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Turning Fortunes Around - Oliver Wight's secrets of Supply Chain success
The recent horse meat scandal brought the complexity of global supply chains and the difficulties of controlling them, sharply into focus. Supply chains are dominated by the dogma of price, however the lowest price doesn't actually mean lower costs and it can put reputation on the line when the price quest leads to a fragmented supply chain. This film, introduced by ITN's Natasha Kaplinksy, was produced for the Global Logistics and Transport News channel, a partnership between ITN Productions and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), aims to capture the current state of global supply chains and how to manage them.
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IBP & Supply Chain Optimization: Oliver Wight in conversation with AIMMS
Oliver Wight are the originators of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP), AIMMS speaks to Liam Harrington, Senior Partner at Oliver Wight on IBP and Supply Chain Optimization
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How to optimise the supply chain with Oliver Wight
Liam Harrington of supply chain optimization specialists, Oliver Wight, takes a look at the current state of the supply chain and logistics industry, the main challenges it faces and what organisations can do to drive efficiency, improve profitability and gain competitive advantage.
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Drive business performance with Integrated Business Planning: It's your responsibility
You wouldn't accept under-performance driven by poor planning and silo behaviours if it was your business so why do you live with them in your organisation today? Your organisation needs Integrated Business Planning, but done right..... Every company tries to ensure that execution is aligned to its overall strategy but poor planning and silo behaviours can cause frustration across the business and lead to sub-optimal performance. So how can you overcome these performance pitfalls? During this webinar Oliver Wight partners Liam Harrington and Andy Walker will: * Explore what Integrated Business Planning is and how it can enable strategy execution and business alignment * Identify the critical success factors that you must have in place for more holistic management * Provide an understanding of who needs to be involved to successfully execute against a common plan Recorded March 2014
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Oliver Wight and JDA Webinar September 2015
Unprecedented market volatility and complexity are putting traditional methods of S&OP under pressure. Whilst research shows that ‘best in class’ S&OP is helping organisations become more profitable and customer centric, the laggards are bound to fixed processes, resourcing forecast errors and unanticipated issues. So how is it possible to become more agile and efficient? This free webinar shows you how to transform the maturity of your S&OP process into Integrated Business Planning (IBP); a fully integrated management and supply chain collaboration process enabling improved profitability and customer responsiveness. Thought leaders from JDA and Oliver Wight will explain how to apply best-practice supply chain segmentation to: * Understand, anticipate and respond faster to market needs throughout the value chain * Capitalise on differences between customer segments to provide greater efficiency and profitability * Create an end-to-end collaborative environment using new “flowcasting” techniques * Advance from a spreadsheet-bound regime of supply and demand balancing to a connected and agile environment * Support the complexity of data through a collaborative approach between IBP and tools Presenters: Debbie Bowen-Heaton - Oliver Wight Partner Birgit Breitschuh - Oliver Wight Partner Hans-Georg Kaltenbrunner - VP of Industry Strategies at JDA
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Achieving Class A Business Excellence with Oliver Wight
Michael Snape, Supply Chain Manager of Akzo Nobel Packaging Coatings Inks, tells the story of the journey to business excellence with Oliver Wight and the importance of a reliable framework, support, education and knowledge when aiming for Class A in Integrated Business Planning (IBP).
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Dissecting Integrated Business Planning (IBP)
The ultimate objective of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is to deliver tangible business results – things like increased revenues and greater market share. But for many organizations the initial motivation for implementing IBP is to improve processes with a supply chain mindset. It won’t last; it won’t grow the business and really add value without the commercial team passionately on board and taking ownership of the process.
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How to reduce supply chain costs with Oliver Wight
Oliver Wight Managing Partner, Anne Marie Kilkenny, explains what Oliver Wight consultants do and how they do it; the importance of an effective supply chain; its social impact, and how you can cut costs by 50% through optimising your supply chain.
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Filming with supply chain optimisation experts Oliver Wight and ITN Productions
Business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight, have teamed up with ITN, to film an exciting documentary uncovering the secrets of Supply Chain success. This 'behind the scenes' footage was shot on location at Oliver Wight customer, Quality Furniture Company (QFC) The new ITN film is being produced for the Global Logistics and Transport news channel, a collaboration between ITN Productions and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT). The film aims to capture the current state of global supply chains and how to manage them.
