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Eating Low Carb, Gluten Free Part 1
I talk about how I've switched a couple of months ago to somewhat of a ketogenic diet. I discuss some things I've noticed since... and talk about some of the common things I've been eating. I also talk about my recent absence of Tinea Versicolor! Woohoo! And probably some other topics squeezed in there, but that's normal for me.
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Denotations Definitions of Words
Dictionary?! Think bigger!!
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Eating Low Carb, Gluten Free Part 2
Hi, I talk about my experience so far starting on a ketogenic (low carb high fat diet), and any changes I've noticed, some of the things I eat and whatever else pops into my head.
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Work, Workplaces, Bosses! Ugh
I talk about the things in the title!
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Some Thoughts On Feminism, and Men's popular Attitudes Toward it
I'm trying to get the audio better.. not sure why it's so difficult.. lol
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