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Valentine's day social experiment (Bengaluru) | Baklolz
Being single on Valentine's day isn't so bad. This was a social experiment shot near Forum Mall, Bangalore. As this is our first video we were not expecting such awesome reactions. Watch till the end.
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Stealing stuff prank | Steal and Run prank | Pranks in India | Best Prank | Baklolz
Hello Guys. We got this idea from Rebel TV. This was one of the craziest things we have done till now. Subscribe to our channel, it's free and it will support us a lot.
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Blind man social experiment (Funny) | Blind man prank | Bengaluru Prank | 2018 | Baklolz
This video is about social experiment as well as prank. Social experiment in the context, how much people are willing to offer for help to a disabled person when they see them and funny in the context, how is there reaction when they get to know that the person wasn't really blind. We had no intentions of making fun of visually impaired people. This video is solely for entertainment purpose. In fact the white cane is of my aunt's and she suggested me to go out and do some funny things. Watch the full video to see the public's reaction after revealing about the live camera. If you like our work then please like, share our videos. Also subscribe to our channel, it's FREE and it will help us a lot. Follow us on : Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/baklolli Instagram - @lolzbak0
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Dare or Dare | Truth or Dare | Prank Compilation | Best Pranks | Bangalore Pranks | India | Baklolz
In this video, the whole team has done some crazy pranks. The pranks are selected randomly (Truth and Dare theme). Watch until the end for EOL (Explode Out Laughing). Follow us on: Instagram - #lolzbak0 Facebook - @baklolli
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Pissing People Who Are Already Pissing | Bangalore Pranks | 2018 | Best Pranks | India | Baklolz
Pissing people who are already pissing. This idea came while pissing. :P The people were not as pissed as expected but we captured some awesome reactions. Hope you like it. Please subscribe our channel. It's free and helps us a lot. Follow us on: Instagram - @lolzbak0 Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/baklolli/
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Types of people in Holi | India | Funny Holi Video | 2018 (Script by - Neha R. Krishna) | Baklolz
A compilation of funny videos about different types and situations we come across in Holi. Script by - Neha R. Krishna Special Thanks - Miss. Poonam Crew:- Jayant Jaiswal - Safety First Ankit Singh - The Bhaang Guy Tarun Upadhyay - The Brand Freak Hassan Ali - The Bhukkad Tanweer Ahmed - Holi Fail Viresh Kumar - The Bhukkad, The Bhaang Guy
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Types of people crossing the road (Funny) | Bengaluru | India | 2018 | Baklolz
A funny compilation of types of people we encounter on road. If you like the video then please give a thumbs up, drop a comment to share your opinions. Ideas are also welcomed, drop a mail at [email protected] or comment below. Call/Email us if you want to prank any of your friends. Follow us on: Facebook - @baklolli Instagram - @lolzbak0 And don't forget to Subscribe :))
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Parents Teacher Meeting  (Funny) | Baklolz
(USE EARPHONES FOR BETTER AUDIO QUALITY) As per viewer's request, this is the first funny video from our channel. Hope you like it. If you like it we will make Part - 2.
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BakLoLed at the Mall (Bengaluru, India) | Baklolz
So we ended up with this idea thinking that we would get awesome reactions. We got pretty good reactions but it was too difficult to capture them all. One of the crew members pranked our prankster. Watch until the end for more fun. Also, comment on your suggestions. Your suggestions and reviews will really be appreciated. If you want a PART - 2 do intimate us in the comment section. Have fun watching. :)
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