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Biracial Hair 101: How to do a Two Stranded Rope Twist on biracial hair
Biracial hair care 101: How to do a two stranded twist style on biracial hair. Depending on textures you can do with or without elastic band. More simple, natural, beautiful hair at ibelieveinjoy.com!
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to Make Natural Detangling Spray for Biracial Hair
Go to ibelieveinjoy.com , to Biracial Hair Care 101, to print the recipe.
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Biracial Hair 101: How to Style: Twist Back Bangs (Toddler or any length Natural Hair)
Biracial hair care 101: How to do a fast and easy very cute style to keep bangs out of the face all day. Needed: 1 snap or clip. For teens or adults with short natural hair use a bobby pin instead of a snap. Tutorials, How to Detangle, DIY Detangling Spray & More Tutorials FREE at ibelieveinjoy.com.
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to get knots out of VERY tangled biracial hair
How we get knots out of VERY tangled, matted, or tightly knotted biracial hair gently, safely, easily, and with NO chemical relaxers. When I refer to "they" in this video, I am referring to my 3 biracial daughters: they all have different hair type / textures and this technique works great on each of the different hair types. I made this to answer a reader's panicked question, "What do I do when the hair gets tangled and matted if I let her sleep on it down?" If you have a question you need, just ask me at www.ibelieveinjoy.com where we do natural Biracial Hair with JOY!
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to Make a Part
Here's how to make a part in biracial hair. This is how I start most of my styles. We did natural banding at night for bedtime the night before to naturally relax the curls prior to styling. Learn how to do this naturally - no chemicals! at ibelieveinjoy.com
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to Put Beads on end of Cornrows
Biracial Hair Care 101: How to put beads on end of cornrows. Also shows how to leave ends natural with finger curls. More at ibelieveinjoy.com
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to detangle biracial child's hair naturally
Watch how fast and easy my recipe for Natural Detangling Spray works on my almost 2 year old's Biracial (African American / Caucasian) hair. Print for free at ibelieveinjoy.com
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to use a sleep cap
African American / Caucasian hair, ibelieveinjoy.com
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to Cornrow Biracial Hair
Here's how I Cornrow biracial hair. Fast video from ibelieveinjoy.com
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Biracial Hair Care 101: Step 2 Tutorial Joy's Detangling Spray: Toddler video 2
See video 1 first for this series and continue watching this series in order :)
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Pre / Kindergarten Abacus Game
For less than 1$ you can make a fun pre / kindergarten game to teach the value of numbers. Supplies: 1 abacus, 10 flash cards numbered 1-10 (use matching shape or color for fun), 1 marker, scissors
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How to teach a child to count by two's or skip count
A concrete example of how to teach counting by 2s at home with your child. More free activities for fun learning at ibelieveinjoy.com
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Biracial hair 101: How to do princess twist style
How to do princess twist style on natural biracial hair. See how to band hair at night so it's naturally relaxed using no chemicals and see how we maintain natural biracial hair at ibelieveinjoy.com
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to use Leave in Shea and Denman brush to easily detangle Biracial Hair
This is how to use a Denman brush to detangle wet biracial hair after a bath or shower when the hair is long. It can also be used with all natural hair care by making the spray I make at home. The instructions are on my blog ibelieveinjoy.com
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How Dads Can Do Daughter's Hair
Biracial hair care 101: Having Dad's involved in their daughter's lives in a positive and loving way increases the children's self esteem, success in school, and helps create positive life patterns. It's also FUN! (Her hair was naturally relaxed using NO chemicals at ibelieveinjoy.com using bedtime banding for biracial hair)
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Biracial hair 101: How to band natural biracial hair
How to band biracial hair before bedtime to prevent tangles, prevent breakage, protect hair, and naturally relax hair using no chemicals at all. More free tips, tutorials, and biracial hair supplies at www.ibelieveinjoy.com where we love caring for our 3 girls biracial hair and share our journey.
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Biracial Hair Care 101: How to Remove Braids from Biracial Hair
How to take out natural braids from Biracial / African American hair. More free resources at www.ibelieveinjoy.com
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How to teach a child to understand number value
How to Introduce Mathematical Values in Preschool using math games and activities at home. If we only teach our preschoolers to identify the number by what it looks like, we are not truly teaching them the value of the number. Lessons like this will help the preschooler to understand and identify the value as well as the number appearance. This is an essential step to addition and subtraction.
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How to Use an Abacus to Teach Math
An abacus is a counting tool to give value to mathematical numbers. This video shows how an abacus when introducing addition and subtraction to your preschooler. My 4 year old has used the abacus since she was about 1 and no longer needs to rely on it for simple math, but still uses it for higher math. My 18 month old already uses the abacus to count 1, 2, 3. My 7 year old uses the abacus for higher math, skip counting, addition / subtraction, and now beginning multiplication. Even before a baby can count with words, they can make vocalizations as the push the beads along the bar. here you will see us using two different colored rows, which I only do for my beginning math learners when I first introduce the concept of addition. Once they understand the concept, I have them work with a full row of 10 before going on to use another row of 10. I build in steps this way, and then quickly, they are counting by 10's and adding higher numbers into the 20 - 100's. This is the way we do it, and my kids all really LOVE math!! That's what I care about most! More free early education resources at ibelieveinjoy.com
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Noelle, Childsplay Theatre Kid Reporter, Junie B. Jones Review
Get EVERYTHING you need to know for Childsplay Theatre family information from Kid Reporter, Noelle! To see more of her reviews, blog posts, and for ticket information go to https://kidreporters.childsplayaz.org/2016/09/28/hi-im-noelle-kid-reporter-for-childsplay-theatre/
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Two curled ponies with natural curls toddler biracial hair
Using only my homemade biracial natural spray I show how you transform bed hair to beautiful hair. You can make your own just watch how at ibelieveinjoy.com.
