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Equestrian Olympics 2008
This is Mary Cote abord "Hollywood Knightmare" representing the UK in the 2008 Equestain Show Jumping Olympics. She looks very confedent. They have a very lovely round, Holly gives her two lovely flying lead changes, and she staying on time, and clearing all the jumps. Witch leaves Mary Cote and "Hollywood Knightmare" a Silver for the UK in their first Equestion Show Jumping Olympics. ---------------------------------------- me and my horse Holly have been working very [email protected] she is such a good horse. and for only doing eventing for 9 month she has come so far! and im so proud of her! i love her to death! she is my little superstar!
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trying to float on the yacht
jordan and kristina trying to make the yacht float but they just got really wet...yet they do it AGAIN! haha love them
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Me & Holly! 3 foot brick wall
i love my baby girl! she just flys over the jump! 3 foot brick wall! she just flys over it! =]
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the battle to the death!
jordan and sarah in a ferice battle to the death! i love how holly is just standing there! she just like what ever!
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Trail Ride @ Lake Whitney
Marshall & Penny, Jordan & Legend, Leslye & Rose, and me with Dan (i could not take Holly 1. b/c she just got her back shoes off and she was really sore so we just had to put them back on her 2. she would have not gone into the trailer ((she dose not load easy!!)) but we all had shuch a great time!! :]
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dreesage lesson 1
jordan and legend (bay horse) and kristina and razzle (paint horse) in there dressage lesson!
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blow out chiln with horses at some building parking lot!
we had a blow out with the horses and while leslye went to fix the truck we were stuck in a parking lot of a medical building just waiting there with the horses! and it was very entertainting b/c people were giving us strange looks!!!!! this all happend the day we were taking Holly and Coco to E.S.M.S!!!! lol so much fun! (it felt like the longest day of my life!!!!!!)
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Jordan & Legend jumping 3'9 oxer
NO RUDE COMMENTS! after a long week of finals its goos to get all that relefe out! lol "go big! go home"
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playing in the river
Jordan & Legend, Sarah & Cascade, and me and Holly! we were board and we had just gotten home from Willow Draw Schooling so we disided to go down to our creek and see if they would role in the water but all they did was play around! oh and the last part of the viedo i get draged into the water and up the hill just so Holly could eat her drugs "GREEN GRASS!!" and i was bare foot, so it was even better! she is sush a silly horse but she cant help but love her drugs a.k.a. GREEN GRASS!!! injoy
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Equestrian Olympics 2008
This is Jordan Laney abord "Legend Has It" representing England in the 2008 Equestrian Show Jumping Olympics. As she comes to the first jump she is looking very confedent. Legend is a little fresh! Legend gives her two beautiful flying lead change. She clears all the jumps and she is on time. It will be a Gold for Jordan Laney and "Legend Has It" ---------------------------------------- Jordan riding Legend very well and he can be quite a handfull sometimes (with the bucking, but this is better then normal) he is an amazing horse and always gets first and second at competishion!
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Dressage with Holly
read before watching!! the reason that we say that we r in the oylipics is b/c we made a short video of us jumping like we were in the oylipics and we dicited to make a dressage one as well! we r not really in the oylipics (but i wish we were) this is not the real oylipic video b/c it is cut short b/c my camera died when i was doing my second canter circle! so this is just a fun video! but there will be a video of me and jordan riding our Oylipic Dressage and also soo to come the Cross country as well! hope you injoy me and my horse Holly doing dressage! Dressage is not our strongest event but holly has done so well in the 8 months that i have had her. she went from an "ok horse" to the amazing horse tha she is now! i love her more then anything in the world and i love her with all my heart! i cold not ask for a better horse! thanks for watching no rude comments plz!
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My Horse Bindie R.I.P
to my horse Bindie R.I.P! we had to put her down b/c she ate something bad and she had no liver left! i only had her 4 2 months but, it was the best 2 months of my life! i miss her very much and will never 4get her! comment plz! ___________________________________________ its been one year sence Bindie's death! and i still miss her everyday! you dont know wut its like to loss something tat close to you! i hope you never have to go thought the pain i had to go through!
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lead rope dance/potato pony
jorden dances her famous lead rope dance and madison thinks thats dan looks like a potato!
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Jordan & Legend
Jordan and Legend at the water complex and Quail Run! haha i love it video it maes me laugh ever time i see it! lol
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READ BE4 WATCHING!!!! ok this is the reinactment of my fall of my friends horses Elise! our wonderful stunt woman Jordan! hahahahaha
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chilling at the barn
Sarah & Cascade, Marshall & Penny, and Me (Mary) & Holly! just chling after a long crazy ride! we had to much fun, we always do! :] i love my barn girls all of them!! :]
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this is a video about my wonderful horse Holly aka Hollywood Knightmare! i love her so much! we have been throguht thick and thin and we have had our bad times and the best times! i love her very much and idk wut i would do without her! so here is a little video about me and my horse Holly! thank you aubreу aka jumpergirls for making this video! your a great friend!
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Legend jumping
at Curragh Horse Trials September 23 2007! Jordan and Legend Has It aka Legend! show jumping
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moses gone wild
i was going crazy! i was being moses ans then i just went crazy! and then sarah comes in and is crazy too!!
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meadowcreek camp 08 XC
ashley & grace, jordan & legend, marsahll & penny, and me & holly! messing around doing cross country! jordan and legend doing the bank down!
