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Salaryman 6 - Overwork in Japan
A short film about overwork in Japan, frustration, depression and importance of work-life balance. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0374188/plotsummary
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Nicklas Lidstrom announcing his retirement + interview - 5/31/2012.flv
Nicklas Lidström annouced today that he is ending his phenomenal 20-year career, playing only for two teams in his life - Detroit Red Wings and VIK Västerås. (News report of Swedish TV) Translation to English: 0:23 N: I started bare training and some off-ice and I felt that I didn't really have that motivation that I must have to play at high level, so it was then when I felt I was done as a hockey player. R: This day, is it a relief or a sadness? N: It's a little bit of both. It's a little bit sad when you're on your way down here to the arena. You meet a lot of teammates and former teammates and former coaches here, so it becomes very emotional and you feel a bit sad also, but right now it feels relieving that life goes on even though I'm not going to play hockey. So it feels relieving. 1:18 N: I'm trying to be the same person I have always been and not change too much, and to hear things like that from people around the team or here in Detroit also means a lot, that you get a lot of respect for being "a common man". 1:40 R: Will it be empty to not be the hockey player Nicklas Lidström? N: I think it will be a certain emptiness when the autumn starts and you are used to it, your body is used to it and your mind is used to going back over here and start prepairing for another season, so I think it will be a change. I think moving home to Sweden will be a change when you have lived in the USA for 21 years. R: What will happen now with your lives? N: Well, first we will go home to Sweden in a few weeks and take it easy, have a nice summer. Then we will see what options are going to open up.
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Peter Forsberg about loosing to Slovakia at Torino 2006 Olympics
Peter Forsberg speaks after five and half years about the loss to Slovakia at the Olympic Games in Torino in 2006.
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Dell 17 studio  intel wifina
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dell 17  a
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The joy of hockey skating
Skating on the Vah River in Puchov, Slovakia in a very dry winter.
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