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365 PLANNER 2019 by Limelight FOR 299 PESOS!? IS IT GOOD?
HI GUYS! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WATCHING! Yesss! May giveaway tayo! Sali na! Nakita ko yung post ni national bookstore sa instagram and facebook and nacurious ako sa planner nila from Limelight na 365 planner, kasi yung dating niya may kahawig ng kay starbucks planner!. Eh let's be real medyo pricey na sa starbucks para magcollect ng stickers kaya eto naisipan ko na itry at gusto ko din matry yung dotted pages. nakakainspire kasi yung mga nakikita sa internet. P.S. I forgot to mention na as expected kay limelight magaganda and makakapal yung mga papel nila :) 365 Days of Awesome Anyway! Here are the mechanics! 1. Subscribe to my channel! 2. Like this video! You can also share it if you want, and you can follow me on instagram @keeithrayne 3. Comment below your most memorable moment for 2018 and mention one of your goal or bucket list for 2019! 4. Don't forget to leave your username on IG if you decided to follow me! This giveaway ends at the last week of december! :) Thank you! Music Used: Brand New by @arielheartheat - https://thmatc.co/?l=1FADF178 Saturn Sunset by @nicoanuch - https://thmatc.co/?l=1B3A69BA
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5,998 Pesos SMART TV?! BELOW $115! Ace 32" LED-808 DK8 Unboxing & First Impression.
Hi! I hope you found this video helpful, if you have other questions just leave it down in the comments section below. Links! Gold Color: https://bit.ly/2P5x1wY Black : https://bit.ly/2PCGSK8 I've been wanting for a smart tv for a while na however, they're really expensive not until i found this!! worth it talaga. I do have additional comments though. For its sound I really do not mind it. It may be because our bedroom is small but the sound is pretty loud however if you are planning to use it to listen to music or you want that surround sound I highly recommend to use external speakers. As for the remote, you just have to press a bit harder than i believe the usual as its buttons sink in deeper than the average. Overall I really still love it and worth it. I can't even believe that below 6,000 pesos I can buy a smart tv na. here's a link: https://www.lazada.com.ph/-i147295106-s172401513.html?spm=a2o4l.order_list.detail_image..20cd3e17MHS9rr&urlFlag=true&mp=1 9/10 would recommend ;) Music: Music by @nonflmusic - Do It Like You Insta Models - https://thmatc.co/?l=A164B12A Music by @animusvolt - Tropicál Animus Volt - https://thmatc.co/?l=4EE7482E Music by @ericrepid - Nights https://thmatc.co/?l=74D21A9F
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Sea Sponge for foundation?! :O - keithrayne
Open Me! Sea Sponge from Features and Shades. Grabi ah kakaiba itong sponge na ito haha first time ko lang makatry! Let me tell you, it's worth checking it out! Plus knowing that it is made in the Philippines ay mas bongga! The "beauty blender" I had in this video was from Forever 21. Let me know your thoughts! If you guys have any requests just comment them down below :D Social Media Links: Twitter: @keeith20 Instagram: @keeithrayne Email: [email protected] Disclaimer: The music that I used here are from the youtube music library.
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85 Pesos Eyeliner?!?! Careline Liquid Eyeliner Review (Taglish)
OPEN MEEE!! This was filmed months ago, last January to be exact and I honestly "lost" or in short misplaced the clips and well now I found them! YAS so I hope you found this review on Careline Eyeliner helpful and let me know your thoughts about this product! I think this the most affordable, cheap, great for people who are in a budget eyeliner that is available in the Philippines! Eyeliner on fleek girl! Social Media Links: Twitter: @keeith20 Instagram: @keeithrayne Email: [email protected] Disclaimer: The music that i used here are from the youtube music library.
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3 Minute Makeup Challenge!!
