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How to cheat at black jack !!
Why I am not allowed to go into casinos anymore.. lol Please Subscribe to my channel. Big updates coming 2018 Please help keep this channel growing Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/DavidMastersMagic
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David Masters on Penn & Teller Fool Us (Unseen - never aired & unedited)
This is my performance of my brand new illusion for the TV show Penn and Teller Fool Us.. It never made the final series due to time issues and editing problems. I will be back bigger and better next time. Please help keep this channel growing Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/DavidMastersMagic For great deals on flights and hotels check out http://www.quotemytravels.com
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Andreas Kyriacou Goalkeeper Training
Only 8 years old and working hard to be the next big England goalkeeper. Great hands and great footwork. Drills to get speed up.
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David Masters Magic Highlights
Highlights from some of my shows Please help keep this channel growing Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/DavidMastersMagic Cheap Flights and Hotel Deals : https://www.quotemytravels.com
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David Masters Magic
Short video from a 10th Birthday party
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Bombshells Nails & Beauty
Bombshells Nails & Beauty www.bombshellsboutique.co.uk
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David Masters Magician Episode 1
David Masters performing at Houdini's Magic Bar in Broadstairs Kent UK...
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Bead from eye trick performance
one of my routines from my bizarre set. Bead from eye is not for the faint
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David Masters Cards
David Masters card act
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Block head magic trick (nail up nose)
One of my favourite tricks to do from my bizarre show. nails up the nose is a killer effect
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A little card trick
a little effect i learnt a while back that is always good for reactions.
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Phone trick..
Just a quick flashy number
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Hand is quicker than the eye !!
One of the best moves in sleight of hand to use with cards
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Card Routine one of my favourites Part 1
Ambitious Card routine with Card to mouth from a party this weekend.
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Card routine one of my favourites Part 2
Here is a quick card trick from a birthday party this weekend. Ambitious card and card to mouth. Check out my other videos for Penn & Teller Fool us
Routine to Fool Penn & Teller
This is a routine i think i can fool Penn & Teller with.... No Force, No stooge, No Multi outs...
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Few tricky bits
Just a random video compilation
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Magic Reactions
Reactions from when I performed at Houdini's Magic Bar Please help keep this channel growing Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/DavidMastersMagic
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Match Highlights September 2018
Highlights of matches played in September 2018. Goalkeeper with great distribution and shot stopping. 8 year old pickford in the making. Best goalkeeper saves 2018
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Instant replay...
One of the hardest things I ever learnt.. and still not perfect
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David Masters Magic Origami
Magic box trick from David Masters Illusion
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Don't try this at home.. !!
My party trick that always gets good reactions
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New trick in progress
New trick in progress
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Coins Across
One of the first routines I ever learned.. not done it in years so bit rusty. Support this Channel: https://www.patreon.com/DavidMastersMagic
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David Masters Magic
Teaser Trailer
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David Masters Episode 2
More action of David at Houdini's Magic Bar
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David Masters Illusion
David Masters Illusion Act, Dove opening
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David Masters Magic Episode 3
Last video of some tricks at Houdini's Magic Bar Please help keep this channel growing Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/DavidMastersMagic
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David Masters 'A' Frame Illusion
Girl thru body illusion
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David Masters Magician - Wedding 28th May 2011
A brief video of a Wedding I did on 28th May 2011
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