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Ben Farmer/Adam Kokesh 2020 Alleged Threats Short Summary (links in description)
Screenshots/In-depth analysis: https://steemit.com/kokesh/@kafkanarchy84/adamkokesh-benfarmer-alleged-attempts-to-hack-dox-harass-and-stalk-me-using-a-professional-cyber-security-expert https://youtu.be/mYOYvqZ9t5A Video: https://steemit.com/kokesh/@kafkanarchy84/video-of-alleged-benfarmer-kokesh2020-stalking-doxxing-harassment-conversation Extent of violation description: https://steemit.com/kokesh/@kafkanarchy84/benfarmer-adamkokesh-silent-on-alledged-threats-after-over-24-hours
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Steemit Confessional 1: Confession Compulsion, and How to Deal with it
I'm struggling. Looking for your thoughts on a fairly common yet often unaddressed neurosis/psychological condition I am calling "confession compulsion."
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Update on Ben Farmer/Kokesh 2020 Threat Allegations
Press Secretary now flagging evidence on Steemit BACKGROUND: https://steemit.com/kokesh/@kafkanarchy84/video-of-alleged-benfarmer-kokesh2020-stalking-doxxing-harassment-conversation Help me get the word out: https://steemit.com/community/@kafkanarchy84/requesting-assistance FB LIVE POST: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005222707055
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It's No Exaggeration: You Are a Free-Range Slave.
A slave is defined as "a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them." Individuals such as you and I who are made to behave in certain ways, surrendering money, time, and even family (see compulsory schooling) under the threat of violence, cannot be said to be free. Most are slaves. And much worse, free-slaves who hallucinate themselves to be free, while supporting the most evil, child-murdering, family destroying, humanity humiliating, rapacious, vile and anti-life organization ever to suck its maggot teeth into the skin of the planet: the state.
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Adam Kokesh/Ben Farmer - Alleged Attempts to Dox, Hack, Harass, and Stalk
Adam Kokesh/Ben Farmer - Alleged Attempts to Dox, Hack, Harass, and Stalk via Professional Cyber Security Expert. (screenshots in linked post) Steemit article/screenshots: https://steemit.com/kokesh/@kafkanarchy84/adamkokesh-benfarmer-alleged-attempts-to-hack-dox-harass-and-stalk-me-using-a-professional-cyber-security-expert EDIT: phone number has been corroborated. See Steemit post.
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Quick Crypto Update: Thoughts on ADA Coin. What Say You?
Some brief thoughts on crypto and ADA. Please be sure to check out Jon Southurst’s channel and his interview with the CEO of IOHK.io.
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What is Peaceful Parenting?
An informal talk on the basics of peaceful parenting.
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Shit Scientism-ists Say!
See title.
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VOTE FOR JOE! HE’S A GOOD GUY! (Why even a 100% moral and PERFECT ruler, would still be immoral)
FREEEEEEEEEDOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! Is more important than your stupid purist principles! Oh, wait. Nope. Nope. It’s not. Because compromising the principle of individual self-ownership, even if no one is violated immediately, always results in violation down the line. This is why we call them PRINCIPLES (foundations) and THE VERY REASON WHY WE HAVE THEM. Sowing a poison seed and calling it Voluntaryism does not make things better, ultimately, or course!!!!
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Why Black and Yellow?
An explanation of the "AnCap flag" as well as brief comment on Ayn Rand's atlas shrugged and the power of money. Francisco's speech (Atlas Shrugged): http://www.working-minds.com/money.htm
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Voluntaryism is a Moral Observation
Voluntaryism springs from a desire to see all individuals afforded the same natural law rights. Why? Love, basically, and the desire to live and enjoy life.
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Gray Areas in the NAP? (Is Voluntaryism a Utopian Philosophy?)
A video for those who think market anarchists (Voluntaryists) are "pie-in-the-sky" dreamers. Talking about gray areas, and how, though problems would still exist, they would, by necessity, be infinitely less in independent societies/communities based on the nature-conferred, objective reality of individual self-ownership than in societies (current state) based on the legitimization of violent force.
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アンスクーリングやホームスクールの人探してる!Searching for Unschooling/Homeschooling Families in Japan!
ネットワークしたいのため、アンスクーリングの人を探しています!(^-^)/ Looking for families/individuals in Japan interested in, or currently doing, unschooling and/or homeschooling. 日本のアンスクーリンググループ作りたいです。 この動画を見て下さい!苦手の日本語ですみません。 I want to start a Japan Unschooling group/network. Forgive the poor Japanese in the vid!
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My favorite moment from the Roger Ver interview back in July.
Roger Ver on the nature of the state, and the importance of seeing human beings as...human. See the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYukgaeS6ts
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Public School is Child Abuse: The Importance of Flow; Authoritarianism’s Destruction of Creativity
Thoughts from my 6-year-old son, John Taylor Gatto, and John Lennon, on the cancer that is authoritarianism, and the abusive nature of compulsory schooling. How can we heal the world? Heal ourselves. How can we abolish the state? Refuse to inculcate its abusive doctrines, cult programming and mindless, heartless fear into the minds and hearts of our children, so they can grow up creative, happy, and free, instead of mindless, violent, depressed, and broken.
