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IS2 : シャル:「一夏お兄ちゃん!」- Vita TV Gameplay
IS2 videos were so hot,so here is another one for IS lovers. IS2 : シャルの耳かき https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLYG1yTJBfw And I recently taking break from CSGO for a while.I am playing some old games on Xbox 360(NFS:MostWanted,JUICED 2,Forza 3...etc). I am looking forward about the Xbox One sale in Taiwan in Sep,wait Forza 5 for a long time.even though I can't play it in summer :(
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恋×シンアイ彼女:「おにーちゃん!!」 - PC Gameplay
if you would like to see the game's unboxing , here is my blog: http://pvtbun.blogspot.com/2015/11/blog-post.html
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IS2 : シャルの耳かき - Vita TV Gameplay
Awesome!!! :D My upload more IS2 gameplay later Watch the main story:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jba6x8AuwNs Watch unboxing video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5To3myXPc2E
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ニセコイ ヨメイリ!?:橘万里花との特別イベント - Vita TV Gameplay
Got this game yesterday.Except the Vita TV version use the same touch screen system makes the QTE(?) harder,I Pretty like it so far,you could choose girl you want to meet every day in game!!:D
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IS2 : シャル篇 End - Vita TV Gameplay
Last scene in the Sharurotto story,a little sad :( 夏露篇的最後一段,有點感傷:( Watch the previous IS2 video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jba6x8AuwNs
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恋×シンアイ彼女 聖地巡礼
丁度この前日本に行った時、神戸で撮ったモノ。まぁ、恋カケの結末はちょっと変わったけど、個人的には気に入ってるね。 聖地巡礼について詳しい説明とマップはこちら(中国語だけど): http://pvtbun.blogspot.com/2017/03/blog-post.html 2015年恋カケを購入した時の記事: http://pvtbun.blogspot.com/2015/11/blog-post.html 恋カケの終章記事: http://pvtbun.blogspot.com/2015/12/blog-post.html
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星織ユメミライ:篠崎真里花 結婚シーン - PC Gameplay
The wedding scene in the story,seems like they put lots of work on this:D
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星織ユメミライ:篠崎 真里花 - PC Gameplay
Played this game recently and I pretty like the atmosphere in story so far:D Watch 星織ユメミライ:篠崎真里花 結婚シーン:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSS02UkQO1s
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IS2 : シャル篇 - Vita TV Gamplay
One scene in the Sharurotto story,which the Orimura lost his memory and Sharurotto act as a fake wife in order to let him remind past time by making a strong difference. In the gameplay Orimura find that Sharurotto isn't his wife,but though he still not remind the past time. 其中一段夏露篇的劇情,一夏失去記憶後,夏露為了讓他喚回記憶,製造一個跟以前不一樣的環境讓他能夠被刺激發現,跟大家合作騙他她是他的老婆而且已經結婚了。 在影片中一夏發現夏露其實不是他的老婆,但是他仍然還沒喚醒記憶。 Watch the Ending:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5MXgGGJ47M
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SUAV Unlock and kill! | Battlefield 4 Gameplay by Pvt-BUN
It's pretty fun:D I may unlock the UCAV later
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干物妹!うまるちゃん ~干物妹!育成計画~:叶課長のシーン - Vita TV Gameplay
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War Mode Minitage | A Call of Duty: WWII PC BETA Montage
_ ► MUSIC: T & Sugah x NCT - Stardust (feat. Miyoki) [NCS Release] Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pfDp6Wrf6Y T & Sugah • https://soundcloud.com/t-and-sugah • https://www.facebook.com/T.and.Sugah/ • https://www.youtube.com/user/tandsugah NCT • https://www.youtube.com/user/NCTmusick • https://www.facebook.com/NCTdnb • https://soundcloud.com/nct-1 Miyoki (vocalist) • https://soundcloud.com/miyokiofficial • https://www.facebook.com/MiyokiOfficial • https://twitter.com/miyokiofficial • https://www.youtube.com/user/miyokimono
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What did you say?
