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Mercury 25 HP Outboard Found
Found a Mercury outboard motor while diving in a Minnesota lake.
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Banjo Mistral - Fitting an SPG to a Double Hose Regulator
Scuba Pressure Gauges can be used with Vintage Double Hose Regulators when a Banjo Fitting is installed. A long yoke is also needed. This video shows a 1950s era vintage U. S. Divers DW Mistral Double Hose Regulator, rebuilt to like-new condition, fitted with a long yoke and Banjo fitting to attach a pressure gauge.
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Double Hoses and Hydro Gloves
A group of vintage double hose divers went to Fortune Pond in Michigan to test their vintage reproduction HydroGlove dry suits and experience the deep clear waters of the pond. The divers used modernized Phoenix double hose regulators as well as restored vintage double hose regulators. AquaLung and Voit were the regulator brands.
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Ultimate Vintage Diving at Lake Wazee
- We had a great Vintage Diving get together at Lake Wazee in Black River Falls, WI. Tom McClusky came with two completely coordinated vintage diving set-ups. Day one he had all Voit and Voit Swimaster gear. Day two he had a complete Aqualung yellow set-up. Sea Hunt Jerry brought his complete Mike Nelson outfit including silver wetsuit, lead weights, triple tanks, Voit 50 Fathom reg,... And a real Voit PortaSub scooter. This is probably the only working PortaSub in the world and we got to dive it. And, I think I was representing the "homebuilt" era of scuba diving... I was diving a tank that was converted from Oxygen, and a bunch of mis-matched vintage equipment. - We managed to shoot some video... Hope you like it.
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Fortune Pond Visibility 117 Feet
My buddy and I swam over a ledge and bottomed out at 117 feet deep, where I could look up and see surface ripples clearly.
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Sea Hunt Forever, The Porta-Sub
From Sea Hunt Forever at Silver Springs, Florida. The Voit Porta-Sub by driven by Vintage Double Hose divers wearing Sea Hunt TV Show scuba diving equipment. Jerry Lang (silver suit) starts and takes a break for Joe Musial to light an underwater flare. Then Eben Brown, then Eva Pennington. This may be the only Voit Porta Sub in the world that is still actively diving.
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Voit Navy Double Hose Regulator
Before and after videos from our test dive of a beautiful re-built Voit Navy V66 double hose scuba regulator.
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Rich's 100th Dive... Vintage Style
To celebrate his 100th Scuba Dive as a PADI certified diver. Rich dove his vintage double hose Mistral" regulator with a vintage steel 72 cu ft tank, vintage back pack, and managed his buoyancy with just weights and no BCD.
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Loon Attacks Vintage Diver
A loon dives thru the underwater viewfinder as a vintage scuba diver swims with double hose regulator and twin tanks. Then, the camera follows the loon to the surface and captures it peeking down at the diver and his bubbles. Finally the loon dives again and swims away.
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Double Hose Diving at Fortune Pond
Scuba Diving with Vintage Double Hose Regulators in the clear waters of Fortune Pond, MI.
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Testing the Royal Master Double Hose Regulator
Balanced 2-Stage Royal Master Scuba Regulator made by converting from a DA Aqua-Master. This is a Vintage Double Hose Scuba regulator with a Cyclone balanced 1st stage, HPR tunable 2nd stage, and duckbill eliminator exhaust valve. Test Divers Eben Brown and Rich Merten.
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Posted by mistake... It's NOT the official VDH Sand Dog event. There will simply be a vintage diving get together at Fortune Pond Aug 19-21, 2016 and this is a diving preview of that event. Video shows a diving tour underwater and surface activities.
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Small Tanks and Child Divers
Three and Five Year Old Child Divers with Vintage Double Hose Regulators and Vintage Miniature Scuba Tanks. Amazing little boys take to scuba diving with their Boppa and Daddy.