Hey there! :) I'm BAAACCK! :D Sorry if I was missing in action this month. Things just got crazy! I'm having troubles on recording videos on my camera so please just bare with me and my webcam/old camera, until i get the opportunity to buy a new one, and college just went 2 steps forward into the kray-kray world, haha just finished prelims! wohoo! I survived it. :D haha. Also I am currently under going on an acne treatment, if you guys wanna know more about it just comment down below and I'll do it!.. anyhoo. Thank you so so much for still being there for me. :D Take care! and God bless! I promise that i would try my best to manage my time well and upload more videos! Products used: - Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Stick in 01 Fresh - Nichido Cheek Mousse in Pink Champagne - Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze - Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Sandy Corals --- Chocolate Suede - Nichido Eyepencil in 04 Nice Gal - Maybelline Falsies in black - Nichido Eyelash Curler - Sansan Eyeliner pen in black - Avon Simply Pretty in Raspberry Sorbet SS12 - Sigma Mrs. Bunny Blending Brush Here's Ms. Rhaze Zigz Channel :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB1-RigeufGnLQk398om1cg keywords: Cosmetics (Industry),funny,pinay beauty guru,3 minute makeup challenge tag,teenager,teenage,Tag (Game),Challenge,Makeup,Tutorial,cute,Beauty,Look,Eye,Eyes,Shadow,keith ubando,keeithrayner,Foundation
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Colourette Lipstick, it is worth the hype?!?!
Hey guys!! The giveaway winner will be announced really soon! so stay tuned! Sorry for not uploading a video last week, I'm having some problems with my laptop. DE STRUGGLE is real. Anyhoo! I hope you guys learned something from my review on the Colourette Lipstick. Let me know your thoughts!
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Happy New Year! + Announcement of Giveaway Winner(s)!!
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!I wish you a blessed year ahead! May mga new year resolutions na ba kayo? haha! Congratulations sa winners natin sa giveaway! and Don't worry may susunod pa tayong giveaway *cough* nakaplan na nga eh *cough* *cough* ahaha. Thank you sa panunuod it means a lot to me. Love you! Music Used: Music by VALNTN & Anna Clendening - Be Here @yourvalntn https://thmatc.co/?l=19A70965 Music by Animus Volt - Tropicál @animusvolt https://thmatc.co/?l=4EE7482E
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99 Pesos Palette?! Profusion Fashion Forward Review- keithrayne
Hey guys! I am sooo glad that I am back expect more videos to come if you guys have any requests go ahead and comment it down below! Giveaway is coming soon! I just don't want to get in to the holiday rush and stuff. hahaha. I hope you liked my review here and if you have any suggestions dont hesitate to tell me. :) P.S. sorry if the lighting keeps on changing i'm still figuring out how to use my camera :D Product Reviewed: Fashion Forward Profusion Palette in blue. only for 99 pesos! Instagram: keeithrayne
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Haul video? Opening package video?- keithubando
Hi there! WARNING! I'm in a fan girling mode in this video haha! so there might be a lot of squealing and stuff. xD Also sorry if its a long video not really sure what happened why its long xD Emi's Channel! : http://www.youtube.com/user/emidemelo keywords: filipina, beauty guru, pinay, keith ubando, keeithubando,kapangpangan, pampanga, One Direction lipstick, philippines, One Direction lipstick Philippines
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Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick Review! OMG!
Hi guys I hope you found this review helpful and just some additional information I would like to add is that there are two cons that i can think of with this product one is the scent some may be bothered by it and this tacky or sticky finish it has can turn some people off. Thank you so much guys! Instagram keeithrayne Twitter: keeith20 Email [email protected]
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Colourette Shimmertints?! Yes please! - Keithrayne
Hi guys! -insert lang hehe: LAZADA IS HAVING THEIR BIRTHDAY SALE THIS MARCH 27! SOBRANG DAMING SALE NIYAN! DONT MISS OUT I repeat dont miss out! https://c.lazada.com.ph/t/c.ZhOh Colourette ShimmerTint- https://bit.ly/2WiaQDh Thank you so much for watching this first impression ish review I really enjoyed this highlighter and if you ever decided to purchase it dont forget to tag me I would love to see and know your thoughts! Additional update of the product after using it two days in a row I notice that the brush straightened itself, it was probably because of the pigment why it was slanted the first time I used it. Next this lasted me for quite a while even if I have an oily face I can definitely say that after 5 hours of wearing it I still have it on my cheeks. Colourette Shimmertint in the shade Crystal Prism Music Used: Music by Insta Models - Parasol - https://thmatc.co/?l=9B64AD83 Music by Nico Anuch - Another Day - https://thmatc.co/?l=513AD4B8 Music by Ryan Little - Body Language - https://thmatc.co/?l=A37F3335 Music by VALNTN & Anna Clendening - Be Here - https://thmatc.co/?l=19A70965
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Velvetint! by Colourette First Impression!
