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Aragorn rejects Eowyn
Aragorn leaves and tells Eowyn how he feels.
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The Dark Knight Trilogy links and connections
Clever links between the movies of Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy.
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The Muppets(2011) Montage Scene
80's robot makes a good suggestion.
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Formation of the Fellowship
The fellowship is formed in Rivendell.
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Gandalf leaving
Gandalf says goodbye to the hobbits at the Gray Havens.
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Frodo witnessing Gandalf's death and return
The emotion of Frodo as he sees Gandalf fall to his death and then when he sees Gandalf for the first time as Gandalf the White.
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Gandalf the White
Gandalf returns to Middle Earth at the turn of the tide.
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The Muppets travel by map
The Muppets travel to France by map.
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Welcome to channel Joe
YouTube told me to make a channel trailer so I did then it told me that my trailer was violating copyright so I remade it replacing the copyrighted soundtrack we me mimicking the soundtrack. Hopefully this video gives you a strong idea of what this channel will be like. Enjoy.
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I will take it
Frodo says he will take the ring to Mordor.
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Where is the horse and the rider
Theoden before the Battle of Helm's Deep.
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Gothmog and the Witch King
Gothmog and the Witch King discuss the invasion of Minas Tirith.
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You have my sword, bow and axe
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli join the fellowship.
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You have no power here
Gandalf attempts to cure Theoden.
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Discover the Descending Dragon: Hạ Long Bay
Vịnh Hạ Long, Hạ Long Bay, or the Bay of the Descending Dragon is considered to be one of Việt Nam's most impressive natural wonders featuring 1600 protruding islands over an area of 1500 square kilometres. Music: "Brooks" by Kai Engel From the Free Music Archive CC BY NC http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai_Engel/Chapter_Two__Mild/Kai_Engel_-_Chapter_Two_-_Mild_-_03_Brooks_1014
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So it begins
The battle of Helm's Deep begins.
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Send forth all legions
The Witch King orders the attack on Minas Tirith.
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UCC Final Year Physics Harlem Shake
What we do when we're not doing our assignments.
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Build me an army
Saruman allies with Sauron, lord of the Earth.
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Burnsio Falls - Shooting Stars
Burnsio's boot breaks so bad that it bends the very fabric of space and time itself.
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The ending to Bilbo's book
Bilbo leaves Bag End and the ring behind him.
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Enter Hà Nội
Hà Nội has always impressed me in that despite the vastness of the city, you can find almost equally as vast farmland less than half an hour from its centre at Hoàn Kiếm. So I decided to make a video of this short drive from country roads and shacks to narrow streets and skyscrapers. Music: "Harmful or Fatal" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/
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We cannot defeat the armies of Mordor
Theoden speaks to his men the night before the ride to Minas Tirith.
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That's for my old gaffer
Sam fights his way through Cirith Ungol.
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I will help you bear this burden
Gandalf offers to guide Frodo to Mordor.
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Show them no mercy
Aragorn talks to his troops before the battle of Helm's Deep.
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I think I'm quite ready
Bilbo prepares to leave for the Gray Havens.
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Sam's no
Sam watches in distress as Frodo puts on the ring.
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Send these foul beasts into the abyss
Gandalf prepares Minas Tirith for battle.
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Do you not know death
The Witch King confronts Gandalf.
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I can explain everything
Father Ted tries to explain everything.
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Leave all that can be spared
Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli set out to rescue Merry and Pippin.
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I would have gone with you
Aragorn lets Frodo go on to Mordor alone.
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There is always hope
Aragorn talks to Haleth, son of Háma before the Battle of Helm's Deep.
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Sad Arwen
Arwen gets a bit sad when Elrond delivers her a depressing foresight of her future with Aragorn.
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Look to my coming
Gandalf leaves Edoras in search of Eomer and the Rohirrim.
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Gothmog prepares for the attack on Minas Tirith.
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What can men do against such reckless hate
Theoden sees defeat at Helm's Deep.
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Courage is the best defense
Gandalf talks to the soldiers before the attack on Minas Tirith.
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That doesn't make any goddamn sense
Chef shouts at the ridiculous scientist from South Park S07E01: Cancelled.
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Do not trust to hope
Eomer tells Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli of Merry and Pippin's supposed death.
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Aye I could do that
Gimli talking to Legolas before the Battle of the Black Gate.
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I will break him
The Witch King prepares to take on Gandalf.
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Go back to the Abyss
Gandalf confronts the Witch King.
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There is nothing for you here
Elrond convinces Arwen to leave Middle-Earth.
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It never gets any easier
Doctor (George Clooney) grief-stricken after replacing Kenny's heart with a baked potato.
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Fry on Valentine's Day
Fry forgets about Valentine's Day.
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Where are we going
Pippin upon joining the Fellowship of the Ring.
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I've been sent back
Gandalf describes his death and rebirth.
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Rosie knows an idiot
Frodo encourages Sam about Rosie.
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