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Fortune Pond Diving
Video of DiverDon testing vintage depth gauges then views of underwater structures, thermometer, platform, vintage double hose divers, and minnows feeding on zebra mussels during our safety stop.
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Vintage Voit Porta-Sub Scooter
Sea Trials of Sea Hunt Jerry's Voit Porta-Sub sea scooter vintage restoration. This was the second trial which pulled real well but had some buoyancy/trim issues. It wanted to nose down. Dive gear was a vintage Voit 50 Fathom double hose regulator with vintage Mike Nelson sea hunt style twin 38 scuba tanks
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Double Hose Meets Rebreather
Vintage double hose divers meet up with hi tech Rebreather divers in the clear waters of Fortune Pond.
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Vintage Double Hose Royal Mistral
A custom double hose regulator restoration in tribute to the U. S. Divers Royal Mistral.
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Porta-Sub Preview
This is a preview of a longer video we're working on about the Voit Porta-Sub. This video shows a totally restored Voit Porta-Sub being driven by Sea Hunt Jerry Lang who is wearing vintrage triple tanks, double hose regulator, and silver wet suit like Mike Nelson of the Sea Hunt TV Show.
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Vintage Double Hose Diving at Lake Wazee
Scuba diving with vintage double hose regulators and tanks at Lake Wazee, near Black River Falls, WI. Re-built double hose regulators breathe easy and vintage style diving offers freedom. This trip to Lake Wazee was a test run for Rich's re-built Aqua Lung Mistral regulator as well as my SeaTec horsecollar BCD and re-built Twin 38 tank valve.
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Vintage Double Hose Diving at Square Lake
Scuba diving with rebuilt and modified vintage double hose regulators. A U. S. Divers Aqualung DA Aquamaster rebuilt into a Phoenix Royal Aquamaster with BC inflator, octopus regulators, and SPG show diving normally with a min-wing by Oxycheq. Also a U. S. Divers Aqua Lung Mistral re-stored and re-built to like-new condition is shown diving with no BC, no octo, and no SPG.
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Diving the Florida Springs
October 2012 Scuba diving trip where we dove Troy, Ginnie, Manatee, Paradise, Blue Grotto, Royal, and Peacock Springs. Modern and vintage double hose equipment was used. Underwater video was shot with a Go Pro Hero I camera equipped with an aftermarket flat lens on the housing. Music by Smart Sound.
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Vintage Double Hose Diving at Square Lake 2011
Re-Built and Upgraded Double Hose regulators are shown being dived by modern divers at Square Lake Minnesota. Also shown are some of the underwater attractions for divers to explorer and play with.
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FreezeUp Diver
Vintage scuba diving the day before freeze up at Lake Victoria, MN. Diving vintage Twin Tanks with a vintage double hose regulator. The regulator is a restored and upgraded US Divers DA Aqua Master. Now called a "Cyclone HPR". The twin tanks are Sportsways 42s and were originally orange colored. After restoration, they were fitted with a classic canvas twin tank harness. Air temp was 5 degrees F. Water was a bit warmer at 39 degrees. Broken ice near shore was from a partial freeze-up the night before. Wetsuit is a BARE 5mm with 3mm hooded vest. The only parts of me that got cold were hands and forehead. Starting and finishing from a nice warm house helps!
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Kaanapali Beach Double Hose Diving
A short video showing double hose regulator diving at Kaanapali Beach in front of the Whaler Towers. A vintage double hose regulator modernized toa Phoenix Balanced Two Stage double hose rgulator with octopus safe second, spg pressure gauge, and OxyCheq bc inflator.
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WP 20140416 005
RIX SA3E Scuba Compressor test run. A test run to make sure it works before adding more moisture separators and filtration.
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Whale and Reef Sounds at Kaanapali
A short video showing a breath hold snorkel free dive to 19 feet, a wrecked sailboat keel, and the coral the grows on it. In the background you can hear whales and other reef sounds.
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