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Dissidia 012: Final Fantsy - "Classic" Cecil VS Kain
I had just recently bought my copy of Final Fantasy: Complete Collection, and it came with the code for Cecil's DLC, so I fought this battle to celebrate. :D AI LV: 100 Difficulty: Maximum Behavior: Extreme
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Final Fantasy VI: Dream Stooges' Revenge Bed Glitch?
...did I just stumble into an undiscovered Final Fantasy VI bug? For anyone who doesn't want to put up with the bad video quality (my apologies for that), here's what happened: I was grinding on the world map with Terra and decided to take a nap in Doma Castle. Instead of going to sleep on the top-right bed like she's supposed to, she went to sleep on the bottom-left one, yet she woke up on the top-right bed. She then proceeded to walk up and right as if she had woken up on the bottom-left bed, and walked straight through the wall. As a result, I got stuck and had to reset the game. I looked into FFVI's huge list of bugs, but didn't find anything about this one; I'm going to assume it has something to do with the fact that the bottom-left bed of Doma Castle is the one Cyan goes to for his dream sequence. I had already cleared that sequence, but apparently there's some leftover programming there that randomly causes single-party characters to sleep on that bed, thus causing this bug. Strangely, I tested this with other characters alone, then re-tested this with Terra, and they all slept on the right bed this time, so I have no idea of what causes this bug in the first place, but switching party members apparently corrects it. I kept a separate save file to preserve the bug, which I used to make this video. For the record, this is the PS1 port. So, what do you think? Could it be that, even now, in 2015, Final Fantasy VI's legendary programming still has bugs for us to discover? I'd really like to know more about this one.
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Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy - Double Break
Last battle in the 012 Story Mode - my LV23 Lightning against LV39 Garland. On the very moment I broke him for the 3rd time, his Ultima Weapon summon went off, breaking me. Because the Stage BRV was 0 at the moment, he got nothing, so we both remained under Break. I found it rather funny. XD
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Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy - Golbez (D.Einherjar) VS Warrior of Light (Lax RJ)
My very first PvP battle in Duodecim. :D Golbez PWNZ. \o/
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