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Restoring Hand Function for Kelly
Interview with Kelly West on relieving Inflammation and hand injury, with Food Inflammatory Testing and USANA.
Chronic IBS Support with Probiotics and Food Inflammatory Testing
Client gets relief from IBS after three weeks on USANA Probiotics and following recommendations from Food Inflammatory Testing.
Welcome to Sexy, Lean and Strong!
Welcome to the Sexy, Lean and Strong channel, where I will demo and share exercises and nutrition tips for those of us Over 50! We need a different approach now than we were younger. Let me help you get off your Mad-Body Mountain!
Keep Moving, Stretching
Learn some great stretches to keep you supple, lean and strong from Deb Dutcher, Health Coach.
Abs and Lower Back
Ab and lower back exercises.
Deb Dutcher Keynote Speech for GetSET Graduation -- Silicon Valley Women Engineers
GetSET SWE is for educating girls in high school about careers in science, engineering and technology. As a former VP of Engineering, now Health Coach, Deb was asked to share her thoughts on careers in engineering and staying healthy.
Sexy Lean and Strong TV Videos
Setting achievable, challenging goals, with Alison Conigliaro-Hubbard.
Feel Like a Million Bucks!
Feel like a Million Bucks with Food Inflammatory Testing. Learn which foods, additives and even spices are making your body MAD!!
Intro for Arms and Core
Sexy Lean and Strong intro to arms and core exercises.
Trim Your Core
Trim your core with crunches, obliques, criss-cross, and stretches.
Why Do You Bloat?
Are you struggling with bloating and trying to figure out what food causes it? Deb Dutcher can help! Learn more at: www.sexyleanandstrong.com Book a free consult at: www.calendly.com/debdutcher
Stop Chronic IBS with Food Inflammatory Testing
Dealing with Chronic IBS -- losing weight, can't keep food down? Find out which foods are causing this! Learn how FIT can give you back your life! Call Deb for more info: 6504002612.
Intermediate Warm up Exercises
Exercises to do at-home or on-the-road. Warmup for a few minutes, then try the core and leg/butt.
Keep Moving, Yoga!
Simple yoga routine for over 50 and over 60 by Deb Dutcher, Health Coach and Author of "Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50!".
Unexplained Weight Gain?
Do you have stubborn weight gain, despite exercising and eating right? Perhaps Food Inflammatory Testing is the answer. Deb Dutcher, Health Coach, explains how FIT can help you uncover the cause of your weight gain.
Stay Young with USANA!
Lisa Manifold talks about recovering energy and staying young with USANA.
Keep Moving!
Learn a few key moves to do every day to stay supple, lean and strong. Keep moving and you can even Age Backwards! Deb Dutcher, Health Coach, shows you how.
What Causes Your Skin Problems?
Deb Dutcher, Health Coach, on how to find out what is causing your Skin Problems with food sensitivity testing.
Suffering with Chronic Fatigue?
Find Out the Causes of Chronic Fatigue with Food Inflammatory Testing
Stopping Pain from Gadalinium Toxicity
Learn how to stop burning pain from gadalinium toxicity with USANA Proflavanol.
Combat Depression
Combat Depression with probiotics and Food Inflammatory Testing, offered by Deb Dutcher, Health Coach. Find out what inflames your body, upsets your gut and can make you depressed. Contact Deb for a free consultation at: www.sexyleanandstrong.com
Emotional Eatings Hacks for the Holidays
Health, exercise and nutrition advice for folks over 50 from Deb Dutcher, Health Coach, Author of "Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50!" and Host of Get Sexy, Lean and Strong TV on BonBon Network.
Sexy Lean and Strong Instruction Videos
Exercise and nutrition advice for folks over 50 from Deb Dutcher, Health Coach and Author of "Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50!".
Stop Joint Pain!
Deb Dutcher, Health Coach, on Joint Pain caused by Food Sensitivity and Inflammation. Find out more at: www.sexyleanandstrong.com Book your free consult with Deb at: www.calendly.com/debdutcher
Keep On Movin' To Stay Alive!
Singing Health Coach tells you to keep movin' to stay alive!
What is Food Inflammatory Testing?
Learn exactly what Food Inflammatory Testing is and how it can help you find out what makes your body MAD!
Get Rid of Joint Pain!  Food Inflammatory Testing Helps!
Learn how a 78-year old got rid of excruciating joint pain with Food Inflammatory Testing by Deb Dutcher, Health Coach.
Stay Healthy, Lean and Sane thru the Holidays the PELTS Way
Health, exercise and nutrition advice for folks over 50 from Deb Dutcher, Health Coach, Author of "Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50!" and Host of Get Sexy, Lean and Strong on the BonBon Network.
Do You Need Food Inflammatory Testing?
If you can't figure out which food is bothering you and causing joint pain, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, skin problems, IBS -- you probably do! Reach out to me and I can help! It is time to take care of you, once and for all! Ships anywhere in US and Canada.
Lucy Loves USANA Probiotics!
Are you tired and run-down? Learn how USANA Probiotics and BiOmega are helping agricultural worker and housekeeper Lucy have more energy and work long hours and lose 9 lbs in just 25 days! Testimonial in Spanish, with translation to English.
Warmup for Arms and Arm Exercises
Warming up for arm exercises.
Meet Donna Graser, Fitness Trainer
Donna Graser, Fitness Trainer intro on Sexy Lean and Strong.
Pumped Arms
Biceps are back!
Los Benefitos de USANA Probioticas, Espanol
Hear from Lucy, in Spanish, about how she feels on USANA Probiotics and BiOmega, and losing 9 lbs in 25 days.
Meet Deb Dutcher, Your Health Coach
Deb Dutcher gets the Over 40, Over 50 and Over 60 body! She can help you be Sexy, Lean and Strong at Any Age! Use Food Inflammatory Testing to get all the information you need to address many issues: weight, pain, bloating.