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Assault of the postmodern plague! Watch out for zombies! Logic repels them!
A thanks to the rare breed that still cares about meaning. The postmodern hordes are upon us. Logic is a rare gem, hard to be found, these days, it would seem.
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Anarchy is Common Sense. Nature is Property.
Is your body proper to you? Do you understand what this means? It’s your property, biology, and indeed reality itself, attest to this. Do you know that nature says everything? There is no need to overcomplicate things. There are only two types of people in the world: Those who value peace, and those who don’t. Most are the former. But many are still brainwashed.
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Why Transparency Matters: Solving the Vaccine "Debate"
How does one "solve" a debate? Well, the point being made is that the current "debate" is not a debate at all, but a media/state-fueled fiasco. Parents need to stand up for transparency before arguing about anything else. Links: Tuskegee Experiment/CDC Whistle blower: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LhpckzxVEoc Julie Gerberding (Director of CDC) on CNN: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh-nkD5LSIg Dr. Suzanne Humphries Interview: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=BpC0Tbb3diI Vaccine Ingredients (CDC): http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf
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Self-Ownership and Property: Not Mere "Social Norms," but Reality Itself.
Brief talk on Twitter/Periscope LIVE clearing up some common misconceptions in the anarchist community about property and self-ownership.
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The Failure of the State is the Salvation of the Individual
A short talk inspired by the three words: "let it fail."
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Blockchain Tech: Anarchist Paradise or Orwellian Nightmare?
Thoughts on the potential double-edged sword of the crypto revolution regarding state surveillance. Discussing new and promising coins such as Civic (CVC) along with potential pitfalls. As an emphatically pro-crypto, blockchain evangelist, I think it is also important from time to time to reflect on potential detriments of "life on the blockchain."
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What is Self-Ownership?
A brief definition of self-ownership.
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How the Meek Inherit: You’ve Got to Say “No.”
For those who need to hear it.
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Clarification of my stance on vaccines and open invitation to formal debate.
**Clarification of my stance on vaccines, and why mandatory vaccination is definitely an issue pertinent to Anarcho-Capitalism/Voluntaryism. PLUS: OPEN INVITATION TO FORMAL DEBATE.** *** * Forced vaccination is definitely an issue pertinent to libertarianism! * I do not think the "science is settled." * I do not support each and every point raised in each and every article I share on social media. *** # I have been looking for individuals who would like to debate me in a formal setting. A couple example resolutions include: * Forced vaccination is not always a violation of individual self-ownership * The science is settled. No peer-reviewed, published studies warrant further investigation into the are of vaccine safety/efficacy. *** # I will gladly formally debate either of the above resolutions, arguing the *negative.* *** # Please enjoy the FB LIVE! Peace!
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“By the Power Vested in Me” Kokesh 2020 Chooses Platform Over Property
“The entire concept of voting for someone to rule you...of imposing your choice of a leader on someone else, is unethical.” ~ Adam Kokesh “...by the power invested in me by the American people through the American electoral process...” ~ Adam Kokesh If the two quotes above seem to contradict one another well, that’s because they do. What is the “the American people” to an individualist anarchist? And since when has the “American electoral process” been a legitimate means by which a voluntaryist can gain authority or claim ownership of property? In this video I analyze some of Adam Kokesh’s confused ideas on voting, his “presidential platform,” and most importantly, point out the philosophically irreconcilable differences, and outright incompatibilities between his plan, and the foundational, logically sound voluntaryist/anarchist property ethic. To the Kokesh fans out there (of which I very recently was one) I would encourage you to examine the content and arguments made in this video, objectively, carefully, and rationally, before raising counterpoints or slinging mud in the comments section. Cheers!
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Holy Shit What is Going On
Some crazy shit has been happening in my town. People behaving very strangely.
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No, #Crypto Is Not Going To End The State
No, #crypto is not going to end the state. Anymore than hammers can build a house. Without an accompanying philosophical revolution, and a mass, flash flood adoption, it’s just another means for the state to fuck you over.
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The Self-Imposed Prison of Societal Pressure, Worry, and Perfectionism (more thoughts on parenting)
This is kind of a continuation of a post I did previously on Steemit that can be found here: https://steemit.com/freedom/@kafkanarchy84/the-kind-of-dad-i-want-to-be-being-afraid-that-you-are-not-doing-good-enough-can-make-you-do-worse-in-any-arena-including Sometimes the fear, worry, and shame we may feel as parents or even just as individuals (regardless of parental status) isn't even our own, though we may identify it as such. To me, becoming who you are is the essence of anarchism, and to do that, these false prisons of fear, doubt, worry, guilt and shame should be brought into one's clear awareness, and seen for what they are. Not fought, but seen, accepted, and then left behind. Once aware of these things, our lives automatically change.
