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Skin care products for sensitive skin and Rosacea
Here is the video I promised with the some of the new products I bought for sensitive skin, so far am loving them. Here are the links and places where you can buy them here in the States. http://amzn.to/2lq89RI http://amzn.to/2kZEe1n http://amzn.to/2kZG8iG http://amzn.to/2ka3Y7g
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cute diy slime party favors
what kid doesn't love making slime, send your party guest home with this cute party favor idea! Diy slime party favors! adding the bucket turned out to be a really good idea as the kids were able to mix the slime directly in the bucket :)
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The best way to Diet
I read the book French women don't get fat. http://amzn.to/2n91VUa 3 meals a day, No snacking, No mindless eating. Then ENJOY your food!! The only "diet you will ever need"
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Shower curtain hack
Mold on a shower curtain is so annoying! Here is a super cheap hack to elevate your shower curtain using the rod you already have. Also It looks nicer to hang your shower curtain higher! You don't even need a drill, you can just screw these right into the wall--Enjoy!
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Vitamin supplements that are beneficial to fighting Rosacea flareups.
These are some of the vitamins that are known to help ease the symptoms of Rosacea Vit.C Fish oil Sea buckthorn http://amzn.to/2qbH7hY Evening primrose oil http://amzn.to/2rayNxf
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letting go of hurt and disappointment
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRmi3cQ2hBw Joel Osteen once asked a beautiful, sharp, amazing 100 year old lady what her secret was, she replied with three things. I don't worry, I let things Go and I laugh a lot. That was my big lesson for the week! Letting things go!! I have a hard time doing that, But when i hold onto things It only hurts me, and steals my joy and peace.
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Suffering from bad allergies? Watch this!
Here are some of the things I have been doing to try and reduce my severe allergy symptoms.
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Furniture makeover  'Raw wood look"
I had an old table that needed to be refinished, I wanted to keep it in the raw sanded down wood look But also needed to seal it. I Used a product called 'Liming wax https://amzn.to/2D9vzUS
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Clean with me
Monday morning is put the house back in order day. I work on the weekends But my husband and kids are home messing up the house. Its amazing how bad it gets in two short days!
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functional table centerpiece
I was trying to come up with a functional centerpiece that could hold my everyday condiments but was pretty too. I like how this is working for me.
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Decorate with Maria Guild, how to style a kitchen shelf/hutch
Here are some styling tips for decorating a kitchen/dinning room hutch. Happy decorating
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Are you dreading 'Elf on the shelf'?
I was starting to loose my mind with this whole Elf on the shelf business, Not only do you have to remember to move the elf, but now people have gotten so crazy with all the things their elves do that my kids were coming home complaining that our elf was too 'boring'!! What? Its all just too crazy! https://mariaguild.blogspot.com https://mariaguild.blogspot.com/2017/12/elf-on-shelf-driving-you-crazy.html
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Thrift store hot coco bar!
Using Very affordable items Mostly from the thrift store and what I already owned. I set up a cute hot coco station, for all our warm and yummy drinks!
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DIY Garden beds.
We were able to create a cute little flower bed using some of these ideas.
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Winter wonderland, tree topper
A cute tree topper for a winter wonderland theme!
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🎃Pumpkin Giveaway!! (Announcing winners!)🎃
Halloween 🍁🍁🎃🎃 Thanks for all the people who commented and subscribed! If you didn't win that's okay we will have more giveaways in the future!!
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Christmas storage and organization
Finally got around to packing away all my Christmas stuff this is how I store and organize it all.
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Magnolia mantle Easy Fall decorating!
With this beautiful greenery you can create a stunning Fall mantle display. watch how simple
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How sugar gets stored as fat in our bodies.
Have you been struggling to loose weight? Do you have excess belly fat, and hormone problems? Sugar is most likely the culprit! our bodies can only properly process 6 table spoons of sugar, per day. if you have more it gets expelled as a toxin and stored as fat.