Hi! Thank you so much sa panunuod! Sana nagustohan ninyo ang video ngayon. Music: Insta Models @nonflmusic Do It Like You - https://thmatc.co/?l=A164B12A Animus Volt @animusvolt - Tropicál - https://thmatc.co/?l=4EE7482E Heartheat @arielheartheat - Brand New - https://thmatc.co/?l=1FADF178
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Quick,Simple,Easy Makeup tutorial!
Hey Everyone Thank you so much for watching! Please Comment, Like and Subscribe for more! :) I hope you guys liked this video even though the colors are a bit off because of the camera quality that I'm currently using, please bare with me. This is also do whenever I feel like I need some "umf" haha on my look. :D With that said Do you guys wanna see a Avril Lavigne Inspired makeup? Tell me on the comment section below! :) List of Products used in this video: -Nichido Eyepencil in 04 Nice Gal -Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze -BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette in the 2nd Edition -Sigma-brushes in Mrs. Bunny Collection -Etude House Essence Surprise Concealer in 1 -SanSan Hydrating Dew Lipstick in 03 -Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in 01 black and the brush that came with it. :) Music: Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com) Danosongs (http://danosongs.com) Email: [email protected]/[email protected] Take care!! keywords: filipina,beauty guru,teenage,pinay,simple,quick,easy,eye look,makeup tutorial,philippines,pampanga,keeithrayner,keith ubando, keith rayner, cute,lol,great for school,fast
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Hello there! In the video I will share to you how to even out eyes / eyelids without surgery! Disclaimer please be careful if you choose to do this. I wanted to share the trick I did into training my eyelid to fold a certain way to match my other eye. I did this consistently every night for how many years, that is why I got this result. It take patience because you will not get the results overnight , permanently.
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Review : Careline Magic Lipstick ❤ A Possible Dupe for...
Thank you so much for watching!!! LIKE,COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE! ;) Other shades of the Careline Magic Lipstick: http://tinyurl.com/ozmbw67 Email: [email protected] Keywords: Review, Carline magic lipstick, piney, beauty guru, magic lipstick, blue
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First Impression Review: Color Magic Lipstick Avon Simply Pretty
Don't forget to Subscribe, Like and Comment! I forgot to mention that it has a semi-matte finish! (my bad sorry!) The Shade I got is Snow Pink Avon Philippines Website: http://avon.com.ph/ Let's Be Friends! Instagram: keeith20 -- http://instagram.com/keeith20 Twitter: keeith20 -- http://twitter.com/keeith20 Email: [email protected] Music Used: Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com)
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What's in my school bag?
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Summer Makeup Routine + FIRST GIVEAWAY!!| keithrayne
HEY GUYS!! I am so happy to announce that I am doing my first ever giveaway! this is so exciting! :D I hope you guys liked the products I choose, I saved up so that I can buy the powder that I really loved for a lucky winner to try out! MECHANICS: OPEN until June 11 2016 Only open to those who live in the Philippines ( I'm so sorry international viewers, hopefully I can hold a giveaway internationally someday) 1. You must be subscribed to my channel ( its a way for me to thank my viewers, I love you guys!) 2. Like this video! so that I can know how many of you guys are joining. 3. (optional) Share this video to any of your social media accounts. :) 4. (optional) Like my Instagram post, showing the products that will be given away. para lang makita ninyo :D 5. Comment down below! - Shade that you want to receive on (FS two way cafe) - Username if you decided to like and share - ANYTHING, recommendations, video requests, weather, etc.! Music used on this video are from the youtube music library.
