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Improve Operator Efficiency - Manufacturing
Measuring and improving operator efficiency of machines and equipment on the shopfloor can have a dramatic effect on manufacturing productivity and output. PlantRun systems can be used to measure, track and analyse individual operator performance and compare the performance of machine operators against time/machine/product etc.. This allows you to identify under performing staff for re-training and to spread the best practices of your most efficient staff thereby improving operator efficiency. Improved Time Management Operators starting late, taking extra time during breaks, finishing early and taking longer to restart a machine than they should is a typical scenario in many manufacturing companies. Even if this is only arriving at the machine 5 minutes late, starting up 5 minutes later, taking an extra 10 minutes over lunchtime and then finishing 10 minutes early it amounts to 30 minutes in an 8 hour shift equivalent to 6.25%. Without continuous monitoring in place this is often much longer. And this is per machine, if you have 20 machines you are losing 10 man hours per shift! Maybe you don't think your staff do this, but until you measure breaks accurately you don't really know. For one PlantRun user a "ten minute" break period was reduced from 23 minutes down to 13 minutes upon installation of the system! Increasing Operator Productivity An example of increased operator productivity comes from a wire fabrication company producing a wide range of goods including roll containers, stillages, pallet converters, dollies, picking trollies and garment rails. The company employ a core staff of around 100 staff but at peak production times this number can double with low skilled agency staff. The productivity of temporary staff is variable and with a relatively labour intensive production process maximising operator output is vital. All the fabrication machinery is monitored for machine utilization efficiency. Operators log on to the system at shift start up and the system monitors run time, stop time and reasons for stoppage. By analysing downtime stoppages problems such as extended operator breaks are identified and addressed. System reports make it easy to identify operators with poor productivity performance for training or replacement. A typical reported improvement in operator productivity boosted output per shift from 80 to 94 units, an increase of 17.5%. Improved Motivation Staff motivation can be improved in two ways. Firstly, the data collected by the system can be used to keep staff informed of their performance against target production rates either using the keypad terminals or large shopfloor displays. Goal setting and competition between work groups or cells can significantly improve motivation and output. Secondly, the awareness that production is being monitored and the understanding that computers can't lie often have a refreshing effect on staff behavioural patterns and bad practices that may have been formed over time. In some cases dramatic improvements in productivity have been recorded before systems have been fully installed, simply from improving operator efficiency.
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Production Monitoring
Production Monitoring with PlantRun https://plantrun.co.uk/production-monitoring-system.html Cost effective production monitoring systems that collect, report, graph, and distribute shop floor manufacturing data enterprise wide in real-time. Accurate real-time 'live' production monitoring data greatly improves manufacturing visibility and shopfloor management. PlantRun identifies exactly where to target resources for maximum returns. Current users report payback of under twelve months which makes implementation sound financial sense. Are you wasting time manually collecting production data? Which isn’t accurate or available when you need it? Do you want to improve production Increase capacity Reduce unplanned downtime Improve shopfloor management Maximise OEE What if you could Improve overall production 15% plus Reduce unplanned breakdowns by 10% Improve operator availability by 15-30 minutes per shift Payback in less than 12 months These are typical results as reported by PlantRun users Proven by many manufacturers Including World leading companies Stannah – World’s largest supplier of stairlifts Outokumpu – The global leader in stainless steel Improved time keeping and engineer response times – Parda Koduru , Outokumpu Stainless Ltd. More that 15% improvement in overall performance. Less than one year payback – Stephen Slack, Comfy Quilts BSW Timber – The UK’s largest timber producer ESAB – World leading supplier of welding equipment and consumables Scrap was targeted as the raw materials were expensive. Using the system this has been reduced from 12% to 3% - Gary Budworth, Donaldson Filtration Solutions Identified sawn products which are uneconomical to produce – Nigel Patrickson, BSW Timber Comfy Quilts – One of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quilts, pillows, mattress covers and bed linen Donaldson Filtration Solutions - Worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts Better control of operator time keeping – saving 15 to 30 minutes per shift – John Wooley, Betafence Increased timber throughput from 40cu/metres to 45 cu/metres per hour – Andy Rodgers, BSW Timber PlantRun monitors any make, type or age of machine, production line, workcells, even manual assembly and gives you live information accessible anywhere on PC’s tablets and large screens Built in tools allow reporting, analysis, trending Alarms allow fast response to problems, alerts sent via email, text message or public address This is what you get with PlantRun; Cost effective system Fully expandable Complete service & support No annual licensing fees PlantRun costs just a fraction of buying new equipment so for budgetary pricing call today or visit the website Telephone 01642 370666 http://PlantRun.co.uk http://oee-systems.co.uk http://www.productionmonitoringsystem.co.uk/ https://plantrun.co.uk/production-monitoring-system.html Video URL http://youtu.be/fIxB_cmslPk
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Production Data Display