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How to have a productive day
These are my Top 5 tips to having a productive day.
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Teenage boys room, mini makeover.
This Teenage boys room was in desperate need of some help, it is a tiny room about 8x9 ft with an off centered window and slanted ceiling on one side, which meant half the room was higher than the other, hs desk was falling apart and the whole room needed a face lift, our budget was small but I was able to give him a more functional space,
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Things that have helped my Rosacea and Allergies!!!!
These are the steps I took a year or so ago to try and help clear my rosacea and allergies. You can find the products in the links below. ParasiteCleanse https://amzn.to/2MsoOhs Liver blend https://amzn.to/2JKBGlp lower bowl cleanse https://amzn.to/2MucSvC L Lysine Immune booster https://amzn.to/2LW4Uua vic c https://amzn.to/2lcK12L Fish oil https://amzn.to/2lakLtY
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All natural 3 in one Soap,scrub and moisturizer with ACV, coconut oil and epsom salt
I had been having issues with really dry skin, and feeling terrible after a shower with that hot water. Chemical soap can be very drying and depletes your skin if its natural oils and protection. I also wanted the benefits of apple cider and epsom salt on my skin, but seldom had time to soak in a bath..Which is why I came up with this invention. The salt works great as a scrub. The ACV is an amazing cleanser and the coconut Oil replenishes and moisturizes. Just apply all over the body..scub, then rinse!..No need to use soap...Your skin will feel amazing!
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Create a life of meaning from our truest selves
I read the book by Neale Donald Walsh called "Conversations with God" one of the main things that I took from it was that we are put on this earth to create! Find our true selves, our passions and what we love, and to create a life of meaning from our truest selves. One of the best ways to find out what you are meant to do with your life. is by figuring out what it is that you love! God gives us our likes, and passions and desires. and we are meant to build and create on them! How fantastic is that!
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Halloween decorating and Giveaway
I found these beautiful Magical looking pumpkins at pier 1 the other day, and it really inspired me, I love how different they are but also how perfect they are for one of the most 'magical' and fun nights of the year! I'm also doing a giveaway!! You must be subscribed to my channel, then comment Why you love decorating for fall/halloween. I will place all the names from these comments in a box and we will make another video where we pick one lucky winner to be the proud owner of these! yay!
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One easy trick to becoming more positive!
I struggled for years with being a Negative person, The law of attractions states that you attract your predominant thot's! If your predominant thot's are Negative, you are attracting negativity into your life!! YIKES!!!!...Who wants that?? Not me!
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My personal transfomation.
My personal Journey, from a life of depression, anxiety, and overwhelm, to a better more fulfilling life. And the lessons I'm learning along the way.
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channel trailor
Welcome to my Youtube channel! I'm Maria Guild! A busy mom of three, With a passion for decorating and transforming spaces. I also love to help and inspire people! I like to talk about all kinds of different things that have been helpful in my life, health family or business.
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4th of July decorating hacks
Easily decorate for the 4th of July!
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A few of my Mentors
Some other Youtubers have had a big impact on me, Check out their channels,My main Mentor has been Terri Saville Foy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTLSyLmku9nMeR5FfLpCDUQ And I wouldnt have found her with out watching 'Organized clutter bug' I love her Authenticy and she has a ton of great tips for 'Organizationally challenged people like me https://www.youtube.com/user/OrganizedClutterbug https://www.youtube.com/user/OrganizedClutterbug
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My rewarding experience decorating local 'Safe House"
I recently got to help decorate a home for women and children. It was a wonderful and rewarding experience being able to help. for more details on the transformation please see my blog post. https://mariaguild.blogspot.com/2018/04/safe-house-transformation.html
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How do I make time for things I know I need to do.
So many things come at us everyday! If we are not careful we will fill our time with things that are important but not the "most important" I'm learning to identify my 'High Value' priorities. things that can 'make or break me'Then carve out time for them everyday! The first step Is write down three things that are very important and that you know you need to do, Then don't let anything stand in the way of you doing them!
