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#1 WEIGHT LOSS Secret | TEEN INSPIRATIONAL Journey | -60 lbs 14 Years Old
Tip 1 (most important tip / secret) - Be In A Caloric Deficit In order to lose weight you must consume less calories than your body needs to sustain its current weight (BMR). You MUST succeed in this tip or you will not lose weight. Tip 2 - Exercise (strength training and cardio) You can accelerate your weight loss by exercising. Do cardio to increase your metabolism short term or also do strength training long term to raise your BMR. If you do these, you're bound to speed up your progress big league. Tip 3 - Drink lots of water Drinking a lot of water will cause your body to release stored water weight. This is great for a boost in confidence in the beginning of your journey Student Success By Austin Swiger - http://studentstylechannel.com/index.php/product/student-success-by-austin-swiger/ Thanks for watching! Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/xYqlb46XX_M
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The Best Bag For School | Back To School Essentials
Hey guys! Today I help you guys figure out the best bag type to get for school. I found having a messenger is not the way to go in high school because it gets called a purse and you generally get a lot of sh*t for it. The best bag type to get is a nice backpack. Don't go for the north face backpacks because they're used for work. I found a great bag from coach and maybe you can find something similar if you look in your coach outlet. I hope you enjoyed! Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/UDo6zLOU06M
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Teen Hygiene Guide | Hygiene Tips for Teens
Hey guys. Today we're going over basic hygiene. That includes showering at least once a day, brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing ETC... If you don't take care of yourself you'll be stinky and gross. No one wants to be around that. If you break any of these rules, fix your behavior! I only want the best for you guys! I hope this helps you guys! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/BBRW3jpQtVI
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3 Back To School Tips | Back To School Tips For Teens
Hey guys. In this video I give you three tips to improve your first day of school. A summary is listed below. 1. Bring Gum To Give Out - Improves likability and first impression 2. Sit With ANYONE At Lunch - You don't want to be "That Guy" - Offer gum after you all are done eating to the table 3. Dress How You Want To Be Perceived - Dressing like a "Prep" first day of school = People think of you as a prep Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/wkaxQY1XkCg
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5 Dress-Up Style Hacks EVERY Young Man NEEDS | Young Man's Dress Style Advice
Guys! There comes a time in Every young man's life where he needs to look and be more sophisticated and mature. I'm helping you do that with these simple tips. 1. Match Your Leathers -Match belt,shoes, watch leather and accessories according to shoes 2. -Match Your Metals -Match watch metal color, belt buckle color, earring color, and even shoe buckle color according to your watch *Two-tone includes both stainless silver and gold 3. -Match Your Tie Width To Jacket Lapel 4. -Wear a Pocket Square -Preferably white* -Wear formally or informally like in the video 5. Wear a French-Cuff Dress Shirt (With Cuff-links) -Warn by politicians -Metal cuff-links are more formal -Silk cuff-links are more informal Share this video with a friend -
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WEIGHT LOSS Tips For TEENS | Teen Nutrition and Exercise Advice
Hey guys! After losing +50 lbs, I wanted to make a video talking about how I went about losing all the weight to give some insight to you guys! Generally, I buy all the "healthy shit" (non-gmo, organic, whole grain, ECT...) I can get my hands on. If the cost of the foods are a problem, no worries, get what you can afford and start your journey with what you have. Get fruits like apples, oranges and pineapple. Buy proteins (meats) like chicken, fish, and turkey (also protein powder). Veggies can't hurt either, get some canned green beans. Drink plenty of water and or the sparkling water I talked about "La Croix". I've found Burpees and running on the treadmill are most effective for morning cardio. I hope this helps you on your journey to becoming skinny! If there's anything you guys would like me to do a video on, remember to leave a comment and I'll be more than happy to help you!! Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/c1ySBMAPFUg
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How To Talk To Girls | Teen Men's Advice On Women
Hey guys! Today I give you some tips on how to talk to girls! Remember to be bold and direct. Don't let their beauty overcome you. Don't get stuck in the friend-zone by excepting friendship. Only YOU are responsible for your success! How To Look More Confident - https://youtu.be/lSBwiYp7VFI Share This Video With A Friend - https://youtu.be/In76a5ZX7tc
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Buying My Mom A Coach Bag For Her Birthday | Student Style Vlog #2
Today I show you guys what I got my mom for her birthday. Sorry to all of you who are waiting on another style video I am extremely busy with school. I will limit my videos to one a week because of school. Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy!