Shut that guy's mouth with my swag7 :P Song:Krewella - Say Goodbye
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AKIBA'S TRIP 2(Taiwan Ver.) - PS Vita TV Gameplay
Just bought Vita TV yesterday,got some AKIBA'S TRIP 2 gameplay:D Record in computer,use c985 display,oCam record 昨天剛跑去買了Vita TV,錄了一段秋葉原之旅2(台版)的影片:D Watch IS2 Vita TV Gameplay:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jba6x8AuwNs
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iNewsekai sever update,超次元ゲイム ネプテューヌMod!
New update of the neta sever,ネブギア!!! 捏它伺服器的改版,多了ネブギア的Mod等等!!!
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iNewsekai ネタsever update - CS:GO PC Gameplay
The sever on CSGO is still testing,they put lots of work on this sever. And here are some rounds in different maps,the sever contents may change in the future. sever site:https://sites.google.com/site/inewskcsgo/ sever's steam group:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/iNewsekai
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Arma3-Lone survivor mission mod-First try
The lone survivor mission's mod,may upload more later with more player. "紅翼行動"的Arma3任務模組,模擬原本任務沒有遭遇牧羊人的情況,晚點應該會上傳更多玩家的影片。
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a little bit gameplay:D Watch IS2 Gameplay here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jba6x8AuwNs
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First time meeting the ghost house in BURIED |A Black Ops 2 COOP gameplay(w/S.M.T.)
A BO2 DLC's new zombie map BURIED's gameplay that we first time get in that ghost house without guide,and in the end,we trying get to the second floor but we all died. 一段我跟朋友玩BO2新殭屍地圖BURIED的影片,在一開始我們在沒看攻略下進去地圖內的鬼屋,結果遇到一大堆女鬼,在最後我們試著逃離跑往二樓但是我們全都死了:(
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Begging-A CS:GO Montage trailer
So since last year about November,my friends and I started playing CSGO's competitive mode,and we got some good demo!So I decided to make a CSGO Montage/Fragemoive.The montage itself is almost done(85% progress),so this is kind of trailer.I hope there would be more people watch this!:D 從去年大概十一月,朋友們決定開始玩CSGO的競技模式,然後我們有玩幾場不錯的畫面,所以我那時決定製作一個CSGO的Montage/Fragmoive,然後影片本身已經大約完成了,所以這個有點像是前導預告片。希望有更多人能看到這部影片本身:D If you like this,I hope you could subscribe for not missing the newest video!:) 如果你喜歡這個影片,希望能夠訂閱這個頻道,就不會錯過最新的影片了!:)
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新次元ゲイム ネプテューヌVⅡ:巨大戦(新システム)- PS4 Gameplay
ようやく私のPS4が届いた、あのノワールHDDベイカバーが付いてるバージョン!凄く楽しかった!そして今回は新たなシステムを見せようと思う、楽しんでもらえたら嬉しいだ。 終於我的PS4送到啦~之前預購,附加諾瓦魯的硬碟殼的版本,這次影片則是新次元新加的新系統,還有一小段故事。 Finally my PS4 arrived,with the NOIRE theme's PS4 cover!:D
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RESTART|A CS:GO Fragmovie/Montage by Pvt.BUN
I hope you enjoy this montage:D.楽しんでもらえたら嬉しいです。希望你們喜歡:D MUSIC: instrumental core - become a legend Dope Arcade - Ascension (MitiS Remix)
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Beginning|A CS:GO Fragmovie/Montage by Pvt.BUN
Watch CS:GO MatchMaking Miniclip:http://youtu.be/219PrR8IOmY I hope you enjoy this! If you enjoy this,don't forget the thumbs up! And if I could get your subscribe,the pleasure is all mine:) 希望您喜歡這部影片!如果你很喜歡,別忘了按下"喜歡",然後我非常榮幸如果可以得到你的訂閱喔:) Sound Track Mr FijiWiji - Insomnia Kevin Drew ft. Taryn Manning - Summer Ashes (Kevin Drew [KDrew] VIP Remix) MitiS & MaHi - Blu
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Need For speed Rivals-GTR Undercover car gameplay by Pvt-BUN
One of the few japanese cars in Rivals,pretty fun when using the undercover car.It's just so cool!
