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Marelli Delio vintage electric fan for sale
if enyone is intersted here is the potted history- we got the fan from my wifes uncle in the early 70s . he had aquired the fan new for his office in the mid 20s ( he was a proof reader for one of the london national papers )until he gifted it to us. WE used it in our home for around 20yrs. it was then used in my joinery workshop , where it gave stirling service,( and where the stays were replaced ) until i retired 6yrs ago. being a keen amature engineer i decided to renovate the fan myself but was unable to find the stays in the uk.it has not been used since my retirment. this fan is now for sale at £700 or best offer.
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wood turning segmented trinket box.
segmented turned trinket box for my eldest daughter with heat blued fittings. my thanks to " Clickspring" for tips and demonstrations on heat blueing steel. "www.youtube.com/channel/UCworsKCR-Sx6R6-BnIjS2MA"
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bite indicator,fishing,Rod light,  ." Strike ALight ",bite alarm
Strike ALight" lights up the whole length of the rod.Even if your down the other end of the beach, bank or pier you will still see the bite.My mates and I have been using these for two seasons now and we all agree that we would not go back to the old dismal starlight or bells.I made these kits up in response to inquiries from other anglers wanting to know where to buy them. each kit is 3m .I am now selling them at £15 post & packing £1.75
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bent for comfort 2
1st time out with grandson chasing and wife filming.
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josh on electric bike (my old one customised )
my old bike rebuilt with new stainless steel battery box and chrome tape flames which now belongs to my gandson josh.
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pt cruiser
mini me
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built from 3 second hand bikes with a 700watt hub motor and 20ah lithium battery ( not yet fitted ) which will go on the two brackets in the middle of the frame. made purely for a more comfortable ride.
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