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e-Commerce Strategies for Hotels
Speakers - Safa Rahal, E-Commerce & Revenue Executive at Coral Suites Al Hamra
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Instabug - Startup Demo - ArabNet Beirut 2013
Instabug presented by Omar Khaled Gabr The Startup Demo is a series of 5 minute pitches by entrepreneurs with promising startups. The finalists, chosen from over 60 contestants, have been carefully shortlisted by a jury of investors and entrepreneurship supporters.
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Pushbots - Startup Demo - ArabNet Beirut 2013
Pushbots presented by Amr Sobhy The Startup Demo is a series of 5 minute pitches by entrepreneurs with promising startups. The finalists, chosen from over 60 contestants, have been carefully shortlisted by a jury of investors and entrepreneurship supporters.
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Feelit - 1st Place Winner at the Startup Demo Riyadh 2013
Apply to the Startup Demo competition for the chance to pitch on stage at ArabNet Riyadh 2014. Apply here: bit.ly/StartupDemo Mohammad AlKadi from KSA talks about Feelit at the Startup Demo during ArabNet Riyadh 2013.
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كلمة المهندس قيس العيسى الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة Vision Venture
كلمة قيس العيسى الرئيس التنفيذي لشركة Vision Venture ضمن ملتقى عرب نت الرياض ٢٠١٨
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ArabNet Riyadh 2015 - Lightning Talks | Jumana almahmoud
Name Jumana Almahmoud Professional Title UX Researcher Company The Center for Complex Engineering `Systems UX for Complex Data; Topic My Experience at Amazon
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ArabNet Cairo - Startup Demo - Eventtus
ArabNet Cairo Conference Startup Demo Pitches: Eventtus مؤتمر عرب نت القاهرة عرض الشركات الناشئة: ايفنتس eventtus.com - Eventtus is a social network for events with a continually updated directory of events maintained by our users and partners, and whenever a new event is added, we use our smart algorithms to suggest events to the users who could be interested
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Fawazir ArabNet - Episode 5 - Omar fi bilad al gharaeb
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Piotr Yordanov at ArabNet Riyadh Ideathon 2013
Piotr Yordanov talks about Beepl at ArabNet Riyadh Ideathon 2013 and wins 1st place.
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The State of eCommerce in the Kingdom and the GCC 2 - ArabNet Riyadh 2017
Digital Commerce Panel According to the Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), Saudi’s business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce spending reached more than $7.9B in 2016 alone. There has been a surge of interest and competition over the local market from regional and international players, like JollyChic, Wadi.com and Souq.com (Amazon), with Noon.com soon to follow. Meanwhile some of the region’s fastest growing players like Awok and Hepsiburada are keen are expand into the market. All these players face significant challenges to their growth, from logistics and last-mile delivery, to increasing competition, including major retails going online. This panel will explore the state of eCommerce in the GCC today, the challenges and opportunities specific to Saudi Arabia, and what the entrance of Amazon (and the deep pocketed Noon) means for the industry. Moderator: Reem ​Abdilatif, Editor in Chief of Argaam Abbas Safadieh, General Manager MENA at JollyChic Ulugbek Yuldashev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AWOK.com Dirk Henke, Managing Director Emerging Markets at Criteo Emre Ekmekci,Chief Commercial officer at Hepsiburada.com
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MesCadeaux.ma - 3rd Place and People's Choice Award Winner at Startup Demo Riyadh 2013
Apply to the Startup Demo competition for the chance to pitch on stage at ArabNet Riyadh 2014. Apply here: bit.ly/StartupDemo Soufiane Guerraoui from Morocco talks about MesCadeaux.ma at the Startup Demo during ArabNet Riyadh 2013.
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Roy Naufal - Ideathon - ArabNet Beirut 2013
The Ideathon is a series of 2 minute pitches by entrepreneurs with promising ideas. The finalists, chosen from over 75 applicants, have been carefully shortlisted by a jury of investors and entrepreneurship supporters. This is their chance to impress investors, incubators, media and professionals with their business plans.
