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Baby gorilla gets a free ride
Oh come on... you know you did it too when you were little. Isn't that what grownups are for?
Views: 393 skyzefawlun
Talking to Rocks
It's a rock. It talks. Listen to what it had to say...
Views: 192 skyzefawlun
Sailing the salty seas in Naval Action
Just some raw footage from Naval Action. Forgot I was capturing, so please forgive the afking and overall crap production :|
Views: 16 skyzefawlun
what's that up in the sky?
It's new years fireworks from the park down the street from my old place in east boston of course! Sigh. Best view ever.
Views: 89 skyzefawlun
time to displace
When the men with the riot gear and the batons start marching towards you brandishing their weapons, it's a good idea to stop filming and gtfo.
Views: 76 skyzefawlun

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