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The Customer Development Process. 2 Minutes to See Why
The Customer Development Process explained.
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Entrepreneurship is a Calling - 2 Minutes to See Why
Welcome to my YouTube Channel Video clips explaining Customer Development, the Lean Startup and the Secret History of Silicon Valley My blog: https://steveblank.com My Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/sgblank
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What Job Needs to be Done? 2 Minutes to Find Out Why
Get to know your customers by finding out what job needs to be done.
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There Are 3 Types Of Corporate Innovation.  2 Minutes to See Why
Startup expert Steve Blank discusses Corporate Innovation with Professor Sheena Iyengar, faculty director of the Columbia Business School Entrepreneurship program, at the Columbia Startup Lab Jan. 13, 2015.
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Validation: Be Sure Your Startup Vision Isn't a Hallucination. 2 Minutes to See Why
For a startup, validating product-market fit is key. Here's why.
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Why Customer Development is Done by Founders. 2 Minutes to See Why
Startup founders can't outsource Customer Development. Here's why.
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Get Customer Feedback By Creating an MVP. 2 Minutes to see Why
Learn what a Minimum Viable Product is and how to use it to get customer feedback when building your startup.
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Pivot -- Firing the Plan, Not the People. 2 Minutes to See Why
Startup founders talk about Pivots all the time. But what's a pivot? Learn how and why a pivot can save your job.
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Pivot or Proceed? How to Decide. 2 Minutes to See Why
When should you Pivot? Here's how to decide.
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Why Get Out of the Building? 2 Minutes to See Why
Why get out of the building to talk to customers? To test your hypotheses and gain insight.
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Are you solving customer problems? 2 Minutes to See Why
If your startup is to be successful, you must understand your customers' pains. Here's why.
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How to Get Customers, Keep Them and Attract Even More. 2 Minutes to See Why
Customer Development, Lean Startup, innovation, startups, starting a business, how to start a business, entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, business
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The Secret to Successful Startup Partnerships. 2 Minutes to See Why.
A startup partnership is a two-way street.
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Pricing Your Product. 2 Minutes to See Why
How to price your startup's product.
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World-class entrepreneurs are forever curious. 2 Minutes to See Why.
World-class entrepreneurs are forever curious.
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You're Not Smarter Than Your Customers
Why getting out of the building to talk with and get to know your customers is key.
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At times more is less and less is more. 2 Minutes to See Why
What's a minimum viable product?
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Startups Are Not Smaller Versions of Large Companies
Why startups are not smaller versions of large companies
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Market Type is Everything. 2 Minutes to See Why
Not all startups are alike. One of the key ways they differ is in the relationship between a startup’s new product and its market. Market type influences everything a company does. Strategy and tactics for one market type seldom work for another. Market type determines the startup’s customer feedback and acquisition activities and spending. It changes customer needs, adoption rates, product features and positioning as well as its launch strategies, channels and activities.
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Continuous Disruption
Innovation expert Steve Blank explains why corporations must continuously innovate. From a January 2015 fireside chat at Columbia University.
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Startups vs. Big Companies. 2 Minutes to See Why
Learn why startups are not smaller versions of big companies.
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Nordic Business Review interview
Steve Blank discusses disruptive innovation in the September 2015 Nordic Business Review
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Entrepreneurship is a Team Effort. 2 Minutes to See Why
World-class entrepreneurs know that a complementary team that has a shared vision is critical for their startup's success.
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Igniters Meetup Fireside Chat
Startup expert Steve Blank in conversation with Stanford lecturer JD Schramm. Sept. 25, 2014.
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