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Actress & Singer Fazura Talks About Empowerment In Her New Single
Malaysian sweetheart, Fazura is well known for her role in Gol & Gincu and Pisau Cukur. Likely got the chance to interview Fazura at her exclusive preview for her newest single “Can’t Forget Me”. Watch how she dishes about women empowerment, the love of her life, Fattah Amin and the very first makeup product she bought. We definitely “Can’t Forget” Fazura! Stream her new single "Can't Forget Me" at https://UMM.lnk.to/CantForgetMeLi
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Zak Abel Tests His Make Up Skills On Our Editor, Nadia
Pretty sure you've heard of the boyfriend makeup challenge, right? This time around, we have British singer songwriter Zak Abel, who is famous for the "Love Song" and "You Come First", to apply makeup on our editor Nadia's face. Did he nail it? Watch until the end to find out!
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We Are Not to Be Touched Without Consent #MeToo
One in three women throughout the world will experience physical, and sexual violence in by a partner or by a non-partner. According to the local police statistics, a total of 57, 519 cases of violence against women were reported in Malaysia from 2010 until March 2017. In conjunction with international day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women which falls on the 25th November, 4 Malaysian women voice out their real life experiences on physical and sexual abuse. Women in Malaysia are still afraid to speak up because there is something patriarchal to the idea that sexual assault is presumed to be shameful for the survivor. These behaviors are hidden away and enable the despicable to happen more frequent in silent. Together, we can prevent this from happening.
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Solo Traveller Acacia Diana Shares Her Wanderlust Secrets
Journey for woman who hit the road solo or even with friends can sometimes be difficult and even dangerous. Well don’t worry ladies, Travel Junkie Acacia Diana shared her safety tips and suggestions that might come in handy on how to pack smart and light for your journey.
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Joanna Joseph Talks About Her Drastic Overweight Transformation
Joanna Joseph is no stranger when it comes to the model and pageant industry. Did you know that she used to be 104kg and was bullied in school throughout her childhood? Find out her story on how she transformed herself and embrace those flaws.
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Guess How Many Lipsticks Chaleeda Carries In Her Bag?
What does Chaleeda carry inside her bag? In this video, the famous Thai-British star shows us the items she simply can’t live without. From her essential beauty items to how she takes care of her skin, we also find out that she uses an actual pen for her eyebrows. Music: Mind Over Matter | Chaleeda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmdZwWSqIIo Pretty Boy | Chaleeda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ9RNnDKhzg&list=RDYmdZwWSqIIo&index=3 Bestfriend | Lil J ft. Chaleeda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQdZx70NIAY Special thanks to: Audio Library
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Happy Skin Lotion vs Drugstore Foundation - Does It Work?
We tested an old school makeup product that goes way back to our grandmothers time! Can the Happy Skin Lotion go up against our average drugstore foundation?
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Spice Up Your V'day Look With DamnYouDan
Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Want the best makeup looks to impress your boo? Damnyoudan has got you covered with her go-to Date look!
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We Try to Recreate Bil Musa's Look
Bil Musa, a full-fledged artiste signed under Yuna Room Records is one of the most successful local musicians. Ever wonder on how to get her radiant nude and natural look in 5 minutes? Let's find out!
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Can You Survive With Just RM10?
Broke at the end of the month and you're starving yourself because you don't know what to eat. We tried eating healthy with only RM 10 a day! Will Chloe succeed or succumb to grease?
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Korean Glass Skin Routine on Dark Skin
Grace tried the 10 steps of Korean Glass Skin to see whether it works on darker skin but does it work? We also go for a fairer looking skin and repeat the same beauty routine to try it out.
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Hoi Tong White Pressed Powder vs Drugstore Compact Powder
We tested our grandmothers old school makeup product against our average drugstore brands. Will it be too white to use?
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Round Table Date - 36 Questions to Fall In Love
Introducing Round Table Date, One Table, 3 Suitors and 1 Girl. A social experiment dedicated to challenge the norm of dating multiple people at once. We brought 4 strangers together to test out the 36 questions created by psychologist Arthur Aron. Watch as they increasingly become vulnerable among each other and reveal their deepest secrets. Try the 36 Questions: https://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/11/fashion/no-37-big-wedding-or-small.html Get to know them: @khalidascope @aldotjpeg @aaronalfateh @rajivjj
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Non-Indians In Malaysia Know More About Deepavali?
From art, music and dance to the amazing cuisines, Indian culture is known to be very diverse and unique. Everyone can't help but to fall in love with it! In commemoration with Deepavali, we asked a few girls about the celebration and tested their knowledge on it. Question is, who knows more about Deepavali: Indians or Non-Indians?
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Ariana Grande Inspired Look by Julia Duclos
Always wondered how you can achieve Ariana Grande’s signature look? The talented singer-songwriter Julia Duclos, who’s also known as Ariana’s look-alike, shows us how you can achieve the perfect winged cat-eye and the sleek, high ponytail!
