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Farmer Al Falfa's Centennial
FLASH::: October 2015::: The world celebrates as Cartoonland's favorite agronomist crosses the One-Century line with a bang (and a sploosh). Please feel free to sing along with the Farmer Al Falfa Theme Song. If you know any friendly animals, they are welcome to join in (except skunks). Thank you.
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Joni Anderson - Born to Take the Highway
Canadian folk singer Joni Anderson with an original song; from a 1965 episode of "Let's Sing Out".
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Draw a cat with Capt. Bob part 1
Capt. Bob Cottle of Channel 5, Boston gives a Sunday morning drawing lesson, from 1975. You can hear the "Magic Window" theme music at the end. Besides giving drawing lessons, in a prior incarnation Capt. Bob presented illustrated adventures starring Jasper, Gramps, and Herkimer Kiwi. Here is is one example of the Ruff and Reddy Show from 1963, featuring Jasper in a typical predicament. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzaHfxYrHec
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Draw a cat with Capt. Bob part 2
Capt. Bob Cottle of Channel 5, Boston gives a Sunday morning drawing lesson, from 1975. You can hear the "Magic Window" theme music at the end. Besides giving drawing lessons, in a prior incarnation Capt. Bob presented illustrated adventures starring Jasper, Gramps, and Herkimer Kiwi. See also Capt. Bob as host of the Ruff and Reddy Show, in 1963: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzaHfxYrHec
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Bubble and Squeek in Big City
A British Animated Productions Ltd. cartoon. Mr. Bubble, proud sire of a 1946 Flivvertigibbet, does a jig and instructs his charge in the ways of Fair Competition. VHS time code artifacts add to the fun.
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Tales of the Texas Rangers (opening and closing)
This is the indelible start and finish of each episode. (Spanish subtitles kind of obscure parts of it, but it's the best I could find.) We kids used to sing, "These are tales of Texas Rangers, a band of dirty men".
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Lynn Redgrave sings "I'm So Young" from Smashing Time
Lynn Redgrave demonstrates how pop stars are made through sweat and toil. This was already posted by someone else but I made it louder.
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Bee Gees - Cucumber Castle
A 1970 television film starring Barry and Maurice Gibb (Robin is absent). Two royal brothers rule a divided kingdom, shoot peasants, play tennis, tell bad jokes and chop off Spike Milligan's head for telling worse ones. Musical interludes by the Bee Gees, Lulu, and Blind Faith. Top dollar entertainment in smeary, bleary YouTubochrome.
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Seraffyn and Cherubim the Wandering Minstrels (1956)
Seraffyn and Cherubim (Donald Mork and Ania Romaine), two roving troubadours earn mixed reviews in their knight's tour of the castles and shires of eastern Massachusetts. 16mm film shot in 1956 by Phil Mork (with a few bits of wild-sync sound matched up for the first time in 60 years). That's the Castle, a dormitory at Brandeis University in Waltham, standing in for Château d'Aspach-le-Haut.
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Ten Foot Faces - Don't Want Love
The irrepressible funsters sing their smash hit 45 "Don't Want Love" while little-a-man on label throws feces in the air.
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Jerry on the Job - The Tale of a Wag, 1920 silent cartoon
Pint-size Jerry is called upon to remove an irksome mosquito, on the theory that it takes a pest to wrangle one. Bray Studios, 1920
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Liquid Prell - 1962
How does it feel to drench yourself in luxury? You'll know when you discover...
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Seraffyn and Cherubim - The Troubador Song
Film made in 1956 by Phil Mork in Needham, MA. The sound was on a separate tape, which I matched with the picture and it wasn't an easy task, but worth it. The song? Not an authentic folk song, apparently, and recorded by Burl Ives which perhaps is where Donnie and Ania heard it. Don't know who wrote it - but hey, ain't it pretty?
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Lolly's Remedies 4: Bar Etiquette
Lolly offers advice to our foreign student friends: no Spanish dancing! Boston CATV, 1996.
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Bubble and Squeek in Old Manor House
A British Animated Productions Ltd. cartoon from 1948. Taking shelter in a creaky old manse, our bulbous heroes are fent off by its moth-eaten rodential resident. A Frankenstein monster goes boo, and the Preston Blair sneak cycle is taken for a trot. Cor!
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The Glass Set - Elephant and Castle
"Elephant and Castle" copyright 2014 Sparkly Music. The Glass Set releases their CD "First Image" on September 4, 2014. "First Image" was produced by Richard Marr at Galaxypark Studios and mastered by Jeff Lipton of Peerless Mastering.
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The Seyranyan Sisters
Sisters Arevik and Tatevik perform their popular circus act. (Note: this video was originated by somebody else, but I corrected the format and changed the soundtrack to get rid of distracting chatter.)