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« Transformer son S&OP en processus de pilotage de l’entreprise (IBP) »
Animé par les leaders d'opinion Catherine Schmitt-Weber et Flavio Pietrocola, Associés Oliver Wight. Souhaitez-vous acquérir le savoir-faire et comprendre quelles sont les évolutions à mettre en œuvre pour transformer votre processus S&OP ou PIC actuel en Planification Intégrée de l’Entreprise ou IBP ? La Planification Intégrée de l’Enterprise est un processus de pilotage intégré qui prend en compte toute votre supply chain. Catherine et Flavio vous expliqueront comment l’IBP permet aux équipes de direction de planifier l’ensemble de l’entreprise sur les deux années à venir en gérant les ressources pour satisfaire les clients au mieux et de la manière la plus rentable. Participez à ce webinaire pour bien comprendre : - Comment la Planification Intégrée de l’Entreprise peut vous permettre de déployer votre stratégie et faire travailler toute l’entreprise sur des objectifs communs. - Comment l’IBP peut rapidement offrir un retour sur investissement - Comment prendre en compte votre supply chain étendue - Ce qu’il faut pour réussir – si c’était facile, tout le monde le ferait - Pourquoi vous ne pouvez pas le faire seul, mais pourquoi vous pouvez le faire avec de l’aide extérieure.
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IBP The Future Today
Achieving Business Transformation with Integrated Business Planning. Bringing the Future Into Today. Les Brookes and Paul Archer
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Oliver Wight: Brexit Conference Highlights 2018
Oliver Wight: Brexit Conference Highlights
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Zum Übergang von S&OP zu Integrated Business Planning (Integrierte Unternehmensplanung – IBP)
Seit Jahrzehnten nutzen Unternehmen Sales and Operations Planning (kurz S&OP, dt. Absatz- und Produktionsplanung), um Angebot und Nachfrage erfolgreich aufeinander abzustimmen. Jedoch: S&OP hat seine Grenzen im unvorhersehbaren Geschäftsumfeld von heute erreicht. Es fehlt die strategische Perspektive, da der Prozess sich oft auf das Kurzfristige konzentriert – häufig wird er lediglich als Supply-Chain-Prozess bezeichnet, der es versäumt, die operative und finanzielle Planung vollständig zu integrieren. Integrierte Unternehmensplanung (Integrated Business Planning, IBP) ist das Best-Practice-Modell der Industrie. Dieser Ansatz weitet die Grundsätze von S&OP mit gesundem Menschenverstand auf die erweiterte Wertschöpfungskette, Produkt- und Kundenportfolios, Kundenanforderungen und strategische Planung aus und mündet so in einen reibungslosen und umfangreichen Geschäftsprozess. Integrierte Unternehmensplanung ermöglicht es Ihnen, Leistungslücken zu identifizieren, sodass Sie veränderte Bedingungen frühzeitig voraussehen und positiv darauf reagieren können. Nehmen Sie an diesem Webinar teil, wenn Sie mehr über die Entwicklung von S&OP zur Integrierten Unternehmensplanung erfahren möchten. Wesentlicher Bestandteil des Webinars sind die Vorteile, die dieser Prozess Ihnen verschaffen kann, u.a.: Integration all Ihrer Geschäftsprozesse Einbezug strategischer Initiativen und Aktivitäten Frühzeitige Identifikation von Leistungslücken Verbesserte Entscheidungsfindung Vollständige finanzielle Begutachtung von Geschäftsplänen Nachhaltiges Wachstum Erhöhte Rentabilität und viele mehr ....
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Demand Thought Leadership Event Nov 2015
Senior executives from leading European businesses attended the Oliver Wight thought-leadership seminar on demand management at London Heathrow on 10th November 2015. The seminar, jointly hosted by Debbie Bowen-Heaton and fellow Oliver Wight CEO, Les Brookes, and partners, Jerry Shanahan and Andy Walker, showed that segmentation is key for securing business health over the long-term horizon. They discussed how planning 18-24 months in advance is now no longer enough; a 36-month horizon is becoming the standard for successful businesses.
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How to build the case for change from S&OP to full IBP
This is the third in our webinar series for the Industrial Sector exploring ways to measure and drive improvement in business performance. The first webinar focused on guiding participants through a series of questions to benchmark their supply chain performance. The webinar results showed an opportunity for many participants to improve service to customers at a lower cost and so this was the focus of our second webinar held on 26th February when we discussed the power of moving from Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for the delivery of such goals. Through polling, 60% of participants reported that their business had an S&OP process rather than an IBP process and people asked how to make the transition to full IBP.