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Maggy Wang's Skincare Routine Revealed
Malaysia Fly FM Radio Announcer, TV Host and Emcee Maggy Wang who is known for her edgy, sporty and outgoing personality. Let's find out what are her tips on getting clear and glowing skin.
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Malaysian Model Venus Shares Her Caucasian Look & CNY Taboos
Malaysian Model / Emcee Venus, shared a few of her CNY taboos such as "Don't take medicine or Vitamins on the first day of Chinese New Year or else you will be sick the entire year". To all the ladies out there who love the Caucasian look, you definitely don't want to miss this out!
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Take Your Pimple Popper Obsession To The Next Level
The famous pimple popper herself, Dr Sandra Lee - a.k.a Dr Pimple Popper, has maximised on our obsession of pimples by creating a questionably satisfying game.. for some. Now, if you squirm and squeal every time one of these videos pop up on your social media feed, then this game probably isn't for you and you should look away now.
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I Almost Gave Up With The Airwrap Water Bottle Hack, Until..
#ICYMI, renowned hair care brand Dyson has designed an uber cool Airwrap Styler that basically uses air to wrap and curl your hair. It costs around RM 1,697, a price point that might be too expensive for some of us to own. Of course, the internet did not miss a beat and came up with an alternative for the hair curler -- using a hairdryer and plastic water bottle instead. Beauty lovers went wild for the airwrap water bottle hack which looks fun and easy to do. So, it's not a surprise that it quickly went viral.  But, just how "easy" is it? Watch how many takes it took for our editor Nadia to master the viral airwrap hack.
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Can You Do Your Makeup When You Are Drunk?
In conjunction of Happy Hour Day, we want you to know your drinking limits. If you are tipsy enough to not be able to do your makeup properly, what makes you think that your judgement won't be impaired when you are out drinking?
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FlyFM Ili Teases Her New Singles While Being Punny
Malaysia Fly FM Radio Announcer, Ili sang us a verse from her new singles "I Don't Mind" in her upcoming EP. If you think you are punny just like Ili, prove us.
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Things I Wish I Had Known Before Getting Braces
When people with straight or slightly crooked teeth talk about getting braces, sometimes, you can't help but to tell them: "Girl, you really don't." Having braces is both a horrid and amazing experience, and you just can't wait for it to be over. For everyone that has had to get them, we all know that there are a lot of downsides to the process of getting straight teeth that people with naturally perfect teeth will never understand. This includes cuts in our poor mouth, the feel of teeth moving and brace tightening as if construction workers are doing their magic, food stuck in braces, and everything that comes dealing with a mouth that is 50% metal. Check out this video if you want to understand the woes of living with braces.
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Slay or Nay: Green Lipstick Changes Colour Based On Your pH Level
You asked, and we tried it. This magic green lipstick changes into the perfect pink/red hue according to your body's chemistry. Word has it that it can also last up to 24 hours. We're mind-blown but does it actually work?
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Let's Bring Back The Old Shanghai Glam This CNY
Chinese New Year is just around the corner, so decided to travel back in time to 1920’s and did a classic hairdo on Grace. The “Old Shanghai hairstyle” might be tricky to pull off but the trouble is going to be worth it. Besides, you can pair it up with any CNY outfits! Special thanks to: toniandguynexis
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Zetty Styles White T-shirt in 3 Different Ways
Bored of your plain white tee? We’ve got you covered. Hot FM announcer Zetty teaches us how to style your wardrobe-must-have white T-shirt in 3 different ways.
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Find Out What Lies Ahead with Tarot Reader Sarah May Low
The new year is a powerful time to consult your intuition – and Tarot Cards - to integrate the lessons of the year that has passed, and prepare for the year ahead.
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Grace Recreates: Kylie Jenner's Chill Baby Christmas Look
Look like the youngest self-made billionaire this Christmas, with Kylie Jenner's Chill Baby Holiday Makeup Tutorial in Grace Recreates. How many star would you give Grace? Comment below!
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Is Sparkling Water The Secret To Amazing Skin?
Want brighter skin? Try dunking your head in sparkling water. Like seriously! By washing your face with carbonated mineral water, you can revitalize your complexion and achieve a healthier-looking glow. Watch how Grace got her glowy looking skin here.
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Would People Notice If You Wear The Same Outfit To Work?
Nadia & Grace doesn't want to be known as clothes repeaters, but for this challenge, that's exactly what they have to do. Would people even notice? Watch this video to find out!
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Why Does DJ Alexis Grace Carry Dog Food In Her Bag?
Alexis Grace, one of the most influential Malaysian DJs in the EDM scene since 2013 shares what she carries in her everyday bag. You'll be shocked to find out what this super hot, funny DJ has in her bag.