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Meredith at APHA
this is Meredith's and Chuck's second class at the APHA world championship horse show! im not sure wut they placed in b/c there we a lot of people and we had to leave but she looks great!! GO MARE!!! =]
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Greenwood H.T! Aubrey and Schooley
Aubrey and Schooley at Greenwood H.T. they got 6th place in Begginer Novice and it was there first USEA show!
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Courtney and Auda jumping
Courtney and Auda jumping a course we set up with a Weldon's Wall, Tall Vertical, Skinny, and Triple Oxer!
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Jordan and Legend jumping! she was not ready for him to jump that big so she said.. "GOOD GOD!" and it was just so funny!
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cross country
NO RUDE COMMENTS PLZ!!!!! jordan & legend (bay horse) and kristina & razzle (paint horse) jumping the new log after the bank up! all 3 of us and lesyle made this jump1 we r very proud of it!!! =]
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Holly jumping #1
lol jumping the baby jump 2feet 3inch! (i looks even smaller far away!) but she jumped it so well! i love my baby girl so much! she is an amazing horse! i could not ask for a better horse....AND I DONT WANT A BETTER HORSE...b/c i have THE BEST HORSE IN THE WORLD!!!! BAM!!!! no rude comments!! GO MARY AND HOLLY!
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"THE Legend"
at Curragh Horse Trials September 23 2007! Jordan and Legend Has It aka Legend! cross contrey
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Kristina & Razzle jumping
jumping time!! =]
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Greenwood H.T.! Jordan and Legend
Jordan and Legend at Greenwood H.T.! they got 5th in dressage and 4th over all!
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craziness at the barn
sarah, jordan, and me being all crazy
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TURN UP THE SPEEKERS! SO YOU CAN HEAR THE MUSIC! :] jordan, sarah, and i dancing to Low at our barn! we r so Ganster with a capital G!!! OH YEAH WUT NOW!!! our awesome horses Jordan & Legend, Sarah and Cascade, and Me and Holly! :] GO BRYN MELYN FARM!!!
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Jordan & Legend
This is the Training Leval stair case with the jump after at Quial Run! Jordan & Legend! Legend is such a good horse! he dose not even care! he just gose over it with one problems!
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Courtney and Hawk
Hawk is just learning how to really jump cross country and this is hin second cross country! i love the way he jumps! he lands all all four feet! ut onces he jumps bigger he dose not do it! he is so cute! Courtney is such a tough rider!
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wut happends when we r not at the barn 2...
OMG i love jordan.... and her craziness
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Greenwood H.T.! Kristina and Cascade
Kristina and Cascade at Greenwood H.T.! this is Cascades first eventing show in 7 years! She got 2nd in dressage and 1st over all! Cascade is for sale! =]
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what happends at our barn in the summer...
this is SOME JUST SOME of the crazy stuff that gose not at our barn during the summer! we get a little wild and crazy! it me Jordan and Makenzie and our wildness! injoy!
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lol she always likes to run to her friends! and then jumping into the dressage arena and buck around! :] she is so funny!
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holly jumping
jumping the oxser horse heads! =] New Years Eve! =]
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Me & Holly!
Me (Mary) & my horse Holly jumping the skinny bear claw jump on our Christmas Eve lesson 08! BEAST! lol
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Lady!! ily
my fav horse Lady's last day at the bran! she was going to be a brude mare!! she will make pretty babys!! :] ill miss her!! :] but i will always love her!! and she will always get to come and visit and show us her babys!!! :D
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Willow Draw Schooling 3
me and holly doing the stair case again! i love that jump and she love it too! :] hahaha she trips so much haha it make me laugh! my peace at the end!
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Sarah and Makenzie jumping
our new years eve party started with riding! Sarah is riding a horse named Kachina.... Sarahis our trainers daughter and she used to ride a lot but dose not ride very much anymore...but hopefully she will ride a lot more now that she has all of us to ride with!! :] Makenzie is riding our school pony Dan... Makenzie just started taking lessons again and is a new rider but she has been riding a lot but Kristina let her get some bad habits that now she must work to undo! They are both really good rider and with lessons they can be and Kristina, Jordan, and my leaval!!! :]
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what lies hiddin in you trunk...
this is how jordan tryed to scare me when i came into the barn after getting holly from the pasture....
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Kristina & Razzle + Courtney & Auda
Kristina & Razzle and Courtney & Auda vitory lap!!!Kristina got 4th and Courtney got 2nd at Meadowcreek horse trials!!!
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Me & Holly @ Quail Run Schooling!
THIS WAS AMAZING! HAHA BEAST! i love my horse! she makes me laugh! jumping the bank down at Quail Run!
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well it was holly's first time to jump this high ever in her life! it took her a couple of times to get it right but in the end we got it down! :] im so proud of her1 i love her to death!! :] we have our good and bad days! :] NO RUDE COMMENTS PLZ! thanks
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wut happends when we r not at the barn...
this is wut happends when jordan and i (mary)are not at the barn.... crazy things happen..... im talking like a little kid!!!
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well the Bryn Melyn Farn Girls sure do know how to end 2007 with a BANG!!!!! and we sure did... it all started in our soon to be new club house with Jordan tickaling Sarah and then it just became a bight laughing fit!!! we spent the night and we did all kinds of crazy thing!! we had so much fun! and we r going to do it all over again real soon!
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chillin at the barn
my bff Jordan and her Legend and me (Mary) and my new horse Holly!!! we were board and just wanted to have fun!! INJOY!!! NO RUDE COMMENTS PLZ!!!
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Kristina & Razzle XC
Kristina & Razzle jumping our cross country jumps and the new tricaner! =]
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