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The Climb Up to Hell Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00si7pgg0 Written by: Jack Olsen Length: 6 hrs and 54 mins Language: English In the heart of the Swiss Alps stand the three majestic peaks of the Bernese Oberland, Europe's most famous mountain range. The highest, at 13,638 feet, is the Jungfrau. Next is the Mönch at 13,465 feet. But it is the smallest, the Eiger, rising 13,038 feet above sea level, that is by far the deadliest. Called a "living" mountain for its constantly changing conditionsunpredictable weather, disintegrating limestone surfaces, and continuously falling rock and iceits mile-high north wall is perhaps the most dangerous climb in the world. And that may be just what beckons elite Alpinists to scale the treacherous peak against the odds. In 1957, nearly 40 years before the well-known Mount Everest tragedy, two teams of confident climbers set out to summit the north wall of Eiger Mountain. Not long into their journey, onlookers could tell the four men were headed for disaster. Soon rescue teams from all over Europe raced toward Eigeryet only one of the four climbers survived to face unfounded international accusations. In a story as fascinating as any novel, Jack Olsen creates a riveting account of daring adventure, heroic rescue, and one of the most baffling mysteries in the history of mountain climbing. Contact us: [email protected]
Michael Palin: New Europe Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b009i39h9u Written by: Michael Palin Length: 11 hrs and 26 mins Language: English Michael Palin reads his own account of a journey into a new Europe. Michael Palin's New Europe starts with a simple idea: that only a couple of hours from home are a half of Europe that is for him as unknown and unexplored as the plateau of Tibet or the vastness of the Sahara. Cut off for most of his life by Cold Wars and Iron Curtains, Europe's eastern lands are now open for business and Michael sets off to discover them. Visiting 20 countries, more than in his Himalaya and Sahara journeys combined, he encounters painful memories and exuberant celebrations. Throwing himself into local life with his usual reckless curiosity, he samples pig fat with a brandy chaser, meets Romanian lumberjacks, drives the 8.58 stopping train from Poznan to Wolsztyn, learns about mine-clearing in Bosnia, treads the catwalk at a Budapest fashion show and watches Turkish gents wrestling in olive oil. It's New Europe, but vintage Palin. Contact us: [email protected]
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Treehouse Orphans Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00669ix2g Written by: Dorothy Burgess Greimann Length: 4 hrs and 12 mins Language: English Follow Ben and Ted, orphaned brothers, as they fight the challenges of growing up in a foster home. Abandoned at school when their mother is murdered, Ben must care for his younger brother as they attempt to hide from the teachers that will turn them over to a dreaded foster home. But an emergency leads Ted to the hospital, and the boys must give away their secret. Placed to live in a foster home with the loving Donna and Carl Justin, Ben and Ted see a whole new side of family. They finally have a peaceful home where they are safe and loved. But The Tree House Orphans> find themselves in trouble when they happen upon their evil neighbor's old barn and discover the secrets within! Now he wants revenge and won't stop at any cost until he destroys the boys' family. Traumatized by the neighbor's constant threats, the children must decide whether to internalize their fear or overcome their circumstances. With the love from their new family, will they be able to overcome these traumatic events and grow into well-adjusted young men, or will they forever be doomed to live a life of terror? This heartwarming story of adventure, fun, and mystery encompasses all the trials of growing up. Children and parents alike will find themselves entrenched in a story that never slows down! Contact us: [email protected]
A Long Trek Home: 4,000 Miles by Boot, Raft and Ski Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00h2ucez0 Written by: Erin McKittrick Length: 6 hrs and 49 mins Language: English * Compelling adventure with an environmental focus * An informative natural and cultural history of one of our last wild coastlines * Author is a pioneer in "packrafting," an emerging trend in backcountry travel In June 2007, Erin McKittrick and her husband, Hig, embarked on a 4,000-mile expedition from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands, traveling solely by human power. This is the story of their unprecedented trek along the northwestern edge of the Pacific Ocean-a year-long journey through some of the most rugged terrain in the world and their encounters with rain, wind, blizzards, bears, and their own emotional and spiritual demons. Erin and Hig set out from Seattle with a desire to raise awareness of natural resource and conservation issues along their route: Clear-cut logging of rainforests; declining wild salmon populations; extraction of mineral resources; and effects of global climate change. By taking each mile step by step, they were able to intimately explore the coastal regions of Washington, British Columbia, and Alaska, see the wilderness in its larger context, and provide a unique on-the-ground perspective. An entertaining and, at times, thrilling adventure, theirs is a journey of discovery and of insights about the tiny communities that dot this wild coast, as well as the individuals there whom they meet and inspire. Contact us: [email protected]
