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Commentary from an Outgoing INTP
Hi there! Just made a quick vlog about being an INTP. For those who do not know, the Briggs-Meyers Personality Type tests are quizzes freely available on the internet, which put people into 16 different categorizations of personality types. They all come out of 4 letter codes: each letter representing one of two sides you can be on in that letter slot. I found that the results for me were astoundingly accurate and I learned a lot about myself and enjoyed it immensely. I encourage everyone to go try out the test. Of course it's just a tool to be useful and not to brand anyone with a label. I feel I didn't fully flesh out the characteristics of myself, as identified INTP. It's not easy, nor would it be for any of the personality types, I'm sure. But just a quick and candid overview of how I think, some ways it has affected me in my life, and some one-liners describing the view of an INTP type person. Hope you enjoy the vlog, any questions or comments, just post! Thanks, take care, goodday, and may God Bless you!
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Tinea Versicolor Explained!
Hi, the video was over my 15 minute limit so I had to cut some out and reupload. Only about 1.5minutes were cut. This is me explaining most of my experience with tinea versicolor, and my thoughts on how it is caused, and therefore, how to get rid of it! Please comment so we can corroborate our experiences with this annoying skin issue, and perhaps figure it out ourselves, and deal with it forever! If you found this to be helpful and true, then please click "like", to help it to be seen by others.
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Another Flat Earth Scripture?  2 Peter 3:5
Just sharing this scripture that I found the other day and popped out to me as another good flat earth scripture. I hadn't previously heard it before, or seen it mentioned in any of the youtubers videos I've seen. (and I've seen a LOT of 'em!)
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Clark Gable Transvestigation
Hi, this is a long and rambly video about Clark Gable, and my impression from a transvestigation.
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Karlie Kloss Transvestigation
I showcase Karlie Kloss in a transvestigation, and get a little deep on the matter.
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Satanic Power Through Vile Ritual
"Knowledge" that the believer does not want to acquire. They do these things for many reasons, and Satanic power is one of them. When they commit their heinous acts, they are illuminated with darkness, and all meekness, and humble spirit goes out of them.
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Are Indians Just Lazy As a People? Differences of Races, and Cultures
Yes! Yes they are. (in my experience) I love all cultures, and races, but no one's perfect.
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Unforgivable Sin? Perfection in the flesh? A response to JLP, and Pastor Steven Anderson
Not an exact response, but some thoughts of mine on these topics, after watching some of their videos. I talk about grace, predestination, salvation, seed of God, Holy Ghost, unforgivable sin(s), with some reference to Jesse Lee Peterson, and Pastor Steven Anderson. For some reason I did not upload this one for a while, but now I rewatched it, I will share it.
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There's No Such Thing As a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend
Here is another vlog, where I talk about some of my views on romantic relationships, and hopefully give you something to take away from this, and seat in a new perspective for entering into romantic relationships soberly, and purposefully.
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Emanuelle Seigner, One More Tranny in the Lot
Here is a look at and an adding to of the list of tranny actors: Emanuelle Seigner. Notably in the film 'Frantic' (1988), starring Harrison Ford "The night is dark, and full of trannies." ~MrE
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Spanking - Good or Bad?
I just give my thoughts about spanking and bring up some questions which I think were not addressed in the discussion by Stefan Molyneux and Walter block about spanking and whether or not it violates the NAP. Here's a link to the discussion with Stefan Molyneux and Walter Block: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgCmoVbdYtE
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Meg Foster, Another Tranny on the Pile
Just like the title says. This one is known mostly for their role in movies "They Live", and "Masters of the Universe" in the 80s.
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Transvestigations - A Real Male's Body (yes it's my own)
Hello youtube, here's a video showing my manbody, because in 2018 the world is so confused and deceived, people need to be shown what men and women actually look like. I hope that showing the male features of my body can be useful for someone who watches, to know what real male features are like.
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INTP Commentary Video Response
Hello Loretta, just a quick response to you. Bit of blither, bit of blather. Ballyhoo, and some clarification.
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2D, 3D, 4D????? What are the dimensions? What is the TRUE reality?
Link to the video I mention, which, combined with the comment section got me thinking deeply on our what is real: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4ruHJFsb4g
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Severe Corrections for Severe Consequences
Just some thoughts about God and how spanking relates to his corrective love and permissive will toward us. Also thought on the general idea of why God allows bad things to happen.
