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SkaNahDoht 2016
We stepped back in time 1000 years to experience life in an Iroquoian village at SkaNahDoht.
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Canadian Kids Try Swedish Candy
What kid doesn't like CANDY? Watch as our Gr 5/6 class from Canada tries candy from Sweden for the first time. Thanks to Mrs Malmqvist from Boras, Sweden for sending us the goodies!
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Egg Drop Challenge:  Team Building April 2016
Only 2 eggs were harmed in this activity! Time to change our seating chart which means time for another STEM activity in order to increase team building with our new table mates. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUBXGFHcRgapyftvz0ht-AQ?sub_confirmation=1
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Camp Sylvan Part 2
The adventures at Camp Sylvan continued on Day 2 (Tuesday, Oct 20, 2015). This day saw a "swamp tromp", "Go Wild" game, campfire, and an epic "drop the mic" showdown.
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Dollar Store Science Part 1
In this episode, we explore static electricity (Gr 6 ON Curriculum) with two experiments. Science materials purchased at a dollar store!
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Camp Cedarwin 2018 (Day 1)
St Teresa of Calcutta Grade Six Scouting and Schools Trip
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Team Building---Pasta Pass
When we switch seats, we usually try a team building exercise the first day so that we can get to work with our new seat mates in a "no pressure" situation that is fun. It requires cooperation, communication and leadership! The object was to take a strand of pasta and pass it from the starting line to a bucket about 5m away...without breaking it...without touching it with our hands...using a partner and styrofoam plates.
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How to do a Waste Audit at School
The path to becoming an ECO School is "littered" with tasks. Our class conducted the waste audit on Earth Day 2015. Here's how it was done.
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Team Building October 2015
Separate the teams into groups of 4 and give them their materials: 6 cups stacked together, the yarn or string, and a rubber band. See our classroom blog for more instructions on how to play! https://kidblog.org/class/missbrooksclass2/posts
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Stations of the Cross 2016
Walking with Jesus during His last hours on Earth. This year's class performed at MPB Church on Mar 4, 2016 for Friday night "Soup and Stations" that they host throughout Lent. The kids also performed twice on Holy Thursday so that we could simplify for our youngest learners in JK through Gr 2. I do not own this music but felt it was beautiful and purchased it from iTunes. MUSIC: This is relaxdaily, Season 1 #004 https://itunes.apple.com/artist/relaxdaily/id494543884
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1-Minute Fairy Tales
This is St Bernard (W) 3/4J's effort after two 40-minute drama classes. As we say in class, "3-2-1 ACTION!"
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Carnaval Parade 2015
St. Bernard's parade for winter carnival. Filmed March 13/2015 by Mr Adair.
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Bullying Hurts
Students wrote a script and filmed either a mini-movie or PSA on the subject of bullying. Their goal was to reflect on WHY bullies bully as a means of getting to the heart of the problem.
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5_6B Carnaval Experience
St Bernard celebrated le carnaval de Quebec (in our own style) on Friday, March 13, 2015. Special thanks to Madame Coolen, the Gr 8s and 6/7M (awesome activity organizers) and a shout out to our own class for the parade floats that were beyond expectation. Bravo!
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Camp Cedarwin 2018 (Day 2)
Highlights from Scouting and Schools Grade 6 trip
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Anti bullying Skit
Students wrote a script and filmed either a mini-movie or PSA on the subject of bullying. Their goal was to reflect on WHY bullies bully as a means of getting to the heart of the problem.
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How to Play Baseball in Gym Class
Another video in our "How To" Series. In this episode, we show how we play baseball in our gym class. Forgot to mention that a home run is a ball hit on the stage! Music: Take me Out to the Ball Game
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Terry Fox Run 2015 (St Bernard W)
On Wednesday, Sept 30, 2015, the St Bernard community came together to participate in the 35th annual Terry Fox Run. Special thanks to Mr Boncardo and his grade two kiddies for leading us. Music: The Terry Fox Song
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MIXing with Jay and Morgan from FM 96 7
One good turn begets a bounty of kindness showered on our class. Thanks to Justin's kindness toward his SK bus buddy, he was nominated for The Mix 96.7's "Student of the Week", which granted the entire class a hot lunch (FREE!) from Harvest Fresh and a visit from their morning team, Jay and Morgan. In the words of Justin Timberlake: "What goes around comes around"!
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Camp Sylvan Part 1
The Grade Sixes were so very fortunate to attend Camp Sylvan Oct 19 ~ 21, 2015. Here are some of the moments captured from the first day. Special thanks to Nicole (ABCA leader) and Bonnie & Ivan (cooks) for making our stay educational and homey!