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Digital Commerce Acquisition Spotlight: Interview w/ Carriage - ArabNet Kuwait 2017
Interviewer: Rita Makhoul, Managing Editor at ArabNet Abdullah Al Mutawa, Co-Founder and CEO of Carriage
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ArabNet Riyadh 2015, Careem; Scaling & Growth | توسيع نطاق الأعمال التجارية والنمو، كريم
Abdulla Elyas, CoFounder & Managing Director, Careem عبد الله الياس، الشريك المؤسس والمدير التنفيذي، كريم Twitter: @Abdulla_Elyas
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ArabNet Fawazir - Episode 8
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Why Leading Brands are Focusing on Web & Mobile App Personalizations & Real | by Insider
Speaker: Hande Cilingir, Co-founder, Insider, @HandeCilingir
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ArabNet Beirut 2016 - Ideathon Competition
The Ideathon aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship at its very earliest stage: turning bright ideas into functional products. It runs as a series of rapid-fire back-to-back presentations, where each selected entrepreneur has 2 minutes in the spotlight to show that their idea is innovative and has strong business potential. 1st Place: Rita Deek Idea Name: MomAdvice Country: Lebanon Twitter: @momadviceapp Description: Momadvice is an online platform that provides mothers with an easy and secure method to connect and chat instantly with child psychologists and therapists to find solutions for the problems they are facing with their children. 2nd Place: Ian Hoffbeck Idea Name: Future Energy Management Country: Lebanon Twitter: @ianhoffbeck Description: A distributed energy controller that teaches the user how to save money on electricity. 3rd Place and winner of the People's Choice Award: Roa Younes Idea Name: BelArabiyah Country: Lebanon Twitter: @roayounes Description: Bilarabiyah is the first Arabic writing enhancement tool that corrects your contextual spelling and grammar mistakes, and teaches you about them so that you become a better writer. With Bilarabiyah, writing in Arabic is made easy Finalist: George Taktak Idea Name: Vybes Country: Lebanon Description: Vybes is a sensory communication app for family and loved ones of all ages and abilities to stay in touch. Finalist: Krix Berberian Idea Name: Dariperi Country: Lebanon Twitter: @Dariperi Description: Peer to peer 24/7 lightweight delivery service that delivers within hours. Finalist: Ramy Sader Idea Name: Clu Country: Lebanon Twitter: @SaderRamy Description: Clu is your smart shopping assistant. Download the application and be ready to go shopping anytime, and anywhere. Finalist: Richard Abi Chahla Idea Name: Crowdee Country: Lebanon Twitter: @purple_brains Description: Crowdee aims to help exhibition organizers enhance the experience of their attendees and to maximize the benefits of their exhibitors during exhibitions. Finalist: Ruqaiya Abdullah Said AlBadi Idea Name: EasyInfograph Country: Oman Description: An app that create video infograph in easy method. Finalist: Nicolas El Mir Idea Name: Podlle Country: Lebanon Twitter: @nicolas_elmir Description: Podlle is the future of radios. Finalist: Adib Al Ghossein Idea Name: Ergonomic Desk Lamp Country: Lebanon Twitter: @adibgh Description: Ergonomic smart desk lamp for productivity improvement.
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ArabNet Riyadh
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Presella.com - 2nd Place Winner at the Startup Demo Riyadh 2013
Apply to the Startup Demo competition for the chance to pitch on stage at ArabNet Riyadh 2014. Apply here: bit.ly/StartupDemo Louay Kadri from Lebanon talks about Presella at the Startup Demo during ArabNet Riyadh 2013. Presella is a risk-free online ticketing platform.
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ArabNet Cairo 2011: Khaled Ismail
Founder & CEO, SysDSoft
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Fawazir ArabNet - Episode 1 - The Adventure Begins...
Been wondering what's going on at the ArabNet office? Watch to Find Out.
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Interview: Noon.com - ArabNet Riyadh 2017
Interviewer: Saleh Ghazal, General Manager, UAE at OMD Faraz Khalid, Chief Executive Officer of Noon
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ArabNet Digital Summit 2012 Ideathon - Lana Karrain
Fakker's mission is ultimately to guide youth in finding their ideal career path through reward-based online games and contests.
