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Joe Rogan Ejects Heckler Calgary 2012
Joe gets sick of a group of guys that keep piping up and kicks them out. Great lines by Joe as security removes the hecklers.
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1986 Toyota Pick Up Driver Door interior removal, window access
A quick video on how to remove the interior panel of a 1986 Toyota Pickup. This removal will show you the usual issues for a lot of 1980's vehicles and more. Retainer Clip!
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Brad Costa @ Monday Night Comedy Aug 2011
Brad takes the stage in Calgary for his first stand up on Canadian soil.
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Communication Breakdown By Slash and Miles Kennedy Live July 2012
An Encore brings Myles and Slash back on stage to do a tribute to Led Zeppelin. Great!
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Hot Drunk Girls Dancing YMCA at NBA Game
Three lovely girls enjoying the YMCA musical interlude during an NBA game in Canada. Good fun!
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Acer Aspire Timeline X fan cleaning
A couple key points to know when opening up an Acer Aspire Timeline X 1830 - 11.1"
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Pig meets Electric Fence Shock
Poor piggy just wants to eat the sausage that got hung up on the Electric Fence. Ouch.
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100th Years of Calgary Stampede - the Fireworks
Set to a local Calgary band 800 Prospect's 3 songs watch this outstanding display of fireworks that was done in 3 different locations for 10 nights straight!
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