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Sybil  - The love I lost
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The Beautician and the monster.
Had to mirror one of my favorite Bugs Bunny clips!!
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The Suburbs - Music For Boys
Dash and I - February 16th 2011 - after a long bitter cold winter and the warmest day (52 degrees) since November 11th 2010... We both needed a nice leisure stroll outside to relieve our cabin fever.. He had a ball!~
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My Tribute to Brittany Murphy
I adored Brittany in the film Drop Dead Gorgeous as well as her other work. Heres a little tribute I made in honor of her.. From my favorite dark comedy, Drop Dead Gorgeous.. Hope you enjoy. RIP Brittany! You are,... an angel!
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Something Like - Tibi ft Christyle
Nice soulful house track!
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Chaplin Band - Il veliero
Various Miami aerials..Haulover beach, Party shots from Winter Party 2008 and 2009. Closing beach scene from Ft. Lauderdale beach. Credits: Photographer Brett Holegria Palace Bar -South Beach CSI Miami Greg Carlson Chaplin Band - Il veliero
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Sea Hunt
Patrick Cowley
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Postcard to the Stars
Sharing my love of music.... Greetings to the stars Sometimes this world is like a house I hide in You are like a window lined with lace Lying with my back turned to the earth Here and now we come face to face This is quite a planet Can't take nothing here for granted I'm sending this song into space Hello from the human race The earth is whispering a warning We have not been listening I lay against her I can hear her sigh We act very brave But if you want the truth you'll see it in our eyes We play tug-of-war with god and pieces of the land And we have guns that can lay to waste The human race We have sent you greeting cards Our rocket ships are question marks They thunder and they whistle through the air Like a child in the dark forever whispering Is anybody there? We have color tv's And there's music and there's dancing But I think we wear a lonely face The human race [ bridge ] Greetings to the stars You've traveled light years For your light to fall on human eyes Sometimes I feel the same Do you still exist Or have you vanished By the time that you've been seen Greetings to the heavens May you shine on us forever And I pray you shed a saving grace On the human race All Lyrics Copyright Wendy Wall
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Jay Shepheard  - Add Arp (cats & Dogs mix)
Jay Shepheard, Catz 'n Dogz - Add Arp (Catz 'n Dogz Remix) is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest music store for DJs.
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Wendy Wall - A Woman's Voice
I really cant believe that this artist is not more well known.. Please check out her work if you enjoy this track! Can you hear it, can you feel it in the air? It's like fingers runnin' through your hair. Comin' through the trees and runnin' through the earth, If you're still, you hear. Sweet like you've never known, Strong as the roots of home, Oh, how the roots have grown, It's time you're hearin' a woman's voice.' Hear a woman's voice like puzzle piece to man's, and her hand like puzzle piece in hand. It's a quiet night, Just listen and y ou'll hear, We're a world in fear, Time is a beating drum, peace like a setting sun, Fear is a loaded gun. It's time you're hearin' a woman's voice. Still this world of sound, Just for one minute stop and take a look around I think you need us now Can you hear it, can you feel it in the air? It just may be answer to a prayer Are you running here and looking everywhere For what was always there? No, you are not alone, Sweet the sound of your own. Oh, let it call you home, It's time you're hearing a woman's voice. It's time you're hearing a woman's voice. It's time you're hearing a woman's voice. All Lyrics Copyright Wendy Wall All Rights Reserved
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why can't we live together (sunset mix) - dominatorz
I do not own the rights to this material.
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Tantra -  Hills of Katmandu
What sucks is I had to edit about 5 minutes out of this song and video because it went past YOUtubes rule of 10 minutes..
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5 Dancing Men - Piano Tribe (DJ BUC Morning Mix)
A tribute to the late great DJ BUC.. You are missed and loved by many. Also pictured in video is the late great Richard Sabala.. You too are missed and loved by many.
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Daryl Hall - Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You.
Daryl Hall - I could not find this mix anywhere on YOUTube.. So here it is.
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Love Attack - Ferrara
Whirling Dervish, Tanoura and Trottola dancers: A mystical dancer who stands between the material and cosmic worlds. His dance is part of a sacred ceremony iin which the dervish rotates in a precise rhythm. He represents the earth revolving on its axis while orbiting the sun. The purpose of the ritual whirling is for the dervish to empty himself of all distracting thoughts, placing him in trance; released from his body he conquers dizziness.
