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Self-inflicted achromatic animatic
Unfinished Song by juby phonic Gonna work on this alot. First time editing
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Random speedpaint
Sorry for it being vertical Time taken:40 minutes Programs used:Medibang for art, screen recorder and editor app, doesnt have a specified name really I did make some more changes to the line art after this video, like thickening the outside lines, and coloring the rest Tumblr:@blairheart Discord:Virgil/Anxiety#2031 Insta:Kitkat_the_snicksnack If you want to see more art and music related things, go ahead and subscribe, if you liked this video, please leave a thumbs up, and i hope you all have a fantabulous day, and see ya!
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Let's Pretend | Animatic
I do plan on finishing this. But i want feedback on it Listened to another one, that gave me inspiration, along with a little bit of venting, since i feel like... this song describes me a bit, with the lying. I feel like a mask was most needed. I want to finish this before the 21st though. No reason why, but i want to finish it Link to the other persons video, which theirs is way better than mine like omg they did so well https://youtu.be/rfi7l7olLAk
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Black parade cover
I am beginning guitar, and im not good at switching chords. Nor am i good at singing. But im kinda proud of this
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If i die young cover
Impulse decision I forgot quite a few words, havent sang in quite a while as well, so my voice isnt that good If you want to see more random shit like this and random art videos, go ahead and subscribe, if you liked this video, even if its bad, go ahead and give it a like, and i hope you all have fantabulous days, and see ya!
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