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The Role of Leaders in Integrated Business Planning
The Role of Leaders in Integrated Business Planning Hosted by: Debbie Bowen-Heaton and Flavio Pietrocola Guest Speakers from Danone Early Life Nutrition: Willemijn Potjer, Head of Consumer Solution
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Deploy your business growth strategies with advanced demand management
Businesses need to take their demand management process to the next level if they are to avoid being left behind by the competition. First, they need to understand the maturity of their process so they can make the right improvements, at the right time, and in the right order. In our consumer-driven business climate, effective demand management is an essential business component. But for many organisations demand management is consigned as a supply chain process and the demand plan is a forecast. Watch thought leaders Debbie Bowen-Heaton and Andrew Walker as they challenge that paradigm. Hear how demand management is a sales and marketing planning process – a fundamental driver for business growth and strategy with the needs and wants of the consumer running through the entire supply chain.
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Business Performance; it's your responsibility
The live one-hour webinar presented by Oliver Wight partners, Liam Harrington and Andy Walker, demonstrates how Integrated Business Planning (IBP) allows a business to plan for success and then align the entire organisation to deliver it. "Businesses often know they are declining in performance but choose not to accept or acknowledge it until they are in considerable difficulties. However, IBP transforms this culture by initiating planning across a rolling horizon of 24 months or more" explains Liam Harrington. Integrated Business Planning can most simply be described as advanced or next generation, S&OP, but unlike S&OP, IBP brings with a truly strategic perspective, and integration is what distinguishes it from its predecessor. Recorded November 2013
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Marco Hamann, Business Process Manager PQP F. HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE AG
Marco Hamann, Business Process Manager PQP F. HOFFMANN-LA ROCHE AG
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DM Webinar November 2016
The Future of Sales and Marketing Planning Debbie Bowen-Heaton and Andrew Walker
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The Future of Integrated Business Planning
In an era of rapidly changing customer and consumer needs, increasingly volatile economic and political environments, all supported by digital disruption, the needs to effectively align the adaptation and execution of your business strategy with all your business processes will be vital to stay ahead of your competitors. Integrated Business Planning (IBP) has always been about connecting your long-term planning process with the latest view, and ensuring the business has a robust plan to address major gaps and challenges. But with the rapidly evolving technology landscape, market sensing, business analysis and decision support opportunities that comes with a live view of the total business, the need to connect all the dots has never been more important. As ERP systems and capability evolve away from a transactional view of the future, a holistic approach requires new ways of thinking, which is where the evolution to Enterprise Business Planning (EBP) comes in.
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Leadership challenges and opportunities in  a rapidly evolving FMCG consumer market
Changes in go-to-market routes driven by e-commerce and smart devices present business leaders in the FMCG industry with new challenges. They face pressure to adapt their businesses to respond quickly to rapidly changing consumer needs whilst at the same time grow profit margins. Addressing evolving consumer needs requires new approaches, fast product development, and potentially different skill sets within the organization. Leadership must focus on integrating all functions of the business into a structured process to effectively anticipate and respond to new market segments and needs. This webinar will explain what it takes to convert these challenges into opportunities so that it’s not a matter of surviving, but thriving.
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Oliver Wight Conference 2014 Highlights
Organisational growth, demand management and supply chain transformation were amongst the themes of the day at the second Oliver Wight Annual Conference, which took place 18-19 November 2014 at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels. Over 100 supply chain professionals gathered from across Europe to hear from blue chip organisations including Cummins and Wrigley on the challenges faced on their journeys to business excellence.
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Oliver Wight Conference 2013 - Highlights
Collaboration, supply chain optimization and demand planning were the themes of the day at the inaugural Oliver Wight Annual Conference, which took place 19-20 November 2013 at the Sheraton Hotel in Brussels. Gathering 110 supply chain and logistics professionals from more than 65 companies across the EMEA region, the first conference of its kind, provided attendees with the opportunity to hear from blue chip organisations including AkzoNobel, BP, Pfizer and Wrigley on the challenges faced on their journeys to business excellence.
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Fake News Webinar Buyers guide to IBP
Key Characteristics of Integrated Business Planning Actively owned by the head of your business Designed to fit your organisation - without diluting the principles Vehicle to deploy the strategy Top Down and Bottom up Closing gaps, delivering growth Full financial integration
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Oliver Wight Conference Highlights 2016
Oliver Wight Conference Highlights 2016
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The Mars Iberia Journey to Integrated Business Planning
The Mars Iberia Journey to Integrated Business Planning
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Oliver Wight Event For Healthcare Leaders 2018
Oliver Wight Event For Healthcare Leaders 2018
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Brexit deal or no deal - Does your Supply Chain give you a competitive edge?