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How to get over rejection
This is how I helped my daughter get over her first rejection. It seemed to help her a lot so I thot I would share it.
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Decision making
When you send you children out to play, do you care deeply whether they play tag or hide and seek? No! You simply want them to have fun, and enjoy themselves....God is the same way with us. He wants us to make our own choices, and create the life we want. He is always there to help us and make us feel loved and safe, but not to control our every move.
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Patio mini makeover, Getting ready for summer. Before and after.
I have a long narrow patio off the back of my house. its always been a little bit of a challenge to set up. But this week I was up for the challenge. I have been wanting to set it up a lot better and nicer as we spend so much time out here in the summer. I didn't want to spend too much money so all new furniture was not really in the budget. so I just added some key pieces to bring it all together.
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Simple Faith
The word "faith' always kind of scared me as I conjured up images of extremely powerful people like Moses parting the red seas...I was pretty sure that it wasn't something I really possessed, but a few things have helped me to understand it simplify it and hopefully have more of it :)
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KonMari my Closet with me!+Marie Kondo method+spark joy+the magic of tidying up.
I have been wanting to go thru my closet and get rid of stuff. But to be totally Honest I have a hard time getting rid of things. so I decided to give the KonMari method a try and I'm super impressed with how much stuff I was able to get rid of
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Money (Poverty Vs Abundant mindsets)
Some of the things I have been learning in regards to Money and the mind sets that I have had "poverty mindsets" and learning to connect to abundance!!
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Halloween Haul and lights.
Here are some of the things I bought recently for some outdoor decorating.
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Lets talk money pt 2 (Poverty vs Abundant mindsets)
There is Abundance in the universe! But often the difference between those who you see with abundance and who have less, is found in the careful,faithful, and diligent habits they have formed and often a lot of hard work!
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Halloween Decorating
Some simple and fun Halloween decorating tips.
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The season of 'serving'(Mom's)
Are you in a season of 'serving' ? where you feel like 90% of your day is making sure other people have their needs met? if your a Mom you most likely are. But 1 It wont last forever, so embrace this time, and 2. being of service to others can be a very rewarding thing, In fact success, purpose and fulfillment can all be found in serving others. Also God says in order to be truly great we must be servant to all!
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life update/personal growth/steps I have taken to be more awesome!!
I started this youtube channel several years ago, as I was coming out of a difficult stage in my life. I was battling depression, my marriage was a wreck, I was barely keeping it together for my kids, and I was trying to start a business. I needed some tools to take my life out of the funk it was in and get me on a path towards reaching my goals. So I actively connected to mentors and people that could help me be who I wanted to be, I am still a work in progress and some days are better than others. but having these tools has been helpful!
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Spring planting
Check out the new plants I added to my garden.Its soo big, that I have to add a couple more each season!
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Choosing Joy over Stress
My lesson of the week, Think less of trying to impress others and just find the Joy in what you have. We are all in different stages in life, Don't postpone "living life to your fullest" Because you are comparing with other people, and trying to live in a false sense of 'perfection' Living 'abundantly doesn't always mean having tons, But means you are living in a state of Joy! no matter what the circumstance!
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My Easter decorations:
I felt like 'last minute Lucy'...But I finally managed to pull my Easter decorations out, and since I love seeing other people's decorations I thought I would show you mine Happy Easter!!
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Do what only YOU can do, Do it well, and leave the rest be.
Its easy to become overwhelmed with things to do, and in a business you can start focusing on too many ideas and things at once, sometimes its important to remember what your unique skills are that not everyone can do, focus on doing those well, and leave the rest be.
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I'm going to New York!
I'm headed to New York in search of 'Design inspiration' Help me get ready!...Here is a Peak of some of the things i can Never Be on an airplane with out! https://amzn.to/2IdST55
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