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What to Do When Your Laptop Screen Goes Black,
http://budurl.com/rebelseniors What to Do When Your Laptop Screen Goes Black, Just three short YouTube How-To videos and my computer problem of what to do when when your laptop screen goes black was solved! I tell you the steps that worked for me in my video but I suggest you peruse all the videos on YouTube for your own help. Some tips are for specific computers. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop and this one step worked for me. I got the tip for a "generic" computer fix. But I'm saving the info because they said to try this step first. And, give it three tries. If it didn't work then go to the next one. If that didn't work try the third option. If that isn't the answer to what to do when when your laptop screen goes black, you probably need to take it in to a shop or buy new expensive parts like a graphics accelerator or a motherboard or....a whole new computer! So glad the first step worked for me. Was going to cost $100 just to have someone take a look at it and would go up from there. So saved myself at least $100! http://youtu.be/FRGTSHkZkT8
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Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis - New Journey Begun
http://linkprosperity.com/Caroles-Blogs Carole Hibbard explains the diagnosis and plans to come. Asks for positive reinforcement from anyone who knows her, and plans to continue blogging or doing videos every day as her own personal journal of this experience. Join her here for updates and information because this will be the only way to find out what is happening with Carole and Steve Hibbard as they face this challenge together.
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Hot Tomatoes!
http://prosperityformula.net/?id=carolehibbard Supposed to hit 107 degrees today in the Central Valley of California. So went to check my tomatoes growing in the back yard and oh my gosh! They were hanging limp from their supports. Their water tank holds 4 gallons of water, too! So have to refill it once a day in this heat. And it's only June 7th! Gonna be a long, hot summer!
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Would You Pick Up a Hitchhiker?
http://socialmediabar.com/would-you-pick-up-a-hitchhiker --That's the link so you can read the first story I wrote on this post. It came about because I helped a young woman this morning and my husband's reaction caused me to think of the only other two times when I "trusted my gut" and took action to help someone when no one else would. Wonder what you'd do in similar circumstances so would love some feedback either here or in my blog's comment area. Thanks!
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Health Benefits of Positive Thinking
http://budurl.com/rebelseniors My son is facing a serious illness and possible very serious surgery. He is 37 years old and is feeling beat down right now. I have been reading T. Harv Eker's book "Secrets of a Millionaire Mind" and have been feeling changes in my thinking and my life by following his principles of thinking positive. As I was trying to cheer up my son, he snapped at me because he is stressed, hurting, angry, and feeling powerless. I told him he could help himself by being more positive, that it can make things better. He said he'd have to see it to believe it. So that is now my primary purpose - to succeed in my business so he can see it for himself. It's easy to have a positive outlook when things are going well. But when you're chronically ill or seriously stressed, maintaining a cheerful demeanor can be a challenge—yet this is when finding a sense of perspective or inner peace is most critical. Steer Clear of Stress Health Benefits of Positive Thinking - Stress triggers a hormonal response. With short-term stress, these hormones cause changes in our bodies that allow us to fight or flee danger, and increase our mental awareness of other threats. If we don't release this stress it can become chronic, and the hormones associated with chronic stress suppress the immune system and can lead to exhaustion. Accentuate the Positive Health Benefits of Positive Thinking - One key to avoiding stress: A positive mental attitude. Looking on the bright side won't stop bad things from happening, but it can make you feel more in control, and that can help you manage your illness. Health Benefits of Positive Thinking - "When I was diagnosed with second-stage tongue cancer in 2003, all I could think about was getting my treatment over and done with so I could get back to living my life," says Gary Regan, a former bartender who now writes for a living. "Whenever I was inclined to focus on what I had lost, I changed my perspective to what I was still able to do and looked for ways to build on that. I believe this mindset helped me get through my illness alive. By not giving in to fear, I was able to keep working throughout my recovery, and my life has changed... To see original article: http://atlantablackstar.com/2012/12/02/the-health-benefits-of-positive-thinking/
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Why Won't My Computer Turn On?
http://linkprosperity.com/Caroles-Blogs I'm having an issue with my computer. Listen to my video and if you think you know the answer, please let me know in a comment below or go to the link and comment on one of my blog posts. I will get the message. Just curious if someone out there who is so much more tech-savvy than me will have an easy answer. Hope so! Thanks!
