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For Beginners How To Draw Girl Anime/Manga face
809K and counting 😭 This step by step tutorial is on how to draw a girls Anime/Manga Face. I didn't do nothing fancy, shading, details etc. because I tried to make it as simple as possible for beginners.
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For Beginners Step By Step Drawing Anime/Manga Girl Eyes
This is an easy step by step tutorial for beginners on how to draw Anime/Manga girl eyes.
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Drawing Girly Anime/Manga Eyes
*Available in HD This is how draw my girly anime/manga e
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Drawing a simple boy anime/manga eye
This video tutorial shows you how to draw a simple very easy anime/manga boy eye. Music: Dazzlin' Darlin by HHH Wallpaper Link: http://background-pictures.feedio.net/little-twin-stars-calendar-wallpapers-at-sanrio-little-twin-stars/img137.imageshack.us*img137*3824*1024768dec09.jpg/ TUMBLR: http://IvethBaby.tumblr.com/
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Drawing a basic full body anime/manga girl
Hello everyone this is a basic video for beginners on how to draw a full body anime or manga girl.
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Step by step drawing Chibiusa (Rini or ちびうさ) Sailor Moon
Hello everyone this my attempt on showing you how to draw Chibiusa from Sailor Moon for beginners. I hope it helps some of you! xoxo Background: http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2013/122/0/e/sailor_moon_background__season_2_by_annamarymarian-d63t694.jpg Song: Sailor Moon Super S Ending Song TUMBLR: http://IvethBaby.tumblr.com/
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How To Draw Anime or Manga Crying (The Easy Way)
Hello anime and manga lovers! Today I will show you an easy way I like to draw my anime/manga characters crying! :'( Please like comment or subscribe! If you have any request or comments send a message thank you!
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Challenge: Fast drawing Elsa from Disnye's Frozen (Prisma Colors)
Fast drawing my favorite character from Frozen Elsa! Music Credit: The Snow Queen Kevin MacLeod
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Sparkly Pink Dark Eye Makeup
~Better Quality In HD Pretty pink and black dark eye makeup. http://www.flickr.com/photos/horrificallyanelrosas/7980684969/in/photostream ~Items *White or light brown eyeshadow *Black eyeshadow *Pink sparkly eyeshadow *Liquid eyeliner *Pink eyeliner *White eyeliner *Mascara *Eyelashes (Optional) Song: Blacklisted Me
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