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CS:GO Live MatchMaking Montage By Pvt.BUN
這次的Montage嘗試了一些新東西,可以的話很希望能夠給我一個"喜歡"。 This time I tried some new stuff in my new Montage. I hope you like it , and if you could give me a thumbs up that would be more cool ! 這次我嘗試了現場錄影的方式,希望能帶給大家競技模式緊張的感覺,像是大家緊張報位的聲音,或者只剩下你一個人時,全隊的人都在看你,當你扳回一城時大家興奮的呼聲......等等:D This time I tried live recording,hope I could let other people feel the matchmaking's atmosphere .Like teammate told you the enemy's position he/she saw,or the last man standing situation,when you make that clutch,teammates screaming like crazy...etc:D
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GRID Autosport: S15 in Drift Mode - PC Gameplay
Tried this game again since I was too scared about the cockpit view,how can they do this...can't understand. Anyway,about the autosport's drift mode,I think is harder then GRID and took me sometime to handle it. So here is the best lap I did so far,but I think I could do more better ?:P
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Return|A GRID 2 Montage by Pvt.BUN
My first race monatge,I hope you enjoy!=w= 我的第一個賽車Montage,希望你們喜歡!=w= I do not own the copyright of the music part,it belongs to Feint,I tried to contact him but I didn't get a reply:(( Anyway,I hope Feint and all the people who watched this will like it. 我沒有音樂部份的版權,它屬於Feint的,我試著連絡它可是沒有得到回覆 總之,希望Feint還有所有看的人喜歡這部影片. Fient:http://www.youtube.com/user/FeintDnB This Song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hg4PTdXbzQ
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Payday 2: Armored Transport DLC/New Commando553(SG553) gameplay-by Pvt.BUN w/S.M.T
One of the mission in Armored Transport DLC,Played this with S.M.T's friends,Hope you enjoyed!:D
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Pvt-BUN|My First Battlefield 3 Montage
So here is my first BF3 montage,I hope you enjoy!:) First part in the video is all gun fight,and the second part is all vehicles 我的第一部戰地風雲3 Montage,希望各位能喜歡!:) 影片的第一部分是純槍戰,第二部分是載具戰 The name of this montage is my name in games,Pvt-BUN.I also want to thanks all my friends who help me,making montage is one of my dreams,and I finally made it! Montage的名稱就是我的遊戲名,Pvt-BUN.同時我要謝謝所有幫助我的朋友,做這影片是我其中的夢想之一,然後我終於達成了!
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LIMITLESS|A Rainbow Six Siege Montage by Pvt.BUN
It's been a while since my last montage,I'm kind of busy playing the other games(AVG stuffs). Anyway, hope you enjoy this montage!:D この前ちょっとギャルゲーをやりすぎて、あんまり動画をアップしませんでした(›´ω`‹ )。まぁ、今回の動画も楽しんでもらえたら嬉しいです! 去年下半年跑去玩其他遊戲所以沒做甚麼影片,不過這次的影片也希望你們能喜歡:D MUSIC: Crown The Empire - Limitless ft. Denis from MAKE ME FAMOUS Game LIFE's website and Facebook: http://gamelife.tw/ https://www.facebook.com/gamelife.tw
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Armed Strike|A Battlefield 3 Montage by Pvt-BUN
So here is my 5th Montage,the best one so far,I hope you enjoy! Song:Brand X Music-All Or Nothing
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Team Orange Mitsubishi Evo X|A GRID2 Miniclip by Pvt-BUN
Bought the newest GRID2 DLC:Drift Pack today,and got the awesome D1GP Evo X.I really love this car in reality,pretty exciting when I driving this car in game! So I make this miniclip,hope you enjoy!:) Song:Phil Rey - Invasion Phil Rey:https://www.facebook.com/philippereycomposer 今天買了最新的GRID2 DLC:Drift Pack,得到了超棒的D1GP Evo X.我真的很喜歡在現實的這台車,在遊戲開的時候很興奮! 所以我做了這段影片,希望你們喜歡!:)
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The Crew Beta funny bugs miniclip
I pretty like the beta and I can see the hard work they do in this game. But the beta's bugs are too funny that I can't help my self post this XD
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CS:GO MatchMaking Miniclip by Pvt.BUN