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REVIEW: SanSan Hydrating Color Dew Lipstick ❤
Hey there! :) Liked this video? THUMBS UP! Subscribe if you still haven't :) Also Comment down below on products you guys want me to review next! Price: Php 85 available at all HBC stores. :) Shade #3 Music by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com) Email: [email protected]
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Whats in my purse! :)
Thank you so much for watching! :) Please subscribe, like and comment if you have any video requests. :) Bag: from Lipsy Email: [email protected] keywords: what's in my bag,Handbag (Product Category),Lipsy,What's in my purse,teenage pinay,teenage filipino,beauty guru
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Colourette x The Kings Dual Tint First Impression Review! - keithrayne
Hi!!!! Here's my review on the
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Another Haul Video... :)
Hello hello there!! :D Products Mentioned in this Video: - Fashion 21 Two Way Cake #3 - Php 195 - B.T. LA Makeup Primer - Php 150 - iWhite Korea Whiting Pack Peel off Mask - Php 22 - Hayan BB Cream - Php 399 Online Shop: http://www.theprimppad.com - ELF Makeup Mist & Set - Php 168 - ELF Daily Brush Cleaner- Php 168 Natasha Brochure: - L.A. Colors 6 Color Lip Palette - Php 120 - ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Pink Lemonade - Php 150 - Natasha Beauty Lip Duo in Cosmos- Php 100 (original price Php 200) - Avon Simply Pretty Color Magic Lipsticks in Snow Pink and Sweet Blue Berry - Php 119 (original price Php 135) - Avon Simply Pretty Lip Liners in Red Flush and Nude - Php 50 (i forgot the original price! aha ) - Eskinol Ice Pore Minimizing Facial Deep Cleanser - Avon Travel Brush Set - 99 - OMG Nail Polish in Sunset - Sweet Cherry Nail Polish in Touch of Tan - Face Shop Nail Polish in PK102 - Php 95 - Face Shop Nail Polish in GR501 - Php 95 - Stitch Key Holder - Php 28
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Dark Vampy Makeup + Menow Kissproof | keithrayne
Hey guys! thank you so much for watching! I really appreciate it! This look is inspired by the lipstick that I bought and I know it is summer right now in the Philippines but I just can't. hahaha No worries I'll be filming a summer makeup look soon :) Items used in this tutorial: - Essence I heart stage primer - FS 2 way cake in silk - One direction palette - Nichido Eye Shadow in Cocoa Pearl - LA girl gel eyeliner in very black - National bookstore paint brush ( I KNOW AND IT WORKS) - BYS Shadow and Liner in Raven Nights - Red Cherry Lashes in #43 - Etude house eyelash glue - Maybelline The rocket volume express - Nichido Eyelash Curler - Ever Bilena Palette in Pink - City Colours Contur and blush pallete - Ever Bilena Blush in Peony - BYS Highlighting palette in Radiance - Menow KissProof powdery matte lipstick in #12 Social Media Links: Twitter: @keeith20 Instagram: @keeithrayne Email: [email protected] Disclaimer: The music that i used here are from the youtube music library.
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Makeup Inspired Look: Powerpuff Girls! Collaboration with Airam Halili & Abby Quiambao! ♥♥
Open Me!! Thank you so much for watching! please comment, like and subscribe!! ^^ Abby's video: http://youtu.be/PxEx9B1ukWs Airam/Rhia's video: http://youtu.be/He_tC-IKvLI Products used: -Petroleum Jelly -Iwhite korea facial cream -Essence stay all day foundation -Johnson's baby powder -Elf eyelid primer -Maybelline color tatto in infinite white -Bh cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette -Maybelline Gel eyeliner in black -Elf Blush and bronzer duo in St. Lucia -Fashion 21 lipstick in Dream Girl -Revlon lipstick in 75 Cruise
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D.I.Y Rose Gold Eyeshadow- Valentine's Day Look! ♥ -keithubando
Don't forget to COMMENT, LIKE & SUBSCRIBE! ♥ Open Me For More Infoooo! Products Used In This Video: - Elf Eyelid Primer in sheer - WetnWild Ultimate Brow Kit in #963 Ash Brown - Nichido Cheek Mouse in Pink Champange - Nichido True Colors Collection Eyeshadow in Gold Foil - Italia Deluxe Eyeshadow Palette (used the dark brown) - L.A. Girl Mineral Pressed Powder in Fair - L.A. Girl Gel Eyeliner in very black - Pinkies Collection Eyebrow cake in EBC-01 (used the black one) - Nichido Eyelash Curler - Avon Super Shock Max Mascara in Black - Ever Bilena Single Blush on in Rose - Fashion 21 Lipstick in Sushi Let's Be Friends! Instagram: keeith20 -- http://instagram.com/keeith20 and Twitter: keeith20 -- http://twitter.com/keeith20 Facebook; ??? hm... hahaha! i'm planning on making a page para magkapagconnect ako sainyo! hihi yay or nay? xD Blog: Still under construction -- http://keeithubando.weebly.com Email: [email protected] Music Used: Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com) DanOsongs Keywords: Easy, Pinay beauty guru, Pinayguru, teen, do it yourself, rose gold, look, makeup, keith ubando, keeithubando, tutorial, Valentines day, vday, quick, sweet, beautiful
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Back to School Haul! - Keithrayne
Hey guys! Hi din sabi ng pimple ko hahaha joke.! I forget to mention here na sa June 7th na pasokan namin! T.T kailan sainyo? Ready na ba kayo? hahaha ako no comment xD I hope you guys enjoyed my back to school haul. its my first time filming this kaya sana nagustohan ninyo. :) Social Media Links: Twitter: @keeith20 Instagram: @keeithrayne Facebook: keithrayne Email: [email protected] Disclaimer: The music that i used here are from the youtube music library.