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Sorry Caller No One Home - By Maj Britt   1977
The best of German vintage disco funk....
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Linda Eder - Something to Believe In.
My favorite remix of this song.. good memories, good times.
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Triangle Sun - Spaceship (SoundSAM DiscoMission Remix)
Edited with scenes from Blade Runner, Spun and Requiem for a Dream. EKG Flatline courtesy of J4yMo3 of YOUtube.. Also ending sun effect was presented by GE in its Power of the Sun feature on YOUtube by theGEShow2011. Video for entertainment and/or drug education aid only. No money is being made of this content.
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Til Tuesday - J is for Jules
One of my favorite songs from Til Tuesday.. I do not own the rights to this song.
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Where the hell is the waiter!?!?!?
Drop Dead Gorgeous clip.
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Eastern Sun - Rapture at sea
Jay and I spending the day at Ponce Inlet!! One of my favorite Florida beaches...
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Solomun - Girl Slow Down
Featuring, Sheree with the original tiger dance.
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Eric Clapton - Cocaine (My Favorite Long Sleazy Dance Version)
Down-tempo morning/sleaze dance edit of Eric Clapton's Cocaine.
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Wendy Wall - Missiles and Guns
Its planting time I dig in the Earth Planting all my dreams Where is the sun? Every life's a seed Every one the wind I'm tired of planting my dreams in the shadow of Missles and guns Missles and guns (Missles and guns) A history book is a story of guns Years of blowing souls to kingdom come Raise a hundred flags Bury us til we Grow tired of pledging our hearts to the shadow of Missles and guns Missles and guns (Missles and guns) [ bridge ] It seems to me we are all of one world Many different rivers but one sun Every thought's a seed Every word the wind And we have planted our dreams in the shadows of Missles and guns Missles and guns (Missles and guns) Missles and guns (Missles and guns) Missles and guns (Missles and guns) All Lyrics Copyright Wendy Wall All Rights Reserved
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Dolly Parton -  hands off my potential new boyfriend
Great morning track!
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Birdy - Make My Day (Alternative Mix)
I love this great morning track from Birdy. .
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Elton John - Rocket Man (Inertias Dark and Twisted Remix)
Inertias remix meets Felix Baumgartner's space jump!,..
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Fancy -  Come Inside
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A Bugs Bunny Drag Show
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Peas - Looks Like Heaven
Special thanks to YOUtube member, Iank14 for the footage of Invasion 2009 on Fire Island. I really wanted to get this song posted and thought this fun happy video provided by Ian worked great!
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Debbie's Evil Laugh
Adams Family Values villain.
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Van Halen - Mean Street
I don't own this video what so ever. Belongs to WMG...
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Stronger Cicada Mix
Full credit goes to David Ellis for the video content for this video -- Whenever I hear this track I imagine myself going down this slope with some awesome headphones on jamming this number... AMAZING!
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Jon Nedza-The Magic circle
Ultimate in Tribal House
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Sade - Couldn't Love You More remix
Collage I thought worked great with this remix.. Hope you enjoy..
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Wendy Wall - Nothing Lasts Forever
beautiful folk music from an amazing artist.. You look so peaceful over there The evening light is kind If I should spend a lifetime here It would not be a day of time Nothing lasts forever Nothing lasts forever If I should cover all the clocks And smooth your face of lines If I should stop the hands their turn It won't reclaim a breath of time Nothing lasts forever Nothing lasts forever Please don't leave me alone this night It's night, and nothing lasts forever Sometimes home is in a face In human angel eyes But with such beauty comes an ache that grows more bittersweet with time Nothing lasts forever
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Buddy Miles - Pull Yourself Together
Classic soulful disco..
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Ethiopian protest in Minneapolis
The Ethiopian king visits Minneapolis... The Ethiopian government is deliberately and systemically destroying all serious political opposition. I just caught this peaceful protest with my FLIP cam.
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Goodbye Gilligan!! RIP little buddy!
My dog,best friend and companion of 17 years died today..This is a huge loss for me. Such a sad day. So sudden. I stayed by his side comforting him the whole time holding him until he took his last breath.. I loved him so..
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"Cant you stop saying FUCK all the time?"
Michelle Pfeiffer at her absolute best!!
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Cantoma  - The Call
Film The Dream of Wild Horses A Huge thank you to Knox Bronson for the clip.
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