Eine Insel nur für uns: Eine wahre Geschichte von Einsamkeit und Zweisamkeit Hörbuch
Holen Sie sich das volle Hörbuch kostenlos: http://wbpa.us/3/b071vcgcjk Autor: Adrian Hoffmann Spieldauer: 8 hrs and 57 mins Sprache: Deutsch >> Diese ungekürzte Hörbuch-Fassung wird Ihnen exklusiv von Audible präsentiert und ist ausschließlich im erhältlich. Kontaktiere uns: [email protected]
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The Wind Singer: The Wind on the Fire Trilogy Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00aeurrru Written by: William Nicholson Length: 3 hrs and 8 mins Language: English "I hate school! I hate ratings! I won't reach higher! I won't strive harder! I won't make tomorrow better than today!" In the walled city of Aramanth, exams are everything not only for children, but for whole families. When Kestrel Hath dares to rebel, the Chief Examiner humiliates her father and sentences the family to the harshest punishment. Desperate to save them, Kestrel discovers that life in Aramanth was once different and if she can find the secret of the Wind Singer, maybe life can change for the better once more. So she and her twin brother, Bowman, set out on a terrifying journey to the true source of the evil that grips Aramanth.... Contact us: [email protected]
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Verführerischer Vollmond (Nymphs 1.1) Hörbuch
Holen Sie sich das volle Hörbuch kostenlos: http://wbpa.us/3/b00nhpjru4 Autor: Sari Luhtanen Spieldauer: 5 hrs and 45 mins Sprache: Deutsch Kontaktiere uns: [email protected]
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Alone in the Wind: A Journal of Discovery in 'The Summer of 88' Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b01mskazn7 Written by: Charles L. Schiereck Length: 4 hrs and 6 mins Language: English In the long hot summer of '88, the author packed up his motorcycle and pulled out of the garage with no destination or return date in mind. The year 1988 would prove to be the worst drought since the dustbowl of the 1930s. Yellowstone would burn, Ronald Reagan would shake his fist at the Evil Empire, and the author, oblivious to it all, hit the road and never looked back. That trip would consume the entire summer, logging over 12,000 miles from sea to sea and back. Alone in the Wind is the account of that trip. PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying reference material will be available in your Library section along with the audio. Contact us: [email protected]
So rot wie Blut Hörbuch
Holen Sie sich das volle Hörbuch kostenlos: http://wbpa.us/3/b00tlmyzqi Autor: Salla Simukka Spieldauer: 5 hrs and 17 mins Sprache: Deutsch Kontaktiere uns: [email protected]
Die große Prüfung (Magic Girls 5) Hörbuch
Holen Sie sich das volle Hörbuch kostenlos: http://wbpa.us/3/b00tll69yu Autor: Marliese Arold Spieldauer: 3 hrs and 54 mins Sprache: Deutsch Kontaktiere uns: [email protected]
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6 Real-World Harry Potter Locations You Can Visit Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b01inlzvfg Written by: Meg Neal Length: 6 mins Language: English As if by magic, a new Harry Potter book is here. While not technically a new volume in the series it's the script of a hit play in London eager fans lined up at bookstores this past Sunday to see what kind of mischief Harry's son Albus is managing in the wizarding world these days. But if you dont want to wait to read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to revisit J.K. Rowlings brilliantly imaginative world of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade, you can actually experience much of it in the real world, too. Whether you fly by plane or portkey, here are six often overlooked real-world Harry Potter locations in the Atlas that you can go today. "6 Real-World Harry Potter Locations You Can Visit" is from atlasobscura.com, published on August 2, 2016. Contact us: [email protected]
Deadly Delivery Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b008akyhi8 Written by: Sidney Williams Length: 5 hrs and 7 mins Language: English It's just another long, hot summer until Derek Cliver and his friends join an exciting new mail-order club. The Terror Club allows Derek and his friends to create their own monsters. And it gives them the opportunity to "dispose" of those they despise most. But the game turns terrifyingly real when the monsters they create come to life and actually murder their rivals. Now, as the body count rises, Derek and his friends must somehow undo what they've done ... before they become the next victims! Contact us: [email protected]
