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Funny Clips From Repo
A few funny scenes from the movie "Repo"
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Funny Blind Date Scene  From Repo
Funny blind date scene from "Repo" Michael Blackson Master P Katt Williams
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Tammy Cochran - Life Happened
Anybody who enjoyed their days in High School can relate very closely to this song and video. I've searched for this video for many years so I figured I'd share just in case there are others who are looking for it.
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7 Year old girl gets abducted in broad daylight while people watch and do nothing
Pretty frightening that there were so many people who sat by and did nothing as this 7 year old girl was being kidnapped.
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Dead Rising 2 : ** EASIEST ** method to beating Psychopath Leon Bell
This is by far the easiest way to beat the first psychopath Leon Bell. It doesn't matter what level you are because you are going to get him stuck and you can just repeatedly bash him until you beat him. Please thumbs up if this helped you!!
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Pistol ONLY!! Modern Warfare Veteran Epilogue "Mile High Club" Achievement
Me using only a pistol to beat the Modern Warfare Veteran Epilogue "Mile High Club" Achievement. Recorded with a Vado HD
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Modern Warfare Veteran Epilogue "Mile High Club" Achievement ( Clean Walkthrough )
This is my strategy for beating this mission. I've played it a million times and i'm to the point now where i can beat it 1 out of every 5 tries. I also can do this with just the pistol if you are interested in that also. Video here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyPvwdYdhg4 My strategy to beating this based on 3 key things. 1) KEEP IT MOVING!!!!! - This is most important first because you only have a minute to complete this but as you keep playing you will notice that as you advance to certain parts your men will advance too. Use them to your advantage!!! 2)FLASHBANGS - Positioning is key. You will need a minimum of 3 to complete the mission. Positioning is key cause if you one enemy is left unflashed you're as good as gone!!! 3)RELOADING - You should only have to reload a minimum of 4 times this whole mission. Watch the video and notice the positions where i reload. If you are moving fast enough you can get a 5th reload in.
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Testing Blackberry Curve Video Camera
Just messing around with the new Sprint Blackberry Curve(8330).
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Annapolis Maryland's very own BuckWheat
Carlester Smith AKA "Buckwheat", has been walking "West Street" in Annapolis Maryland since as far back as I can remember. It's pretty cool because you can pretty much ask any person who's familiar with the area about him and they know exactly who he is. It's almost a guarantee that if you drive down West St you will see him carrying or shaking his signature plastic trash bags. Rumor is he is actually part of one of the wealthiest families in the area.
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Cat viciously attacks innocent puppy
It all started around dinner time. I put food in both of their bowls but since we ran out of wet food for him we had to give him dry food. I guess dry wasnt good enough for him so he decided to eat her food. She took this as disrespect and viciously attacked him for crossing into her turf. He took out a restraining order on her and she is currently facing domestic violence charges.
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Guy refuses to let his missing tire stop him *LIKE A BOSS*
I have no clue what happened to his front wheel but I love the fact that he didn't let it stop him from getting where he need to go. LIKE A BOSS!!! Cameo : That Brittney Spears Cross-dresser
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Google Maps on Blackberry tour running
Testing out Google Maps (v3.2.1) on my Blackberry Tour running a the unofficial software
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Mile High Club on Veteran - Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Just a clip of me beating Call of Duty Modern Warfare "Mile High Club" on Veteran. Recorded with a Vado HD.
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Pokin bastards with the TacKnife in Modern Warfare 2
Just workin on gettin some kills with my Tactical Knife in Modern warfare 2
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Shawn getting dusted!!!!!
Shawn getting dusted
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Blackberry Pearl Video Camera
Testing Pearl 8130 Video
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