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Biracial Haircare 101: Free Hair with Clip Ups Toddler Style
Easy and adorable toddler hairstyle shown on African American and Caucasian Biracial Hair. More ideas and tutorials at ibelieveinjoy.com
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DIY: how to make a counting tool for children
For less than 1$ you can create this tool, similar to an abacus, to help your preschool or kindergarten age child love and master math. Every class or home can easily add this to their math routine to help kids grasp a concrete understanding of number value and addition. Always free information you can make for as little cost as possible from ibelieveinjoy.com
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Breaking News!! She is now a Kid Reporter for Childsplay Theatre!!!
Breaking News!! Noelle just earned herself a job as a Childsplay Theatre Kid Reporter!! She will get to Attend & Review the Live Shows, Go Backstage, Interview the Professional Crew, Report on Camera Interviews, Visit News Station 12 and MORE! We are so happy to have the support of our Multicultural viewers around the world! Noelle says thank you to all who voted for her to be Childsplay Theatre Kid Reporter!!
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Busy Baby Tray: How to keep baby busy while I cook dinner
Hand eye coordination activity I made at home for FREE today. (Caution: don't cut tiny pieces! Choking hazard). Keep segments large and supervise so they do not put in their mouth and choke)
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How to teach my child to write their letters at home
How to introduce handwriting skills to a preschool age child building upon gross motor then fine motor development. Includes table ideas and a craft. Shows step by step how to advance to pencil writing as fine motor skills develop. Always free and fun @ ibelieveinjoy.com !!
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How to teach my child to count objects
How to teach a preschooler to count using 1:1 Correspondence, a required skill for kindergarten and a basic math foundations concept that builds an understanding of mathematical processes. A foundation needed for addition and subtraction.
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Biracial Hair Care 101: Step 1 Tutorial Joy's Detangling Spray Toddler (see step 2 next)
My Channel Disclaimer: I am not a hair dresser or professional stylist. I am a mom who has spend years finding the best technique for natural biracial hair care that works for my family. Many people have asked me what I do. So I am beginning to post some videos and tutorials about our journey. This is my journey as a mom who loves her kids and wants to create a joyful positive hair experience in our home. I am not giving hair or health advice. Please consult your own professionals for any of your specific needs. Enjoy my videos and I pray they bring many people joy! You can read and watch more tutorials on my blog: Ibelievinjoy.com
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Biracial Hair 101: Swim Caps How To
Biracial hair 101: How to use swim caps to protect hair and preserve a style for biracial hair (African American & Caucasian) from ibelieveinjoy.com
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How to teach a preschooler to add and subtract
The Next Step in developing math skills in the preschooler after they know and understand 1:1, and number value, is to put them together in simple addition and subtraction problems. This video shows how to begin that process. An abacus can be used to help check their work or for assistance in addition and subtraction.
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ibelieveinjoy.com Childsplay Theatre Family2Family Review Junie B. Jones
Sneak peek @ our Family Review Team on scene at Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook from Childsplay Theatre! To read the FULL Review go to childsplayaz.org and ibelieveinjoy.com See you there!! ~ Joy
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Pizza Box Book Report
Thank you Barro's for the boxes and this project was as fun to try as it looks delicious!!! Make it a complete night by reading your books together over a slice! My kids who tried this idea were 3, 6, & 9 years old. We give pizza box book reports 2 thumbs up!
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How to make a Sensory tray that will teach my child to write
What you need: Rice, Tray or Bin, Letter Visual What you will develop: Hand / Eye Coordination, Letter Formation, Pre-Reading and Writing Skills, Phonics Foundation, Fine Motor Control, Sensory Stimulation
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Biracial Hair Care 101: Lilla Rose hair flexi clip on natural biracial hair School Age Style
Here's a product review on Lilla Rose Flexi Clips and one of a bunch of ways you can use them!
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Biracial Hair Care 101: Free Hair with Headband Baby Style
Natural biracial hair care
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Sensory Plates for Math, Writing, All ages
Supplies: Solid color plate, 1/2 cup rice per plate, index cards (optional) Preschool: letter sounds and writing skills Elementary: addition and subtraction facts, multiplication and division facts
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Noelle Reviews "The Grumpiest Boy in the World" by Childsplay Theatre!
Noelle is a KidReporter for Childsplay Theatre! Be the first to watch, like, and share her review of the Grumpiest Boy in the World!!! Have you seen it yet?! Go to childsplayaz.org for tickets and follow all her reviews at childsplayaz.org and ibelieveinjoy.com where Noelle brings the latest Multicultural events for families of all ages. See you at the show!
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Math Boards, Letter Boards
ibelieveinjoy.com is a Multicultural Home Education & Family Blog. Multiplication facts become easy with this math board that helps form geometric shapes. Letter board helps teach letters, reading, and motor skills!
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