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The ONLY Tie A TEEN Should Own! | Men's Fashion | Student Style
Guys! As teens, we don't need to always dress up. But when we do, we need the perfect tie to have our back. Pick a tie that has versatile, non-crazy colors and patterns. You'll be able to wear this tie with more outfits more often. Also, remember to get a tie that is not too skinny or too fat. The width of the tie should match the lapel of your suit jacket. There is no one perfect tie for all of us, but there is one perfect tie for you! Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/TQPKRhmcPew
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Follow My Passion | Last Student Style Video Ever :(
Come follow me on my new channel. I appreciate your support with this channel but i've moved on from style videos to music production. Come vibe with my music and covers. See you there Austin Swiger -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc0kPMWg7ty6dP7pRsS-RNQ
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3 Dress Shoes EVERY Young Man NEEDS | Teen Men's Formal Fashion
In this video... I give you guys the 3 Dress Shoes Every Young Man Needs. They all are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down to your liking. Without further a do, here they are! 1, Black Double-Monk Straps (ALDO) -Plain style with a cap toe -Extremely versatile 2. Brown Cap-Toe Brogues (ASTON GREY) -Great to wear with khaki pants or chinos -Corky style 3. Black Dress Boot (ALDO) -Great for winter encounters with bad weather -Slick styling that can be dressed up or down Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/SEc_xaOPDB0
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How To Build a Versatile Wardrobe | Men's Style Advice | Student Style
Hey guys! Today we talk about how to build a versatile wardrobe so you can invest your money into reusable items! Don't forget to like, subscribe and share! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/CxhxkcHsXeg
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The ONLY Hairstyle You NEED As A TEEN | Men's Hairstyle Tutorial
Guys! Today I'm showing you all what the best way to style your hair is! I also show you how to style it! Share this video with a friend - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEWxqpRncdc
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6 STONE COLD Winter Style Essentials for Men | Teen Cold Weather Musts
Teen's Boot Guide | EVERYTHING You Need To Know | Men's Style Guide Video - https://youtu.be/0hYf5-a_ZO4 4 ESSENTIAL Jackets For TEENS | Teen Men's Fall Fashion - https://youtu.be/2g9wcsdDBik My Winter Style Essentials - 1. Good Quality Gloves 2. Wool Trench/Top Coat 3. Winter Boot (Dress or Casual) 4. Hoodie (Wool Lined) 5. Polarized Sunglasses 6. Cardigan Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/iYHoX1jw9JI
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How To Dress Stylish In The Rain | Teen Men's Style
Hey guys. In this video I show you guys how to dress in rainy weather without compromising your style. The video summary is listed below 1. Wear a Hoodie - The hoodie protects your hair - Protects shirt - Versatile colors for a hoodie : Blue, Black, and Grey 2. Wear a Casual Hat If You Don't Have a Hoodie - Examples: Ball cap and Western hat - Protects your hair 3. Wear a Raincoat - Protects shirt and some of pants - Can be dressed up -Breathable 4. Bring an Umbrella - Small to fit in locker or car - Automatic to shoot and detract 5. Sneakers - Wear no-show socks 6. Dress Boots - Great option for any bad weather - Can be dressed up 3 Dress Shoes EVERY Young Man NEEDS - https://youtu.be/SEc_xaOPDB0 Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/j9ZOAd8upAg
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5 TEEN Summer ESSENTIALS You NEED | Men's Summer Style | Student Style
Guys, we need to keep our style game up no matter what season challenges us! Summer is no different. We all need a great pair of shorts, a pair on nice shades, the perfect summer shoes, the freshest cologne, and the chilliest shirt! Without these ESSENTIALS we will become sloppy and stinky! Don't be. Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/k1eg3rSAVPg
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How a Suit Jacket Should Fit | Men's Jacket Fit | Student Style
Do you know how your suit jacket should fit? Well, fret no more. Follow these simple rules when picking out a jacket and you'll be sure to look better and even feel better. Remember, look for a fitted jacket that fits you in the shoulders, body, sleeves, and armhole (examples in video). Also, don't forget tailoring is an option when buying a jacket. You can tailor the jacket's sleeves and mid-section inexpensively. The jacket MUST have the correct shoulder fit. Don't buy one that does not. Share this video with your friends - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrPqRIym7q4
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BIG Exciting Channel News!