Travels with Epicurus: A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00adsgld4 Written by: Daniel Klein Length: 4 hrs and 36 mins Language: English One of the bestselling authors of Plato and a Platypus travels to Greece with a suitcase full of philosophy books, seeking the best way to achieve a fulfilling old age Daniel Klein journeys to the Greek island Hydra to discover the secrets of aging happily. Drawing on the lives of his Greek friends, as well as philosophers ranging from Epicurus to Sartre, Klein learns to appreciate old age as a distinct and extraordinarily valuable stage of life. He uncovers simple pleasures that are uniquely available late in life, as well as headier pleasures that only a mature mind can fully appreciate. A travel book, a witty and accessible meditation, and an optimistic guide to living well, Travels with Epicurus is a delightful jaunt to the Aegean and through the terrain of old age led by a droll philosopher. A perfect gift book for the holidays, this little treasure is sure to please longtime fans of Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar and garner new ones, young and old. Contact us: [email protected]
Hippos, Hairpins and High Button Boots: Travels in West Africa Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00571skja Written by: Mary Kingsley Length: 1 hr and 19 mins Language: English Based on "Travels in West Africa" by Mary Kingsley, this is the account of a Victorian lady's journeys up the rivers of West Africa in the 1890s. AUTHOR: Mary Kingsley was born in 1862. She was trapped by the conventions of her time until her parents died but then, with an income of 500, she was free to travel and in 1893 went to Africa. Travelling alone in small steamers and native canoes, which she learned to handle, she went deep into the jungle, learning about the spiritual lives of the African tribes and collecting specimens of fish for the British Museum. Her books were popular, funny and contentious and her views on missionaries were trenchant. After publishing her first book Mary Kingsley returned to West Africa. During the Boer War she worked in the military hospitals in South Africa where she died of typhus. ADAPTER: Nick McCarty has been a professional writer for forty years and has written for television shows such as Bergerac, The Onedin Line, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Z-Cars and General Hospital. He has also scripted award-winning radio drama adaptations including A Tale of Two Cities, Dan Dare, Hard Times, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Dracula as well as many original plays for both the BBC and Commercial Radio. READER: Philippa Urquhart has been a member of The Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. She has worked extensively in Repertory Theatres across England and Scotland, and has appeared in London's West End. Her many TV credits include Lillian Cartland in Tenko, and Miss Briggs in Vanity Fair, for the BBC. Films include Laughter In The Dark and Children Of Men. Her one woman show The Turn Of The Screw, adapted from the famous ghost story by Henry James, continues to tour successfully across the UK and worldwide. MUSIC: The drums are played by children from the Kakua Primary School, Sierra Leone. Contact us: [email protected]
Malta: Where to Go, What to See: A Malta Travel Guide Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b072pvspvj Written by: Worldwide Travellers Length: 1 hr and 32 mins Language: English Are you looking to visit a country you've never been to? Have you already booked your trip and you're now curious what to expect? Maybe a friend loved the trip and you want to have the same great experience now. Either way, we got you covered! Contact us: [email protected]
Tears of a Princess Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00izk1xy4 Written by: Laura Thomas Length: 3 hrs and 38 mins Language: English For 15 year-old Natasha Smithson-Blair, life couldn't get any worse. The shocking news of her parents' divorce on top of her own deep, dark secret threatens to tip her over the edge until her best friend suggests joining her on a mission trip in Mexico. Intrigued by this absurd, yet strangely enticing notion, Natasha tentatively agrees to leave her spoiled-rich-girl life behind and embarks upon an emotional journey of both devastation and joy. Facing ugly truths and beautiful promises, Natasha's ice-princess facade is penetrated by a love so compelling it cannot be ignored. Will further tragedy rock her world again, or will she find the courage to cling to her newfound hope? Contact us: [email protected]