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GIveaway?!? 1st Anniversary! Yay!
Hello Hello! Open up to read my speech? haha! Hi there friend!! :D I just wanna say thank you again! YOU"RE AWESOME! Thank you so much for supporting my channel! And to let you guys show that I am truly grateful I'll be doing a giveaway to you guys, so don't for get to comment! I can't believe that I've been doing videos for a year now! and this would not be possible without you guys! thank you again! :*:*:* take care! I LOVE YA! Befriend me? Instagram: keeith20 Twitter: keeith20
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July Favorites!!! ❤
Hey there! July has been a bit slow for me, haha. Due to the fact that a lot of things happened at this month, but now everything is okay and as I said on my last video I'm back! :D If you guys have any video requests, just comment down below!! :D Products Mentioned in this video: - Ponds BB Cream in Light - (Dermatoloy Clinic, Ortigas Pampanga) Tinted Sunblock with SPF 30 - Rimmel London Hide the Blemish Concealer in Sand 02 - Glam Works Oil Control Facial Powder Paper - Oil Controlle Hypo-Allergenic Pressed Face Powder - Ever Belina Extreme Lipstick in Romantic Red - Revlon Lip Butter in 70 Cherry Tart - Bobbie Nail Polish in Weng Weng ( glaze) - Penshoppe Body Fragrance Fruit Fave in Watermelon - Del Monte Pineapple Juice - Mogu Mogu Lycee keywords: July (Month),teen,makeup,funny,pinay,Cosmetics (Industry),Beauty,Tutorial,Look,Haul,Eye,Eye (Composition),Review,Eyes,Ponds BB Cream,Filipino beauty guru,Teen filipino beauty guru,teen pinay beauty guru
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Get Ready With Me - Birthday Edition! | keithrayne
Hey guys! Keith here or Rayne whichever you prefer I don't mind lol. For today's video I filmed a get ready with me during my birthday, nung May 20 pa birthday ko haha I turned 20 on the 20th of May bongga eh noh? xD I hope you guys liked this video! don't forget to join my giveaway! :D Products Used in this Video: - Quick Fx No Shine Mattifier - Maybelline Dream Satin Skin Foundation - Loreal True Match Foundation - Features and Shades Two way cake - Wet n Wild ultimate Brow kit - One direction eyeshadow palette - Italia Deluxe Eyeshadow palette - Maybelline Eyeliner yung patriangle yung brush ang ganda! - Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express - Red cherry Eyelashes - Maybelline Rebel Lipstick
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Bronze Makeup Tutorial
Open Me!! Please comment, like and subscribe! Hey there! This is my first makeup tutorial and I hope you guys liked it! I really enjoyed filming this tutorial! You will definitely seeing more of my face then! haha! If you have any request or suggestions to me don't be shy and leave it on the comment section below! :) P.S. This video was re-uploaded/ re-edited due to copyright issues. Have a good day/night! :D List of products used in this tutorial. :) - Maybelline Color Tattoo in Infinite White / Too cool -- http://tinyurl.com/p2zkl37 - Maybelline Eye Studio Duo in Bronze Blowout/ Bronze Seduction -- http://tinyurl.com/oco2hsl - Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Sandy Corals -- http://tinyurl.com/oh4q7vj - BH Cosmetics 120 Eyeshadow Palette in 2nd Edition -- http://tinyurl.com/our2ymm - Artist Brush no. 0 from an art store. - Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in 01 Black -- http://tinyurl.com/ozrpj96 (US version? haha. I think they are basically the same) - Maybelline the Falsies Volum' Express in black -- http://tinyurl.com/phtycmm - Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Rubis Diamonds no. 530 -- - Sigma Brushes ( Mrs. Bunny Set) -- http://tinyurl.com/oyx473p Music by Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com) tags/keywords: pinay,pinay beauty guru,young pinay beauty guru,batang pinay beauty guru,teenage pinay beauty guru,teenage beauty guru,bronze,makeup,make up,tutorial,bronze makeup tutorial,easy,simple,pretty,kawaii,maganda,Cosmetics ,keeithrayner,keithrayner,keith ubando,keith,ubando,new,this week,this month,Beauty, Look,Eye,Eyes,lovely,Review,foundation,Haul,Mascara,lipstick,Maybelline,Avon,eyemakeup,eye makeup,Pink,brown
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(No BRUSHES Required) Eyemakeup for Beginners- Taglish  - keithrayne
Hey guys! First Video for 2016! WOOHHHOOOO DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional makeup artist these are some tricks that I've used when I started playing with makeup. I hope you've learned something! I'll be updating this later :)
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IZZ HAUL TIME! - keithrayne
Hey guys! Thank you so much for watching my video!! :D These are the things I bought recently and I really want to know your thoughts if you've already tried one of the products I've shown. pasencya sa buhok ko, it has its own mind, hahaha Colourette Review: https://youtu.be/R5RoOJ8N-Aw Things featured in this video: - Quick FX sunblock - around 100 cya but hindi tataas dun - Ultimate Cover BB cream by fashion 21 in the shade 1- 225 pesos - Bench highlighter - 115? around that price, haha walang price tag - Daiso Sponge - 88 pesos - Colourette Lipstick in Sahara - 499 pesos - Maybelline Rebel Bouquet REB07 - not sure hahaha - Maybelline Rosy Matte in Rosy Peach - 199 pesos (sale) - Maybelline Lash sensational mascara - 439 pesos - Loreal Collection star in Pure Vermil - 280 pesos (sale) - EB advance brow gel in medium brown - 160 pesos - EB advance liquid concealer in light - 140 pesos - Fashion 21 eye pencil in Gold - 100 pesos - Essence Kajal pencil in Black and Teddy - 50 pesos - Essence I heart Glam powder and eyeliner - 50 pesos - Catrice intensify wet and dry eyeshadow in glamourous - 150 pesos - MAH DIYYY COOKIE HIGLIGHTER haha - SM makeup train case in Black - 700 pesos
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Grumpy Cat- Very Easy and Quick Look for Halloween!
Things you need: :) -Moisturizer -Powder (white) or flour (if you don't have any choice :P ) -Brown and black eyeshadows -Brown/black eyeliner - LOTS of bobby pins And thats about it!! :) I'm pretty sure you already have them! :) Link on the hair tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bYMO-MGOEI8 I hope you guys enjoyed this Costume/Look! Don't forget to Subscribe, Comment and Like!! :) Take care! Let's be friends? Yes? no? :D Instagram- @keeith20 Blog- (still under construction) - http://keeithubando.weebly.com Twitter- @keeiith20 Music Used: Keywords: Very quick, Easy, 2013, grumpy cat, meme, funny, halloween, keith ubando, filipina,beauty guru, pinay
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Skin Potions REVIEW! Meow Liner and Liquid Lippie!
Hey there! Thank you so much for watching, don't forget to subscribe okay? Also! even though hindi masayadong long wearing yung liquid lip I still like it kasi its very comfortable sa lips and the pigment! Sa meow liner naman nagfade lng talaga cya dahil dun sa solution/eye drops other than that tumatagal siya the whole day :D
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My Everyday-ish Summer Makeup Routine!