Discount Code - ss5 Today guys, I have some great news! I launched my first Ebook "Student Style By Austin Swiger". I hope you all enjoy it! Student Success By Austin Swiger - http://studentstylechannel.com/index.php/shop/
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How To Shave | Teen's Shaving Tutorial
Hey guys! Today I show you how (not) to shave your face lol. Get a good shaving cream and stay away from the lathers. Go with the grain to get a shave that will prevent ingrown hairs. I hope you guys found value in this video and also enjoyed! Share this video with your friends -
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How to Wear a Tuxedo for Prom | Tips to Look Awesome at Prom
In this video I give you tips on how to wear a tuxedo to prom for high school. I hope you enjoyed :)
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How To LAYER Clothing | BEST Layering Pieces | Men's Winter Styles
Hey guys, today I teach you guys how to layer your clothes. First you need a solid layering piece. Pick up a cardigan or sweater in the appropriate colors, then learn how to pair it with your suit jackets and outerwear. Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/pznxirRYZU0
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How to Dress For Prom | Men's Style Advice | Student Style
Student Style teaches you how to look totally dynamite at prom. With these simple tips you can make your night a GREAT night! When you put on a tux you should feel like a king, not a dopey dork. Follow these tips and you're sure to peek the interest of all the luscious ladies on the dance floor! Have a fantastic time, gents! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/o1sQZNXdxEk Don't forget to like and subscribe for more kick-ass videos!
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Teen's Boot Guide | EVERYTHING You Need To Know  | Men's Style Guide
In this Student Style video, I show you guys how to wear boots inside and out. We go over the formality, quality, and styles of the different types of boots. Don't forget to check out my ebook when it drops! It will be something you won't want to miss! Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/0hYf5-a_ZO4
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How To Stylishly Dress Your Age | N.E.S.C. Student Style Teamwork
Hey guys! In today's video, Student Style is teaming up with Carl from New England Style Consulting to bring you guys a video on how you dress different depending on your age while remaining stylish! We both go through three different scenarios and level of dress. Casual, semi-formal, and formal. Hope you enjoyed ;) New England Style Consulting's channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb3fJ09Jw2nUX9TpSiUNBQw Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/In76a5ZX7tc
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4 ESSENTIAL Jackets For TEENS | Teen Men's Fall Fashion
Guys... Summer is coming to an end and the days are getting darker and colder. Here are four ESSENTIAL jackets every stylish teen should own! Video Summary Below: 1. Hoodie - Wool-lined hoodie = warm winter days - Versatile and practical 2. Cardigan - Can be dressed up - Light but still provides warmth 3. Leather Jacket - Masculine - Badass 4. Raincoat - All-year-round best jacket - Doesn't insulate heat - Protects against rain (duh) Share this video with a friend -
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How To Dress For A DATE | Teen Men's Fashion Tips
Hey guys! Wether you're taking your date out to Starbucks for coffee, taking her out for a romantic walk in the park, or taking her for a lavish dinner, I have your back! Today, I give you tips on how to dress for these occasions. Keep it casual for the park and coffee! No need to dress in a three piece suit. Bring a nice, fitted tee-shirt, dark-wash jeans, and a black pair of dress boots. When you take her for that wonderful dinner, change out the tee-shirt for a great, fun button-up! You can pair the button-up shirt with a suit jacket if the dinner is really nice! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/8D2u6sp76pk
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4 Student Athlete Style Tips | Men's Style Advice | Student Style
Student Style fills you in on how you, as a student athlete can improve your image when dressing up for school games. With these four tips you may feel better, stronger, and more confident on and off the court! Schools wouldn't make you dress up for game day if it wasn't beneficial. Take the opportunity, invest in yourself, and just maybe you'll lead your team to VICTORY!! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/cN5BoNoi0vU Like and subscribe for more kick-ass videos!
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Stylecon 2016 Review | Student Style Review
Watch as Student Style reviews Stylecon 2016 (hosted by Aaron Marino and Antonio Centeno)! Share this video with our friends - https://youtu.be/exUfaZMXlqU Have a question? Drop it into the comment section below and we'll get back too you!
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How To Be Confident | Student Style
Hey guys! Today I teach you guys the steps you can take to be more confident! Keep your shoulders back and your chest out. Also speak with your hands and speak LOUDLY!! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/lSBwiYp7VFI
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3 AWESOME Shoes Every TEEN Needs | Men's Shoes | Student Style
Hey folks, we all need great shoes. They are the base component of your outfit. These sneakers, dress boots, and dress shoes will take you through any situation you run into. Need to dress up in the winter? Wear the dress boots. Have a date? You can dress up your sneakers or wear your nice dress shoes. Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/p_cqlfGYV5E
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Popping My Suit Supply Cherry | AMAZING Suit | Suit Supply Review
In this Student Style video I review the brand "Suit Supply'. The business is well known for its quality suits at a more reasonable price point. In this video, I go over the pros and cons of my experience with the brand. I hope you enjoy and i'll also list the pros and cons below. Thanks Suit Supply Pros and Cons Pros - 1. Fit 2.Quality 3. Employees (knowledge) 4. Tailoring In-house 5. Interesting Experience 6. Quick but Precise 7. They Supply Everything Cons - 1. Costly 2. Far away (urban environment) 3. Late on shipping 4. Tailoring price Final Score - 4.5/5 Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/7yD9Sx7BEtE
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How a Student Should Dress For School | Student Style
Watch as Student Style teaches you how you should dress for school. We cover the "dressy" days, the days you just want to bum out, and the everyday attire for you! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/mIr-I4XSW9Q Subscribe for more kick-ass videos!