Watch Begging |A CS:GO Fragmovie/Montage :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEoWYAmG2_s Some clips I played recently,Hope you enjoy this :D BGM:Launch
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Battlefield 4 Beta Montage by Pvt-BUN
So here is the video which I recently play,make a small montage,I hope you enjoyed! Song:Stan SB-Anyone Out There (Original Mix)
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Garry's MOD:Cheeki Breeki!! w/S.M.T
Okay...actually,I don't know what's Cheeki Breeki meaning when I playing:P
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Going Global |A GRID 2 miniclip by Pvt.BUN
GRID 2 is really fun,so I made another GRID 2 clip with music. I think the best parts of the video are the last 40 seconds and the EPIC music by Philippe Rey,also thanks for him to let me use his awesome music! GRID 2真的不錯玩,所以我做了另外一個GRID2音樂短片 我想這部影片最好的部分是最後40秒,以及史詩般的音樂來自Philippe Rey,同時感謝他讓我能使用他精彩無比的音樂! In the video,I took my R34 to the final race of season 3,and after the last round,came with new garage,new achievement unlock! 在影片中,我開著R34參加最後一個第三季的比賽,在最後一局結束後,迎來了新車庫,還有新成就解鎖! Song:Philippe Rey-Princess Warrior Buy Music here:http://phreymusic.bandcamp.com/album/the-mythomelodeicon Philippe Rey:https://www.facebook.com/philippereycomposer
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The first Taiwan neta sever|A Counter-Strike: Source commentary(Chinese)
各種原因,被邀請來玩快三年沒長時間玩的CSS,但這次進的伺服器非常特別,我也非常喜歡,另外一種CS的全新體驗! 詳細說明請看影片介紹,第一次做這種介紹影片,收音效果差還請見諒~ Sever motd:https://sites.google.com/site/inewsekai/ Sever club:http://steamcommunity.com/groups/iNewsekai
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2nd|A Battlefield 3 Montage by Pvt-BUN
My 2nd BF3 Montage!Hope you like this one's style!:) Song:Phil Rey - Dark Angel/Princess Warrior Phil Rey:www.facebook.com/philippereycomposer My facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Pvtbun 我的第二個BF3 Montage!希望你們喜歡這次的風格!:)
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Battlefield 3|AN-94 23kills gameplay
A teamwork gameplay with my friends:D 跟我朋友團隊合作的畫面:D
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CS:GO New Map Castle Gameplay & Mission Complete
Just finished the hole mission ,I got lucky when I going the Black Gold map mission. The other one I think you just need to find a room that is full of people and that would be easy,good luck!
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Titanfall Beta - PC Gameplay by Pvt-BUN
Got the key today,I am pretty like this gamestyle,combined BF and COD style together perfectly,and make even more better than BF4,COD Ghost. So the video is some intensive parts which I recorded tonight,It's really easy to play,the gameplay is my 2th,3rd rounds in Titanfall.
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MY RESTART - A CS:GO Miniclip by Pvt.BUN
Some live MM gameplay I recorded when I was making the "RESTART" montage.Hope you enjoy too! Music:Mark Petrie - Kara Kul
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CS:GO-Anti Ninja Defuse! PC Gameplay
the enemy team were trying hard to make ninja defuse:P
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鼓掌要怎麼說? - CSGO Daily life w/S.M.T
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Wing Destroyer|A Battlefield 3 Montage by Pvt-BUN
So after the 2nd montage came out about one month ago,I think it's time to make another montage. But this time I tried another style,which was a tank only video with a strong rhythm music,I hope you enjoy this video,and feel free to share the video link to your friends! Use song:Varien - "Future Funk"
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Overwatch Funny moment / multi-kill - PC Gameplay
Some overwatch gameplay with friends :D
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