Hey everyone! I'm sorry if (yet again) I've gone MIA, reason being is that we moved! Woooohoo! So, during the process of our moving well I've lost my planner which sucks!-.- thats why right now I'm like all over the place. I never really knew that using a planner makes a huge difference until now. hahaha! Products used in the video: - Eskinol Classic White - B.T. LA Make up primer - San San HD Foundation in Natural - Ponds BB Cream in Light - FS Cosmetics Two Way Cake in Duchess - EOS Lip blam in blueberry - Wet n' Wild Ultimate Brow Kit - ELF eyelid primer in sheer - Pinkie's Collection Eyebrow Cake in EB01 - Avon Super Shock Max Mascara in Black - Maybeline Cheeky Glow in Peachy.... - Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain - Fashion 21 Pink Obsession Lipstick in Dream Girl - Rimmel London Stay Matte in Transparent Keywords: simple, fresh, makeup, tutorial, pinay guru, filipina, teen, fast
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1st Vlog: Last day ng pagsuot ng UNIFORM!. -keithrayne
HALLLO! It is my first time vlogging and oh my was I awkward haha but I do hope you guys enjoyed watching it. Let me know your thoughts! If you have any requests as well let me know! This was our last day in wearing our uniforms that is why we decided to write or sign in our uniforms! OH MY! haha hindi pa talaga nagsisink in pero wow. To my fellow graduates! CONGRATULATIONS! WE DID IT! Goodluck sa lahat! Let me know if you've read the description by saying. "brace yourself reality in coming" LOVE YOU GUYS! Social Media Links: Twitter: @keeith20 Instagram: @keeithrayne
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My Little Sister Does My Makeup!!!
Hey!!! Here's My sister! She's 8 years old and her name is Karylle :) And she also loves makeup! She watches a lot makeup videos with me. Also, she wanted me to say here that she loves power rangers hahaha, sooo yeah. :D anyways! I'm back xDAgain haha I'm sorry that for the past few weeks I haven't uploaded any videos just because of our finals -.- we had A LOT (like seriously) of final requirements due -.- so yeah :S I hope you guys would like this video! :)
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June Favorites! ❤
Thank you so much for watching! Please Subscribe if you still haven't, Like this Video and Comment down below! I wanna hear your guys favorite! :) My Favorites for the month of June: Thank you so much for watching! Please subscribe, like and comment if you guys have any video requests.! :) Products Mentioned in this video: -iWhite Korea Facial Cream -Maybelline Clear Smooth BB white cream in 02 natural -Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent 001 -Rimmel London Hide the blemish concealer in sand 02 -Baby Skin pore Eraser from Maybelline -Nichido Cheek mouse blush in pink champagne -Baby Lips Pink Glow from Maybelline -Johnson's Baby Powder with Nourishing Milk My Everyday Foundation Routine - http://youtu.be/ZQG8gW_Y0ww keywords: 2013,june fav,june favorites,keeithubando,keith ubando,teenage piney,beauty guru,funny,keith rayner,keithrayner,iWhite Korea Facial Cream,Maybelline Clear Smooth BB white cream in 02 natural,Baby Lips Pink Glow from Maybelline,Johnson's Baby Powder with Nourishing Milk,Pink (Color),June (Month),teenage pinay,filipino beauty guru,Philippines (Country)
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Get Ready with me (when you want a quick makeup look lol)
Music Used: Music by ninjoi. - Symptoms of Love [Thematic Exclusive] - https://thmatc.co/?l=348CAC3A Music by VALNTN & Anna Clendening - Be Here - https://thmatc.co/?l=19A70965 Music by MYSM - Indie Feel - https://thmatc.co/?l=6A8CA037 Music by Cailee Rae - Deeper - https://thmatc.co/?l=11EF3A4 Music by ninjoi. - Symptoms of Love [Thematic Exclusive] - https://thmatc.co/?l=348CAC3A
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Colourette Lip Swatch!
