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Destiny - refusing a proposal
In this video I follow someone around the tower until they propose to me, I play a lot of crucible. I do a lot of taunting, so I had a special emote ready.
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Angels of Death Destiny/COD montage
I'm no longer uploading once a week if I make a montage
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first video
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Guns and Glory first destiny montage
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) hahaha good try YouTube yeah I did for the music
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Blazing Bullet COD Montage
Hope you enjoy I spent all night editing this and, my destiny montage
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I made a warlock - destiny montage
I made a warlock and decided to make a montage shortly after.
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10 subscriber special
I couldn't get all of the two matches but these are the most exciting parts
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Destiny 2
I will also be uploading a bo2 montage the thumbnail if copyrighted was not made by me but is used under fair use for non profit
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Nightstalker - Destiny montage
A lot of triple kills you should like this.
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20 Subscriber special!
Thanks for 20 subscribers!
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I made this in school so sub for all this hard work
Sub for sub 😂😂😂 I have no links
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Kill Shot Bravo (comment if you want to see more)
Enjoy and please subscribe
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Toxic - Destiny Montage
Yeah, I know, I haven't Destiny in a while, and to top it all off shortest montage on the planet, sorry.
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Trolling crazy triggered social experiment monster (Hilarious reactions!!!)
Enjoy I hope this gets 2 likes and please subscribe. I'm warning you ahead of time if you easily laugh and it's hard to stopping I'm not responsible for any deaths from lack of air JK. That's pretty unlikely. Songs: Roar, Maps, Animals
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How to build the ocean
Hi I just dug out a random video from an application I had hopfully this isn't the emberasment of a stolen intro
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Phantom -  COD montage
I put the hole week of work into this video so I really hope you enjoy!
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Who needs sidearms - destiny montage
Watch the whole video then dismantle all o your sidearms and if you get onto a friends account don't hesitate to delete their sidearms!!!
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Bullet Force - iOS flawless game
Hope you enjoy. Flawless isn't too hard but cool to see
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Ninja - COD montage - Preview of next montage
Hope you enjoyed I was heartbroken when I made this then I saw BCC Trolling had like ten others. I have now realized that theirs like 2,000+ videos and channels that did this
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R6 my first montage for rainbow not the best since I am copper 96.3
Hope you enjoy I have been playing for a while and not dead
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Destiny Montage #higher than one
I don't watch anime I just heard kids talking about one punch man and he looks a little bit like a young version of my social studies and ELA teacher
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When I play COD
None of this is my content I just recorded and edited this
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Random montage of me doing stuff on bo3 and destiny
This is completely for entertainment so I hope you're entertained
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COD | BO3 montage
sorry about my upload schedule I will upload a video tomorrow when I feel like waking up
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cod bo2
This is my first call of duty bo2 montage .
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