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Balance For Better with Zee Avi & NJWA
Something epic happening this International Women’s Day with the combination of two talented artists with a very distinct style of music! That’s right ladies, Malaysian sweetheart Zee Avi & NJWA get real about the concert and spilling some juicy stuff. Also, both of them have been challenged to sing a song based on given word within 10 seconds.
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We Tried The Faux Freckle With Henna
Those cute little natural spots are a trend of their own on social media, this is the latest trend that take the beauty world by storm! We at Likely put Grace under the test to try out the Faux Freckles by using Henna. Watch more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Lu6zKxdcdk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh2QflJgTJ4&t=284s
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Old School Kajal vs Drugstore Eyeliner
Raise your hands if you've used Kajal before! This is an old school beauty product that goes way back to Cleopatra’s era and apparently, it's good for the eyes compared to modern eyeliners. For those who find this hard to believe, fret not nay-sayers - because we're going to save your time by making Grace test out both Kajal & modern eyeliner in this video. Find out which product works best!
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M'sian Actress Joyce Harn Shares Her Go-to Makeup Look
A rising Malaysian actress Joyce Harn, who is actively involved in many local Chinese and Malay dramas, has showed us how she does her "Meet-Important-But-Not-So-Important-People" aka Everday Make Up. She is known for her role in upcoming film "Fly By Night", "My Sensei Nyonya as Chun Xiao", "Sepasang Awan Putih" alongside Sean Lee.
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Sonya Danita Charles Embraces Her Unique Skin & Slays It!
There are a thousand definitions of beauty, and like the overused adage - beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For Sonya Danita Charles, her journey has been more on the tough side, with most people not knowing how to appreciate her beauty. She shared with us her painful experiences growing up because of her skin condition, and how she has learned to overcome and even embrace it. Check her story out!
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#BratzChallenge: Did We Do It Right?
Like many, the early 2000's remind us of one thing and one thing only -- the era of Bratz dolls! #ICYMI: Social media has gone cray cray with a trend called “Bratz Doll Challenge”, in which people try their best to imitate those puffy lips and doll-like beauty features. Today, 3 of us from Likely take on the challenge and transform into Yasmin, Sasha and Jade. Will it be a hit or a miss?
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We Are Likely
Empowering women to embrace our unique identities through life stories, voices & experiences.
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We Tried Drinking Enough Water For 5 Days Straight
The importance of water has been stressed by many since the beginning of time. They believe that drinking a gallon of water a day will solve every problem we have, from skin issues. weight loss to anti-ageing. But just how effective can it be?
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Game-Changing Ways To Use Translucent Powder
Do you know that there are so many things you can achieve with loose powder? This makeup staple can do everything from preventing an oil slick forming on your face to adding some freshness back to your hair. But if you don't own translucent powder, you can opt to use baby powder instead!
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5 Beauty Hacks You Can Do with Lube
Ever wonder what else you can do with lube beside spice things up in bed? Well, why not give it a shot to use lube in your beauty routine. Likely put Grace under the test to try out this hacks and see how things got wet at the end of the video! ;)
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What Happens When Frida Kahlo Comes To Malaysia
Over 60 years since her death, Frida Kahlo’s enduring legacy and personal brand is now more robust than ever. From the introspective feminist works she created to her bold, gender-blurring beauty, we love the fact that she refused to conform to the society's standards. Now, we have recreated her distinct look to see how others would react to it.
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Yoga Skin - Big Beauty Trend of 2019
It’s time to move on ladies, because the It thing this year is Yoga Skin! Ever wonder how to get the dewy and glowing skin as if you have just finished a yoga class? Don’t panic, you don’t actually have to start your day with doing yoga to get that look, Grace has got you covered.
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Bored Of Your Usual Rainy Day OOTD? We Got Your Back
In a never-ending summer tropical country like Malaysia, there will bound to be plenty of rainy days with high humidity too! We know how difficult it is to choose what to wear in such occasions, but fortunately we have some look that will surely make you look good all day. Watch our full video on how you can achieve these looks! | Outfits From Forever 21 |
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Grace Recreates: Living Coral Look with Anne Curtis
Pantone's Colour of The Year 2019 - Living Coral symbolises optimism and it looks so good on all skin tones! This shade of colour is so versatile, that you can wear it on your cheeks, eyes and lips. You can even paint your whole face coral and still look like a bombshell. Watch how the colour looks on Grace here.
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#WeCanDoIt: Grace Tries “Rosie The Riveter” Makeup Look
Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we at Likely have decided to recreate a look by one of the world’s iconic female figure — “Rosie The Riveter”. It may look pretty easy, but did Grace manage to do it right? Watch to find out more. On another note, make sure to snap a picture of yourself doing this viral pose and share with us on what #BalanceforBetter means to you. Don’t forget to tag us @wearelikely #WeCanDoIt #IWD19MY!
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