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How To Wear Sweatpants/Joggers | Teen Men's Fashion
Hey guys! Today, I'm teaching you all how to wear sweatpants and joggers. The fit is important. Don't go too tight or too loose. I'll have example of the correct fit in the video. Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/QNQpVjfC1Uk
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How To Tie A Tie | The Quickest Necktie Knot
Guys! You're in a rush and you need to tie your necktie. Don't worry! This video will give you the quickest way to tie your necktie. Even if you're not in a rush, this knot is simple, classic, and elegant. It is best warn with a pointed color dress shirt but in a pinch it will do with any dress shirt. I hope you guys get this knot down pat! Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/EN_WSKAoGpo
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Three Amazing Luxury Items I Need | Teen Style Aspirations
Yo guys. Today I'm simply going over my favorite luxury items and why I want them. Enjoy. 1. Louis Vuitton Keepall 55" - Great quality - Lasting French Heritage 2. Rolex Submariner ( Stainless Steel, Date, Ceramic Bezel) - Best quality - Brilliant Swiss heritage - Just "Rolex" lol - Great entry-level Rolex 3. Ford Mustang Shelby GT 350 (In grabber blue, Two white racing stripes) - Extremely fast car - I already own a grabber blue mustang - Looks super badass Share this video with a friend - https://youtu.be/t3ZAVPszJbE
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5 KICKASS Reasons Why a Student Should Care About His Style | Student Style
In this video, Student Style gives you 5 KICKASS reasons why YOU as a student should care about your style! Share this with your friends - https://youtu.be/HlQUnwpEXk4
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The Good Deed | Student Style
In this video, Student Style shares with you the importance of doing a good deed and the impact it can have on someone else's life. Just the simple gesture of finding someones lost items and returning them can make their day brighter and suppress their stress! Do a good deed! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/aPS06wGhDvg
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How To Look Like a Badass | Men's Fashion | Student Style
Student Style teaches you how to look like a total badass!! Buy distressed items (especially leather) to achieve a macho persona. Don't forget to find a sweet leather jacket that fits you right!! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/bvHgDjqKu1g
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Thanks for 650 Subscribers! + Video Ideas
Thank you all for being apart of this channel. I appreciate your support very much. What video topics do you guys want? How can I help you guys out? Leave your comments in the comment section down below. Thanks again! -Austin
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How To Make Money As a Student | Student Style
Student Style tells you how you can make money by either going into business for yourself or getting a job. Student Style goes over the pros and cons of each also. Thanks to all our vets in America and abroad! Share this video with your friends - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgW0S2X9hhE
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3 EASY Ways To Wear A Dress Shirt | How To Wear A Dress Shirt
Hey Guys, today we are talking about how to wear a dress shirt. I give you three tips on how to wear a dress shirt correctly to look amazing. Hope you enjoy gents.
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How To Lose 50lbs As a Student | Student Style
Today, Student Style teaches you how to lose weight by going through the mental preparation you'll need to begin your journey and the physical activities you'll need to do to lose weight. Remember... What you eat is going to determine your progress, not your exercise! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/2DuPNKDPqkg How To Look Like a Badass -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvHgDjqKu1g
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5 Back-To-School Essentials | Men's School Essentials
Going back to school, you need to invest in quality items that will be versatile and stylish. You need to have a backpack that is stylish to match your outfit. You can't be dressing to kill then carry around a crappy nylon binder. You also need a dope watch to help you tell time so you don't get in trouble (for looking at your phone) and also it is a great piece to add depth to your outfit. Going with these, you need a casual sneaker for those days you're running late and still want to look good. Remember to get a the sneaker in blues and grays. The conservative colors will make the sneaker more versatile. Also, get a fitted hoodie in these same colors. It will add depth to your outfits in the colder months. Get a pair of nice dark-wash blue jeans too. They can be dressed up or warn casually. Get them in a stretchy, light fabric. BONUS: Get a pair of high-quality shades (preferably polarized). They will protect against wrinkles, protect your eyes, and also look super cool in all four months! Share this video with your friends - https://youtu.be/cmOF245HPKE How To Dress For a Date Video - https://youtu.be/8D2u6sp76pk Best Bag For School Video - https://youtu.be/UDo6zLOU06M
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