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Felix the Cat in Forty Winks (1929)
A late silent-era Felix, (with a typical shoddy potted-in soundtrack) that's full of fun; the settings and situations keep changing so it's like you get five cartoons in one. The running pants are but a highlight. The video runs at correct silent speed, with soundtrack pitch digitally re-tuned up a third to avoid that "oogy" sound of a film that's running too slow.
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Iggy Pop and James Williamson - Gimme Some Skin
Typhoid Loosey and other Shoops at Sea got jook savaged on a forlorn Tuesday Nite, at the never-popular Ramrod sin palace, Boylston Street, Boston. Ya weren't there, ya missed it ... lucky bastids. (Don't ask me for skin, I gave at the orifice.)
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Thread a 35mm film projector the easy way
The true professional does it all by touch. (From "The Inner Circle", with Tom Hulce.)
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Seraffyn and Cherubim - The Song of Wandering Aengus
A poem by Yeats, accompanied by lute and voice. The evocative melody is by Donnie's friend Bayard Rustin, titled "I Saw Her as She Came and Went", written before he became well-known as a civil rights activist. Filmed by Phil Mork in Needham, MA, 1956.
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Run It Backwards presents Terrytoons!
It's 1963 - you're at summer camp and it's raining - no fun. The counselor sets up a 16mm projector in the mess hall and runs a reel of cartoons. But it ends, so what do you do next? You run it backwards! Fun is back, and funnier than ever! Part 1 of a series - and yes, I take requests.
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How a Mosquito Operates - Winsor McCay, 1912
True-life saga taken from raw nature at its most ferocious. The wild mosquito ruthlessly stalks its succulent victim. Ooh, I can't watch! (I have edited out some of the more awkward "back-and-forths", bits where a set of drawings gets repeated backwards and forwards - something McCay did a lot, and not always adeptly - in order to bring out the smooth flow of the animation. Yes, I know I'm messing with Film History, but heck, it's only YouTube.)
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Douglas Fairbanks - Saved from the Rebels
Bold adventurer Doug scraps his way through 100 feet of 16mm film stock, only to be sold on the ravenous home movie market.
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Lolly's Remedies 8: Beverage Technology
Lolly shows off some of her latest acquisitions. Good luck finding most of them. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Lolly's Remedies 2: The Fruit Salad
Lolly the Verdi of Vodka prepares potent potions in her seedy Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Lolly's Remedies 5: Dessert Cocktail
Lolly the Whistler of Whiskey prepares powerhouse punches in her tumbledown Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Bubble and Squeek present Loch Ness Legend
Stout fellow Colonel Rat, tricked out to the elevenses, sallies staunchly forth to bag the famous Monster, hindered only by a bargain-basement music track which signals impending doom for British Animated Productions Ltd.
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Radio Tirana - 1974
Broadcast circa 1974, a typical English-language program from the People's Republic of Albania. Two women emerge from the static, like in a David Lynch movie, and extol the virtues Marxism-Leninism.
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Lolly's Remedies 7: Hot Tequila Tea
Lolly the Matisse of Moonshine prepares robust refreshments in her rickety Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Lily Mo the Cat in "The Ooky Octopus"
Lily Mo, a cat who has crazy adventures, falls into the water and encounters one of those gooney octopuses that live there. A comic strip drawn by me in 1960. Sound added in 2010.
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Lolly's Remedies 6: Black Watch Coffee
Lolly the Basho of Booze prepares wonderous wassails in her dingy Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Katsudō shashin
A boy writes "moving pictures" on a wall and tips his cap. Japanese film loop from around 1907. It was produced by screen printing in two colors onto clear 35mm film stock.
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Fables Studio - Little Parade (1926)
A silent cartoon to which a music and effects track was added. It was shown on the Cartoon Network, played at silent speed (16 fps), which meant the sound was slowed down along with the picture and sounded all oogy. I took this YouTube video, originally posted by someone else, and used software to raise the pitch by 1/3. Also fixed the sync, and some glitches. I'm used to seeing later Terrytoons from the sound era where the cats are all selfish and treat the mice shabbily, so what a surprise to see the ringmaster cat shed a tear for the (assumed) demise of the girl acrobat. That cat has heart!
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Lolly's Remedies 10: The Stepford Wife
Lolly the Tchaikovsky of Tequila prepares dire drinkables in her shambolic Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Lolly's Remedies 1: The Berserker
Lolly the Rembrandt of Rum prepares toxic treats in her cruddy Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Bubble and Squeek in Funfair
A British Animated Productions Ltd. cartoon; 1947. "Hmmm... Fun!" Taxicab driver and his jolly jalopy join a parade of grotesques; massive cartooniness ensues. "Vile beans" make a baffling appearance, and Bubble's attempt to blow his brains out leads to unexpected happy ending.
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Suck! Squeeze! Pop! Phooey!
