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Updated Van tour of Tank for new Subs!
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Prequel to The Six Husbands!
Some other stuff too I'm sure!
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Great great movie! And rooming with Terry!
This was a great movie all but take a box of tissues! More on rooming with Terry to come in a future video! Thank you for all your cards and letters I do appreciate every one of them I got a really funny one today I'll have to share it with y'all next time!
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Seasonal Affective Disorder! πŸ™πŸΆ
And other stuff!
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How and why I became a Van Dweller!
SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! YOU GUYS!!! And mostly U Women!!πŸ˜‰
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Supplemental income and my brother John Paul!
Yeah I really should have made this into two separate videos and I apologize for the length of it I've never made a video this long and I shoulda known better but I'm not going to do it over!
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Oh man I'm going to lose subscribers and viewers now!
Only y'all are in control of that!
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Way before Van Life,  # 4! Part 2
Sorry this is so long! And boring to some, y'all Men!
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Peek at the Little Blue Cottage!
I am fairly vibrating with excitement y'all! At this time the inspections have been completed and we have the inspections completed, but y'all know that I made this video a while back! Can't wait to show you the whole enchilada! Please do something fun today!
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Pic of Me and Sam! My Last Home, a Studio. 2013
Just a slide I created with YouTube editor! Boy was this hard! I tried to add music but was unsuccessful! Also I forgot to add the intro first!
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Living in your van on Social Security!πŸ™πŸΆ
I so appreciate each and everyone of you who support me thank you so much!πŸ’Ÿ
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Meeting Kate at Slab City, touring her wonderful van, and meeting up on our next trip!
I so appreciate y'all being understanding about my amateur camera usage! I just have loved meeting Kate she is the sweetest woman! not to mention beautiful ! And I plan on meeting up with her very soon! She has a channel y'all and I messed it up in another video! And I'm so sorry about that Kate! Her Channel is Southern Goodness and I hope that y'all will check it out!
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The Little blue Cottage is on!
I cannot believe that this video is not monetized! I have no idea why !? Can you believe it, we finally got Park approval! Things should start moving along pretty good now at least we hope! I will try to get a video tomorrow of the termite inspection and also of the Home Inspection! do something fun today!
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Solar, part 1 ! Hazel is about to get the shock of her life! Meeting the jungle! :-)
Jay! Check your Freezer, behind the ice pack! ; ) I cannot believe how well Hazel did! She and Magnum had the same purpose to get outside close to their mom and dad LOL!
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Rating the shower, Irene arrival and the pre RTR!
Well we made it guys with no incidents which is wonderful! Now we're going to head out to the pre RTR and meet some of the wonderful people that we have seen, talked to, commented on watched their videos all that good stuff! We're going to meet up with some of these great people and hopefully I'll get one or two of these little issues in Tank figured out! Lots of experts out here! Thanks for watching guys!
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My Big Blue Tank is all better!!
He still needs some stuff but boy he's running like a champ! I am so thankful!
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Made it to the RTR!
Lots and lots and lots of people here y'all it is getting so crowded I can't wait for the final headcount to see how many people showed up for this I guess tomorrow will be I guess tomorrow is not the first day tomorrow tonight anyway on the first day I'll do a little bit ago and let y'all know what happened! Whatsup?
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I have keys to the Little Blue Cottage!! # 1
Y'all, I made this video quite a while ago but escrow is closed and I have my keys!! πŸ˜‚πŸ‘I got them about 6 this evening! I hope you enjoy this first look of the Little Blue Cottage, it is pretty overwhelming, all the stuff that needs to be done! it'll be a lot of work but it will also be a lot of fun!
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Little Blue Cottage Dream outside!
paypal.me/debrajoy1 Y'all I can't get this video right to save my life but you do get the general idea! Just imagine some big, pink rose bushes in the front and you will pretty much have my dream yard! Do something fun today!
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😊 Our first Adventure in the new van! Headed to Santa Ana!
Y'all this is our first Adventure, we're going up to Santa Ana to spend the day with Susan and Steven! And WoW, was it a wonderful dayπŸ‘πŸ˜Š
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Husband number one part 2, the end.
I never loved this man y'all and I should have never married him! I'll give you an explanation for that another time.
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Air conditioning for the little blue Cottage!
Oh my goodness! What a blessing this is, it has been so hot and humid here that I was wondering how Hazel and I were going to survive at night time trying to sleep in basically a little tin can with some insulation! Almost like the van right?! The previous owner and his daughter are such nice people! Does anybody know how to build a little picnic table?πŸ˜‰ when I was living in Texas the last time I met a gentleman there and we became friends! I express my desire for a very small picnic table and so we built this one together. The paint I got at Lowe's in there oops Department, paint that people had mixed up and then change their mind about and returned! I always check this department you can get the best deals on paint!
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The highway puppy's name is Splash and he's a boy!