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Get Naked This Week and Have a Better Self-Image
http://linkprosperity.com/Caroles-Blogs - This is a link to all my blog posts and http://thewomenslounge.net/?id=carolehibbard is a link to The Women's Lounge on Sundays at 5:00 PM, PST. This is a "mirror challenge" for anyone out there who doesn't like to see a reflection of themself because they have a poor opinion about their looks. Whether naked or clothed, take the challenge to look yourself in a mirror every day for a week or more and find something to compliment yourself on.
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Why Carole Hibbard Is Loving Retirement
The reasons I decided to start blogging, my biggest "win" so far in this business, and what I want to accomplish. Click the link: http://bit.ly/P2Ia9i then enter your email address, and watch a real video for more information. You will get a great marketing strategies eBook in return. Thanks!
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Snap Out of It and Get Off Your Butt
Click the link to find out more: http://bit.ly/P2Ia9i I'm looking for motivation, are you? If we want to succeed in anything, we need the right tools and the right motivation. I started my blogging business and have had some success but I find that I have to push myself to get that success. I'm just too lazy some days! So this video was a lecture to myself to get off my butt, snap out of it and get to work! Want to find out what work I should get to? Click on the link above, enter your email address, and watch a video about blogging, taking massive action, and making a change for the better. You can even stay seated for this one!
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Four Worst Jobs I Ever Had!
Why do I love earning money from working in the comfort of my own home? Watch my video and hear the very short descriptions of each one. That may give you a clue. I never want to be held hostage by an employer or the economy again...EVER! Want to know more about what I'm talking about? Click on the link below, enter your email address, and watch the video that changed my life and my thinking: http://www.weirdmarketingtips.com/proof/?id=carolehibbard
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Market Your Business with a Blog
What other business are you working on? Maybe it's ACN, Visalus, ItWorks, or even your own lawn-care service. Maybe you make jewelry and want to sell it. Whatever the business, you can use your own blog to promote it. Don't know how to set up your own blog or maybe you never have blogged at all. Click the link below to learn more about the blogging system I use. You can even promote the system to earn money! So click on the link, enter an email address, and watch a 30 minute video. It's the one that has changed my life! http://bit.ly/P2Ia9i
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My purpose, not necessarily my why.
Every MLM you get into will tell you that your WHY has to be big enough to make you cry. I think your purpose will drive you further. Http://linkprosperity.com/Caroles-Blogs
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How I'm Making My Retirement Better
http://bit.ly/P2Ia9i Little chat from me and my cat, Scooter, about what I'm doing since I retired. Involved with business again but it's a lot more fun now!
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Set Your Priorities
http://prosperityformula.net/video.php?id=carolehibbard What things need to happen that will grow your business? What do you need to spend time on versus what is just fun or interesting to do? We all need some down time, some fun time. But if we don't spend enough time on building our actual business we may not get to where we want to go.
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What We Do
Rebel Seniors - What we do in our home business.
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FBPost Magic - Posting Your Business to Facebook
http://mypostmagic.com/share/rebelseniors Great little program to help your business get promoted easily on Facebook. Even attaches your own opt-in box with your own video or photo directly into Facebook. Check it out!
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Who are the Rebel Marketers?
Http://linkprosperity.com/Caroles-Blogs About the Rebel Marketers, a great group of bloggers who give each other huge amounts of love and support as they learn how to promote their blogs.
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My cat, Little Bit, on the treadmill.
This is my cat, little Bit, who doesn't mind exercising on the treadmill. Very short video this time. Wasn't ready with my camera phone in time.
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Get a FREE Ebook!
Click the link: http://bit.ly/P2Ia9i, enter your email address, and watch a real video for more information Information about online marketing. . You will get a great marketing eBook in return. Thanks!
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