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Doing *Genuine* Business as an Anarchist
Why anarchists are better than "salesmen."
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A.C.A.B. - There are no "good cops" (a more in-depth explanation of an oft-uttered assertion)
There are no good cops. Explaining why all cops, when they are acting as cops, really are bastards - illegitimate children of the state, unsavory and violent towards their fellow men. Topics: Drug War Civil Asset Forfeiture Natural Law Taxation Aiyana Jones Kelly Thomas Border Patrol Agents Encourage Teen to Drink Meth "Special" Morality/Moral "Waiver" Due to Badge/Title
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PULIS STATEMENT ON KOKESH 2020 / Ben Farmer threats, allegations
Press Secretary for Adam Kokesh 2020 blocking/deleting comments regarding recent allegations of hacking, stalking, and cyber crime: https://steemit.com/kokesh/@kafkanarchy84/benfarmer-adamkokesh-silent-on-alledged-threats-after-over-24-hours
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Stalked at the Home Center (Religion is a Parasite/MLM Marketing Scam)
Had a funny, annoying, and kind of sad encounter today at the home and garden center here in the small town where I live. There are many small cults in Japan, and it’s not uncommon for them to seek you out at your home, but this time was a really “aggressive” sales pitch, right in the middle of my shopping for a new charcoal grill. Religion to me is anything that one puts before one’s own nature-given mind and sense. It’s a parasite, because it hijacks a human’s brain, replacing original, genuine thought with rehearsed programs and things one is “supposed to” believe, think, or feel. When you’re religious, you cannot connect on a genuine human level with anyone, because—much like in multi-level marketing scams—everyone is just a mark, ultimately, in your scam to feel holy and “save” them.
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Switzerland and Liberty, What's the Score?
Is Switzerland a "libertarian" country (I know that's an oxymoron)?
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Debate Invitation for Christopher Chase Rachels
PROPOSED RESOLUTION: Some individuals are less intelligent than others because of race. I wish to argue in the negative. Radical Capitalist article: https://radicalcapitalist.org/2017/07/20/black-vs-white-iq-culture-and-civilization/
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The Joys of Being a Dirty, Filthy Capitalist: Why the "selfishness" of the free market works best.
After making a private crypto transaction recently, I was struck afresh by the beauty and true genius of what is commonly referred to as the "free market." Self-interested actors not being leeched upon by outside parties in economic transactions are the most powerful remedy to poverty and lack. Self-interested, theft and violence-free transactions are also (and this most importantly) the only ethically sound transactions that exist.
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Police Worshippers Defend Rape of 20-Year-Old Woman in Texas.
I finally got around to watching the video and reading the story of the rape of 20-year-old Charnesia Corley in Harris County, Texas. While this is shocking enough, I was more appalled to see hundreds of individuals DEFENDING THIS RAPE on social media. Self-defensive action, up to and including lethal force, would have been justified to stop this violation.
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Unschooling: Go-Karts, Monorails, and Bike Wrecks!
A day out at a unique park in Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata, Japan, Learning how to ride a bike is an important part of life. So is learning how to wreck. *** My son Isaiah and I visited Koutsu Park today, in a nearby town called Tsubame-Sanjo, and had a blast. We were only there a short while, but that short while was loaded with laughs and quality bonding time. It was hot as hell today, too, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We tried out the go-karts, the pedal-powered monorail, and played in the miniature town they have set up so kids can practice their driving skills with real traffic lights and intersections. Pretty cool stuff. Isaiah had been there before, so he got to be the leader today and show me the ropes. He took charge of the go-kart, having me press the gas while he steered. On the monorail, I pedaled as nearly as fast as I could and got the thing going at a pretty good clip. It actually had me a little spooked up there, wondering if I pushed it too hard whether it might wobble off the track and send us tumbling to the ground. Isaiah was laughing pretty hard, though, and seemed unfazed. Before we left, Isaiah had his first real bike wreck, with battle wounds to show for it, too. As he was riding the bike back to the parking area, he misjudged the size of a small curb and took a tumble. The bike fell on top of him. He was more shocked than anything, but did get a pretty good scrape on his neck. Once he felt a little better, we had a chance to talk about why it's okay to wreck, and not to feel bad about it, as we have to make mistakes to learn. Upon returning to his mom's business meeting, he proudly showed off his battle wounds to the aromatherapy ladies and looked proud of his feat amidst their pampering, feminine concern. We had a great time. And this is what unschooling is all about. We read signs at the park, talked about the traffic lights and various situations that arise (I pretended to be an old man still on the crosswalk when the light turned green) and what to do about them, and really enjoyed being together. None of it was a planned "lesson" at all, or anything like that. We were just there to *have fun.* I hope you'll enjoy this video, and thanks for reading!
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BitforTip.com: Ask and Answer Inquiries--Get Paid BTC!
A review of bitfortip.com, a website that incentivizes providing valuable information to others.
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