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Simple solar setup for my Runaway Camper.
Just highlighting the very simple solar system that I installed in my Runaway Camper to charge and power my devices.
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Runaway Camper time lapse set up from arrival to relaxation.
A quick video of how fast you can set camp with the Runaway Camper. Arrival to relaxation in no time.
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Runaway Camper condensation tip.
When in a Runaway Camper, to avoid condensation, try using a sunroof vent visor. It will help with providing more ventilation for a comfortable night sleep.
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UCO Candlelier test in the Runaway Camper
Testing the UCO Candlelier candle lantern for its heating ability.
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Mr Heater Golf Buddy test in the Runaway Camper.
First test of the Mr Heater brand Golf Buddy on a cold 15 degree Cape Cod day.
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Ryobi 2200 inverter generator overview.
A quick overview of the Ryobi 2200 generator that I use to power my Runaway Camper.
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Sharing the FITH OPS perimeter trip alarm for camping.
Out camping and sharing a great gadget for maintaining a safe campsite. Thanks for watching.
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Trying the new BioLite 2 for the first time.
Out camping in my Runaway Camper and trying out the new BioLite wood burning camp stove and enjoying the great outdoors.
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Runaway Camper tarp setup
Shows how to use the Kelty Noah tarp to add useable space to the Runaway camper.
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BioLite SolarHome 620, lets take a look.
Out on a nice three day Runaway camping trip, and checking out the BioLite SolarHome 620. Great for everyday use, or for emergencies.
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Smith and Wesson M&P Bodyguard.380 CCW review.
My choice for a summer weight CCW. Can be carried without detection with almost any summer outfit.
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Runaway Camper Chuck Box
This is how I cook while camping with the Runaway.
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Runaway Camper
Some of the possibilities when you own a Runaway Camper.
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Thompson/Center Contender  Quality, Value, Versatility
A look at the Thompson Center Contender, and how versatile it is.
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Hennessy Expedition Asym Zip Hammock quick overview.
Out for the night on the mountains in my new hammock. For more information on the hammock go to www.hennessyhammock.com.
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Maxpedition micro pocket organizer, bare minimum kit.
Back from a hike, and relaxing in the Runaway Camper. Showing what I consider to be the bare minimum to bring out on a hike.
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Springfield Armory M6 Scout overview.
Out on a squirrel hunt, and giving a quick overview of the Springfield Armory M6 Scout. I'm my opinion, the best bushcraft firearm. (Too bad it is no longer manufactured.)
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Maxpedition Gyrfalcon Backpack quick overview.
Out for a hike, and trying out the new Maxpedition Gyrfalcon for the first time. For more information, go to www.maxpedition.com
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Sharing the BioLite FirePit
Just home enjoying the new BioLite FirePit, another well designed tool to help enjoy the great outdoors. Happy Labor Day everyone.
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Testing the Bushnell Backtrack G2 GPS unit on a beautiful day out hiking.
Out enjoying the great outdoors with the Bushnell Backtrack G2 GPS unit. Great little device to help get you home safely.
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Sharing the Midland Basecamp XT511, great radio.
Out on a camping trip in the Runaway Camper and sharing the Midland Basecamp XT511. Great everyday and emergency radio.
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Testing My Evinrude Lightwin 3HP 1960-1961
Antique outboard motor
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Which .22 rifle do I take backpacking?
Four rifles that I have used for backpacking and survival. Charter Arms AR-7 Explorer Chiappa Little Badger Ruger 10-22 breakdown Springfield M6 Scout
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Bark River Aurora II, A quick overview on a nice three day camping trip.
Out for a few days in the Swamp, and trying my new Bark River Aurora II bushcrafting knife. Enjoying the great outdoors.
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Cold weather carry with the Guide Gear holster and Ruger Super Blackhawk.
Out exploring with the Guide Gear holster and my Ruger Super Blackhawk. Perfect for cold weather carry. Sorry about the river and wind noice.
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Clipdraw installed on a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380.
A very handy clip that can be installed on many different firearms, Clipdraw, American made.