As Brexit continues to cause turmoil, disruption to European supply chains post-March 29 looks inevitable. Deal or no deal, in today’s challenging, competitive and cost-driven environment, you need to know you can continue to drive improvement to win more business and satisfy customers in the most profitable way. The best place to start is with your supply chain. Stockpiling inventory is a short-term solution. Being competitive is the route to long-term success. Join Oliver Wight Associates, Kirsty Braines and Paul Archer in this FREE interactive webinar, where you can compare your current supply chain performance to that of your peers, identify gaps and formulate a plan for growth after Brexit.
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Mikael Kylberg, Supply Chain Planning Director MÖLNLYCKE
Mikael Kylberg, Supply Chain Planning Director MÖLNLYCKE
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Webinar: come ottenere dei risultati direttamente al vostro bottom line/profitto netto
La ricerca di una migliore integrazione dei processi di pianificazione aziendali ha accompagnato il mondo industriale attraverso MRP, MRPII, S&OP e finalmente Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Che cos’è l’ IBP? IBP è una visione ampliata dei principi dell’ S&OP che abbraccia la supply chain estesa, il portafoglio di prodotti e clienti , la domanda e il piano strategico in un processo continuo e senza interruzioni. Quali sono i vantaggi ? Integrazione di tutti i piani aziendali Inclusione delle attivitá e prioritá strategiche Identificazione precoce degli scostamenti Maggiore proattivitá nelle decisioni Interfacciamento finanziario su base rolling Crescita sostenibile Maggiore profittevolezza ecc. Quando ben eseguito, l’IBP fornisce eccellenti risultati aziendali fino al bottom-line/profitto netto. Unitevi a questo gratuito ed interattivo webinar per capire come.
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Improving Service at a Lower Cost – the Power of Moving from S&OP to IBP
Improving Service at a Lower Cost – the Power of Moving from S&OP to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) This is the second in our webinar series for the Industrial Sector exploring ways to measure and drive improvement in business performance. In the first webinar entitled “Does your supply chain give you a competitive edge?” held on 6th December 2018, Oliver Wight Managing Associates Kirsty Braines and Paul Archer guided webinar participants through a series of questions to benchmark their supply chains’ performance. Around half the participants recorded most aspects of their supply chain performance on a par with the average performance level for the Industrial Sector. The detailed poll results led us to the conclusion that whilst these businesses have a level of control, the opportunity is to improve service at a lower cost. For another 30% of respondents the webinar revealed that their supply chain is performing at a level which puts them at a disadvantage, so for these participants the opportunity and urgency is even greater.
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Piloter votre entreprise vers le succès :
Steering your company to success: how to achieve your goals through integrated supply chain planning. Planifier sa Supply Chain de manière intégrée pour atteindre le succès
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Webinar: cómo obtener unos resultados de negocio directamente en la línea de beneficios
La búsqueda de una mejor integración de los procesos de planificación de negocio ha acompañado las empresas a través de MRP, MRPII, S&OP y finalmente Integrated Business Planning (IBP). Qué es el IBP? IBP es una versión ampliada de los principios de S&OP che abarca la supply chain extendida, la cartera de productos y clientes , la demanda y el plan estratégico en un proceso continuo y sin quiebras. Cuales son sus ventajas ? Integración de todo plan empresarial Inclusión de actividades y prioridades estratégicas Identificación temprana de las desviaciones Toma de decisiones mas proactiva Interfaz financiera en modo rolling Crecimiento sostenible Mayor rentabilidad etc. Bien implantado, IBP proporciona excelentes resultados hasta el bottom-line/beneficio neto de la empresa. Participad a este webinar gratuito e interactivo para descubrir cómo.
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How to effectively execute short term plans healthcare Webinar
How to effectively execute short term plans healthcare Webinar
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Predictability out of Complexity – Planning for growth in a volatile environment
Effective forward planning has become non-negotiable and analyst firm, Gartner, predicts that 69 percent of organisations will increase their expenditure on Integrated Business Planning(IBP)/S&OP in the 'next 6-12 months'. But business leaders beware; not all IBP processes are created equal. Get off to the wrong start and at best, you will only have disillusionment and a large expenditure to show for it. Businesses even need to take their Integrated Business Planning process to the next level of maturity if they are to avoid being left behind by the competition. Join thought leaders from Oliver Wight to hear about current practices in IBP processes as well as where we see organisations taking IBP in the future.
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Oliver Wight EAME's 'Brexit: what next for British companies?' event
Government plans continue to lack clarity. The Foreign and Brexit Ministers have resigned and British-based companies like Jaguar Landrover, Airbus and BMW are issuing warnings. With the future still full of uncertainty how can British companies plan ahead? We were joined by influential individuals within the supply chain and logistics areas of their business, to shed some light on the complicated topic of Brexit at our event on Thursday 22nd November 2018.
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