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MENA eCommerce in the Post-Amazon Era - ArabNet Digital Summit 2017
Amazon’s acquisition of Souq is the biggest digital deal in MENA to date, at a rumored value between $650M-$850M. Souq has been investing heavily in the technology and infrastructure to power its business, so the acquisition gives Amazon a powerful platform to enter the region; add to that Amazon’s inventory, cash flow, brand power and experience, and it could dominate the market overnight. A potential competitor could be the ambitiously-funded and much-publicized Noon, but it has yet to launch. That being said, according to BigCommerce’s 2016 research, even in the US market where Amazon is a clear leader, 55% of all ecommerce sales are done through branded stores, vs. 45% via marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc). This panel explores how existing retailers and eCommerce players view the MENA eCommerce opportunity after the entrance of Amazon (and Noon), what investments they will be making to remain competitive, and how they see the market developing over the next 12-18 month. Ulugbek Yuldashev, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, awok.com Mona Ataya, Founder and CEO, Mumzworld Rizwan Rajpoot, Managing Director – Digital Retailing, Al Futtaim Group Moderator: Tony Graham, Managing Director, Experience Training & Translation Solutions
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The State of Payments in the GCC - by Payfort
Omar Soudodi, Managing Director at Payfort discusses payment trends and stats in the GCC, and mainly the UAE. Based on a full extensive 75 page report by Payfort that you can download from PayFort’s website. On stage however, Omar chose to focus on one country profile, the United Arab Emirates, and the travel and tourism sector across four studied countries: UAE, KSA, Egypt and Kuwait.
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PayPal Opens Shop in MENA - ArabNet Beirut 2013
Elias Ghanem, General Manager PayPal Middle East and North Africa at PayPal Intervied by Omar Christidis, CEO, ArabNet
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Interview with Amjad Puliyali, Vizury
Amjad Puliyali from Vizury at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2013 in Dubai
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Interview With Marianne Hoayek at ArabNet Beirut 2014
ArabNet's CEO, Omar Christidis interviews Marianne Hoayek, Executive Director of the Executive Office Unit at Banque du Liban, at ArabNet Beirut 2014. Interested in attending ArabNet Beirut 2015? Register here: bit.ly/RegisterBeirut
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How to tell your story and pitch your startup
ArabNet Digital Summit 2016 How to tell your story and pitch your startup Andrea is famous for coaching 100's of founders on pitching and story telling Speaker Andrea Barrica, Co-founder @inDinero & Venture Partner, 500Startups @abarrica
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Interview with Salam Saadeh on Newly Launched Digital Loyalty Program Urbanbuz
UrbanBuz is a revolutionary digital customer loyalty program infused with smart features servicing SMEs in the UAE, the MENA region and beyond.
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Digital Showcase - Provilink - Digital Summit 2014 - Dubai UAE
As part of the ArabNet Digital Summit 2014, the Digital Showcase is the most comprehensive convergence of young digital enterprises in the Middle East. It is a platform for expansion: an opportunity for young companies who already have a structured product offering and good traction to build relationships with big clients and strategic partners in Dubai - the region’s most important digital market. Participating entrepreneurs showcase their enterprises, highlight the latest updates about their products or services, and connect with investors, media, and potential clients at the region’s largest web and mobile conference. Provilink is an online property services’ portal created to bring together property managers and service providers working in various property related categories. It is designed to allow property managers to create, evaluate and award tenders or quotation requests in an easy, paperless and transparent way.
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Interview with Michael Lahyani, Founder & CEO of Propertyfinder.ae
Michael Lahyani is the Founder and CEO of the largest online property portal in the UAE, Propertyfinder.ae. Early in 2013, the company closed a series A round for its international expansion. The company currently operates in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon and soon in the KSA.
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ArabNet Cairo 2011: E-retail
E-commerce is booming in Egypt, and e-retailers are proliferating. Nefsak, the first mover, has been operating since 2009, and recently raised 10M EGP for expansion. Otlob, with a highly successful food ordering service, launched Otlobmall last year, and Souq.com established an office in Cairo dedicated to growing its presence in Egypt. This panel seeks to understand the state of e-commerce in Egypt, the right model for selling online, and the challenges and opportunities for growth.
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Top Trends in Digital Media
What are the top 3 trends in Digital Media? Check them out in this video by OMD MENA!
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The Dominance of the Marketplace - ArabNet Digital Summit 2015
Panel: The Dominance of the Marketplace Speakers: Ronaldo Mouchawar, CEO, Souq.com @ronmou Jean-Pierre Mondalek, GM UAE, Uber @jpmondalek Kamal Reggad, Founder & CEO, MenaClick @KamalReggad Omar Kassem, CEO, JadoPado @JadoPado Day 1; May 27 Marketplaces represent some of the most successful digital businesses models globally, with Alibaba completing the largest IPO ever on the New York Stock Exchange this year. Marketplaces are similarly dominating the MENA commerce landscape, with the landmark acquisition of Talabat for $170M, and the even bigger acquisition of Turkey’s Yemeksepeti (FoodOnClick) for a whopping $589M. These marketplaces are booming across domains: for service like transportation and peer-to-peer loans, and assets like real estate and cars. The region’s biggest pure e-commerce player, Souq.com, is rumoured to be raising $300M at a valuation of more than $1B, likely making it the first Arab unicorn. This session investigates what it takes to build a successful marketplace in the MENA region with some of the top players in this space.