Kidnapped Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00bbl5iju Written by: Diane Hoh Length: 4 hrs and 58 mins Language: English Framed for a crime she didnt commit, Nora must prove her innocence.... For Nora Mulgrew, the days between the end of Salem Universitys summer session and the start of fall semester are the 'dead time'. The campus is deserted, and Nora is the only resident in eerie old Nightingale Hall, a dorm whose dark past has earned it the nickname 'Nightmare Hall'. Nora hasnt heard any of those rumors, but her own nightmare is about to begin. An education major, Nora has spent the summer working at a day care where her favorite pupil is a darling child named Mindy. When Mindy goes missing, campus security suspects Nora. As she battles migraines and the suspicions of the police, Nora hunts the campus for the child. Someone has framed her for a terrible crime, and Nora must find out who it is before its too late. Contact us: [email protected]
Yosemite National Park, Sierra National Forest, Fresno & King's Canyon Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00niyyg3c Written by: Matt Purdue Length: 3 hrs and 42 mins Language: English This guide, drawn from our complete guide to the Sierra Nevada, focuses on Yosemite, Sierra National Forest, King's Canyon, Fresno and their surroundings. Twenty-five million years ago, Yosemite Valley was a lush lowland bordered by gentle hills. Half Dome's ancestor was only 1,500 feet tall. The river was sluggish as it flowed through the valley. The land was subtropical and rain frequently drenched the valley. The river eventually carved a 20,000-foot, V-shaped canyon as it rushed toward the sea. Twelve million years later, a huge uplift of the region occurred and snow capped the highest peaks. Erosion removed the soil above the granite base and a cool climate changed the environment as hardwood and evergreen trees began to grow, and possibly the first sequoias. The region began to look like what we see today. Today, the park occupies 1,169 square miles. The valley is about seven miles long and three-quarters of a mile wide in other words, 1% of the park. There are 196 miles of primary roads and 800 miles of trails in the park; much of it is accessible to motorists and hikers. The main entrance to Yosemite Valley is made from the west through the dark Wawona Tunnel. After the road breaks into bright sunshine, El Capitan rears to 3,000 feet above the pine and fir-clad slopes above the valley on your left side. As you continue through the valley, Bridalveil Falls seems to emerge from the side of a mountain on your right, its mistlike water pouring 620 feet. It reaches its peak flow in May when warm temperatures dissolve the snows of winter. This remarkable guide details everything you need to know about exploring Yosemite and the surrounding parks and forests not just the major tourist sites, but many unforgettable places few tourists ever discover. Everything you need to know about the many, many hiking and biking trails is here, as well as the beautiful rivers and lakes, the rock-climbing, the fishing, where to stay, where to eat and much more. Contact us: [email protected]
The Conquerors: The Outcasts, 4 Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b002v1jaac Written by: Gregory Janicke Length: 8 hrs and 33 mins Language: English An intrepid group of young survivors continue to forge their way to a safe hayven that may or may not exist. Meanwhile, dormant volcanoes awaken and explode, pouring fire streams across the planet's surface. From the inferno arise the ultimate agents of death and destruction, paving the way for their leader. Animals of all kinds lurk in the darkness. Grim alliances form. Shadow Beasts emerge with dubious motives. And the Outcasts' trusted scout Jax goes missing. The final battle will reveal who controls the destiny of Dulunae. Contact us: [email protected]
Set to Serve Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00dhki3m2 Written by: Kacy Carter Length: 59 mins Language: English Lauren is a junior high student with some challenges in her life. In her spare time, she plays volleyball on a Rec League team, but at the start of the season, she doesn't know a single person on the team. Even worse, she's far from a pro, shorter than the rest of the team and struggling to serve the ball over the net most of the time. Back home, she's given a difficult time by her neighbor because she doesn't attend public school. Finding wholesome and appropriate chapter books for young girls can be a difficult, especially if you're looking for a sport's story to appeal to their interests. Set To Serve manages to not only fill that gap as an entertaining story, but also shows how one girl manages to overcome both physical and social difficulties. It's a must read for any girl that's struggling with her own social or sports abilities. Contact us: [email protected]
Lilibet's Secret Diary: December 1936 June 1937: Lilibet's Diaries, 1 Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00p2w8jbi Written by: Pauline Christou Length: 1 hr and 58 mins Language: English "I looked up the word 'scandal' in my dictionary last night. No wonder there has been such a fuss." It's December 11, 1936, and 10 year old Lilibet hears of some news that will change her and her family's life forever. She decides to keep a secret diary chronicling these extraordinary events. Will she fulfil her destiny, and also remember which the main course fork is and which the dessert fork is? Can Lilibet's younger sister Margaret end her mischievous ways, and become a worthy member of the League of Ovaltineys? Will Dookie the dog stop disgracing himself? All will be revealed in Lilibet's Secret Diary, a factional diary of the young, future Queen Elizabeth II. Contact us: [email protected]