Hi! This is the biggest collection I have in a line or brand that is why I decided to do a lip swatch for you guys! Also because I love watching these types of videos :D Thank you so much for watching! I you have any requests let me know! :)
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My Everyday Foundation Routine 😃
Open me! 😄😘😜 Thank you so much for watching! ❤ Comment down below on videos you guys wanna see next! :) and also please like/share this video! :) List of products used: :) -Maybelline Clear Smooth BB white cream in 02 natural -iWhite Facial Cream -Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent 001 -Rimmel London Hide the blemish concealer in sand 02 -Nichido Cheek mouse blush in pink champagne -Sigma brushes Mrs. Bunny set Music by Yunus Unal Schizophrenic - Saxcity (Original Mix) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDp5mvTO2OA Take care! :) keywords: foundation,easy,quick,maybelline,bb cream,bb white,bb white maybelline,02 natural,iwhite facial cream,Makeup,Tutorial,Beauty,Cosmetics (Industry),Look,Simple,pinay,teenage pinay,school,school appropriate,good coverage,mix,funny,filipino,teen pinay,Life,Philippines,Haul
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Haul! (Maybelline, Rimmel London, and more! + random stuff) 😄😃
Thank you so much for watching! Please subscribe, like and comment if you guys have any video requests.! :) Products Mentioned in this video: -Maybelline Clear Smooth BB white cream in 02 natural -Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent 001 -Rimmel London Hide the blemish concealer in sand 02 -Baby Skin pore Eraser -Etude House False Eyelashes in Secret -Nichido Cheek mouse blush in pink champagne -Avon Mega Effect Mascara in blackest black -Baby Lips Pink Glow from Maybelline -Maybelline Colo Rama in number 23 (black) and 03 (lavender) -Maybelline Mini Colo Rama in Peach Cocktail #88 -Revlon Nail Polish in Angelic #141 -Chic Nail Color in Colorless Random!!: -Coco Baby from Meji -Forever by Maggie Stiefvater keywords: Random,Stuff,Makeup,Funny,Maybelline (Brand),Cosmetics (Industry),Beauty,Haul,Haul Video,pinay,beauty guru,Live,teenage,teenager,keith ubando,keeith ubando,keith rayner,fun,pinay beauty guru,filipina beauty guru,georgia tbilisi,qatar duty free,watsons,avon, cool, bendable mascara,
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Haul Video Part 1- KeithUbando
Don't forget to Subscribe , Comment and Like!! :D Open me for more infoooo! :) Products Mentioned in this Video: -Beauty Cosmetics 12 piece brush set in Purple Link: https://www.facebook.com/beautycsmetics -LA Girl Gel eyeliner in very black -WetnWild Ulitimate eyebrow set in Ash Brown -EOS lipbalm in blueberry acai -Freebie: Small Pink Leopard Print Mirror Link: https://www.facebook.com/pretty.missy.165?fref=ts -Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation in 12 Natural - Php 369 original Price (20%) -SanSan HD Foundation in Natural- Php 195 -San San HD Concealer in Natural- Php 105 -Revlon Colorstay 24 hrs Foundation in Buff -Excel Paris Lipcream in #805 Let's Be Friends! Instagram: keeith20 -- http://instagram.com/keeith20 and Twitter: keeith20 -- http://twitter.com/keeith20 Facebook; ??? hm... hahaha! i'm planning on making a page para magkapagconnect ako sainyo! hihi yay or nay? xD Blog: Still under construction -- http://keeithubando.weebly.com Email: [email protected] Music Used: Kevin Macleod (http://incompetech.com) Disclaimer: Bought All of these Product with my own money! Well technically its my parents money which was given to me as my allowance. Wahahahahah! XD
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Best Local Foundation for 195 Only! + Meet our puppy!
This is hands down the best local foundation that I have tried so far with affordable price! You may have seen this for a while already but. This is from Ever Bilena with their new foundation that has legit coverage in it! I really do hope you found this review helpful. Additional comment or review pala that the i think less that 6 hours mark medyo nagfafade ng konti na yung foundation. just keep that in mind ;) Music used: Clueless Kit - rain - https://thmatc.co/?l=C2695F3D SkeetOnTheBeat - Roses - https://thmatc.co/?l=816CBBA1 ninjoi. - Symptoms of Love [Thematic Exclusive] - https://thmatc.co/?l=348CAC3A Clueless Kit - Rooftop - https://thmatc.co/?l=F6698EE1 Heartheat - Brand New - https://thmatc.co/?l=1FADF178
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1 Minute Nail Polish Challenge!
I TAG YOU TO DO IT!! KimchiiMommy Pinkiericegurl AngKikayKo Shebby Liquete ohitsmiss kirs THEanneclutz COLORismyweapon clairbellatv wildlyprofuse bingprojectawesome clar831 abby baby MsSillyMree itshannahjoshua Maria Danielle lipglossbycehlstyles
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