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PS3 - Project Diva F - Accessory Set
Today we take a look at an awesome new accessory set for the PS3. The Hatsune Miku Project Diva F Accessory Set for the PS3. This even includes a stand and stickers for the PS3 controller. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines - Limited Edition
Today we unbox an awesome limited edition game for the PS Vita. Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines is a PS Vita exclusive and this limited edition come with a pouch, skins, a cleaner cloth and a strap. Don't forget to leave a comment below to stand a chance to win a copy of this game. Enjoy!
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PS4 - A Realm Reborn collector's edition unboxing
Today we take a look at the limited / collectors edition of Final Fantasy a Realm Reborn for the PlayStation 4. This is a real awesome package and the in-game items are really great! Enjoy!
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PS Vita - CielNoSurge Offline - Agent Pack
Today we take a look at the Limited / Collectors edition of Ciel No Surge (Agent Pack) for the PlayStation Vita. Not only is this one awesome set of goods but it came with a bonus wall scroll. Enjoy!
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Dinner Time - Pork Cutlets & Cheese Curry
Today we take a look at a delicious curry dish found at CoCos. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Arnosurge Plus - Agent Pack
Today we unbox the limited / collectors edition of Arno Surge Plus (Agent Pack). Also, a scroll was included as a bonus item with this purchase. Enjoy!
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My PS4 Collection April 2014
Today we take a look at my PlayStation 4 gaming collection. It will grow and perhaps one day I will have the largest collection of PS4 games in the world... but not yet. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Dungeon Travelers 2 - Limited Edition & Bonus Goods
Today we unbox the awesome limited / collectors edition of Dungeon Travelers 2 for the PlayStation Vita. Once again I also got a bunch of bonus goods with this. Unfortunately I forgot to show the bag I also got but enjoy!
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Dinner Time - Japanese Convenience Store Food
Today we take a look at some food available at convenience stores in Japan. We take a look at nato, tea, cold noodles and dessert. Enjoy!
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Kingdom Hearts 3 - PS4 + Pro Editions (Consoles)
Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/omniomega Here we have both the PS4 and PS4 Pro editions of the new upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 game by Square-Enix. More TGS content coming
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PS Vita - Game Collection - Physical Copies
Today we take a look at my entire physical copy game library. Enjoy!
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Happy Birthday Takumi
Today a student of mine joins me as we open up a package for his birthday and then have some fun. Also, please wish him a happy birthday. His birthday in on the 30th of August. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Project Diva f
Next on Hatsune Miku Special is the unboxing and playing of the actual game. Let us take a look at Project Diva f on the PS Vita and see what it is all about. Enjoy!
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Japanese Lesson 1 - nihongo benkyou lesson ichi
Welcome to Nihongo Benkyou! Learn Japanese with NewOB and revise what you have learned by commenting with your answer from the question of the week. Who do you live with? Question: dare to isho ni sunde imasuka? Answer: ____________ to isho ni sundeimasu. The most creative answer will be used in the revision section of our next video. Video responses are more attractive. The words studied in this video are: 1. ie (house) 2. jyo ou (queen) 3. hanasu (speak) 4. atarashi toshi (new year) 5. mizu (water) Thanks for watching
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Japanese Lesson - Hiragana / Vocab - #2
Welcome back to another episode of Japanese Hiragana. In this episode we go over the next 10 hiragana characters, review the previous 10, learn new words and see the vocabulary we learnt fight against each other. I would have like to have put more time into this episode but I am extremely busy at the moment but let me know what you like, don't like and give me your ideas. Enjoy!
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Dinner Time - Yaki Soba + Calpis Drink
Today we once again have some convenience store food. The main meal for today is Yaki Soba but we also have two other items to eat and also a yummy drink. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - 這いよれ! ニャル子さん Limited Edition - Unboxing
Today we take a look at the unboxing of the limited edition of Haiyore! Nyaruko's on the PlayStation Vita. A real awesome bottle holder is included in the package. Enjoy!
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Dinner Time - Pizza-La (Japanese Pizza)
Today we take a look at Pizza-La in Japan. This is my favorite place to order pizza from and it is real good but the price is a little insane. Enjoy!
