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Channel VS The Saltine Challenge
Please forgive the lateness of my uploads. I've been busy as of late trying to get editing equipment, didn't get it so forgive the raw footage. Today, channel revisits the saltine challenge with a few new surprises. Will he conquer the crackers or fall prey to the salt. Time to find out. Thank you for tuning in on Channel 2. Like, favorite, subscribe, and enjoy the show. P.S. F*** Salt
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Camera guy's cut (The Saltine Challenge)
The channel approved of allowing our camera guy to have his own section of the show. If he wants a shot at what me and my co-host are up to, well give him the chance. So, enjoy camera guy attempting the Saltine challenge Like, favorite, subscribe and enjoy the file footage.
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Channel VS The Cola Challenge
Finally an edited video. Praise the heavens! Today: Channel Two decided to take on the Cola Challenge without being able to burp on command. Will he prevail? Watch and find out. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRY ANYTHING FOUND ON THIS CHANNEL. Like, Favorite, Share, Subscribe and Enjoy the show. (got a challenge? fell free to let it be known in the comments) Shout outs to Rooster Teeth! P.S F*** Soda!
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Channel vs The Cinnamon Challenge
Today, Channel attempts to take on the world renowned, grueling, no good, unholy, Cinnamon challenge. All while being tormented by "Rodriguez" and cameraman Byron. Either way, I hope you enjoy the following programming and tune in next time on Channel 2 Like, favorite, subscribe and enjoy the show
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