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Why Dr. Malachi Z. York doesn't want us in NYC
Full video here: Why Your Children become Devils Dr Malachi Z York: https://youtu.be/uw6wDC4Y6_o
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Dr. Malachi Z York warns against "Revolution"
Min. Louis Farrakhan & King Noble Black Supremecy's under fire for irresponsible, incendiary & insensitive comments.
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Man kills teen over loud Rap music
Argument over loud music led to teen's fatal shooting, cops say http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/os-teen-shot-dead-loud-music-20121126,0,4320738.story Follow me at https://twitter.com/DjedWorld & http://www.facebook.com/DjedWorld
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Nanobionic plants used to detect explosive devices
"The Kaleidoscope Experience" Ep 3 https://www.google.com/amp/gizmodo.com/researchers-made-bionic-spinach-plants-that-can-help-de-1788410442/amp
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Sgt. Stephanie Moses face of NYPD found dead
Sgt. Stephanie Moses, 'face of the NYPD,' found dead http://www.newsday.com/long-island/nassau/sgt-stephanie-moses-face-of-the-nypd-found-dead-1.4320584 Follow: https://twitter.com/DjedWorld
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Is Dr. Malachi Z. York's Son Jacob Gonna sue?!?
For years Jacob York denied having anything to do with the arrest and prosecution of his father Dr. Malachi Z. York. New information is now suggesting otherwise & thus Jacob has threatened legal action...
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Nuwaupu: NASA Robosquid Headed To Europa
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Love Wu Nuwaupu, Hate Wu Nuwaupu
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Manny are you okay?
Manny Paquiao gets knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez in the 6th round. Manny "Planking" Pacquiao - KTFO Pactard Song! http://youtu.be/kuU_eYLidAQ Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/DjedWorld
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Wu Nuwaupu (SM-1) Black holes Vs. Worm holes
We discuss Black holes, worm holes, etc. Follow me on Twitter & Periscope @Djedworld
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Wu-Nuwaupu for dummies...
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NASA Debunks Mayan Doomsday Prophecy?
Not Happening: NASA Debunks Mayan Doomsday Prophecy http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/2012/12/not-happening-nasa-debunks-mayan-doomsday-prophecy/ Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/DjedWorld
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Black TV meteorologist fired for defending her natural?!?!
Follow: https://twitter.com/DjedWorld Should This Louisiana TV Reporter Be Fired for Responding to Racists on Facebook? http://gawker.com/5967936/should-this-louisiana-tv-reporter-be-fired-for-responding-to-racists-on-facebook?utm_campaign=socialflow_gawker_facebook&utm_source=gawker_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow Here is a story on a News station that showed support to their African American colleague that decided to do a story on a woman that went natural for her daughter & then went natural herself.... http://youtu.be/HugPZDEX8DY
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Dr. Malachi Z. York speaks on Disney vs. Vegas
Dr. Malachi Z York- Do We Have Free Will?: https://youtu.be/99dbSpfaPvU
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Pacquiao has not earned more than $8M in a fight????
Bob Arum & To Rank Boxing should be ashamed of themselves. Out of all of the millions of $$ that Manny Pacquiao generates he's never earned for than 8 million. Manny needs to leave Top Rank immediately Official NSAC document shows Pacquiao has not earned more than $8M in a fight http://www.examiner.com/filipino-sports-in-national/official-nsac-document-shows-pacquiao-has-not-earned-more-than-8m-a-fight Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/kaliedexp
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Fake Yamassee Muskogee Tribal Appellate & Supreme court
Why would Sekhu Amun Gentle alledgedly be doing business under the USDOT as "Ymn Tribal Appellate And Circuit Supreme Court"? Isn't that an odd name for a company that operates commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce?? Ymn Tribal Appellate And Circuit Supreme Court Transportation Services: http://transportation-services.findthedata.org/l/1554206/Ymn-Tribal-Appellate-And-Circuit-Supreme-Court
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Ñuwaupu: Scientists Seek Ether-Based life
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Mayweather-Guerrero Tops 1m PPV buys!!
