like.
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¿Quieres ver el cadáver? El policía que multa a los mirones de accidentes
Un vídeo que recorre Alemania esta semana muestra cómo un policía intenta luchar contra los ‘mirones’ que se dedican a hacer fotos de un accidente mortal ocurrido en una ruta de su país.
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Nescafé: "Unlucky Dave"
"Win a Big Start for your friend" is the latest campaign of Nescafé in Britain that consists on sending a friend a happy and funny morning message. It works via website and consumers can easily nominate their friends or family with a simple click. Once the user is elected the Nescafé staff plans a perfect and "lucky" morning for the friend with different hidden cameras. The video we show you is from Dave, a young guy that starts his day by going to play football with his friends but what he doesn't know is what he expects. 50 pounds on the floor, two female blondes smiling at him... Lots of prizes to encourage him to have a great day.
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Smart: The Dancing Traffic Light
"What are you for" is the new Smart campaign that aims to explain people the importance of safety on the city. To illustrate that they've created a video titled "The Dancing Traffic Light" that shows us how "good ideas can turn the city into a better place". We all know that waiting on the street while the traffic lights change from red to green can be a little bored, so Smart has made an action that will make you entertain and also be safe for some minutes. And you'll wonder, how did they do that? Smart invited people to go to special places where they could dance and then their dance was emulated by the traffic light manikins so the streets where full of fun. Have a look at the video and see how creative ideas can safe lots of lives.
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Radiant: Radiant Return
"Buy it, Wear it, Wash it, Return it", this is the new claim for the latest campaign of Radiant, the australian washing powder brand. Radiant wanted to be no more a conventional detergent so they decided to release a serie of prank videos. The spot shows us some guys buying clothes in different shops that lately they would use to play paintball or quadbiking. Then they wash them with Radiant and return the items to the stores as if they we're not used. What you'll surprise is that the shop assistants doesn't realise of what happened. Watch the entire video and you'll see what happens.
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Nivea: Doll
Nivea: Doll Con la llegada del verano Nivea ha querido aprovechar la ocasión para enseñar a los niños de forma divertida los peligros de tomar el sol. Con el objetivo de fomentar el uso del protector solar, la marca ha creado esta original acción en varias playas de Brasil. Las Nivea Dolls son las primeras muñecas del mercado sensibles al sol. De este modo, tras una larga exposición en el sol sin usar crema protectora su piel se vuelve roja. En cambio, si le aplicamos el protector por el cuerpo, su piel estará protegida y no sufrirá. Una didáctica y a la vez divertida campaña dirigida a los más pequeños de la casa.
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Dial Direct: The Notebook
The british car and home insurance Dial Direct has recently launched an emotive advert that expresses its new philosophy based on the claim: "insurance made easy". The video shows us the love of a child to his mother and the efforts he does to help her in her daily routine while he writes it down on a notebook just to save time to her. Doing that, the kid just wants to finish her mother housework so she can attend his stage play. With this commercial the message of Dial Direct is to not waste the time because it's priceless.
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El original baile de un guía de aviones en Toronto
Jahmaul Allen ha protagonizado una danza en el aeropuerto internacional de Toronto, Canadá que se ha viralizado en la Red gracias a un vídeo que lo muestra bailando en una de las pistas mientras orienta al piloto de una aeronave.
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Doblan al diputado Agustín Javier Zamarrón como Dumbledore
Agustín Javier Zamarrón es conocido con otro nombre: Valle-Inclán, por su parecido con el famoso escritor español. Diputado por el PSOE, es el miembro de la Cámara de mayor edad, por lo que le toco presidir la mesa a falta de una presidenta. Hay alguien que ya le ha doblado con la voz de Dumbledore, el poderoso director de la escuela de Hogwarts de Magia y Hechicería.
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Dove: Choose Beautiful
What would happen if you tell a woman to choose between considering herself beautiful or average? This is what Dove wants to demonstrate us in its latest campaign #ChooseBeautiful. By setting up a social experiment on Shanghai, San Francisco, London, Sao Paulo and Delhi the brand filmed the reactions of many women that had to choose between these 2 options. To achieve that they created two main doors on the entrance of different shopping centers, one labeled “Beautiful” and the other “Average”. What happens next reflects how the majority of women around the world view their appearance.