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Runaway Camper
I don't work for Runaway, but I love their products. Www..runaway campers.com
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Olympus TG-4 Tough, time lapse test at Ned's Point Mattapoisett MA.
Trying out my new Olympus TG-4 Tough after breaking my last one. Testing the time lapse feature while relaxing at Ned's Point.
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A quick overview of the Leatherman OHT. "One Hand Tool"
Out doing some squirrel hunting, and doing a quick overview on the Leatherman OHT. Great tool for a first responder, or anyone that can only use one hand.
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TentCot by KampRite, a campers spare room.
Out for a camping trip on Cape Cod, and sharing the TentCot. Great when you want quick, easy, spare sleeping area.
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Optimus Crux Lite Solo cook system first use.
Out for a snowshoe hike, and testing the Optimus Crux Lite Solo cook system.
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REI Passage 2 three season, two person tent overview.
Out in Haskell's Swamp by the old power lines testing out the three season REI Passage 2, two person tent on a three day camping trip. Enjoying the great outdoors.
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Stove Tec Firefly Lantern / Biomass Cookstove
A quick overview of the Firefly Lantern by Stove Tec. Great little biomass lantern / stove. Great source for light and heat while at Basecamp. Thanks for watching.
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Texsport butane stove. Great for power outage and camping.
Enjoying the great outdoors, and sharing the Texsport butane camp stove. Great for truck camping and for use during power outages. Thanks for watching.
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Ruger LCRx .38 Special +P First impression
Trying out my new pack gun for backpacking, hiking and camping.
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Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL ferrocerium rod fire starter first try.
Out on a camping trip and trying the Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL. Tiny tool to help keep you safe in the great outdoors.
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A quick opinion on the Big Agnes Fly Creek High Volume backpacking tent.
Out on a five day solo camp / hike and trying out the Big Agnes Fly Creek High Volume backpacking tent and enjoying the great outdoors.
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BioLite SunLight, Great for camping or emergency
Heading out for a camping trip and wanted to share the BioLite SunLight, and a great light with unlimited possibilities.
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Relic hunting with the Fisher F2 metal detector.
Out for the day relic hunting and enjoying some beautiful Fall weather in New England. Using the Fisher F2 metal detector.
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72 Hour Evacuation or Bug Out Gear
FEMA recommends that we are prepared for a 72 hour evacuation, this is what I use.
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Bark River Knives bushcraft knife, first use.
Out on a camping trip, and trying out a Bark River bushcraft knife that a friend of mine let me borrow.
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Luci inflatable solar light / lantern review.
Out camping and testing the Luci inflatable solar light. Great light for the Runaway Camper, tent or hammock camping and backpacking.
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Streamlight ProTac HL headlamp overview.
Sharing an opinion on the Streamlight ProTac HL headlamp. Please note that the video of the light in action did not accurately capture how bright these really are. Hard to believe it's a headlamp.
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The Goal Zero Torch 250.  Great for home and camping.
A quick look at the GoalZero Torch 250. Great for home, camping, and emergencies.
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Cuddeback Black Flash E3 Trail Camera quick overview.
Just out trying out my new Cuddeback Black Flash trail camera.
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First Cape Cod blizzard of 2018.
Just enjoying the great outdoors, and sharing the first blizzard of 2018, and a quick flight with the DJI Spark drone.
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Viewer Question: "What's so GREAT about the outdoors!!"
Not my normal video, but I was asked by an upset viewer "What's so (expletive) great about the outdoors, tell me one thing!!" So here is over 100 things that's great about the outdoors. Thanks for watching.
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DJI Phantom 3 4K Point of Interest mode.
A real quick overview of the point of interest mode on the DJI Phantom 3-4K. It a handy mode that can be used to highlight things or areas that you want to feature.
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DJI Spark, great new drone for backpacking.
Out trying out the new DJI Spark drone. Great when you want a drone, but weight and size is an issue. Thanks for enjoying the great outdoors with me.
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Out fishing and trying the Lew’s TeleSpeed spinning combo.
Out enjoying the great outdoors on Mashpee Wakeby Pond on Cape Cod for a fishing trip and trying out a new pack rod and reel from Lew’s.
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