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Public Interactions - The Stress on the People
I talk about the way I see people's public interactions these days, and what I think are ways to counteract them in a positive manner.
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Accidentally Image Searched a Bunch of Naked Trannies
Hello there, I mistakenly did an image search on trannies in a bing search bar which had no safesearch on, and was surprised with a page full of naked MTFs. Horrifying yes, but also revealing just exactly what an MTF looks like, and it's exactly like all the transvestigators have been saying, and it's exactly like all the celebrity "women" we've been transvestigating. No surprise there, but it is a powerful and very real confirmation. I cannot recommend you do the same, but I can say that it will certainly confirm our suspicions.
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Lust is FAR From Wisdom
I talk about how this day and age, people are celebrating lust, and wantonness, and calling it enlightened, foolishly.
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Met An Atheist at Work
The primary thing which marks Christianity for me, is HOPE, the hope of heaven, of purpose in this life, of meaning, of light and love; as opposed to other worldly beliefs, and religions.
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Eating Low Carb, Gluten Free Part 1
I talk about how I've switched a couple of months ago to somewhat of a ketogenic diet. I discuss some things I've noticed since... and talk about some of the common things I've been eating. I also talk about my recent absence of Tinea Versicolor! Woohoo! And probably some other topics squeezed in there, but that's normal for me.
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Denotations Definitions of Words
Dictionary?! Think bigger!!
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Aaron's Vlogs - March 26 2012 - "Boredom, Rocks & Motorcycles"
Title pretty much says it all. Just me gettin' in some expression, and sharing in the form of vlogging my thoughts. Get to know me a little better here, maybe, or for future Aaron to look at and see how I've changed, etc. =)
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Mandella Effect, My Thoughts so far
Hello, any topics you would like me to speak about, please let me know.
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Eating Low Carb, Gluten Free Part 2
Hi, I talk about my experience so far starting on a ketogenic (low carb high fat diet), and any changes I've noticed, some of the things I eat and whatever else pops into my head.
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Healthy Eating and Making Lasting Changes to Your Diet
How to change your habits. This really applies not only to diet choices, but to all of your habits. The foundation for your actions are your thoughts. And if they aren't now, they can be in the future. But, in this video I specifically talk about the idea that when changing your diet habits, you must identify healthy food and drink choices, and WHY you want them, which solidifies the choice. Same goes for the unhealthy choices you do not want. Identify what it is about those foods/drinks that you do not like, and accept and acknowledge that you do not want that. Many people see seem to have the mentality that they want the junkfood, but cannot have it, because they are trying to "diet". So, this is an error, and the person has not really dug deep and made the real choice, for the right reasons, with the right information, to make lasting choices, based on what they want!
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Running Against the Forces and a Little About Me
Descriptive title!
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Talking About Saturn, Serpent Seed, Life, God
I talk about quite a few topics here, but the idea was to relate with the David Icke video I recently watched about Saturn. However I branch off and talk about some bigger pictures in this life, and the next, and how things tie together. Sorry about the volume, I really need a better microphone.
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An Original Song
A song I wrote on my guitar some years ago. I rarely play, and am not in good practice, but I am glad if anyone connects with the song. I know it sure means a lot to me. Aspira - pronounced: "A-spy-ra" I noticed long after I started using this word, which I came up with myself, that it's also a spanish word meaning to breathe, or something like that. That's not how I use the word. I took the words "aspire" & "aspirant", and came up with Aspira, as a female first name. I really like it. I've been using it for several years. Have a great day! I feel nice I feel connected to the Earth I think right My thoughts are open to the Earth Just sit tight and all of life will pass you by Just breathe right and readily you will observe All the things in life are free They're waiting for you and me If you try Don't worry; you're equal Here I come \ To live my life x2 Not run / I'm searching for a life \ A place where I belong \ A life to change the world x3 And transform my heart / And it's time for a change Time to change the state I'm in Time to awaken from within To begin again, oh (x4) Oohhhhh!
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Aaron's Vlog - March 24 2012
Just going to begin once again, and try to daily vlog and upload about my day, and whatever is on my mind. Like keeping a journal, but easier, since I don't have to write or type it out physically. I'm a 27 year old young man, still figuring out Life, Truth, and where I fit in, and how to do it. I'm an INTP, intuitive, philosophical, thinker who loves God, great conversation/discussion, drumming, and other forms of music & rythym, and motorcycles! Maybe I'll make a friend who likes me and will converse/dicuss with me here, in this youtube forum! Or whatever else, like me watching my own videos a year down the road and wondering to myself how the heck I could have said and thought the things that I did not so long ago. Anyway goodday!