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Unboxing - Sony MDR-1RBT Wireless Stereo Headset
Today we take a look at the most amazing headset you will ever see. The Sony MDR-1RBT Wireless Stereo Headset is an amazing bluetooth headset with crystal clear sound. This is a device sony can be proud of. Enjoy!
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PS4 - Blade Arcus Ex - Tony's Premium Fan Box ( Crazy Unboxing)
Here is an unboxing of the Premium Limited Edition Box of Blade Arcus Ex. If you don't like the voice...... too bad, too sad. Enjoy my great and wise fellow YouTubers!
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Dinner Time - Spicy Mos Cheese Burger & Nan
Today we get takeaways from a Japanese Burger Joint called Mos Burger. We also get some Indian type fast food from here. Enjoy!
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PS4 - The Playroom
Today we use the PlayStation camera for the first time with The Playroom on the PlayStation 4. This is a free game that comes with the PS4 system. It is already installed and so no downloading is needed. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Girls und Panzer Accessory Set
Today we take a look at the Girls und Panzer accessory set. Enjoy!
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FDR-AX700 Test (Focus,speed,slow motion and evening footage)
In the short video we look at: 1. Focus footage using the touch screen. 2. 120 fps VS 30 fps (Although this was rendered out at 60 fps). 3. Super Slow Motion 960 fps. 4. Evening footage. Enjoy!
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Dinner Time - Freshness Burger
Today we go eat burgers from Fresh Burger here in Japan. The drink is pretty amazing and I probably ordered too much. Enjoy!
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Sony Ultra Short Throw Interactive Projector
Here is the world's first video of the VPL-SW635C Ultra Short Throw Projector by Sony. This is the perfect projector for the classroom as it can literally replace your whiteboard. Please note that the wall used to project the image is covered with a rough wallpaper which will cause a slight drop in quality. All footage was captured with the Xperia Z5. The entire video was edited with PowerDirector on the Z5. Thanks for watching and please join me on future adventures.
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PS4 - Hatsune Miku Console & Controller
Today we take a look at a PlayStation 4 console and controller with a Hatsune Miku theme. This just became available recently and is the only one that is actually available currently at amazon.jp. These are called skins and are rather easy to apply to your PS4 and controller. Skins are basically strong and durable stickers. Even though this is not an actual limited edition machine, it looks as good as if it were one. The tickers will not get in the way of using the touch panel. I hope you enjoy the video!
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Hatsune Miku Figma Action Figure Series 014
Today we unbox an action figure of Hatsune Miku from vocaloid. This figurine come with a mic and some other cool accessories. Enjoy!
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My PS Vita Collection November 2013
Today we take a look at my PS Vita collection. This includes all my Limited Edition PS Vitas as well as my physical PS Vita games. I forgot to show the PS Vita TV in this video. I also have a large number of digital games which I failed to show in this episode but I do have one of if not the largest Vita collection in the world. Please let me know if you liked the messages and answering of some questions at the bottom of the screen or if it was distracting in any way. Thanks again for all of your support and expect a pretty awesome upload tomorrow. See you then. Enjoy!
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Japanese Life - Vlog 1 - Morning Routine
My first real vlog showing part of my life here in Japan. Everything was shot and edited on my Z5. PowerDirector was used for the editing. This is only HD and not full HD because the app kept giving errors for full HD. The actually quality of the Z5 video is much better.
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PS Vita - Soul Sacrifice Delta - Unboxing & Bonus Goods
Today we unbox Soul Sacrifice Delta for the PlayStation Vita. We also have a nice bonus item which is opened and shown. Once again, this is a busy week for me so there is a chance that no video will be put up tomorrow but I will try my best. Enjoy!
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Hatsune Miku Vehicles - Japan
Today we take a look at not only the most awesome Hatsune Miku cars but also the setup inside these cars. Filled with multiple screens and Hatsune Miku figurines, these cars are to die for. Enjoy!
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My new home (Tokyo, Japan) part 1
This is a tour of my new home in Tokyo, Japan. It has been reformed but is still a little empty. Enjoy!