CYBERBIA: Doomsday General Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00tj3u1as Written by: Justin Greene Length: 13 hrs and 25 mins Language: English Rebecca Front (The Thick of It, Grandma's House) reads the gripping and often darkly comic debut novel from critically acclaimed playwright Justin Greene. In her leafy English suburb, teenage Hallie Cruyps plays the life simulation computer game Cyberbia. Neither her parents nor her psychiatrist attempt to stop her. After everything she's been through, who could deny her the peace it brings? The game allows Hallie to escape her world, where terrible things can happen and no-one seems able to make them right again, for this brave new virtual one of Cyberbia. In Cyberbia nothing truly awful comes to pass, and you are always in control. Just make sure your Norms, as its inhabitants are called, collect the required points, and all will be well with them. Meanwhile on the other side of the globe, the best-selling games' celebrated creator, Yoshi Mashita, is receiving reports that can only mean one thing: Cyberbia has taken on a sinister life of its own. Contact us: [email protected]
A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b0091j9aqq Written by: Bill Bryson Length: 9 hrs and 47 mins Language: English The Appalachian Trail trail stretches from Georgia to Maine and covers some of the most breathtaking terrain in America majestic mountains, silent forests, sparking lakes. If youre going to take a hike, its probably the place to go. And Bill Bryson is surely the most entertaing guide youll find. He introduces us to the history and ecology of the trail and to some of the other hardy (or just foolhardy) folks he meets along the way and a couple of bears. Already a classic, A Walk in the Woods will make you long for the great outdoors (or at least a comfortable chair to sit and read in). Contact us: [email protected]
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The Return of Johnny Kemp Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b003hembv2 Written by: Keith Gray Length: 1 hr and 4 mins Language: English When Don grassed up Johnny Kemp it was quite possibly the biggest mistake of his life and now it's payback time. But when Don's family, friends, and teachers all turn their backs on him it seems like he's really on his own. But events soon reach a tense and thrilling climax with a showdown at school. Contact us: [email protected]
The Skull in the Wood Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00f4g45ba Written by: Sandra Greaves Length: 5 hrs Language: English In Old Scratch Wood on Dartmoor, quarrelling cousins Matt and Tilda find a buried skull. And from that moment black things begin to happen. Birds and animals turn bad, and there are rumours of the return of an ancient curse known as the gabbleratchet. But what can Matt and Tilda do to stop it...? This thrilling recording contains special bonus material, only available on this audio edition, featuring the character Gabe and the real curse of old Scratch Wood... Contact us: [email protected]
Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents Audiobook
Get an audiobook in full for free: http://wbpa.us/3/b00imlf7ck Written by: Elisabeth Eaves Length: 9 hrs and 51 mins Language: English Spanning 15 years of travel, beginning when she is a sophomore in college, Wanderlust documents Elisabeth Eaves insatiable hunger for the rush of the unfamiliar and the experience of encountering new people and cultures. Young and independent, she crisscrosses five continents and chases the exotic, both in culture and in romance. In the jungles of Papua New Guinea, she loses herself literally to an Australian tour guide; in Cairo, she reconnects with her high school sweetheart, only to discover the beginning of a pattern that will characterize her life over the long-term: while long-distance relationships work well for her, traditional relationships do not. Wanderlust, however, is more than a chronological conquest of men and countries: at its core, its a journey of self-discovery. In the course of her travels, Eaves finds herself and the sense of home shes been lacking since childhoodand she sheds light on a growing culture of young women who have the freedom and inclination to define their own, increasingly global, lifestyles, unfettered by traditional roles and conventions of past generations of women. Contact us: [email protected]
Catriona: Die Abenteuer des David Balfour von Shaw Hörbuch
Holen Sie sich das volle Hörbuch kostenlos: http://wbpa.us/3/b00six3hxi Autor: Robert Louis Stevenson Spieldauer: 5 hrs and 11 mins Sprache: Deutsch Kontaktiere uns: [email protected]
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