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I'm back after sometime
I have been okay getting through life is difficult for me since I have depression and I hate my life in general so it's hard for me but I'm doing YouTube for you guys because you guys are great I hope you guys don't have depression and I hope you guys like your life just know people are there for you and stay strong you guys are amazing -Crafty
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To the park we go
We had fun Singleladdiessquad Shearch it
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Me making a statement
Depression has got me today trapped in it's evil clutches. I fell like my family hates me all the time so yup I still hate my life
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Something to clarify!
Hope you have a happy new year I love you all -Crafty
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I'm sick
It's bad but I'll get through I'll post soon love you all
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I'm back (also read the description please)
Hey it's Crafty and I'm finally back after not feeling well being gone and school. I love uploading it's so much fun and I appreciate everyone who just sees the videos I make. Also I deleted the first two videos I had there was no point in keeping them up in my opinion. Thank you so much for your guys support and I'll see you soon bye.
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