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Anti-bullying Skit
A group of grade sixes (Kelly, Beth, Megan and Aiden) teach how to react when someone bullies.
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Camp Cedarwin 2018 (Day 3)
LAst day at Camp Cedarwin
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Un hangout en francais
Madame caught our addiction to Google Hangouts and arranged for the class to do one in FRENCH! Merci to Mrs Lapuchuk's class in Onoway, Alberta for helping us improve our conversational skills in the French language. {SIGH} If only the sound quality had been better!
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Halloween "Spirit" Day
The St Bernard (W) Gr Sixes hosted "Spirit Day" on Friday, Oct 30, 2015. Photography/Videography: Ethan and Blake Music: Halloween Song and Moster Mash
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Flip Books
Using a package of sticky notes and a pencil, students created "mini animated movies" that told a simple story.
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WE Scare Hunger
To promote our first WE Scare Hunger campaign (OCt 23-31, 2017), Lexi, Miguel, Caleb, Marissa and AJ decided to pool their talents for technology and drama. Watch the mini-movie they wrote, acted, directed and produced together!
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Classrom Tour 2015-16
Welcome to the 2015/16 school year! Here's a quick tour of our learning environment on the first day of school (Sept 8, 2015)...before the kids entered!
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Season 2 Trailer
Welcome to MissBrooksHasClass. There are videos created by students, examples of our learning and special school-wide activities. Our 2nd year on YouTube debuts Sept 8, 2015. Stay tuned!
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Halloween Spirit Day Part 2
In Part 2, we see how the Gr Sixes celebrated with the "older kids (Gr 2B ~ Gr 5) at St Bernard (W). Photography/Videography: Evan and Blake Music: "This is Halloween" from Nightmare before Christmas
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Stop Bullying
Under guidance of our student teacher, Miss Gagnier, the Gr 6s decided on a Mannequin Challenge with an anti-bullying message.
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Spaced Out:  Astronaut Food Taste Test
6B taste tests Bananas, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich and Neapolitan Ice Cream for the first time ... as ASTRONAUTS would eat them!
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Stations of the Cross 2015
St Bernard's 3/4J & 5/6B classes present the last hours of Jesus' life in the 2015 presentation. Music: When it Rained by Josh Groban Special thanks to Mr Diamond for getting everything organized, to Madame and Mrs Bertrand for helping with costumes and to the cast and crew (DJ Lali, Gr 8s for French readings, Ali Stewart for filming).
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First Week = Building Community
The first weeks are crucial for building a sense of community. If the smiles were any indication, that feeling that "I belong here" has begun bubbling in many. Music heard during Assembly footage: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams
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Eco Snack #2:  SALSA
Here is our SALSA recipe that we revised from The Pioneer Woman. A way to "spice" up our nutrition program without breaking the budget. Only $0.03/student and a healthier alternative to store bought.
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I am Canadian--AnselmEvan
This video is about I am Canadian-AnselmEvan
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60 Second Stories
Grade 3s try their drama skills, telling stories in about one minute.
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Electricity Devices 2016
Students were tasked with designing, building, and testing a device that produces electricity. Please comment on your favourite below! Music: Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science (Hot Tracks Remix)
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Stomp routine
For Regina Pats
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Hangout with Argentina and Canada--March 26, 2015
Miss Brooks' 5/6 class (Windsor, Ontario, Canada) did a Mystery Hangout with Ms. Quarleri's class from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Sweden / Canada Hangout
This hangout debunks some stereotypes about Canada and Sweden or further perpetuates them! Not sure which... Leave comments below...When you think of Canada what comes to mind? When you think of Sweden?
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I am Canadian--JaydenIsaak
This video is about I am Canadian--JaydenIsaak
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Space Ice Cream
Our first video about space ice cream. Neopolitan and Cookies and Cream.
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Thrilling Dance for WE Scare Hunger
Kylie and Neriah create a dance to promote our campaign. Christian was their videographer.
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Poetry Cafe 2018
Nothing better than hearing poetry read aloud...except having snacks at the same time....and mood lighting!
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Roy Lichtenstein Art
The class tried their hand at POP ART in the style of Roy Lichtenstein.
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Love Letters to Strangers
A project we did to spread the love in our pocket of the universe. Inspired by: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yb54fHAdmDQ
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Carnaval 2019
Grade 6s plan, prepare and deliver activities for the 2019 Carnaval at STOC
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Camp Sylvan Part 3
Here is the last installment of the Camp Sylvan experience. BEWARE: coyotes may appear in this video!
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Colombian Candy Taste Test
The kids were left two types of candy by Sebastian (our exchange student from Colombia). Here, they try a coffee flavoured candy. Aidan: "It smells like caramel." Ethan: "It smells like nothing."
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Hangout March 9
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