PlantRun Display Node technology makes manufacturing performance data highly visible, to focus your staffs attention on improving efficiency. Click https://plantrun.co.uk Display Node allows the real time production data from any PlantRun system to be displayed on large screen TV’s, monitors or projectors, in production, workshop, meeting areas. Live production data displays inform and motivate your workers to perform better. Live information displays gives your visitors a positive impression of your operation. Find out more about PlantRun at https://plantrun.co.uk What is Display Node and how does it work. Display Node is compact ‘black box’ hardware with software pre-installed. An HDMI socket allows connection of a large screen TV, monitor or projector. Display Node connects to your network, automatically boots up on power up and connects to the PlantRun system server PC over the network (The PlantRun server PC is typically sited in a production office or server room and connects to your production assets to continuously monitor performance, product counts, down time, OEE etc). Display Node communicates with the system PC to get the real time information to generate the information screens. The configuration of all Display Node screens is held and controlled from the central PC server. Display Node screens are fully customisable to show the information you want. Information screens can be static or two or more screens can scroll at regular intervals. Microsoft Powerpoint slides can be inserted in to a sequence of scrolling screens making it easy to add custom messaging such as visitor welcome, employee of the month etc. Powerpoint slides can also be used to show important health and safety messaging. There is also an optional Health and Safety messaging pack that you can purchase for use on any Display Node. The pack includes 12 screens with health and safety messaging that can automatically change each week. By using HDMI splitter hardware several displays can be connected to any one Display Node, all showing the same information screens. Wherever you want to show different information screens you just need another Display Node. So each Display Node can display completely different information screens. This allows you to have screens in Production, Workshop, Meeting and Office areas, all showing different real time information about your operation. https://youtu.be/C0Lt8d26uo8
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OEE Systems
OEE systems from PlantRun http://plantrun.co.uk/oee-systems.html Cost effective OEE systems that automatically collect OEE data for live OEE reports and analysis. Eliminates the problems associated with manual data collection and processing. If your company has collected data manually by hand for any length of time you will have come to realise its drawbacks. It adds waste and costs in the time actually taken to write down and process the data into something meaningful. The data isn’t accurate because people can’t remember times exactly so the data it is mostly based on ‘guesstimates’. Worst of all the information isn’t live in real time – because of the lag in collecting and processing the data. You are therefore always reacting – usually to yesterdays data, rather than being proactive to data that is live in real time. Only an OEE system that is connected to and monitoring machines or assets continuously can give you accurate live OEE. Manually collected data will allow you to make initial gains but if you have more than a handful of machines you will soon be swamped in data. An OEE system come in to its own once you get past the initial gains and want to target higher and higher efficiency levels. A good OEE system will provide you with all the tools you need built in – dashboards, reporting, analysis, the ability to view the information anywhere on PC’s, tablets, smartphones and respond faster by alerts via sms text message, email, public address. A PlantRun OEE system gives you all this and much more and existing users report a typical payback of under 12 months so it makes sound financial sense to implement as soon as possible. Video URL http://youtu.be/sNSdQ7GtlQE
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OEE System for FMCG Manufacturer
Find out more about PlantRun for OEE at http://plantrun.com OEE System for FMCG Manufacturer. When Doff Portland, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of insecticides, weedkillers and garden care products wanted to improve production they invested in a PlantRun system. Doff manufactures 150 different product lines at its purpose built factory in Nottinghamshire, UK. Minimising changeover times and accurate capture of down time reasons were just two of the challenges the company faced. The system monitors six production lines and has replaced wasteful manual data collection with accurate live information. Line speed is tracked and reasons for any periods of slow running are captured. Optical sensors were supplied with the system as a low cost, straight forward way of capturing product counts and run – stop status from each of the lines. Outstations on each line let staff interact with the system without leaving the line. Signals from sensors on the line are connected inside the enclosure. PlantRun can be accessed on PCs, laptops,tablets and smartphones. See at a glance the status of all assets. Reporting and analysis tools are built in. data can also be exported to reporting software like MS Excel and Crystal Reports. Live information and custom messages are displayed on large screens to inform and motivate staff. The system sends email messages to alert selected users of important issues, for example, when a line is stopped for a long period. Reports can be generated automatically and emailed to users ready for production meetings. Shift patterns, operator and product IDs, downtime reasons etc. are all pre-configured so no on-site programming is required. These can all be easily edited as and when required. Connectivity to the company’s ERP system allows automatic updates of the status of the current production schedules. PlantRun systems are backed up with full training, high quality technical support and maintenance. Tascomp, the developer of PlantRun, is ISO9001:2015 quality accredited. PlantRun systems are highly cost effective with most users reporting a typical payback of less than twelve months. Achieve World Class Manufacturing Efficiency. https://plantrun.co.uk/oee-and-production-monitoring-for-fmcg.html https://youtu.be/yU0ktli-PEY
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OEE Systems
OEE systems allow manufacturers to benchmark and improve efficiency, increase throughput, reduce downtime and maximise profits.
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