Fighthype reports that "Mayday" event tops 1 Million pay per view buys contrary to early reports from Dan Rafael and many others.... http://www.fighthype.com/news/article14394.html Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/DjedWorld
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Inur-Muv- "New Born" 1992 Classic Hip Hop Demo
Here are some old school classics from The Inur Muv that we recently found from 1992-93. Some of this music influenced Organized Konfusions 2nd album & OC's 1st. We worked with Organized Konfusion, O.C., Rakim & many others. Hope yall enjoy...... [email protected] @DjedWorld on Twitter
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Flint water crisis & Legionnaires spike
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Beyond 2012: Global Warming!!!!
Follow me at https://twitter.com/DjedWorld & http://www.facebook.com/DjedWorld Here is a cool map of how global warming could potentially effect coastal cities as the sea level rises over the coming centuires: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2012/11/24/opinion/sunday/what-could-disappear.html
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Mayweather says "no more excuses, let's fight May 5th punk!!!!!"
"Manny Pacquiao I'm calling you out let's fight May 5th and give the world what they want to see. My Jail Sentence was pushed back because the date was locked in. Step up Punk."-Floyd Mayweather Jr http://www.facebook.com/floydmayweather/posts/158164300959552 Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/kaliedexp
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Sea level rising faster than UN projections
Sea level rose 60 percent faster than UN projections, study finds http://worldnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/11/28/15512957-sea-level-rose-60-percent-faster-than-un-projections-study-finds?lite Follow me at https://twitter.com/DjedWorld & http://www.facebook.com/DjedWorld
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Floyd Mayweather Jr. to Fight on May 5th after all...
"FLOYD CAN FULFILL HIS COMMITMENT TO LAS VEGAS AND DELIVER HIS PROMISE OF THE MEGA-FIGHT" http://www.fighthype.com/pages/content11494.html http://www.fighthype.com/pages/content11495.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook Follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/kaliedexp
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Parable Of The Staff & The Snake
Parable Of The Staff & The Snake "Once upon a time a great king of a great kingdom had to go away on a great and high mountain for 7 years. The people in their fear & confusion began to wonder who wo
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Mt Arafat Embassy Clan raided 6-12-13??
Yamassee discusses June 12th 2013 IRS raid: http://youtu.be/oZuX0D345Jo MT. A'rafat Embassy Clan discuss Fake Blue Back Contract: http://youtu.be/WYuzZdiiHbE [PDF] Complaint and Request for Injuncti
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Why & how gulf coast states sinking so fast?
As Louisiana Sinks And Sea Levels Rise, The State Is Drowning. Fast. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/28/louisiana-sea-level-rise_n_5731916.html
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Mayweather tweets Pacquiao "Let's make history"..