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Apple: MacBook Air - Stickers
Stickers are the new characters of the latest spot of Apple and they've done it by a short video that only shows us the MacBook Air with different nice stickers that we all know: Home Simpson, Snow White, Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse plus some glasses, cameras or hats. An original idea performed by the music of Hudson Mohawke that aims to celebrate the many ways Apple fans love their MacBook Air under the claim "The notebook people love".
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Mercedes-Benz: David Muñoz
El reconocido chef español con tres estrellas Michelin David Muñoz es el encargado de protagonizar la nueva campaña de Mercedes-Benz en España. Una campaña que durará un mes y que cuenta con un serie de espots misteriosos que pretenden animarnos a descubrir una trama digna de un thriller. Para ello nos presentan un primer vídeo donde aparece David Muñoz explicándonos qué supone para él haber ganado una estrella Michelin y, sobre todo el riesgo que implica hacerse con una de ellas y todo el esfuerzo que hay detrás. Una vez finalizada la escena, Muñoz sale a la calle en busca de su Mercedes y se da cuenta de que le han robado la estrella del emblema del coche. El vídeo acaba con el chef lamentándose sobre el robo y dejando abierta la incognita sobre quién ha sido el responsable. Para ello, Mercedes ha creado un site llamado http://www.experienciasmercedes.com/historias-mercedes/ayudanos-a-encontrar-la-estrella-de-david-munoz.html que invita a los usuarios a seguir la historia con los siguientes vídeos.
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Schweppes: "Millennials"
Para Schweppes, marca especializada en bebidas tónicas, hacer entender la evolución entre las costumbres de antes y las que ahora viven los Millennials como eje principal de esta campaña fue la manera perfecta para comunicarse con su audiencia de siempre pero además captar la atención de esta generación. Con un toque de humor y haciendo mención a estas diferencias, dadas gracias a las nuevas tecnologías, un grupo de "adultos" cuentan a una generación menor su experiencia con cada una de ellas, reflejando el asombro de estas últimas por acciones que en la actualidad se hacen de forma totalmente distinta.
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Kids Company: See the Child
The charity for children Kids Company hast started a campaign that aims to encourage society to act against children abuse, as they don't have a voice or a way to make changes and also the system isn't coping. The ad features a voice-over by a child who explains us how is her day by day with critical and heavy images that illustrates her situation. A video that really express a strong sense of injustice that expects to achieve more signatures for changing the system.
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Mayoral: Aprendamos de los niños
¿Que pasaría si reuniéramos a unos adultos desconocidos en una sala de espera, y a sus hijos en otra? Mayoral, nos abre los ojos a la realidad de hoy en día. Con tantos aparatos electrónicos a nuestro alcance a veces nos olvidamos de disfrutar y hacer amigos. Los niños nos dan una lección de cómo la espera fue mucho más divertida que la de los adultos. Descubre cómo.
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The sensual ad of Devour, a frozen food company
Devour was a little known company, but only to this day. During the Super Bowl they will issue a 30-second ad, and while it is still unknown what will be, Devour has released a short film in which he compares his products with porn.
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Old Spice: Robot
Old Spice is surprising us again with a weird but funny campaign with the claim "Experience the freedom of smelling like a real human man at the beach, at parties or wherever your extension cord will allow you to go, with Old Spice". Starred by an android called The Mandroid, half human and half robot, the video shows us how he's on the beach and suddenly falls into a girl. He inmediately apologises but he smells so good that all women are delighted by him and don't realise he's actually a robot.
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Fragile Childhood: The Orphanage
The Fragile Childhood NGO from Finland has recently released an stunning and heartbreaking campaign about the domestic alcohol abuse that children suffer from their parents. The ad is called "The Orphanage" and it tries to explains us how the world could be if children could choose their mom and dad. The film presents us two kids that enter to an "Adults Orphanage" where different couples stare at them with nice smiles behind transparent glass cases. They go by seeking for the perfect parents until they stop where a couple is fighting and shouting. On the next scene we see how the entire family leaves the orphanage and the words "Children can't choose their parents, what if they could?" appear on the screen. A shocking commercial that talks about the drinking problems many Finnish parents have.
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