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Itazura Bank - Cuteness Overload
Today we take a look at a very cute item available here in japan. Enjoy!
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Girls of Tokyo Game Show Part 1 - TGS 2016 (4K)
Here are some of the beautiful girls from TGS 2016.
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Japanese lesson 2 - nihongo benkyou - introducing yourself
Welcome to Nihongo Benkyou lesson 2 Learn Japanese with NewOB and revise what you have learned by introducing youself in a creative way by leaving a video response below. 1. haji me mashite. (Nice to meet you) 2. watashi wa _________ desu. (My name is ______________.) 3. yoroshiku onegai shimasu. (Please be good to me) New episodes every Thursday.
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Mac - Hawaiian Pork Burger and Pineapple Pie
Today we try out the new Hawaiian specials available at McDonalds Japan. Enjoy!
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PS4 - Unboxing of the PlayStation 4
Because I am in Japan, getting hold of a PS4 is a difficult task. Thanks to the help of Red Sun Gamer, I managed to get a PS4 on the 19th of November. I am extremely happy to get this as early as I did and today I unbox this awesome machine for all to see. The FDR-AX1 4K Semi-Pro HandyCam was used to record this. Unfortunately, I shot this during the night so the lighting might not be perfect but this quality is still extremely good. I hope that this is one of the best unboxings of the PS4 out there but it is a little late with so many unboxings already available. Expect a lot more awesomeness and have a great day! Enjoy!
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My PS Vita Collection April 2014
Today, April 6th 2014, we take a look at my current PlayStation Vita physical gaming collection. This is not only a very big collection but probably the largest collection of PS Vita games in the world! We also take a look at my limited edition PS Vitas. Thank goodness for the last update which allows more than 100 applications to be installed. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - IA/VT Colorful Crystal Box
Today we unbox the long awaited IA/VT Colorful. This game was delayed for over a year and now it is finally here. The Crystal Box edition is amazing with just about every type of vita item you can think of. The box itself is an amazing sight to behold. Enjoy!
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My old apartment (Tokyo, Japan)
This is what my old apartment in Japan looked like. It was actually pretty decent but it was time to say good-bye. Enjoy!
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Japanese Lesson - Hiragana / Vocab / Where? - #1
Join me as we explore the world of Hiragana. In today's episode we learn ten new words, the first ten characters of Hiragana and more. Also, have fun watching the words we learnt battle each other in Tatatkau no Jikan! Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Girls und Panzer Premium Box
Today we unbox the limited / collectors edition of Girls und Panzer for the PlayStation Vita. This is one awesome package with a bunch of different goods. Enjoy!
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Japanese Bread - Merry Christmas
Today we have some awesome bread. Because of this season, the bakeries in Japan are now selling Christmas themed bread. One of these look like a snowman. I'm still in South Africa but will publish a video every now and again. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - 575 Limited Edition - Unboxing + Preorder Bonuses
Today we take a look at a pretty awesome limited edition package. 575 is a rhythm game for the PS vita which was released today. Not only does this package contain a number of awesome goods but it also came with two preorder bonuses. One is a wall scroll and the other is a drama cd. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - La Roue de fortune - Limited Edition
Today we take a look at 古色迷宮輪舞曲 La Roue de fortune 初回限定版 for the PS Vita. This is a limited / collectors edition of the game and it came with a few preorder bonuses. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Freedom Wars Deluxe Pack
Today we take a look at an awesome pack of Freedom Wars goods for the PlayStation Vita which I was lucky to get my hands on. Enjoy!
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Cospa - Wizard Parker
Us wizards have a hard time finding decent clothes these days.
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PS Vita -- Mutant Blobs Attack -- (Season 3: episode 3)
PS VITA PS VITA PS VITA and more PS VITA Today we take a look at -- Mutant Blobs Attack -- In this really fun game you take control of a little blob that will slowly grow as you progress through the game. Become bigger and bigger by eating everything in your path. Squeeze through tight places to get to your destination and if you need to, fight your way through. Enjoy!
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PS Vita - Odin Sphere Accessory Set
An unboxing of the awesome Odin Sphere Accessory Set for the PlayStation Vita. Enjoy!
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