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Moments in Time
This is me reading a piece of writing I made today while at work. I like expressing myself, and using language to as much effect as I can. Here are the words, in case you don't catch them all: Some things we cannot define in the moment, but the moments, over time, come to define them. A series of experiences meant to teach us -to strength us, to weak us. The passage of time being a temporary thing, one which needs must have a purpose. The efficacy of time, the severity; moments wrought out of truths which are eternal. Manifesting the essence of Almighty God; from that Great Spirit, into flesh and bone.
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Aaron's Vlog - Hard Choices...
Hey just sharing some stuff that's on my mind lately, including today. Whatever.
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What is Wisdom?
Some thoughts on wisdom. I talk about my opinion on wisdom, and truth.
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My Beliefs on Grace and Salvation, and the Two Seeds - Be Patient, and Thank God
Legalism vs. Grace? Can salvation be lost? Seed of the Wicked One vs. God's seed? Don't be hard on yourself. Be Patient, and Thank God I prefer to be on camera, but recording this way allows me to have better microphone clarity, sorry.
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Customer Service and Dirty Dishes (part 1)
Hey just a personal vlog about said title! Recording my thoughts ftw. Split this one into 2 parts because it's 24minutes long total. =P I think it would really be a challenge for me to talk about any topic for 5 minutes or less. So let it be known, some of my thoughts in a moment concerning customer service and dirty dishes. Fin.
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Aaron The Thinker - Customer Service and Dirty Dishes (part 2)
Hey just a personal vlog about said title! Recording my thoughts ftw. Split this one into 2 parts because it's 24minutes long total. =P I think it would really be a challenge for me to talk about any topic for 5 minutes or less. So let it be known. Some of my thoughts in a moment, concerning customer service and dirty dishes. Fin.
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Safe Driving - Also an Update on my Vlog Channel
A little update on my vlog channel. I talk about my opinions on general road safety, and how they differ from the common thought.
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My Romeo and Juliet Story - My First Love
I tell my story of my first love, how we were forced apart, and the legacy of that.
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Work, Workplaces, Bosses! Ugh
I talk about the things in the title!
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Poor Communication Habits
Here I talk about some examples of poor/dysfunctional communication habits, that we all commit sometimes, but many of us commit a lot of the time. I talk about: Hearsay, this one's a doozy! Also, indirect communication, and passive aggressiveness. These things do harm our relationships; whether people close to us or even strangers and acquaintances. These forms of communication (not necessarily an exhaustive list =P) also show your own lack of respect, both for yourself, and for others. You may not, and likely are not aware of these things and their effects, but it's still true. Hopefully I hit home the concepts and break some ice on how they are damaging. If it opens your eyes to the issues and raises awareness, then I'm successful. =) Take care, God Bless!
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Grace NOT Works! The Mark & the Seal
Hope I didn't ramble too much! Link to the video I refer to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pQvM9ZY41k
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What These Sun Halos/Sun Dogs Are
Hi, I'm just here talking about these sun halos we've been seeing in recent years. Here's the link for some impressive and convincing Sun Halos with a lens flare: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmb0wY6Or3E
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Games, Teamwork and Team Conflict
Here I speak thoughts about some conflict I've recently had involving some team members I've been introduced to playing with in a video game. This of course, I think, is applicable to all teams and teamwork situations.
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Violence in Hockey
Get the fighting out of the sport! Voicing my side of the violence in hockey debate. Also, I try to give some food for thought by comparing hockey to boxing.
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Movie Commentary - 'The Gift'
Here I talk about the movie 'The Gift' and some possible related topics and deeper meanings/reasons I theorize behind the movies true purpose.
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It Takes Abrasiveness in order to Clean something
Hi, I just attempt to share some insight/inspiration that came to me a while ago and got me excited. It's something simple, yet I believe profound. In order to purify, or clean something, it requires something abrasive. Think about this in a spiritual context.
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Some Thoughts On Feminism, and Men's popular Attitudes Toward it
I'm trying to get the audio better.. not sure why it's so difficult.. lol
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Spanking Good or Bad? - Addendum
Just some responses and elaborations on comments and questions posed on my first video about spanking.
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