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ArabNet Riyadh 2015, Moving the KSA to the Knowledge Economy | الإنتقال بالمملكة نحو إقتصاد المعرفة
Under the vision and order of His Majesty to develop the knowledge economy by 2030 across the kingdom, ministries and authorities have embraced the journey each within their capacity. SMEs constitute the majority of businesses in Saudi, and employee almost half the workforce, therefore supporting them through policies and programs has risen to be crucial to providing job opportunities and developing talent. How can the leadership achieve the maximum impact through the upcoming 15 years with highest financial and resource efficiency, and long term returns? This panel highlights the challenges and initiatives that the ministries have taken upon themselves to achieve a world leading knowledge economy in the Saudi Kingdom. في إطار رؤية جلالته وأومر منه لتطوير الاقتصاد المعرفي بحلول العام 2030 في المملكة ككلّ، رحبت الوزارات والسلطات هذه الرحلة، كلّ بما يتوافق مع إمكانياتها. تمثّل الشركات الصغيرة والمتوسطة الحجم الجزء الأكبر من الشركات في المملكة العربية السعودية وهي توظّف حوالي نصف القوة العاملة. وبالتالي فإن دعمها من خلال السياسات والبرامج في منتهى الأهمية على مستوى تأمين فرص العمل وتطوير المواهب. كيف تنجح القيادة في تحقيق التأثير الأكبر في السنوات ال15 القادمة مع الحفاظ على فعالية عالية من حيث الأموال والموارد ومع تحقيق عائدات بعيدة الأمد؟ تسلّط هذه الجلسة الضوء على المبادرات والتحديات التي تعهّدت بها الوزارات بهدف الوصول إلى اقتصاد معرفي رائد في المملكة العربية السعودية.
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Abdallah Shakhatreh from Excelsior at ArabNet Riyadh Ideathon 2013
Abdallah Shakhatreh talks about Excelsior at ArabNet Riyadh Ideathon 2013 and wins the People's Choice Award.
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Interview With Nayla Tueni, Annahar | ArabNet Beirut 2015
Interview with Nayla Tueni as part of the CEO Series at ArabNet Beirut 2015, March 17-19 Nayla Tueni, CEO, Annahar Newspaper
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Instabug at ArabNet Digital Summit 2013
As one of the participants in the Digital Showcase of ArabNet Digital Summit 2013, Omar Gabr, Co-founder at Instabug, talks about this innovative tool that connects developers and users.
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Opportunities in Saudi E-Commerce
Speakers - Osama Natto, Founder, CEO at Innovative Business Solutions
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Roadmap Smart Dubai by Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr - ArabNet Digital Summit 2015
Talk: Roadmap Smart Dubai at ArabNet Digital Summit 2015 Speaker: Dr. Aisha Bin Bishr, Assistant Director-General, The Executive office, Government of Dubai @Aisha_BinBishr Day 1; May 27 Launching the Smart Dubai roadmap - the plan for creating and integrating smart government services across departments
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Mobile Content & Value Added Services
Panel: Mobile Content & Value Added Services Moderator: Amer Lahham, Sr. Associate, Booz & Co Panelists: Dr. Ammar Bakkar, Head of New Media, MBC Group Mr. Karim Daoud, CEO, Intigral Mr. Fawaz Bassem, Business Solutions Director, Zain Saudi Arabia Mr. Jeremy Foster, Head of Marketing, Government and Industry Relations, Ericsson While media owners are developing new ways to monetize their content over mobile, operators are investing in exclusive content & value added services to boost data revenues and differentiate themselves from competitors. At the same time, the rise of App Stores is bypassing mobile operators and challenging traditional VAS revenue streams. This panel explores how media companies and operators are navigating the rapidly changing mobile landscape.
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User Interface and User Experience - Mr. Mashhoor Al Dubayan
User Interface and User Experience Mr. Mashhoor Al Dubayan, User Experience Specialist, Elm Information Security
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