"I'm ready to put my belt up. What about you Manny Pacquiao? Let's make history."-Floyd Mayweather Jr http://lockerz.com/s/173587000 Follow me on twitter: http://twitter.com/kaliedexp
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Near riot @Wal-Mart -Black Friday 2012
Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DjedWorld As the country faces the possibility of going off the Fiscal cliff look at how we as Americans act on "Black Friday" at a Walmart in Moultrie Georgia after celebrating a day of Gratitude & Thanksgiving. Moultrie GA Wal-Mart Black Friday 2012 http://youtu.be/7AdTdacgp1Y
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Inur-Muv- "Material"- 1992-93 Classic Hip Hop Demo
This song "Material" along with "New Born" inspired the Organized Konfusion song "Why" on Ok's 2nd album Extinction Agenda". This is the remixed version that we did for Relativity records. I remember Pharaohe (Troy) telling us we was gonna change Hip Hop...lol. So proud of him and what he has accomplished. Kahil helped with their 2nd album and I should have been featured on "Why" but we never seemed to make it happen. I went in a different direction. Kahil wnet in the studio and worked with alot of these artists like Rakim, OK, OC, and many others behind the scenes and did stuff with Relativity records. Relativity offered us a deal but we just didn't want to be slaves to the industry after talking to Rakim, etc. We were actually part of the Last Platoon which was Rakim's production Company but that was around the time that Rakim started having problems with Eric-B and their label, etc. So much history to tell.......lol Here are some old school classics from The Inur Muv that we recently found from 1992-93. Some of this music influenced Organized Konfusions 2nd album & OC's 1st. We worked with Organized Konfusion, O.C., Rakim & many others. Hope yall enjoy...... [email protected] @DjedWorld on Twitter
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The Kaleidoscope Experience Ep 2- Astronaut tests portable DNA Sequencer to find Alien life
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I love "Tuesday's with Teedra Moses" live on Ustream
@teedramoses iIf u missed Tuesday's with Teedra... ur welcome to check it now! ustream.tv/recorded/19131... and make sure u come hang out nxt Tuesday!!! The task of any great artist is to create days of future past, to make memories that will be looked back upon one day with fond nostalgia. Heartfelt songs that invoke love, play, heartache and reconciliation tend to stand that particular test of time when it comes to R&B music. Singer/songwriter Teedra Moses' debut album Complex Simplicity passes that test with flying colors. Complex Simplicity harks back to the sassy, playful 1980s tunes of Cherrelle while blending in Teedra's own new millennium brand of soul. Teedra was born in New Orleans, spending much of her young life there before moving to Los Angeles with her mother following her parents' separation. As a youth, she was inspired by her own mother, a successful gospel singer on the church revival circuit in the South, and attributes her pursuit of a singing career to the artistic culture in L.A. Influences from both cities went into Complex Simplicity, a labor of love and the realization of a lifelong dream for Teedra. "Some things you feel you have to stick with, [but] it doesn't give you any fulfillment," says Teedra. "With singing, creating music gives me a fulfillment that I knew I wouldn't find in anything else. So I just decided to stop short in styling and start pursuing music." Best known for his production on Black Eyed Peas debut single "Joints & Jam," producer Pauli Pol was referred to Teedra by a mutual friend as she prepared to put behind her days as an assistant stylist to the stars in pursuit of her singing dream. "[Pauli] did the entire album with me because I wanted it to be something really personal and a union, like a marriage, not all over the place," says Teedra. Artsy perhaps, but never pretentious or affected; that's just not Teedra's style. Having transcended humble beginnings writing brand-new lyrics to favorite songs ("I started out writing over [Prince] music that I liked, but then I started to just write songs and make the music in my head") and emceeing at family home comings, Teedra has found her voice and is more than prepared to share it with the world.
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50 cent wants to feed 1 billion people in 5yrs #SK
50cent wants to feed 1 billion people over the next 5 years http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miRAw3efB1o&feature=channel_video_title & he needs our help sign up now: http://streetking.com/ http://www.youtube.com/user/50CentStreetKing http://www.thisis50.com/ http://listn.to/50cent Contact me @ twitter.com/KaleidExp http://www.myspace.com/djedpillarmultimedia http://www.ustream.tv/channel/the-kaleidescope-experience [email protected]
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Olivia don't let Love & Hip Hop exploit you boo!!!
I'm tired of the major record labels exploiting our true musical talents. I wish that Olivia would stop tying to get a record deal where she would have to sell her soul, and just grind and create your own company. Teedra Moses & Conya Doss are 2 other artists that I love and admire because they are on their grind. Build your own companies and say fuck the major record labels. I wish these sisters would pool their talents to create their own company. http://twitter.com/kaliedexp
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The Kaleidoscope Experience Ep 1-Elon Musk's Solar power initiative
Musk announces solar roof initiative for Tesla http://www.sfgate.com/nation/article/Musk-announces-solar-roof-initiative-for-Tesla-10422556.php
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