A Magic Movie Record I made to demonstrate the operation of a 4-stroke internal combustion engine. Fuel goes in, is compressed, ignited, and exhaust goes out. (It's a tough existence. The Red Raven is there to offer moral support.)
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Lolly's Remedies 12: Mexican Tootsie Roll
Lolly the Shakespeare of Sheepdip prepares spooky spirits in her cluttery Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1998.
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Bobo the Hobo - Toy Shop
Episode 6 from the syndicated TV series "Bobo the Hobo and His Travelling Troupe", produced by Fantasy Features in New York, 1953. Puppeteers are Zuni Maud and Nat Norbert, music by George Lessner, song lyrics by Alice Hammerstein, writer and director Budd Fishel, producer Lorraine Lester.
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Bubble and Squeek in Home Sweet Home
Discovered at last! The legendary, uncut, eight-hour version of Von Stroheim's lost silent masterpiece "Greed". Wouldja like to see it? Or would you rather watch another Bubble and Squeek cartoon? I thought so.
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Lolly's Remedies 11:  Virgin Wine Cooler
Lolly the Caravaggio of Cognac prepares benign bubblies in her rancid Allston kitchen. Boston CATV, 1996.
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Christina Angell and Kenne Highland - Tough Fucking Shit
A Beck arrangement of a song by GG Allin. Another one from the Granite Rail archives. This is the only time they ever did this in public, and it didn't go over so well. Totally safe for work. I hope this doesn't spoil your image of these two nice kids.
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Car or Snow Pile?
Winter 2015. We are playing a Boston game. You will enjoy this game.
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Christmas boar's head ceremony with Seraffyn the Minstrel at Sturbridge, Mass. (silent)
A traditional Christmas Boar's Head Ceremony, presided over by Donald Mork, a.k.a. Seraffyn the Wandering Minstrel, at the Col. Ebenezer Crafts Inn in Sturbridge, MA, circa 1960. Three years ago I posted a different film of the ceremony, performed at a different inn in Williamstown, MA. The present clip, roughly edited, is in black and white and has no sound, but in some ways I like it more. It has a very Christmasy feel, being lit mainly by candles. The guests at the Inn do a spirited sing-along, and there's a jolly-looking beefeater. In the film, Christmas candles are lit, the wassail bowl is presented and the Innkeeper offers a toast. A boar's head (in this case a stuffed one) is brought in and various dishes are laid on the table. The yule log is put into the hearth, doused with Christmas cheer (of a high alcohol content, by the look of it) and sprinkled with frankincense. The housemaids are teased by a jester, the rafter is decked with holly, and the evening ends in rousing song.
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How to say Mozart
The New Rochelle way.
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Seraffyn and Cherubim the minstrels - Strawberry Fair
Seraffyn (Donald Mork) plays lute and sings; Cherubim (Ania Romaine, née Patricia Ann Hammerberg), dances. This film was made by my dad, Phil Mork, in the back yard of his house in Needham, Mass, July 1956, a time when few minstrels were available for hire.
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Radio Tirana - Ford pardons Nixon (1974 commentary)
From Radio Tirana (Albania), an English-language broadcast including three songs and an editorial, "Ford's Pardon and the Falsity of American Democracy". Recorded from shortwave radio in Sept. 1974. I used to enjoy their broadcasts. There were two women who did the English programs, one who sounded old and one younger. They had this flat delivery, and I pictured them wearing starchy uniforms and furrowing their brows as they extolled the latest achievements of Comrade Enver Hoxha. Albania was a very closed society then, you couldn't go there but listening to these broadcasts you just knew they had built a Worker's Paradise - they said so every evening.
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The Glass Set - Ooh La La
The Glass Set invites you to float through their lighter-than-air summer social diversion. Make yourself a strong cocktail - you'll need it - and make the scene. It's hip, it's now, it's Ooh La La. It may be safe for work, but is work safe for you? credits: "Ooh La La" from "First Image" released 04 September 2014 Published by Sparkly Music, ASCAP. The Glass Set are: Joel Cohen, Vocals and Guitars; Allen Esser, Drums; Leah Callahan, Vocals and Keys. Additional help from: Paul Engle, Bass, Chris Stern, Tambourine. Produced/Recorded by Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios Boston. Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering Boston. Visuals thrown together out of gossamer and Gorilla glue by Peter Mork. Fashions by Montgomery Ward. Penny disappears courtesy of the Syndicate. words: Disappointed days and spectre fighting nights, I am the queen of what you want to get right. It's not the way you say it but the way it bites, if it weren't for you I'd run away and hide. It's good timing I guess, it's bad timing I guess. I've never seen you, I've never been you. It's hard to be depressed when you're feeling so high, it's all about the way I want to be - why - it's not the way you look it's not the way you laugh. I've hardly thought about that. It's good timing I guess, it's bad timing I guess.
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