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How to Design an Effective Direct Mail Postcard or Door Hanger
Step 1 THE GLANCE TEST Use a headline, an image or a combination of both to tell your prospect what the postcard is all about. He should be able to know what you are offering with just a glance. The glance test is half the battle, if the prospect cannot easily determine what you are offering it wont matter what else you have on the postcard, hes going to toss it. Step 2 THE MAGNET A special offer, discount or a unique product or service is the best way to get a good response from you direct mail campaign. Make sure you make the magnet large enough. Promote the magnet not your business. Step 3 YOUR CLAIM TO FAME If you get past the glance test and have a strong magnet, you are going have your prospects attention. Now, include your Claim To Fame, how long youve been in business, and other image building information about your business. This should be in regular size type so that it doesnt compete with the magnet and the main headline. Use bullet points rather than paragraphs. Step 4 THE CALL TO ACTION How do you want you client to respond? Telephone, mail, email, website or in person? Make sure your call to action is clear and prominent. If you have more than one, list them in the order of importance.
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Evaluating the Results of your Direct Mail Advertising Campaign - PrintLabelAndMail.com
Learn how to properly track the results of your next direct mail campaign. Market like a pro!! http:://www.printlabelandmail.com
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PrintLabelandMail.com - Learn How to Direct Mail from the Pros
PrintLabelandMail.com provides complete direct mail postcard packages. Our packages include: * Consultation - Goals & Budget * Mailing List Research Including Custom Mapping * Printing of the Postcards * Neighborhood Saturation Mailing List * Inkjet Labeling * Custom Postcard Design * Postage * Post Mailing Review with Recommendations Starting at as low as $388 for 1,000 postcards - complete - no hidden charges!!! http://www.printlabelandmail.com
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How Much Should I Spend On Advertising - PrintLabelandMail.com
We will help give you the tools to determine an advertising budget for your business.
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Do It Yourself Postcard Mailing Campaign
Do it yourself Mailing Campaign. Includes design, printing, mailing list, and labeling. Mail at your own pace. Just put on a 28 cent first class. http://www.printlabelandmail.com
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Door Hangers - Great Way to Advertise - 3000doorhangers.com
No Money Up Front - Fast Service Free Custom Design, Free Shipping!!! GET A CUSTOM DOOR HANGER PROOF NO MONEY UP FRONT 3000 TWO COLOR DOOR HANGERS ONLY $179 3000 FULL COLOR DOOR HANGERS ONLY $397.00 www.3000DoorHangers.com
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Direct Mail Marketing - Carrier Routes - Printlabelandmail.com
Introduction to Carrier Routes for direct mail. Visit http://www.PrintLabelandMail.com or Call 866-594-3069 for more information.
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Hot Sunglass Girl Dancing to African Drums
The Star: Jocelyn The Director: Travis The Band: Unkown
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Summer Sales Booster - Direct Mail Campaign from PrintLabelandMail.com
5 STEP DIRECT MAIL PLAN Get Better Results With A Better Plan * WHAT - Are You Going To Promote * WHO - Is the Target of Your Promotion * HOW - To Get Them To Respond * BUDGET - Establish a Budget * WHEN - Are Your Going To Start http://www.printlabelandmail.com
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Law Office of David Seif - Fort Lauderdale Attorney #1
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Make your postcard mailing more effective with a targeted mailing list. A custom mailing list can combine geography with demographics such as age, income, occupation, home value, education, political affiliations and many more. http://www.printlabelandmail.com http://www.getamailinglist.com
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Increase Your Sales with a Travel Rewards Program - VacationRewardsProgram.com
* Not a time share or gimmick. No sales pitch, clients are treated as any regular paying guest * The only blackout date is December 31st * Minimum stay 2 nights - maximum 6 nights * Your customers pay only taxes and a small service charge (usually less that $24-29 per room per night) * Up to 4 persons per room * Participating hotels include: Ramada Inn, Howard Johnson, Quality Inn, Travelodge, Holiday Inn, Radisson and others. * Hotels include continental breakfast and free shuttle bus to nearby theme parks http://www.vacationrewardsprogram.com
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Get Started Today With a Direct Mail Campaign!!! PrintLabelAndMail.com
It's easy to get started!! * Detrmine your budget * Postcard Design * Create your mailing list * Evaluate the results. It only takes a $100 good faith deposit. Call us today!! 866-594-3069 http://www.printlabelandmail.com
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The Law Office of David Seif - Fort Lauderdale Attorney #3
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The Law Office of David Seif - Fort Lauderdale Attorney #5
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The Law Office of David Seif - Fort Lauderdale  #2
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Turn Your Businees Card into a Small Marketing Card - www.smallcardmarketing.com
Step by step insrtuctions to make your business cards work for you. http://www.smallcardmarketing.com http://www.getabusinesscard.com
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1st minute of a Masterpiece starring Michael Joseph Gauck
Wait until I get bitches... Total time spent 2 hrs. I'm getting goo nockas.
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Direct Mail Marketing and Advertising Campaigns - Printlabelandmail.com
Learn more about Direct Mail Advertising with http://www.printlabelandmail.com - Affordable direct mail advertising campaigns for small businesses. Complete packages including consultation, design, printing, mailing list, labeling and postage. Mail 1000 postcards for only $388.
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Hot Sunglass Girl Spinning Music (DJ Lady J)
Star: Jocelyn Director: Travis Music: Reggaeton remixed
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