Thank goodness he has good owners they had to telephone numbers and his name on his tag! Emily promise that she would find his family! Thank the good Lord this little rescue turned out so well :-)
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Okay, what is going on! What am I going to do?
paypal.me/debrajoy1 Y'all be assured that I will do my best to help Terry in whatever transition he needs to do. I know what my limitations are. He deserves to be somewhere where he can get all the Care he needs! It is the responsibility of his daughter and not myself! She has to make these decisions at this point in his life. As for me well we never know what I'm going to get into, LOL I hope that you find the Artist as interesting as I did!
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Before living in a van, there was Husband # four!
Thank y'all so much for the Starbucks and the haircut!πŸ’
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Talking to the tax people! Not a bad experience at all!
paypal.me/debrajoy1 Ya'll, getting through to the tax folks was not too bad, not like what you would expect! The lady that I spoke to was very helpful! She explained the difference between Getting an extension and getting a payment plan! With the extension there are no interest or penalties, much better! Don't forget to do something Fun today!!
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Meet up with some YouTubers!!
This was a lot of fun Ya'll! I went a little crazy!!
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Bex Cat-herder is THE Best!!
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Homeless Forum πŸ™
Y'all can tell in this video how little patience I have and that I am really not a very nice person at all!
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Definitely not a how to video!
If any of y'all had believed that I could do a video like this, now you know, I Can't! LOL this is such a simple little solution for temporary curtains! They just provide a little bit of privacy! instead of double-sided tape I could use some really small thumbtacks! Do something fun today!
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The differences between living in your car and living in a van!
I tried and tried to remember the name of that insulation / window covering and it is reflectix y'all LOL!
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12/28 THE END of Renovations!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I hope you all enjoy this video! And I hope I did a good enough job doing it so that you guys can really see how gorgeous it is! I am so very blessed to be able to call The Little Blue Cottage my home! It is more than I could have ever dreamed of! Do something fun today!
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Takin the Van to Walmart!🐢 Hazel would not stay at MJ's! Campervan Kevin & Felix!πŸ˜‚
Phone and tablet keep cutting Off! I used Sweep cleaner and it seemed to help!
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Hazel's just chilling, the group, and a scorpion!
Hazel just loves to hang out in the van y'all! A nice group to hang out with! And burying a dead scorpion by fire! I had such a good time you guys, it's always so much fun to hang out with this group! They are very, very laid-back! I wish I could have gone on with them, but you know the doctors call!
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Caravan Carolyn hair washing technique at Slab City!
Instead of the 5-gallon cook pot that she used last year at the RTR, she has a black bladder that she fills with water hangs it off the side of her van and let it heat up! Then she has enough water to wash and rinse her hair! Thank you Carolyn for letting me video that and share it with my viewers! See you at the next campsite sweetie!
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Debrajoy yakking about meeting up with Houseless on Wheels!
Don't know why I always travel when it's so hot and so much traffic! Meeting up here at Denny's in Renton to meet Garrett! :-) I did not take any video, but I will post his!! We had a wonderful time!
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Nice mobile home for sale in Sahara Mobile Home Park!
This is a really nice mobile home that's for sale in Sahara Park. The good thing about this is that it's in a park where these spaces are rent-controlled! Only $450 a month!
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What I know about my Mum and our difficult relationship!
It was not all bad ya'll, there were lots of times that my mom and I would laugh over something stupid! And she could be a very, very good-hearted person! You've heard the term he would give you the shirt off his back, that's kind of how my mom was! It was just that it was easier for her to be kind to other people.
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Loss of volume and how I met Mary Jo!
Just got a different laptop same volume problem! Must Be My Bad hearing :-(
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Warning Senior Citizens and  Housing!
This is very scary you all and your life can change in a heartbeat and you need to be prepared! Sorry for the repetition!
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Just when you thought I was done! Safari Mobile Home Park! Palm Springs, still!
Yes another little mobile home park and it is awesome too! I wouldn't have a problem living here either, LOL! I hope you all are having fun watching some of these and aren't too tired of them cause I have more!! I really think this is the last one that I have already done and haven't published, that's not to say I won't find another one, lol! Do something fun today!
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What you all have asked for!!
Debrajoy, 603 Seagaze Drive # 331 Oceanside California 92054
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Brand new van bed! So, so soft!
Why don't they make our beds that soft? LOL
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Going to dinner with Lorett and Angie!
This is going to be so much fun y'all the last time I met up with them in Hollywood it was a blast! Oh yeah, except for the broken wrist! LOL I'm so looking forward to this! Y'all do something fun today!
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Blythe California and what happened to Kmart!?
paypal.me/debrajoy1 This is where people shop for most things when they are in Quartzite! But the Kmart is gone!!
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Old mobile home parks don't have to be bad!
This is a sweet little mobile home park that has very, very old trailers in it. I must say for a park of its age it looks very nice! I could totally live there and would much rather live there than an apartment! Only in California would you find these old single wide trailers that are $1,000 a month!
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Debrajoy's out of the van space!
No description necessary I don't think you can see my mess in there but that will get straightened out!
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Vicki and David's beautiful Class C!
They have two Rigs and they are beautiful!
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